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We went to the rec room and I grabbed “the chair” as it was unoccupied. Taylor sad down on the somewhat less comfortable chair. I picked up a deck of cards and began to deal for Gin Rummy. Taylor gave me one of his ever-cute questioning glances. “Gin Rummy.”

“How do you play that?” I gasped.

“You don’t know how to play Gin Rummy?!?”

“No, should I?”

“YES!” I put on an angry face and Taylor looked terrified. I couldn’t help it, he just looked so funny when he looked scared. I fell off my chair in a bout of hysterical laughter. Noah came over to investigate the noise.

“Amira.” A stern voice spoke to me. I looked up from my veiw point on the floor and saw Noah looking down at me. I giggled. “Amira, I know it’s free time, but could you please keep it down? Effie and Brie are trying to watch a movie.” I nodded and looked at Taylor. He had pressed himself into the corner of the huge chair he was sitting in. I waved Noah away, got up off the floor, sat down in the chair with Taylor, and put my arm around him.

“Tay buddy. I’m not mad at you anymore. What’s wrong?”

“It’s not you. He’s th eone who dragged me in on the first day I was here.”

“Poor Tay-Tay.” I leaned my head on his shoulder and found myself getting drowsy. It was understandable. Taylor was really warm and comfy, and I was still tired from my hospital ordeal. I guess Taylor fell asleep too because he didn’t try to wake me up.

About 2 ½ hours later, Jay woke me up by jumping into my lap. I awoke with a start and immediately glomped him.

“Jay-Jay! You’re back! I missed you SO much!” Jay poked me in the nose. Mir-Mir, we were gone for 2 hours.” I glanced at my watch. It read 3:00.

“2 ½ my dear.”

“So sue me.”

“Where’s my Ry-sama?”

“Carrying the stuff in?”

“Didja bring me my stuff?”

“Yep, and being the nice guy that I am, I got you some food and whatnot.”

‘You ROCK!” The door opened and a loud yell came from behind it.


‘Yeah, the great white dope is here.” Jay muttered. I lauged and punched him lightly in the shoulder. Then, something moved under my leg. I screamed. Loud. Noah came running. Then I realized that it was just Taylor’s leg moving as he woke up. Jay glared at me, then went back to talking with Ryan. Noah walked away shaking his head. I was uspet by everyone’s lack of response, so I announced loudly, “OKAY EVERYONE, THE CRISIS HAS BEEN AVERTED! I REPEAT, THE CRISIS IS OVER!” I was ignored. Taylor groaned and slowly opened his eyes. “Well, at least you love me, right?” He looked at me like I was speaking Greek. I shrugged, and grabbed his arm and wrapped it around my shoulder. I went back to comtemplating the meaning of life. Taylor went back to sleep. About 15 minutes later Kyra came get me for one on one therepy.

I stepped into Amelia’s office and sat down. Dr. Lewington came in almost immediately. He sat down at his desk and laid his hands on it, fingers interlaced.

“Well Amir, I understand you had an excting day yesterday.” I choked.

“Exciting is not the word, Dr. Lewington.” I annunciated the ‘ton’. He didn’t say anything for a minute.

“Well then, let’s get started shall we?”

“Why do you insist on using that word?”

“What word?”

“Well, not exactly a word, but a phrase.”

“What phrase?”

“Shall We.”

“And why don’t you like this phrase? Does it have something to do with your childhood?”

“No, it’s just irritating.”

“Let’s take a closer look at this irritation, shall we?” I sighed and geared myself for another long boring session of listening to Dr. Lewington talk. Once again, someone was shaking me awake. De. Lewingon was still talking, so it was Kyra who had woken me up.

“Well Amira, it seems as though our time is up. I want you to read the story Teenage Wasteland and we’ll discuss it next time we meet.” I litterly ran out the door. When I re-entered the rec. room, I saw something that nearly gave me a brain anurism. Taylor and Jay we sharing an easy chair and Jay wa sleeping with his head on Taylor’s shoulder. Taylor was passed out over the arm of the chair.

“Kinda cute isn’t it?” A voice behind me said. I jumped and turned around. Ryan was there, leaning against the door frame. I nodded. “Looks like Taylor’s branching out/ I mean, we already knew that Jay’s a ‘swinger’, if you know what I mean.” He winked. The idea was actually quite adorable. Then I remembered.

“Hey Ryan?”

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out.”

“Hush blondie. I need a trim, and Taylor wants you to cut his hair.”

“His hair? Isn’t his hair famous?”

“I guess, but anyhow, he want’s you to cut it, then I’m gonna dye it for him. They didn’t call me Manic Panic in juvi. for nothing.”

“You mean I’m gonna be cutting famous hair? Sweet! I am the MAN!” I let Ryan go on his ego trip. Then we went to his room and he cut my hair. Then he bleached streaks in it and dyed them red. Whe I left the room, my black hair was shoulder length and layered with red streaks throughout it.

I went downstairs to get Taylor so that Ryan could cut his ‘famous’ hair, but he wasn’t in the rec room. So I asked Noah, and he said they went upstairs so that Jay could show him his anime collection. I laughed at that. The last time Jay had seduced someone here, that’s exactly what he told him before they went to his room and made out. I opened the door to Jay’s room, fully prepared to walkin on too teenagers playing tonsil hockey, but instead I caught them in the act of…


Reading Jay’s collection of Ranma ½.

“Damn.” I though to myself, as I was hoping to walk in on some good action. They both looked at me at the same time and I cleared my throat. “Hey Tay, Ryan’s gonna cut your hair if you’re ready.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“You can’t ut your hair.” Jay whined,. “I like it long.” He fingered a piece of Taylor’s hair.

“AHA!” My mind screamed. “I KNEW IT!” Even my blind grandmother couldn’t miss the looks between them. It was just so…so…so cute!

I grabbed Taylor’s hand and took him to Ryan’s room. Ryan opened the door and motioned for us to enter. “Okay Ryan, work your magic!” And work his magic he did, for when he was done, Tay’s hair was splendiferously shor and spikey. We decided that we’d dye it tomorrow and headed down to dinner. Dinner was boring as usual and we raced through it. We decided we would watch a movie before we went to bed, so we all ran upstairs and got into our pajamas, and raced back downstairs to watch “American Pie”. I sat in ‘the cahir’, resting my feet on Ryan who was on the floor. Taylor and Jay sat next to eachother on the floor. Taylor was wearing green plaid pants and an orange wife beater. I had to cringe at his terrible sense of colors. Jay was wearing black silk pajamas, and Ryan was wearing a black “Ten Percent Charley” t-shir and grey sweatpants. I was wearing my bright pink cow pajamas.

“You know what?” Jay piped. “The guy who plays Kevin is hot.”

“I agree.” I…well, I agreed. Ryan started drooling on my leg. It was then that I realized he was asleep.

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