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bR> I wanna say hey to JEN from Cardio- thanks for helping me with dave and giving me good advice! have fun with scott :) dont do nethin i wouldnt do (with dave) hehehehe he aint scrawny... yeah stop defending him i will once we find me a new guy! :)
IRIS- I luv ya girl! ur awesome! you can always make me smile Have fun making cupcakes! Thanks for makin me do cardio!
RONNIE- Thanks for being Ronnie! You're the best!!!!
GARY- thanks for givin me advice on dave... even if i didnt take it!
DAVE- Thanks for being u! U rock! oh and sorry bout ur eye... didnt mean to i guess im overcomin my fear of hittin people huh?! When i said i like u i mean it i really like u!
PAUL and SHELLY- thanks for puttin up with me when i really didnt want to be workin my ass off!