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People are looking, but nobody's watching

Don't be afraid to do things in
public. Take this scenario; You're riding the train
one day and someone is acting weird in the back.
You're trying to see what's happening but some guy with red hair and a brown coat taking pictures is
blocking you. You just look past him and observe
someone in the back talking loudly to himself and making weird noises.
His clothes don't match; a purple sweater and green pants with red shoes and a pink hat.
His outfit just looked too funny!

When you get home and share your transit
stories, which guy are you most likely gonna remember?
The guy taking pictures or the guy with the pink
hat... With out looking above, do you even remember
what the picture guy was wearing?

The whole point is that a lot of people want
to bring a camera with them to take a picture of a
certain something, or someone. Whether it be a highway
or a building about to be torn down or rehabilitated,
or something they just like looking at. When there's an old building in your town that is
about to be replaced, it's good to have your own
picture of it for memories, especially if you went
there often. Many people do this, but the problem is
that some are afraid and say to themselves, "I'll look
like an idiot taking a picture of this dumb thing". You have to look past
that. When you see tourists taking pictures, do you
remember their faces? Are you ever going to see them
again? You may bump into them at CVS but even then
what will it matter? Will you go home and say "Guess
what I seen today? I seen this guy taking a picture
of a bus!"? You're most likely not going to remember them,
and when you think people are watching you taking
pics of something you like, they may be
looking but they're not really watching.
How many times will you see that person again? The
guy that really stands out is the person who
thinks people are watching and lets everybody
know that. He does this by pulling the camera out,
already has the flash ready, walks around the
block and snaps the picture really quick, then takes
off. By doing this, not only do you look suspicious,
but you won't get a clear picture. You
thought you had a picture of a building but then you
get them developed and you see the sidewalk
instead. Just hold the camera out, take your time,
snap the picture, and walk away casually as
if you just stopped to tie your shoes. You'll feel
a whole lot better.

You can use this 'nobody's watching' method to do many
things such as looking for a date, farting in public,
asking for directions, putting up flyers, selling a
product, you name it. Just remember: people are looking but nobody's watching