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“Work on what?”

“My webpage.”

“Please don’t tell me that you’re putting this on the net.”

“Nope, Beck fan page.”

“Beck’s a cool guy.”

“You’ve met Beck?”


“You lucky bastard. Who else have you met?”

“Phil Lesh, Bob Were, Jonny Lang, John Popper…”

“Phil Lesh, Bob Were? I hate you.”


“You’ve met two of my idols.”

“We jammed with Bob Were."

“And you call yourself deprived!”

“Let’s not go there.”

“So why did you get into the heavy shit anyway? You’re supposed to be the pure all American golden boys.”

“Simple answer actually. Backstage at one of our shows, Boston I think, one of the roadies came up and handed me a joint. After I smoked it, I thought, hey, this shit is pretty cool. And it basically progressed into more intense stuff.”

“Jesus Fuck! That’s sooooo a typical drug story.”

“So, Mir, how did you end up here?”

“Cocaine abuse.”

“Cocaine? That’s one drug I refused to do. I didn’t like the idea of my nasal cavities detiriorating.”

“Well, I can handle it. I’m a tough kitty.”

“Mir-kitty. Is it okay if I call you Mir-kitty?”

“Go right ahead.”

“Tell me about your childhood.”

“I was one fucked up little kid.” He raised an eyebrow."

“How so?”

“Classic bad childhood. Divorced, great dad, junkie mom. She had like, 500 fucked up boyfriends. I was with my dad a lot but he had re-married and had other kids, so I got no attention. I began hanging with a bad crowd, they introduced me to hardcore drugs, we got busted, I came here, got out, got busted, came back, etc.”

“Shit Mir-kitty, that’s fucked up.”

“That’s nothing, you should see some of the kids in the isolation ward. One girl’s father raped her repeatedly, then told her that if anyone found out, he’d kill her. Someone found out and she figured it’d be best if she committed suicide rather than have him kill her. Didn’t succeed, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not trying.”

“Once again, shit Mir-kitty, that’s fucked up.”

“Yep, hang on a sec, I’ve gotta type something.” About three minutes later I heard a soft snore come from his general direction. I looked over and Taylor was fast asleep on my bed. He looked like a grown up cherub from a Christmas card. I wondered how someone so innocent looking could screw their life up so completely. I figured that I should probably call down to the night nurse and tell her that he was up here with me, so they wouldn’t think he tried to run away. I couldn’t bear to wake him up so I decided to sleep on the floor. I figured that during the next day’s free time, I’d properly introduce him to Ryan, Jay, and Paige. I decided that he’d have to wait to meet Bobby. Bobby was mine, and I was gonna keep it that way for a while. It took me about five minutes to find my extra blanket and to set up a makeshift sleeping area. I was so tired, though I don't know why, I didn't really do anything that day, that I fell asleep without reading at all...

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