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Mauskwitz's Website

"Greeting-Greetings! I am Mauskwitz. Welcome to my lair. The Manling World will soon cower at my name. There will be Bloodshed, Kill-Kill! Skaven-Skaven shall inherit world above!!! Glory to the Horned Rat!" This is my first crack at creating a Website. If you liked it, why not E-Mail me at ? This Website is dedicated wholly to Skaven, my favourite Race in the Warhammer Tabletop Game. I love their sinister plotting and chittering masses just open up a special place in my heart. Another reason is because my pet rat Ratatui passed away about 3 years ago, and I took to the Skaven to get revenge on all other races.

Warhammer: Skaven

Tunnel Network to other Skaven Websites

Circle of the Horned Rat
New Skaven Special Characters!
Teletubbies Death Chamber- Unrelated, but, I love it!!!