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“Okay.” He got a pencil, set up his canvas on an easle, and began to sketch. I located the only easy chair in the room that was unoccupied, which was located in a patch of sun, and I flopped down into it.

Two and a half-hours later I felt someone shaking me awake. I opened my eyes to find Taylor standing over me.

“Mir? We’ve got five minutes before lunch. Time to get up.”

“Did you get far on your painting?”


“Can I see?” “If you really want to, I guess.” He didn’t sound very enthusiastic. He led me over to the easle where his paining was. He hadn’t gotten very far but that was expected since he was working in oils. He had gotten about have of the background painted in, and he had the main figure penciled in. The whole thing was done in drab, miserable colors, and from what I saw, I guessed it was a little boy sitting in a corner with his knees drawn up to his chest.

“I definitely like it.” I informed him.

“I’m not so sure I do though.” He replied.

“Regardless of whether or not you like it, it’s good.”

‘Whatever, we should go now, it’s time for lunch.” I glanced at my watch, and sure enough, it was already 11:30.

At lunch I sat between Ryan and Jay while Taylor sat across me next to Paige. I had a bowl of mac and cheese and so did everybody else but Taylor, who had opted for a salad.

“Tay?” I said quietly, knowing he was still a bit depressed after the painting.


“Is that all you’re gonna eat?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You’re too frickin’ skinny.”

“No I’m not.” He protested.

“You’re all bones boy!”

“Nuh-uhh! Look at you!”

“Yeah, but I’m eating, you’re just having a salad.”

“Whatever. My stylist says this is the perfect opportunity to lose some weight before our next tour.”

“HOLD IT! You’re stylist is out of his gourd.”

“Yeah, well then why don’t I fit into any of my designer shirts anymore?”

“Perhaps you should consider the fact that you have a nice buff upper torso as opposed to last year when you looked like an anorexic stick!”

“Chance of subject.” Ryan interrupted. “Guess who gets to go into town today?”

“Shit man, you better not be kidding like last time, cause if you’re jerking me, I’ll kill you!”

“No way Goink! Jay and me are going shopping during free time. We’ve been good all week. Any orders?” I glanced at Taylor.

“Got any money?”


“Want them to get you something from town?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a few things they could get me.”

‘Cool. After you’re done eating, go get your money and make a list of the stuff you want them to get.”

“Mir.” Jay finally piped up. “You want us to get you stuff too?”

“Duh sherlock! When are you guys leaving?”

“About ten minutes into free time.”

“Okay, I’ll have it ready by then.” I inhaled my pasta and dashed upstairs to my room to begin the hunt for some money.

I found about forty-five dollars spread out over my tiny room. I sat down at my desk and began to compose a list of what Ryan and Jay-Jay needed to get me.

“1 Manic Panic Lightning kit, 1 bottle of Manic Panic Vampire Red, 1 box of Pocky, Ranma ½ volume 15, newest issue of Circus, 1 printer cartridge.” I hoped I would have enough money for everything because otherwise I’d have to borrow from Jay, who happened to be loaded. As I left my room I literally ran into Taylor.

“Mir? Could you give my list and money to Ryan?”

“Why? Are you intimidated by the Jolly Blonde Giant?”

“No way! I’m just mad at him!”

“Whatever for?”

“He still insists that there were marshmallow numbers in alphabits cereal.”

“GAD! You guys are SUPER immature.”

“Nuh-uh! We both know that I’m right and he’s wrong. He just doesn’t want to admit it.”

“Whatever. C’mon, let’s go find them before they leave.” We went downstairs and caught Ryan and Jay just as they were about to leave with Kyra. I handed Ryan our lists and money. “Ryan?”


“Don’t spend the change like last time.” He blushed. “Because if you do, I’ll come into your room at night…and cut off all your hair!” Ryan smacked me over the head and left. I turned to Taylor. “Speaking of hair, I do believe that I’m going to need a trim soon.”

“What cuts your hair?”

“Why Ryan of course.”

“Ryan?” Taylor looked shocked.

“Yeah, he went to hairdressing school before he came here. He’s actually pretty good.”

“Who woulda thunk it.”

“Yeah, well remind me when he gets back to ask him to cut my hair.”

“Do you think he’d cut my hair?”

“I’m sure he would, but only if you’ll let me dye it.”

“Well, I asked him to pick me up a Punky bleach kit and some blue dye.”

“Punky bleach? I’ve never tried that kind before. I’m a Manic Panic kinda girl.”


“So yeah, I’m sure that Ryan’ll cut your hair.” We stood there fore a few minutes in silence. “Let’s go find Noah.” I said, realizing that his shift had just started.

“Noah?” “Yeah, Noah, he’s a really hot staff member whose shift just started. He’s in charge of supervising the rec room during free time.”

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