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Product Origin List

(Products are in numerical order, By Country of Origin)

I have included retired products for use with Business Boosters as well...

This is NOT yet a comprehensive list of products.

If you have any products that are not listed, please email your list so that I can add it to this list. Thank you!


Item # Item Name Item Type
HB4200B Tuscany Hurrican Lamp Base (Glass does not specify country of origin) Brass
HB498 Coronation Tealight Lamp (& US--Assembled in USA) Glass/metal
N6035 Chatham Snuffer Brass
P0009 6" Plentiful Pine Ring Floral
P0014 6" Secret Garden Ring Floral
P0026 6" Autumn Splendor Ring Floral
P0040 1" Springtime Pair Floral
P0044 3" Cameo Ring Floral
P0069 Wild Hybiscus Floral
P0074 6" Sugar Pine Ring Floral
P0085 6" Raspberry Swirl Ring Floral
P0091 Damask Rose Wreath Floral
P0092 Holly Poinsettia Floral
P0108 O Holy Night Bisque
P0183 Santa Votive Holder Bisque
P0219 Winterset Candle Holder Bisque
P0279 Glacier Pair Glass
P0323 Garden Lantern Metal
P0428 The Church Bisque
P0440 5" Richmond Candle Holder Brass
P0454 Frog Prince Terra Cotta
P0459 Balsam Basket Bisque
P0461 Lyrical Angel Bisque
P1439 Holiday Spices Jar Candle Glass/Wax
P6000 Savoy Brass
P7047 Home Scentiments Small Metal Basket Metal
P7048 Home Scentiments Large Metal Basket Metal
P7106 Gemini Votive Holder Brass/glass
P7118 Purple Tulip Peglites Frosted Glass
P7135 Ariana Bisque
P7146 Matilda Terra Cotta
P7171 Wee Three Terra Cotta
P7204 Copper Lace Pillar Holder Metal/glass
P7227 Amethyst Candle Holder Glass
P7238 Bubble Floaters Glass
P7248 Granite Rockers Terra Cotta
P7305 Gone Fishin Bisque
P7306 Sand Castle Bisque
P7362 Ivy Garden 3-Wick Holder Metal/Glass
P7364 Frolicking Frostys Bisque
P7409 Harvest Time 3-Wick Holder Bisque
P7412 Hearthside Pillar Stand Metal
P7482 Metal/Glass
P7486 Enchantment Duo Bisque
P7758 Metal/Glass
P7809 1" Champagne Rose Pair Floral
P7810 3" Champagne Rose Ring Floral
P7811 6" Champagne Rose Ring Floral
P7812 6" Sunflower Ring Floral
P7818 6" Deck The Halls Ring Floral
P9258 Richmond Trio Brass
P9504 Travel Tealight Brass Holder (except for the wax) Brass
P9506 Newbury Gift Set Brass Holders (except for the wax) Brass


F1011 Scented Floaters-Vanilla Wax


P7378 Aurora Pillar Holder Crystal


P0581 Floral Tracery Tealight Lamp Brass
P0596 Orbit Candlestick Metal


P0151 Seville Candle Stand Metal/Glass
P7502 Grape Leaf Seville Metal/Glass


P0520 Heather Candle Holder Frosted Glass
P7115 12" Optic Colonnade Glass
P7389 Blue Brilliance Cobalt Glass


HB3200U Pineapple 3-Wick Holder Cut Glass
HB496 Starfire Cut Glass
P0125 Mosaic Snuffer Glass
P0261 Waverly Candle Holder (part is from Taiwan as well) Glass/brass
P0468G Soliloquy Glass (metal made in Taiwan) Glass
P0513 Calypso Gold Peglite Glass
P7138 Tuscany Votive Holder Cut Glass


P0138 Jack-O-Lantern Votive Holder Brass/Glass
P0195 Mulberry Tealight Lamp Brass/Glass
P0261 Waverly Candle Holder (Part is made in Romania as well) Brass/Glass
P0468B Soliloquy Base (glass made in Romania) Metal
P0472 Gaslight Candle Lamp Brass/Glass
P0583 Grape Leaf Lantern Metal
P0903 Cherub Votive Holder Terra Cotta
P2002 2000 Pillar Holder Glass
P7128 8" Spiral Light Candle Holder Metal/Glass
P7129 10" Spiral Light Candle Holder Metal/Glass
P7130 12" Spiral Light Candle Holder Metal/Glass
P7153 Capri Tealight Holder Glass
P7154 Riviera Tealight Holder Glass
P7155 Bermuda Tealight Holder Glass
P7163 Indulgences Solitude Votive Holder Glass
P7193 Indulgences Glass Pillar Holder Glass
P7196 Penguin Candle Holder Glass
P7752 Revere Sconce Metal
P7765 Escalera Metal


HB498 Coronation Tealight Lamps (Some components from China, Assembled in USA) Glass/metal
P0405 Angel Snuffer Pewter
P0506 7/8" Delphi Pair Crystal
P0519 Bee Hive Glass/Wax
P1310 Sunflower Terra Cotta/Wax
P7012 Enchantment Snuffer Set Pewter
P7132 Enchantment Candle Holder Pewter/Glass
P9259 Citrus Cordials Votive Holders Glass
P9248 Iced Crystal Trio Votive Holders Glass
P9542 Winter Sampler Glass/Wax



(These items do not specify origin)

HB4200G Tuscany Hurricane Lamp Glass (base is China) Cut Glass
P7508 Paragon Pillar Stand 24" Metal
P7509 Paragon Pillar Stand 30" Metal

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