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Okay, this is a page where I basically tell you about what's going on in my life etc...


Okay, OMG! yesterday I sent a fan E-mail from the Methods of Mayhem website to Tommy Lee...and he e-mailed me back!! WOAH! I was so psyched! and I totally love him anyway, so that totally rocked!

okay, moving on, I went to the Poughkeepsie Hanson, I don't live anywhere near Poughkeepsie, but the boston show was sold out, and I heard that the Boston show kinda sucked and the Poughkeepsie show was wicked cool! k...bye for now:)


P.s. The picture is of me, my buddy Kyra, my sister, and my dad, I'm the one with the black hair, and I warn you, it isn't the best picture of me, so be nice:P

btw, that's like 5 minutes before we left for the hanson my shirt? I LOVE IT!

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