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Smart words page

Topic Outlines

1. How you can know God
2. Cornerstones
3. First Steps
4. Off and Running
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This page assists when you need some advice here and there. Please take the time to look at the information under some of the links. Under the links are their outlines, to quickly skim thru each subject and find the topic you like. Don't look at this as one of those boring bible pages; instead, read it as a "spirit-lifter" and check out the sections that apply to you the most, or all of them if you want.

Under each link are the following subjects:

1. Hou you can know God

A. What is missing in our lives?
B. The solution: Jesus Christ
C. The response: Accept God's offer
D. What God has done for you
E. Adopted and Assured

2. Cornerstones

A. Who is God?
B. Who is Jesus?
C. Who is the Holy Spirit?
D. Who is the Devil?
E. What are angels?
F. What are demons?
G. What is Heaven?
H. What is Hell?
I. Love
J. Forgiveness
K. Purity
L. Perserverance
M. Honesty & Integrity
N. Faith & works
O. Discernment
P. Peace
Q. Joy
R. Accountability

3. First steps

A. Study the bible
B. Pray
C. Look for & attend the right church
D. Obey God
E. Resist temptation
F. Live in God's power
G. Share your faith
H. Seek God's will
I. Live as a disciple
J. Give to God
K. Have courage in Trials

4. Off and running

A. Marriage
B. Children
C. Priorities
D. Prayer time
E. Conversation
F. Relationships
G. Freedom & responsibility
H. Job performance
I. Attitude towards self