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Alamar's Llamas

Alamar's Home

Llamas For Sale
Female 2 years Light Brown
Female 1 year Black & White
Female Born 10-19-02 Reddish Brown & Black

Baby Llama born 10-19-02 For Sale

We first got into llamas as a novel guardian animal for the sheep we use to train the stockdogs. Unfortunately, llamas are kinda like potato chips, you canít have just one.

Llamas, a member of the camellia family, are terrific family pets or performance animals for children and adults alike. They are gentle, cat-like creatures with a natural curiosity that makes them valuable as guardian animals. They donít miss anything, so they notice a coyote or strange dog in the pasture immediately. Although they have no actually defenses, they will jump on a predator and chase them off.

Since our first two llamas, the herd has grown considerably. We always have llamas of various ages and training available for immediate sale. Our guardian animals are already bonded with livestock so have a head start on developing their guarding instincts. We are expecting more babies shortly.

As well as guardian animals, we also show our llamas in halter classes as well. Although we are not able to show as much as we would like, our llamas have done pretty well in the few shows they are in each year. They have qualified for the regional almost annually.

Stop by and visit the llamas at Alamar.

Fideny (Fire Dept of New York)

Maestro-Stud fee-$500-guaranteed live cria.

Maestro, pictured below, produces outstanding Crias with exceptional guarding instinct and show quality as well.