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Developed by  Larry Caputo  for the  purpose of  keeping  an active file of current names and addresses of our beloved classmates. Just take a look   below  for  a  complete  list  of  people  from  our  great  class  of  1960.

 Web Page confusion "Belmonthigh60" note from Larry Caputo  January 2008
      I bought a new computer. With the new computer I found that changes and additions to our Web Page would have to be handled in a slightly different manner. I received a report from Loretta Rosetti that  Bradley Frost had recently passed away. When I tried to update and transmit the information the whole Web Page disappeared. I thought I had lost it for sure, but its ok now and still functional. 

A few comments from Larry Caputo November 18, 2006
      I received a nice complement from John Alcock who says "You do a good job of keeping track of people although you live on the other side of the US." Thanks John, I appreciate your comment. I recall that John played trombone in the high school band so I asked him if he still plays. His response was, "I have not picked up a trombone since Memorial Day of 1960."
     I received some e-mail from Stu Cohen. Stu is retired now and says that if we have another reunion, he'll be there. 
     I heard that Freddy Labanara picked up Parkinson's decease a few years ago and died recently. Fred was in our class  all the way through Junior High and High School, but was not recognized as being a member of the class of 1960 because he ended up graduating with the class of '61.
     Mary Boyle e-mailed me just last week and told me that a few years ago she started having a few friends over for dinner once in a while and that the function has turned into an annual class event. Wayne Frese told me that he attended  the recent November function and about 20 class members were there. He said there is some rumor of planning a 50th  class reunion. I talked to Jim Robbio and he made the same comment regarding the possibility of a 50th class reunion.
       Well, it's a small world. Recently on November 18, 2006, my wife and I attended the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento, California. Being retired, I've had plenty of time to practice banjo and have quite a repetoire from that era, the 1920's. So, I brought my banjo with me. My banjo case has my name on it and my wife was sitting in the lobby of the Red Lyon's Hotel. I was in one of the rooms watching a piano player play the Maple Leaf Rag. Just then, the door opened and  my wife came in. She said that there was a lady in the lobby who recognized the name Larry Caputo on the banjo case and asked where the person was that owned that case. It turned out to be Marilyn Piazza. To make matters even more interesting, she was with a friend named Vic, and Vic turned out to be the son-in-law of my wife's step father. So, we had a great socializing and that involved all 4 of us.
        Ok, that's all the latest news of interest to the class for now unless anyone else wants to add more. I noticed that some of the e-mail addresses are obsolete. So if you've changed your e-mail address let me know, so we can update the Web Page.

Update from Joanne Castagno (DiFillippo)  Sept 22, 2005
       I just thought I'd let you all know that I use 2 e-mail addresses. The one I use most commonly is My husband and I happen to  love Las Vegas. We plan to  celebrate New Year's there this year and already have our reservations for December 30 through January 3rd. We're even thinking of buying a Condo in Henderson, Nv. which is just outside of Las Vegas. Well, Sal and I have this goal in mind for our old age "ha,ha,ha".  Isn't that what we're nearing now?
       We still live at the same place, as listed, in Everett but our permanent move to the Las Vegas area is for sure a definite thing within the next couple of years.
      My best regards to all.  See everyone at the next reunion.

Comment from Joe Vultaggio   August 6,2005
I have an update for the class listing. My cousin Linda Pizzi passed away about 6 months ago after losing her fight with beast cancer. She is missed by all who knew and loved her. Take care,   Joe Vultaggio

Note from Pamela Bradford (Perry) July 23, 2005
Hi from Sedalia, Colorado. As you may remember, I lived on Goden Street in Belmont. Ann Havice and I were friends since the 1st Grade. Dean Carmeris told her about the Web site and she sent me the address. I was very excited to learn about the site but saddened to see how many of our classmates have died. Found out that Kathy Hooper lives in my area. Kathy and I played basketball together in high school. I'll give her a call.  Keep in touch. I would love to go to the next class reunion. I was listed on the Web site as "address unknown" but Larry changed that to 3421 Christy Ridge Rd. because now I've been "found".

This was an update made in 2003
         We might as well call this part of the Web Page the 'lost and found". As you know we recently lost John Barry and Anthony Mondello. We found one  person who was on the "Unknown" list, and  we learned that some of our classmates on the "Unknown" list had already passed away.

    Among the latest to pass away were:
                    William Evans
                    Thaddeus Hubbell
                    Peter Quigley
                    William Redgate
                    Jo-an Sylvester
                    Nancy Sylvester
                    And a  death back in 2001 that we just found out about,  Judy Sullivan (Davis) passed away.
  Among the latest to be found were:

                    Ronald Nelson
                    Carol Barry

A special note from Linda Golden Graesser : You folks have been listing Robert Flint as dead. Well he's not dead. He lives in Concord, Mass.

A special note to Linda and the rest of the class: We found Robert Flint. Yes he has been living in Concord but as of November 1st he's moving to Cape Porpoise, Maine. I (caputo) talked to Robert and we had a few laughs over the situation. Robert said that if he had known about the reunion, he would have sprinkled ashes and dust on himself and shown up as a ghost.

