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In 1901, Ernest and Sarah Clark moved up Tolland Mountain from their New Boston,Massachusetts home to raise a large family that would become the towns most prominent family in The 20Th Century.

The couple raised 12 children in Tolland, on the family farm still owned by the widow and children of the youngest son, John, who died in 1999 at age 80.

In 2007 the last of the second generation, the "original 12" died . Irving Clark was 92.

Of the "original 12", there were 30 first cousins. Now the extended family consists of 230 people over six generations from coast to coast. In Tolland in 2001, only three blood family members, and two widows of the Original 12 remain. At one point in 20Th Century History of Tolland, 1 in 5 persons in Tolland was a family member. The oldest widow, Charlotte Wilcox Clark, wife of Allen, died in 2008 at the age of 101.

The "Original 12":A VERY general overview.

Rupert: (1890-1961) Married Belle Rogers and farmed for years in Tolland Center, living where Good and Hutchinson are now. A former long time Selectman. Raised a big family, the largest of the branches with Seven children. Earl, Erwin, Doris, Russell, Gerald, Donald, and Lois.

Ernest Jr (1892-1978)Married ( Madaline Huntington)into big tobacco money in the Connecticut valley and setled near Windsor Ct. Soon to be joined by Everett who also worked in tobacco nearby. Served stateside during WWI. Children: Richard and Barbara.

Charles (1894-1975)Married Emogene Marrium and moved to a farm in Shelburn Falls, Ma where he raised strawberries among other things. In her later years, Grandma would visit them for a week. It took a day by motorcar to get there. Children: Charles Jr, Calvin, David.

George (1897-1968)Married Lilian Booth and moved to Millerton Ny. In 1922 bought a farm on Burt Hill and drove back EAST with horse and wagon, (and Aunt Lilian) to raise a family in Tolland. Children: George Jr, Beatrice

Lyman (1899-1961) Married Christine Clark (no relation obviously)Ran the Chapin Apple Farm in Tolland as "Alderbrook farm" until he sold it and moved to Florida and bought a drive in restaurant. Wife Christine (who died recently at age 99)had a tea room in house next door to Town Hall, which Lyman built in 1922.Children: Audrey, Richard, Cheryl.

Stanley (1901-1986)Married Alice Schultz. Left Tolland to join an electroinc firm in New Jersey just before WWII. No children. First to be born in Tolland. Widow Alice still survives in New Jersey. No children

Allen (1903-1977) Long time Highway Superintendent predating the modern Highway department. Built the fine home on Burt Hill by hand. His Widow, Charlotte (Wilcox), who came to Tolland in the 1920s as a school teacher, still owns the home.Children: Janet

Louise (1905-1991)The only girl in the Original 12. Married and married chemist Don Irish and moved to Michigan.Inspired her son and daughter in law to published three books detailing the Clarks in Tolland and their long ancestral tree. Much information seen in this site and many photos are from those works.Children: Jim and

Everett (1908--1985) Built the building long used for the Tolland store. Former town official moved to Windsor Ct in 1938 and worked for a large tobbacco firm. A farmer of considerable skill, he was a grower of Gladiola bulbs. Wife Charlotte (Menzel), a poet and homemaker who recieved awards for her poetry skills.Children: Gordon, Everette Jr., John Joseph (1909-1989) Married Dorothy Clark, no relation obviously)Last to be born at home on Burt Hill, Joseph bought a dairy and maple syrup farm two miles away . Served on most town positions. Affable but combative in local politics. Children: Cassandra, Peggy, Joseph III (ME!!!!)

Irving (1913-)(Married Florence Swartzer) The only of the Original 12 remaining. Former State Highway offiicial in Ct. and frquent visitor to Tolland where he continues to tell stories of old times at the farm.Children: Robert John (1919-1999)(Married June Forker)The youngest of the Original 12 was born in Winsted Ct Hospital. Grandma had a child nearly every two years from age 16 and was 45 when John was born. The only one to serve in WWII . Served on most town boards from Selectman to Highway Superintendent. The last of the 12 to live in Tolland and the last on the Old Homestead. Children: Stanley and Jennifer.


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With thanks to Jim and Peg Irish whose fine three albums on the family provids me with a constant reference point. Most photos, but not all came from those works.

The kids by the back door in 1915

Visit a special page for Russell C. Clark

Members of the Clark Family of Tolland are directly related to two passengers on the Mayflower......The ship that carried the "Pilgrims" to Plymouth Rock in 1620.....(!!!)
With again reference to Jim and Peg irish in their family tree of the family, here are the direct links to each Mayflower passenger. Bear in mind the "Mayflower Madam", Sydney Borrows or whatever was related to only one.

RICHARD WARREN (1580-1628)
Elizabeth Jonatt(1580-1643)
(Elizabeth Warren) (1616-1670)
Richard Church (1608-1668)
(Caleb Church) (1647-1722)
Johanna Sprague (1645=1678)
(Isaac Church)(1678-?)
Mary Huitchins(?-?)
(Caleb Church) (?)
Rebecca Brand (1728-1790)
(Charles Church)(1743-1821)
Susan Kenyan (1745-1830)
(Penelope Church)(1763-1840)
James Clark (1764-1844)
(Mary Clark((1803-1873)
Comfort Clark (1803-1877)
(Joseph Clark) (1823-1905)
Emily Couch (1827-1900)
(Ernest Clark)(1866-1961)
Sarah Callender (1874-1963)

GILES HOPKINS (1619-1699)A baby on the Mayflower...
Mary Brooks (? - 1671)
(Deborah Hopkins)(1645-1699)
Josiah Cook (1645-1731)
(Josiah Cook) (1670-1727)
Mary ?
(Jacob Cook) (1707-1800)
Mercy Young (1712-1801)
(Mary Cook) (1734-1821)
Samuel Clark (1729-1777)
(Comfort Clark I) (1764-1839)
Ester Babb (1767-1841)
(Comfort Clark II (1803-1877)
Mary Clark (1803-1873)
Joins Grampa Ernest Clarks line at this point, then on to The original 12.

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