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Fontbonne Acadmey (FBA)
Hyde Park (part of Boston)

Hi! Welcome to My page. My name is Beth. I go to Fontbonne Academy. I am a junior. I live in Hyde Park (part of Boston).

i take cardio-karate at OSB.
Dave- Thanx for takin me to my prom... i had fun! i still wanna see ur BYE BYE BYE dance... i didnt touch ur butt.. i swear! I luv ya!
Jen- we gotta go see our sexy skateboarders! (and laugh when they fall!!!) I will not take u in a square ambulance... hell i wont take u in any ambluance BBFL
Jo-Jo- Dont cut ur self on the agatha;s can.... :)
Kati- Hey buddy! Let's not rowboat with each of us havin the rower thing... one of us will have to use both! remeber our 4th of july fight and the presents we never got each other! hehehe dont touch the emergeny brake- NO MATTER WHAT! Sorry bout the bruise!
Mike- We WERE lost... well i knew where we were and u dont "forget" to get on the highway!

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