                                                                Who's in the picture
                                                       Back Row 16 Across
                1. Ron Doerfler                                                                                                             9.   Joe Vultaggio
                2. William Keller                                                                                                         10. Neal Hanrahan
                3.  Donald Dargie                                                                                                         11. David MacDonnell
                4.  Larry Caputo                                                                                                           12. Robert Teagan
                5. John Alcock                                                                                                             13.  Donald Devine
                6. Richard Hoffman                                                                                                     14.  Steve Bowen
                7. Stanley Spear                                                                                                          15.  Philip Leonard
                8. Jerry Sullivan                                                                                                         16.  Alan  Hamilt                                                                                             Next Row forward 30 across
               1. Ann Yeraco                                                        11. Judy Bradbury                                   21. Dean Carmeris
               2. Linda O'Leary                                                   12.  Joan Mathers                                   22. Jim Robbio
               3. Mary Ellen Waldren                                        13.  Betty Spitzer                                     23.  Arlene Ruderman
               4. Joseph Centore                                                 14. Susan Yacubian                                 24. Delores Casella
               5. Ed Barrett                                                          15. Loretta Rossetti                                 25. Elayne Cantor
               6. Steve Barron                                                     16. Julian Bishop                                     26. Anthony Sacca
               7. Walter Crowley                                                17. Mary Boyle                                         27. Margaret Ramsey
               8. Nick Amdur                                                      18. Sandra Beaton                                    28. Phil D'andrea
               9. Angelo Firenze                                                 19. Douglas Bellino                                 29 David Loser
               10.  Carol Baker                                                   20.  Diane Vincent                                   30. Martin Sarkisian
                                                        Second Row from the front 17 across (stops just before Wayne Frese)
               1. John Scammell                                                                         10. Ruth Corcoran
               2. Sandy Carlsen                                                                          11. Richard Sliney
               3.  Carole Fundukian                                                                   12.  Marilyn Piazza
               4.  Judy Nussenfeld                                                                      13. Diane Barron
               5.  Barbara Murphy                                                                     14. Barbara Sesser
               6.   Pearl Ruddick                                                                        15. Who is this ???
               7.  Janet Beard                                                                             16.  Judith Deutsch
               8. Beverly Pandy                                                                          17. Elaine Cantor
               9. Who is this???
                                                                                                Front Row 19 Across
               1. Daniel Saklad                                            8. Alice McLaughlin                                       15. Sandra Campbell
               2. Sandy Malcolm                                          9.  Bobby Rosen                                                16.  Stephanie Griffin
               3. Lois Seamonds                                          10. James White                                              17. Jimmy Feeley
               4. Marilyn Brainard                                     11. Carol Marchisio                                        18. Wayne Frese
               5. Katherine Hanley                                     12. Suzanne Curtin                                         19. Joseph  deNatale
               6.  Rona Ginsburg                                        13.  Susan Gushee
               7. Evalyn Carreiro                                        14. Mary  Ann Serra

               1. Marilyn Pummell is to the  front and to the right of Walter Crowley in a row of her own.
               2. That's John Hildebrand in a row of his own, 4th from the right  behind Margaret Ramsey.
               3.  Looks like it could be Carol Politano hidden behind Delores Casella next to Arlene Ruderman. .

           Note: The photo resolution is not the best. For better viewing see the photo you received  in the mail. As you
                          can see,  a few people couldn't be identified and some people may not  be correctly identified. So if it's
                          you or not you, but you know it is, please let Larry Caputo know, so we can update and fill in the
                          correct  information on the web page.
                                         Just click  here:   to contact Caputo

Name Address, e-mail Address & Phone #

Albano, Nick                                       602 Allen Place
                                                           Scituate, Ma. 02066

Alcock, John                                       42 Madison St.
                                                           Belmont, Mass 02478

Amdur,Nicholas                                  5 Cape Cod Lane
                                                           Hingham, Mass. 02043
                                                           (781) 749-1891

Angell, Linda                                       4101 Ocean Dr,
                                                            Vero Beach, Fl.  32963-54113

Apholt, Mary (Turner)                         22 Thayer Rd.
                                                           Belmont, Mass. 02478

Argiro, Dolores                                   46 Loring Rd.
                                                           Winthrop, Ma. 02152

Austin, Janet                                   In memory of

Ayer, Lucinda (Sire)                           Unknown

Bacon, Nancy  (Harwood)                  709 Miller Ave
                                                           Mill Valley, Ca. 94941
                                                           (415) 388-6371

Bailey, Marcia (Wilkinson)                   9 Kilmer Lane
                                                           Granby, Ct. 06035

Bailey, Miranda                                   In memory of

Baker, Carol                                       1232 Morningside Ave.
                                                            Pittsburgh, Pa. 15208

Balsama, George                                5301 N. Federal Hwy
                                                            Boca Raton, Fl. 33487

Barber, Cynthia (Astrachan)                Box 68, East Branch Rd.
                                                            Intervale, NH. 03845

Barden, Janice (Barchilon)                 100 Central Park South
                                                            New York, NY. 10019 Apt. D-10

Barrett, Edward                                   5 Manomet Rd.
                                                            Winchester, Mass. 01890

Barron, Diane (Davis)                         18 Tobey Woods
                                                            Pittsford, NY. 14534

Barron, Stephen                                 7 Bonnie Brair
                                                           Cromwell, Ct. 06416

