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I'd just like to make a small tribute to another of my favorite bands, Orgy. They're very cool, and they've got an origional sound, just like Hanson. They're first album is called Candyass, and it's very cool, and Their new album, which is either called Opticon or Vapor (I’ve gotten mixed messages) is coming out this fall, and they’re rumored to be on the Family Values tour this year. You might not have heard of them, but they're the band who did the second version of the New Order song "Blue Monday", They also had a single called stitches, and they toured on The Family Values Tour '98' They're made up of 5 VERY cool guys named Jay Gordon (we share a birthday:) Amir Derakh (who is VERY cool) Paige Haley (The coolest bowler I know) Ryan Shuck (the big dumb blonde, but I gotta love him, he's my favorite anyway) and Bobby Hewitt (who is the most Kickin' ass drummer I know of, besides David, (of Korn) and Zac of course:) They're all wicked cool (not to mention hot) and so y'all should either go to Napster(which is very cool despite what others say) and download some of their songs, or you should go out and buy 2 albums, Candyass, and Family Values '98'


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