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Enjoy a Web trip to our countries through Diana's
class of 2000!

diana marcelle nelson ivonne fernando sendaye rosy smail maria ruben rosmira jose jose
To hear us tell you our names and where we're from, click on each of us.


Here are the links to our web sites:

Thinking about Antonio Maceo by Jose
Mexican Folklore by Ivonne
Nicaragua by Fernando
Lake in Peru by Rosa
Exciting Colombia by Rosmira
The Blue Nile by Sendaye
Haiti by Marcelle
North African Native People by Smail
Cuba and the Tourism Industry by Nelson
Geography of Guatemala by Ruben
Musical Instruments of Bolivia by Maria

Special thanks to our teacher, Diana Satin, for making it possible.
A class is like a trip in time.
The teacher is the captain.
All of us are the passengers.
The way of knowledge will be hard and boring, or it will be a very exciting time. This was our case.
Thank you, Diana. You were our best captain!

And now, a word from Diana to the class:
Thank you for being such a wonderful, fun, hardworking and cooperative community.
You made this project what it was!
You are all stars

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