Barry, Carol (Chiode)                        905 Bittersweet Drive
                                                          Northbrook, Illinois

Barry, Jon                                        In memory of

Bayard, Leah                                          Unknown

Beairsto, Robert                                 82 Grand St.
                                                           Reading, Ma. 01867

Beard, Janet (Snyder)                       10 Thorndike Rd.
                                                           Weare, N.H. 03281
                                                           (603) 529-1532

Beaton, Sandra (Carlson)                  15 Evergreen Dr.
                                                            Beverly Cove, Ma. 01915

Bellino, Douglas                                 170 Hillcrest Estate
                                                           Portsmouth, N.H. 03801

Benedict, Carol (Chiango)                  PO Box 707
                                                            North Berwick, Me. 03906-0707
                                                            (207) 646-8322

Bere, Charles                                     12 Baker St.
                                                           Belmont, Mass. 02478

Berthelsen, Warren                            PO Box 141
                                                           Old Mission, Ml 49673

Biggs, Lelia (Helm)                            1850 Flanigan Court
                                                           Iowa City, IA 52256

Biondo, John                                   In  memory of

Bishop, Julian                                    31 Beech St.
                                                          Belmont, Mass 02478

Boghosian, Paul                                26 Sharpe Rd.
                                                          Belmont, Mass. 02478

Bornhofft, Anna (Ramsey)                 108 Vernon St. #3
                                                           Norwood, Mass 20062

Bowen, Steve                                    195 South Street
                                                           Medfield, Mass. 02052

Boyle, Mary                                        512 So. Border Rd.
                                                           Winchester, Ma. 01890

Bradbury, Judith (Frankel)                 PO Box 470515
                                                           San Francisco, Ca. 94147

Bradford, Pamela (Perry)                  3421 Christy Ridge Rd. 
                                                          Sedalia, Colorado 80135

Brady, Susan (DiSilva)                       41 South Yarmouth Rd.
                                                           Dennis, Ma. 02638

Brainard, Marilyn (Hofman)                223 Rutledge Rd.
                                                           Belmont, Mass. 02478

Brenner, Judy (Delman)                  In  memory of

Brenner, Linda                                   1079 N.W. 114th Ave.
                                                           Coral Springs, Fl. 33071

Briggs, David                                      207 Vassar Drive, Apt. D
                                                           Albuquerque, NM. 87106

Brown, Walter                                 In memory of

Bryning, Roger                                   302 William Pl.
                                                           Winfield, Ka. 67156

Byrne, Richard                                Unknown

Calabrese, Ronald                             2148 Longwood Lake Dr.
                                                           Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29579

Callaghan, John                                 2803 Rickdale Rd.
                                                           Talleybrook, Wilmington, De. 19810

Campbell, Sandra (Curran)                14 Warren Ave.
                                                           Woburn, Ma. 01810

Cantor, Elayne                                   15 Oldham Rd.
                                                           Arlington, Ma. 02474

Caputo, Larry                                     1630 River Rd. PO Box 144
                                                           Brookdale, Calif. 95007

Carlsen, Sandra (Scammell)             17 Rowe Point
                                                          Rockport, Mass. 01966

Carlson, Roberta (Roderick)              179 Wapping Rd.
                                                           Kingston, Mass. 02364

Carmeris, Dean                                  20 Highgate Rd.
                                                           Chelmsford, Ma. 01824

Carreiro, Evelyn (Roth)                      43 Stewart Terrace
                                                           Belmont, Mass 02478

Cartolano, Anne (Barcelo)                 139 Fairview Ave.
                                                           Belmont, Mass 02478

Caruso, Joseph                                  9 Cross St.
                                                           Charlestown, Ma.

Casella, Dolores (Howley)                 66 Barrington Ave.
                                                           Nashua, N.H. 03062

Castagno, Joanne (DiFilippo)           77 Reed Ave.
                                                          Everett, Ma. 02149

Catalano, Angelo                             In memory of

Centore, Joseph                                15 Michael Rd.
                                                           North Billerica, Ma. 01862

Ciano, Carol  (Sylvester)                    93 Brookline St.
                                                           Worcester, Mass. 01602

Cohen, Stuart                                     7308 N. Camino Sin Vacas
                                                           Tucson, Ariz. 85718

Colantuoni, Richard                           5 Marlyn Rd.
                                                           Billerica, Ma. 01821
                                                           (978) 667-0730

Coleman, Helen (Goldy)                     21 Midland St.
                                                           Belmont, Mass. 02478

Collins, Joseph                                  152 Wind Ward Way
                                                           Indian Harbor Beach, Fl. 32937

Connor, Paul                                    Unknown

Conway, John                                    1844 Lake Dr.
                                                           Baldwin, NY. 11510
                                                           (156) 546-1243

Cook, Robert                                   Unknown

Corcoran, Ruth (Desmond)                27 Dean St.
                                                           Belmont, Mass. 02478

Cornet, Paul                                    In  memory of

Corsiglia, Frederic                             18 Janabar Circle
                                                           Framingham, Ma. 01701

Corso, Rosemarie (Guzzetti)              107 Cushing Ave.
                                                           Belmont, Mass. 02478

