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this is the new updates page...So basically, all I have now is how you can join the updates list...E-mail me at with 'Updates List' in the subject, and I'll add you to the list:)

Bye, I have to go eat dinner (ick, burgers again...)




OMG!!! I was nominated for best story that's never updated (so true...the never updated part) and I am SOOOO stoaked! Wow, I like, hyperventilated when I found out, I mean, it's not that big a deal, but still, I haven't been recognized that much as a writer, so WOW! but anyway, I'd appreciate it if you would all go out and vote for me at the Hanfic awards 2000

it's at "best story" then "best story that's never updated"...also, Vote for aspen (devil angel) because she is the COOLEST, she's like a goddess or something, but if you haven't read it already, go now at

k? bye for now, and remember, I'm still typing:)

8/27 (later on today)

hey, I have an updates page now, so y'all better check it out, cuz that's where all the updates stuff is going, I'm rilly sorry that I don't know how to do if anyone wants to get in on my page and help me out, e-mail me at thanks, so anyway, don't forget to check out the updates link:)


hey all, I wrote a ton my notebook, where I have the story, so I'll have that typed for you soon, and I'd like to say now, for those of you who think that this story is gonna be like, Taylor meets girl, taylor falls in love with girl, taylor and girl have some problems, taylor and girl live happily ever after...FAR FROM THAT, and also, I'm planning on not having any romance between Taylor and Mira...prolly, but, well, you never know (heh, bad pun) k all, BYE, and think happy RYAN thoughts:)


Hey! I updated! YAY! for those of you who knew it was lost, my notebook is now FOUND! Part three is up, and while short, I will have part 4 up soon and it will be hella long. Also, if you want to join the updates list, E-mail me at with Join Updates List in the subject. K, well, I better get back to typing k? Bye. 8/8
k everybody, I've decided that I'm running for I have a link for banners at the bottem of the page that I'd like you to put on stuff to show your support for the "Leila for President" campaign:)
I’m at this kick @ss camp right now, and I’m taking HTML classes, so I’ve learned how to at least make this page look decent

7/31 I put some more stuff up, so y’all better love me! Just kidding, but seriously, I put some new stuff up, and my friend Ky-chan is gonna host ALL of my written works on her webpage “Beautiful Alone in My Bubble of Reality” which is a Orgy page that she runs with some cool people…so I’ll let you guys know when that’s happening…I will warn you though, some of it is a bit, well…not your normal innocent Taylor, but then again, when has normal innocent Taylor ever gone to rehab? Okay, I'm SUPER sorry about not updating for a while, but I have some pretty good excuses. First of all, Angelfire was being a b.itch (pardon my french) and it wouldn't let me on, second, I'd been at camp for 2 weeks in which I wrote, like a ton more of it, but it isn't typed, so it needs to be typed first. Thirdly, My parents (my theory is that I was switched at birth) dragged me on a vacation from h.ell to Nova Scotia (I have nothing against Nova Scotia, it's just that when I travel with my family, it sucks, plus we had to go see the tall ships in Halifax, so I probably spent more time in the car, which had WAY too much stuff in it, than I did actually doing anything of value. Lucky for me, we went to Meat Cove, which has a population of 40-something including children, and they had internet access at the welcome center for 2 bucks for 15 minutes, which was a major rippoff, but I spent an hour and a half on it, so oh I'll be updating within the next 4 days, I PROMISE! and BTW, I have a new E-mail's K? BYE!


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