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Robbyd4 world: Robbies pics. of my Family and Friends

My Awesome Family

Carmen's Shower

Carmen Hiding

Nikki: pretty in ........ purple?

Me & My girl Debroah

Is that Drew.. No its Dawn

Wow what a stud....LOL

Nice lids Kim

GQ man of the year... Mario

Kenny & Nikki


Kenny & Deb

Yet another pic of Nicki

KFC: The Early Years


The head Chicken

Tickle me JoJo

Party Time!

KFC Xmas Party!

Stacy & Kenny

Stacy, Dawn & Nikki

Munchkin & Carlos

Nikki & I

Vanessa, Diane & Kenny

Jerry & Diane

Walter, Liz, & the sexy Missy

KFC's Elves

KFC's Alchies

grrr...Amy, Lela & her boyfriend

Get down Paulette

Shake that Ass Ann!

Getting tired Dawn!

Carlos's 21 B-Day party!

Dawn, Kelly & Nikki

Dawn & Kelly

Kelly Me & Dawn

Stacy's B-Day Party!

Debroah,Aunt Rita, Dawn & Nikki


Mario & Dawn

John, Val & Me

Derek, Stacy & Nikki

Dawn, Lucy & Kelly

John & Val

Carmen, Jack & Kim

Kenny, Debby, Diana & Vanessa

Stacy, Me & Nikki

Vanessa, Debby, Me & Diana

Nikki on the cover of Seventeen

Stacey talking to her man...

Strike a pose


Stacy & Nikki

Say Cheese!

Mom & Me: Awwwww!!!

Ian, Aunt Fatima & Zack


Dawn & Mario

Dawn & Nicole

Nicole, Mario & Dawn

Aunt Rita & My Mom





Nicole & Me


Dawn & Mario Wedding Shower

The New Couple, Dawn & Mario

Nicole & Diane (her friend)

Jonny & Val

Diane & Nicole: Losers

Kim's Graduation

Kim's High School Awards night

Graduated from Old Colony, impressive!

Mike & Marilla's Wedding


Mike & Marilla

Dawn & Nicole (sisters)



John & Val

Jeff (D.J.) & Dorthy




Marcus @ the Grammys

Gwen Steffani (No Doubt)

Bridget Fonda

Kid Rock

Mark for Sugar Ray

Gwen Steffani with Marcus's Dad

Joni Mitchell

Tara Reid (hey no more Carson!)

Horseneck Beach!!!

Baywatch, on call

Nick, I mean Nikki's new doo! Jk

Awww another beach music video, someone call Britney Spears

Loopie what happened!

Nothings going on!!!Honest


"Dont ever tell us to stop" get it?

V's man Nick

"I've falling and i cant get up!"

Kim and v

SCREAM auditions

What are we going to do?

Roger Williams Zoo!!!

Me with Tonya Cruise (92 pro fm)

Who let the animals out!!!!

Meghan and her buba

Hawaian Dance

(more to come!)

Meghan's House!

Everyone meditate, now!


Spanish FeildTrip

Sara & me: chow down!

Leslie & Sara


Loopie, poo & me, ugh!


Sara, Steph & V

Down for some Spanish Dancing

Bobby's Angel: Loopie

V & Poo


Leann, Joellen, Pink, &

Marcus, Heidi, Krit & Me

Scary... LOL jk

Veronica, Kim & Sisqo

Dancing Queen, Morgan

Tom and LoL Nate


Awww...Group hug!!

Marcus and the twins

Ally, Lil Red Alana & Abby

Benny, Meghan, Kristen & Marcus

Marcus & Abby

The Original 'Charlie's Angels': V & Stephy

Brandy & Mike

Veronica & Jana

Stephy & the pig...

Krit, Katy, & Veronica

Marcus & Courtney

Sara & Erin

Margo(Marcus sis.) & Jay

Marcus & Tiana

Fantasy Photo

(All Pics. are airbrushed by me!)

Some Day Mario!

Dont mess with her!

Hey I could be on Making the Band!

Nice eyes~~

Jamie Lee Curtis & Me

Janet Jackson & her # 1 fan Marcus

Kelly & Justin Timberlake

Ryan Phillepe & Dawn

Hey if you want to get to know me, or if you already know me, and you have AolIM...My screen name is Junior 2000 69

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