Coyne, Robert                                 Unknown

Crowell, Robert                                  3 Killian Court
                                                           Merrimack, N.H. 03054

Crowley, Walter                                 158 Winthrop St
                                                           Holliston, Ma. 01746

Curran, Michael                          

Curtin, Suzanne                                 60 Greenleaf Rd.
                                                           Malden, Ma. 02148

Dailey, James                                    1336 Parkside Ave.
                                                           Trenton, N.J. 08638

Dalton, Robert                                    29 Woodmont Rd.
                                                           West Hartford, Ct. 06117

D'Andrea, Philip                                  87 Cunningham Rd.
                                                           Dedham, Ma. 02126

Dankner, Elinor                                  198 W. Yarmouth Rd.
                                                           W. Yarmouth,Ma. 02873

Danser, Diana                                     Unknown

Dargie, Donald                                   89 Leicester Rd.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Davy, Janice                                      Unknown

Days, Daniel                                      145 Village Post Rd.
                                                           Danvers. Ma. 01923

Dayton, Harold                                   In memory of

DeMore, Leah                                    84 Laurelwood Dr.
                                                           Hopedale, Ma. 01747

DeNatale, Joseph                              RRBox 3040 Phillips Corner Rd.
                                                           Pittsfield, Me. 04967

Deutsch, Judith (Alexander)               66 Baskin Rd.
                                                           Lexington, Ma.

Devine, Catherine  (Mahar)                439 Webster St.
                                                           Marshfield, Ma. 02050

Devine, Donald                                  3 Oak Lane
                                                           Stratham, N.H. 03885

DeVito, Virginia (Catallo)                    75-474 Wild Flower Lane
                                                           Palm Desert, Ca. 92211

Dewing, James                                  16 Packet Landing
                                                           Orleans, Ma. 02653

Di Iorio, Philip                                     42 Renwick Ct.
                                                           Raleigh, NC. 27615

Doerfler, Ronald                                190 Sebring Lane
                                                           Myrtle Beach, SC. 29588
                                                           (803) 331-5063

Dresser, John                                    19 Ashmont St.
                                                           Sanford, Me. 04073
                                                           (207) 490-2258

Drolette, James                                  Unknown

Dunlop, John                                      928 Cottrell Way
                                                           Palo Alto, Ca. 94305-1012

Dunn, Mabel (Brown)                         1086 Smoke Tree
                                                           Saint George, Utah 084790

Edwards, George                               Box 7535
                                                           Carmel, Me. 04419

Edwards, Margaret (Hickey)              256 Slade St.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Evans, William                                  In memory of

Feeley, James                                    6 Cypress Lane #9
                                                           Nashua, NH 03063

Ferreira, Janet (Kearns)                    1436 Figueroa St.
                                                          The Villages, Fl 32162

Fiocca, William                                  1515 VFW Pkwy
                                                          West Roxbury, Ma.

Firenze, Angelo                                 1 Clover Street
                                                          Belmont, Mass. 002478
                                                          (978) 567-8800 Ext.222

Fitzgerald, Paul H.                              Unknown

Fitzgerald, Susan  (Barnes)             Unknown

Fiumara, Peter                                   Squire Rest 604 Squire Rd.
                                                           Revere, Ma. 02151

Flint, Robert                                     PO Box 7305
                                                            Cape Porpoise, Maine 04014

Fonseca, David                                  1114 Marton St.
                                                            Laurel, MD 20707

Ford, Sheila (Riddell)                         1943 Pharton Ct.
                                                           Naperville, Illinois 60585

Forsythe Sheila (Kelly)                       70 Pine Hill Rd.
                                                           Chelmsford, Ma. 01824

Forziati, Amy                                    In memory of

Foster, Elaine (Young)                       25 Lodge St.
                                                           Belmont, Mass. 02478

Freedman, Alan                                  82 Orchard Terrace
                                                           Piermont, NY 10968

Frese, Wayne                                    523 Washington St.
                                                          Pembroke, Ma. 02359

Frost, Bradley                                    In memory of

Fundukian, Carole (Brown)  

Gammerman, Elaine                       Unknown

Gan, Norman                                      5115 Kester St. Apt 19
                                                           Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91403

Ginsburg, Rona                                  20 Peachtree Rd.
                                                           Lexington, Ma. 02420

Giordano, Rachel (Williams)              41 Pingry Way
                                                           Ayer, Ma. 01432

Gladney, William                             Unknown

Goldberg, Paul                                   17 Chipping Norton Lane
                                                           Bedford, Lane, NH 03110

Goldin, Linda (Graesser)                    30 Stoneybrook
                                                           Westford, Ma.

