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As you make your way through the seemingly neverending dense forest, you here a rustle in the not too far distance. Your pace quickens, "finally" you say to yourself. A lush, sparkling green meadow before your weary eyes!

Before you proceed though, you look around catiously. After all, you are not familiar with this land. You don't know what may be lurking around.

<.< >.> You see nothing out of the ordinary. While you stroll through the meadow, you come upon a small pond. "Well isn't this lucky!" you say, "I am rather thirsty." You bend down to take a quick drink. "Mmmm, That's refreshing." You say out loud happily. "I hope so." A pleasant voice from behind you says. *Who could that be?* you wonder in your head. You turn around and look upon a noble-looking Unicorn.

"I'm Ieyta'Alasta." He bows slightly before you, his forelock falling over his gleaming eyes. His waxen coat gleaming brilliantly in the sun. Along with his luxurious mane and tail, with the appealing combination of violet and white, hang as sleek and billowy decorations over his splendorous form. His feathery, voluminous wings resting at either side of him.

"And what might your name be?" He says with a polite tone. "Uhhhh..." A slight chuckle overcomes the dashing creature in front of you. This encourages you to laugh with him and you loosen up a little. You introduce yourself to him, and he nods his head approvingly. "You look harmless enough." He glances at you with a charming smirk. "Your welcome to stay and visit as long as you like." You begin to mutter that you really should be moving on, but his politeness inspires you to stay awhile.

Name: Ieyta'Alasta

Meaning: Violet Dreams

Species: Paint Unicorn

Gender: Stallion

Birth Charity: Cyr'Kasta

Glory: Eilla Havala

Class: Nitheli

Current Charity: None

Sire: Veanti'ala

Dam: Ieyta'inmil

If you would like your own Paint Unicorn please visit here: The Silver Unicorn

Background From:

Susanna's Graphics