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Pet Portraits by Sue!

Photography Tips

The better the photos, the better the portrait.Please submit several sharply focused, true-to-color pictures that show your friend from different angles so I don't miss any detail. If you don't currently have photos you'd like to use, here are a few tips for getting those great shots.
  • Use ISO 200 or faster film, and shoot a full roll of 12 or more (it can take a lot of film to come up with the right shots, but the results will be worth the effort.)

  • Try to get down to the animal's level, or bring the animal up to eye level by putting him/her on a table or chair. And get lots of close-ups that show the animal's face--especially those expressive eyes--in detail. Try to avoid head-on shots; three-quarter profiles often turn out the best.

  • There's something about a camera that makes a lot of pets come in to lick the lens, or turn away, or generally not hold still for a good shot. It can help if you have a friend either holding or distracting your pet (food and squeaky toys can help).

  • If possible, photograph outside in indirect light (like on a hazy cloudy day). The flash can flatten and distort (not to mention cause that old red-eye look), but it does tend to show color accurately.

Try shooting in different lights and from different angles, and you're sure to come up with some great photos.

Sue Pelletier
Phone: (978)-448-0377

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