Goldstein, Joan (Honig)                     1 A Catherine Rd.
                                                           Framingham. Ma. 01701

Gordon, Judy (Walsh)                            In memory of

Gordon, Henry                                    87 Pearl St.
                                                            Newton, Mass. 02459

Gorman, Marjorie                              69 Seaside Rd.
                                                           Scituate, Ma. 02066

Gorton, William                                  16 Balmoral St.  #315
                                                           Andover, Ma. 01810

Griffin, Stephanie (Dubinsky)             169 17th Ave.
                                                           San Francisco, Calif. 94121

Groden, Ellen (Dalton)                       Schoolhouse Rd.
                                                           Dalton, NH 03449

Groden, Kathleen (Meskell)               19 Fordham St.
                                                           Arlington, Ma. 02474

Guillemin, Marie (Raphael)                 PO Box 979
                                                           Redway, Ca. 95560

Gushee, Susan (O'Malley)

Hamilt, Alan                                        15431 South 36th Place


Hamilt, Alan                                        15431 South 36th Place
                                                           Phoenix, Az. 85044-6685

Hanley, Katherine (Hartmann)           108 Graylyn Dr.
                                                           Chapel Hill, N.C. 27516

Hannon, Charles                             Unknown

Hanrahan, Neal                                  7 Lisa Lane
                                                           Tolland Ct. 06084

Harris, Robert                                     182 Stanford Dr.
                                                            Westwood Ma. 02090

Haugh, Richard                                   20 Lovell St.
                                                            Somers, NY 10589-3011

Havice, Ann  (Wivagg)                        8305 Knottingham Dr.
                                                            Woodway, Texas 76712

Henry, Michele (Dragone)                   Ivy Lane
                                                            Waltham, Ma. 02154

Hentz, Richard                                    344 Deer Meadow Ln.
                                                           Chatham, Ma. 02633

Hildebrand, John                                629 N. Olsen Ave.
                                                           Tucson, Arizona 85719

Hill, Robert                                      Unknown

Hoffman, Richard                               3916 N. East 54th Place
                                                           DesMoines, Ia. 50317

Hoffman, Stephen                              11 Dorset Rd.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Holland, Robert                                    In memory of

Hooper, Katherine                             4565E.Mexico Ave.#15
                                                           Denver, Colo. 80222

Hubbell, Thaddeus                           In memory of

Hulbert, Wayne                                  527 Paseo de Vaca
                                                           Marble Falls, Tx. 78654

Hunt, Beverly                                     11 Ledgewood Way Unit 2
                                                           Peabody, Mass. 01960
                                                           (978) 535-8571

Hunt, William                                   Unknown

Hynes, Francis                                   114 Sycamore St.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Jackevicz, Thomas                             8 Baker Lane
                                                           Mattapoisett, 02739

Jaynes, John                                      59 Kent Dr.
                                                           Hudson, Ma. 01749

Jensen, James                                   5111 Sorrento Dr.
                                                           Boise, Idaho 83704

Johnson, George                                546 Ashmont St.
                                                            Dorchester, Ma. 02122

Kearns, Francis                                  1436 Figueroa St.
                                                            Lady Lake, Fl 32162
                                                           (352) 750-2530

Keefe, James                                     11 Carriage Lane
                                                           Shirley, Ma. 01464

Keller, William                                     227 Fitches Pass
                                                           Trumbull, Ct. 06611
                                                           1 (203) 268-2160

Kelley, Francis                                   116 White St.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Kelley, Maureen (Brodigan)               3 Scott Rd.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Kiley, Jeremiah                                  19 Wiley Rd.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Kinney, Carolyn (Sherman)               PO Box NN
                                                          Balboa Island, Ca. 92662

Klemperer, Ilse (Evans)                     30 Acacia Ave
                                                          Berkeley, CA. 94708

Klopfer, Heidi (Zimmer)                      32 Warwick Rd.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Knox, Richard                                 Unknown

Larsen, Kent                                       37 Brookside Ave.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Lawrence, Stephen                        Unknown

Leofanti, Louis                                In memory of

Leonard, Philip                                  708 East Wesleyan Ave.
                                                          Tempe. Ariz. 85282

Lettieri, Barbara (Moreland)              127 Eagle Glen Dr.
                                                           Woodstock, Ga. 30189

Lettieri, Robert                                   14 Colby St.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Lew, John                                       Unknown

Linehan, Douglas                              21 Temi Rd.
                                                          Beverly, Ma. 01915

Listro, Carole                                     229 Lexington St.
                                                          Watertown, Ma. 02472

Loomer, Richard                                262 Washington St.
                                                          Belmont,Ma. 02478

Lord, Linda (Schmidt)                        2280 S.Greenlawn Dr.
                                                          Troy, Ohio 45373

Lord, Wallace                                    812 Stonewall St.
                                                          Dublin, Ga. 31021

Loud, Paul                                         2857 Darwin Street
                                                          North Fort Myers, Fl. 33917
                                                          239-543-7235 (Florida)
                                                          978-657-0544 (Mass)


Loser, David                                      121 Salem End Rd.
                                                           Framingham, Ma. 01702

Luke, Jaqueline                                  2190 Demaret Drive
                                                           Dunedin, Florida 34698
                                                           (727) 734-0413   (tel & fax)

Lyons, Elizabeth                              In memory of

Macauda, Joseph                               88 Walnut St.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

MacDonald, David                           In memory of

MacDonnell, David                             709 Gouldman Lane
                                                           Great Falls, Va. 22066

MacIver, Elizabeth                              18 Regency Dr.
                                                            Holliston, Ma. 01746

MacKerron, Allan                             In memory of

MacKerron, Bruce                              PO Box 1337
                                                           Forestdale, Ma. 02644

MacLeod, Theodore                           Public Works Dr.
                                                           Orlando, Fl.

