The following is a list of rules regarding the Machines of Mayhem Prestige Workers.

1.) Payment is based on rank, however very few are promoted due to the nature of our supergroup.
The following is a list of those pay grades:

 Major - 1 Prestige = 100 Infamy. (10K = 1M)
 Lt. Colonel - 1 Prestige = 120 Infamy. (10K = 1.2M)
 Colonel - 1 Prestige = 150 Infamy. (10K = 1.5M)
 Major General - 1 Prestige = 200 Infamy. (10K = 2M)
 General - 1 Prestige = 250 Infamy. (10K = 2.5M)

2.) Payment is made upon the successful earning of 10,000 Prestige. 
If a leader is not online at the time of earning this amount, the total amount which 
will be paid to you when a leader does initiate the transaction will be the total earned 
at the time of transaction.

3.) Although you may request payment at any time, it is standard policy to be paid between 
every 10,000 Prestige for ease of record keeping. Remember, you are paid for every 1 Prestige 
you earn, not every 10,000.

4.) Gifts, bonuses and other goodies do not subtract from your payment.

5.) Prestige Grants given out by the devs do not count twards your prestige payment, 
although typically you will be granted the bonus amount in the pay grade of
Major anyways.

6.) Double XP Weekend, which is a rare occurance in which the developers pick a weekend and
double the amount of XP and Prestige earned through defeats and mission bonuses DO count 
twards your payment.

7.) If a leader is not online at the time you wish to request payment, and you are 
currently owed in excess of over 5,000,000 infamy, an email message will be delivered to 
you in-game to reply back with a time good for you to collect the payment.


 If you quit the Supergroup and you are owed any amount since your last pay, 
this pay will NOT be given. This is to deter people who claim to have earned an 
amount higher than they really earned, as leaving the Supergroup erases the grand 
total prestige earned record. This record is only copied when being paid, and needs 
to be referenced every time you get paid to give you an exact amount, so be sure to
collect any due payments before quitting.

 Should you ever be booted from our Supergroup, we have standard policy to pay you any due amounts before doing so. 
This only applies to being booted for reasons of inactivity or to make room for other players.
Regarding the above section, your total earned prestige will be copied before you areremoved.
Please get in touch via email if you ARE booted to schedule a payment date and time.

 In the rare case of being booted for reasons OTHER THAN inactivity and to make room, such 
as griefing other players, immaturity in chat, stealing from our SG and other forms of 
in-game harrassment, the decision will be left up to the leaders, and typically the amount 
due is not awarded. This is easy, don't be an idiot, and be respectful.

9.) As part of being a worker in our Supergroup, you may drop items in our bins for storage. 
Any item placed by workers of our supergroup will not be stolen, taken or sold. But be aware, 
a leader is not always on to collect your item for you if you do not have permissions to take from storage.

10.) Your payment can be divided between alts if you so wish, or be paid to any otherplayer, 
however all records as of 12/3/2007 and later will reflect the fact that it was paid to 
the character which earned it. This is for the sake of ease of record keeping.

11.) If you need help with infamy transfers, just as a leader who is online at the time. 
You can be assured that any amount will be transfered safely.

12.) We care about the reputation, if any, that our supergroup may hold. Please do not recruit 
on our behalf without our knowledge (asking your buddies is fine), and please understand that 
any ill action that would deter from our having a good reputation may be the cause for you to 
be booted from our supergroup (SEE 8.2).

13.) Lastly, you are in no way required to play in SG mode at any time. Payment is flexable
and you have all the time you need to earn whatever it is you wish to earn.

14.) If you are inactive for over 90 days, you will typically be booted as per section 8.1. 
It is YOUR responsibility to REQUEST any due amount whenever you happen to log on. Again, 
records will be kept for being booted for this reason.

15.) Any changes to the game are cause for these rules to change at any time. Notice will 
be given in the form of our SG Message of the day (MOTD). We reserve the right to cancel 
our prestige worker program at any time, for any reason. Should this occur, all amount due 
will be awarded to players, however any prestige earned after this cancelation will not be awarded.

Thank you for reading, now go cause some mayhem!
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