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I stepped out of my car and walked to the front door. My wife Sheryl was waiting for me inside. She was wearing her usual house attire. Jeans and a casual shirt. I looked around. The house had been cleaned today.

“Did Juanita come today?”

“She did.”

“And how are the children?”

“Fine. Amanda and Julia are in bed. Michael is watching TV”

“What’d you make me for dinner?”

“Meatloaf and mashed potatoes.”

“Sounds good.”

“Yes dear.” I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Sheryl placed a plate of food in front of me, sat down across from my place at the table, and began to eat her dinner. She took a bite of potatoes. “How was your day dear?”

“Just fine. I pulled another filibuster again.”

“Really? Which one?”

“I read the odyssey.”

“Which version?”

“The unabridged one…in Greek.” She grinned at me.

“What was the response?”

“Oh, I dunno, Steavans ordered Chinese. Sanderson was reading a newspaper. I think Thomas might have had a gameboy or something under the table, he never did seem to be looking up. Most of the other Senators left within a half an hour. We passed a great bill.”

“What was it?”

“Well, from now on, no Greek olives are allowed to be imported into the country without paying a heavy tax to me.”

“Ooh! Sounds like fun.”

“Complete and utter fun.”

“So what’s on the schedule for tomorrow?”

“Well, today Smith proposed a bill that on May 9th, there be a national holiday in honor of cheese. That means that nobody would be allowed to go to work, excluding hospital workers and whatnot. No school either. We’re voting on it tomorrow.”

“That’s rich! What’re you going to read?”

“Several things in fact. I’m going to start with “War and Peace”, followed by “Great Expectations”, with the LA and NYC phonebooks.”

“Ha. Boy, am I glad that I work at the dentists office instead of the Senate.”

“Yeah, well, such is life.”

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