Maggio, Lillian (Leomporra)               Granville Ct.
                                                           Marlton, NJ. 08053

Mahoney, Thomas                             206 Rt. 13, PO Box 682
                                                           Brookline, NH. 03033-0682

Malcolm, Sandra (Wood)                   8 Wachusett Dr.
                                                           Lexington, Ma. 02421

Manfredi, Marie                                  12 Mathews St.
                                                           Billerica, Ma. 01821

Manjourides, Arthur                            5 Banks Circle
                                                           Swampscott, Ma.

Marchisio, Carol (Latimer)                  34 Orient Ave.
                                                           Melrose, Ma. 02176

Mathers, Joan (Burgomaster)            235 Fox Hill Rd.
                                                           Burlington, Ma. 01803

Mazzocchi, Kenneth                           17 Hawthorne Rd.
                                                           Waltham, Ma. 02451

McAuliffe, Karen (Mahoney)               21 N. Hancock St.
                                                            Lexington, Ma. 02420

McBride, Earl                                  Unknown

McCormick, Larry                               51 Cross St.
                                                           Belmont, Mass. 02478

McDonald, James                              176 Hawthorne St.
                                                                      Malden, Ma. 02148

McFadden, Paula                               PO Box 225
                                                           Teaticket, Ma. 02536

McGrath, Maureen                              150 Rhinecliff Rd.
                                                            Arlington, Ma. 02474

McLaughlin, Alice (Grayson)               PO Box 131
                                                            West Falmouth, Ma. 02574
                                                            Tel: (508) 548-5948

McLean, Kathleen (Gilis)                     Box 686 Grimmett Way
                                                            Vineyard Haven, Ma. 02568

McNulty, Mary (Webb)                        10 Linden St.
                                                            Framingham, Ma. 01702

Meehan, Frank                                    40 Acton Rd.
                                                            Westford, Ma. 01886

Mercer, Zonda                                     47 Cogswell Ave.
                                                            Cambridge, Ma. 02140

Merry, Marilyn (Fenter)                       551 Bigelow St.
                                                            Marlborough, Ma. 01752

Mondello, Anthony                            In memory of

Moore, Patricia (Siskin)                       18720 Gulf Blvd. #2B
                                                            Indian Shores, Fl. 33785

Morrill, John                                     In memory of

Morrison, Donald                                28 White St.
                                                            Littleton, Ma. 01460

Morrison, Phyllis (Pheeney)                38734 Plumbrook
                                                            Farmington Hills, Mi 48331-2906

Morrissey, William                            Unknown

Murphy, Barbara                                15 Harvard Rd.
                                                            Belmont, Ma. 02478

Murphy, James                                    Unknown

Nazzaro, John                                    190 Deering Dr.
                                                           N. Tewksbury, Ma. 01876

Nelson, Ronald                                  James Madison University
                                                           Harrisonburg, Va.

Neri, Patricia                                    Unknown

Newcombe, Robert                             Route 16
                                                           Chocorua, NH 03817

Nicholson, Norman                             Unknown

Nunnari, Anthony                            In memory of

Nussenfeld, Judith (Cohn)                 5 Harvard Road
                                                           Framingham, Ma. 01701

O'Brien, Judith (Connolly)                       In memory of

O'Connor, Margaret (Lyons)               16 Horace Rd.
                                                            Belmont, Ma. 02478

Ohanesian, John                             Unknown

O'Leary, Linda (Rooney)                    17 Garfield Rd.
                                                            Belmont, Ma. 02478

Olive, Robert                                       6009 Buffalo Ave #8
                                                            Valley Glen, Ca. 91401

Oliverio, Marie                                  In memory of

Pandy, Beverly (Heaton)                    26 Meadowbrook Rd.
                                                           Bedford, Ma. 01730

Paster, Joanne (Hurwitz)                    4420 Forest Glenn Ct.
                                                           Annadale, Va. 22013

Perkins, Donald                                  Unknown

Perry, Barbara                                       In memory of

Perry, Frank                                    Unknown

Petrino, Richard                              In memory of

Pheeney, Walter                                38734 Plumbrook
                                                           Farmington Hills, Mi 48331-2906

Phillips, David                                    129 Woodland Dr.
                                                           Marlborough, Ma. 01752

Piazza, Marilyn                                   4117 North Green Ct.
                                                           Carmichael, Ca. 95608

Pizzi, Linda (Saulnier)                        In memory of
Piontek, Heidi                                    Unknown

Plekavich, Edward                              4830 V St.
                                                           Washington, DC 20007

Polcari, Dianne                                  Clarendon Road
                                                            Belmont, Mass. 02478

Politano, Carol (Miller)                       33 General Pulaski Dr.
                                                           Salem, NH 03079

Pollock, Leland                                16 Woodside Rd.
                                                         Madison, NJ 07940

Powers, Elaine (Carnevale)             15 Cambridge St.
                                                         Chelmsford, Ma. 01824 1356

Pummell, Marilyn                              42 Beaver Lane
                                                         Chocorua, NH 03817

Quattrocchi, Nancy (Soule)             Unknown

Quigley, Peter                                 In memory of

Quinn, Stephen                               Unknown

Ramsey, Margaret                              424 South 47th St.
                                                           Philadelphia, Pa. 19143

Redgate, Patricia (Tiernam)               43 Oakhill Rd.
                                                           Loudon, NH.03307

Redgate, William                                In memory of

Rightmire, Philip                                 4004 Fuller Hollow Rd.
                                                           Vestal, NY. 13850-5542

Robbio, James                                   4 Bradley Rd.
                                                           Arlington, Mass 02174

Roberts, Francis (Lanza)                    4 Ranlett Lane
                                                           Billerica, Ma. 01821

Roles, John                                        In memory of

Rosen, Robert                                    187 Bishops Forest Dr.
                                                            Waltham, Ma. 02452

Rossetti, Loretta                                 111 Brigham St. Unit 22D
                                                           Hudson, Mass. 01749

Ruddock, Pearl (Foster)                    Wee Acres 864 West Main St.
                                                          Concord, Vt. 05824

Ruderman, Arlene (Heimlich)            51 Graylyn Rd.
                                                          Newton, Ma. 02459

Runci, Arlene (Carroll)                      14 Carlisle St.
                                                          Acton, Ma 01720

Sacca, Anthony                                 44 Baker St.
                                                          Belmont, Ma. 02478

Saklad, Daniel                                   1413 Quadrant Circle
                                                           Wilmington, NC 28405

Sarkisian, Martin                                8 Dennett Dr.
                                                           Newburyport, Ma. 01950

Scammell, John                                  217 Napoli
                                                           Naples, Fl 34105

Seamonds, Lois (Bennett)                 254 Birchcroft Rd.
                                                           Leominsster, Ma. 014543-6401

Selvitella, Elaine  (Young)                 2217 Briar Patch Lane
                                                          Hatfield, Pa. 19440

Selwyn, Betty                                    43 Englewood Ave.
                                                          Brighton, Mass. 02135

Selwyn, Linda (Schiff)                       8640 Via Reale #2
                                                          Boca Raton, FL 33496-1913

Serra, Mary Ann                                25 Washington Ave.
                                                          Cambridge, Ma 02140

Sesser, Barbara (Ellerin)                   8 Willis Lane
                                                          Lynnfield, Ma. 01940

Sherman, John                                  Unknown

Silvagni, Robert                                 635 Pine View Ct.
                                                           Roseville, MN 55113

Skahan, Robert                                  5 Joslin Rd.
                                                           N. Swanzey,  NH 03431

Sliney, Richard                                  14 Copeland St.
                                                           Watertown, Ma. 02472

Soltys, Richard                                        In memory of

Spear, Stanley                                   65 Old Colony Rd.
                                                           Wellesley, Ma.  02481

Spinelli, Peter                                     20 Mossfield Rd.
                                                           Newton, Ma. 02468

Spitzer, Betty                                      36 Pond St.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Spuria, Anthony                                  9521 Stoneoak Rd.
                                                           Baltimore, Md. 21236

Stella, Robert                                     67 Sullivan Rd.
                                                           W. Yarmouth, Ma. 02673

Stokes, Victor                                  In memory of

Stone Richard                                    40563 Desert Creek Lane
                                                           Rancho Mirage, Ca. 92270

Stowe, Joana                                  Unknown

Sullivan, Ann                                      81 High St.
                                                           S. Hadley, Ma. 01075

Sullivan, Jeremiah                             121 Hammond St.
                                                           Belmont, Mass. 02478

Sullivan, John                                    In memory of

Sullivan, Judith (Davis)                      In memory of

Sullivan, Martha (Ambros)              Unknown

Swanson, Terry                                 157 Mansfield Ave.
                                                           Norton, Mass. 02766

Sylvester, Jo-Ann                               In memory of

Sylvester, Nancy                                 In memory of

Tarmy, Arlene                                  Unknown

Taylor, Edward                                Unknown

Teagan, Robert                                  PO Box 1734
                                                           North Conway, NH 03860-1734

Theodore, Judith                                Unknown

Tigar, Kenneth                                   642 Etta
                                                           Los Angeles, Ca 90065

Tillinghast, Susan                           Unknown

Tortorella, Frank                                42 Francis St.
                                                           Belmont, Ma. 02478

Trept, Dorothea                               Unknown

Tulley, John                                       12 Berry Bush Rd
                                                           Littleton, Ma. 01460

Twomey, Catherine (Johnson)           329 Lakewood Dr.
                                                           Stoughton, Ma.

Veneri, Frank                                      45 Channing Rd.
                                                            Narragansett, R.I. 02882
                                                            (401) 284-0285

Viglirolo, George                                 96 Winthrop Rd.
                                                            Brookline, Ma. 02445

Von Fuchs, Richard                            801 Borden St.
                                                            Prince  Rupert, BC Canada V801V4

Vultaggio, Joseph                               21 Cheshire Street
                                                            Nashua, N.H. 03063
                                                            (603) 883-3040

Waldron, Mary Ellen (Rigano)             78 Farnham St.
                                                            Belmont, Ma. 02478

Walsh, Frances                                Unknown

Waterhouse, Janet                             709 Gouldman Lane
                                                           Great Falls, Va. 22066

Waugh, Linda                                      U. of Az, PO Box 20067
                                                            Tucson, Az. 85721-0067

Weatherbee, Roland                        In memory of

Wein, Martin                                        944 Lisson Crescent
                                                            Richmond, Va.

Weissman, Sybil                                 C/O RISDI Alumni & Career Services
                                                            2 College St, Prov, RI

West, Don                                           7628 Sandy Lane
                                                            N. Syracuse, NY 13212

Westlund, Lisa (Sheridan)                   7532 Helms Rd.
                                                            Pensacola, Fl, 32526

White, James                                      PO Box 354
                                                            Marshfield Hills, Ma. 02051

Whitney, Brenda (Kodash)                 6 Holstein Ave.
                                                            Londonderry, NH 03053

Wilkins, Marcia (Grant)                       47 Miller Hill Dr.
                                                            La Grangeville, NY 12540

Wilmarth, Robert                             Unknown

Wiseman, Paul                                  12340 Avalon Rd.
                                                           Whittier, Calif. 90601-2309

Wood, Wilbur                                      3 Elm Brook Rd.
                                                            Bedford, Ma. 01730

Woodfall, Sandra (Blatta)                    2 Harwood Circle
                                                            Natick, Ma. 01760

Yacubian, Susan (Klein)                     351 Herrontown Rd.
                                                            Princeton, NJ 08540

Yeraco, Ann (DeAgazio)                     413 Lewis Wharf
                                                            Boston, Ma. 02110
                                                            (617) 723-5696

Zacheus, Linda (Dresser)                   27 Rex Dr.
                                                            Concord, NH. 03313

Zapareski,  Marion                              53 Channing Rd.
                                                            Belmont, Ma. 02478

Zartarian, Elizabeth (Norton)               21 Clearview DR. RFD 2
                                                            South Dennis, Ma. 02660

Zona, Prudence                                  147 Riedel Ave.
                                                            Staten Island, NY 10306

Class members who have never been to a reunion . "We're all anxious to see these folks at the next reunion"

Nick Albano                       Robert Flint                   Kent Larson                      Francis Roberts
Linda Angell                       David Fonseca               Barbara Lettieri                 Arlene Runci
Mary Apholt                      Sheila Ford                     Robert Lettieri                   Lois Seamonds
Delores Argiro                   Sheila Forsythe               Carole Listro                     Elaine Selvitella
Nancy Bacon                    Amy Forziati                    Richard Loomer                Betty Selwyn
George Balsama                Elaine Foster                   Walace Lord                     Linda Selwyn
Cynthia Barber                  Alan Freedman                Linda Lord                        Barbara Sesser
Janice Barden                    Bradley Frost                  Jaqueline Luke                   Robert Silvagni
Carol Barry                       Norm Gan                       Joseph Macauda               Peter Spinella
Robert Beairsto                 Rachel Giordano              Elizabeth MacIver              Robert Stella
Carol Benedict                  Paul Goldberg                  Bruce MacKerron             Ann Sullivan
Charles Bere                     Marjorie Gorman             Theodore MacLeod           Kenneth Tigar
Warren Berthelsen            William Gorton                 Lilliam Maggio                    Frank Tortorella
Lelia Biggs                        Ellen Groden                    Thomas Mahoney               John Tulley
Anna Bornhofft                 Kathleen Groden              Arthur Manjourides             Catherine Twomey
Susan Brady                     Marie Guillemin                Carol Marchisio                  Frank Veneri
Linda Brenner                   Charles Hannon               Kenneth Mazzocchi            Geroge Viglirolo
David Briggs                     Robert Harris                   Karen McAuliffe                 Richard Von Fuchs
Roger Bryning                   Richard Haugh                 Larry McCormick              Janet Waterhouse
John Callaghan                  Ann Havice                      James McDonald                Linda Waugh
Roberta Carlson               Michele Henry                  Paula McFadden                 Martin Wein
Carol Ciano                      Richard Hentz                  Maureen McGrath               Sybil Weissman
Stuart Cohen                    Steve Hoffman                  Kathleen McLean                Don West
Helen Coleman                 Katherine Hooper             Mary McNulty                    Lisa Westlund
Joseph Collins                  Wayne Hulbert                  Frank Meehan                    James White
John Conway                   Beverly Hunt                     Zonda Mercer                     Brenda Whitney
Frederic Corsiglia             Francis Hynes                   Donald Morrison                 Marcia Wilkins
Rosemarie Corso             Thomas Jackevicz              John Nazzaro                      Wilbur Wood
Michael Curran                James Jensen                     Ronald Nelson                     Sandra Woodfall
Elinor Dankner                 George Johnson                 Robert Olive                        Linda Zacheus
Daniel Days                     Francis Kearns                   Joanne Paster                      Elizabeth Zartarian
Catherine Devine              James Keefe                     Walter Pheeney
James Dewing                  Francis Kelley                    David Phillips
Philip De Iorio                  Maureen Kelley                 Heidi Piontek
John Dresser                    Jeremiah Kiley                   Ed Plekavich
John Dunlop                     Carolyn Kinney                 Dianne Polcari
Mabel Dunn                     Ilse Klemperer                   Lee Pollock
Margaret Edwards           Heide Klopver                   Elaine Powers
Janet Ferreira                                                            Pat Redgate
William Fiocca                                                          
Peter Fiumara