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++Part of Your World-Part 2++

As I was napping I had a very strange dream. In it, I was sitting with Jay in my room getting drunk on Snapple when Taylor waked in carrying Bobby’s body. Then I woke up just in time for supper. Before I went downstairs I went in and checked on Bobby. He was sleeping. He had been sleeping on and off for the past two days. The doctors felt it best that they let him, at least for a short while.

At dinner Taylor kept giving me confused looks across the table as I goofed around with Ryan, Jay, and Paige. The staff served one of my least favorite meals, pork chops and eggplant, so it took me a while to convince them to let me leave the table without finishing all my food. I did finally persuade them and I ran to my room so I could hold my evening ritual, calling Jay and Ryan downstairs on 3-way calling. The phone rang just as I opened my door. I picked it up. Instantly I heard a voice.

“Mir Mir!!”

“Um, yeah Ryan, right. Hi Amira.”

“Jay! Ryan! Yay!”

“So Mir, what’s up?”

“Well, I can’t talk for long, Taylor’s coming up in a few and we’re going to discuss his ‘problems’”

“Dude,” Ryan butted in, using one of his frequent Cali phrases, “ That could take forever!”

“I know, but that’s not neccesarily a bad thing.”

“Scuse me?”

“He’s adorable in a babyish sort of way. I just wanna pinch his cheeks.”

“You and your cheek pinching. Oy!”

“You better watch it, or I’ll pinch yours!”

“Was that dirty?”

“You decide”

There was a knock on my door. “Sorry guys, I gotta go. Psycho boy is here so I’ll call you guys later.”

“Bye Mir-rah.”

“Buh-bye Ry-Ry.”

“Tah Mira.”

“Bye Jay-chan.” I begrudgingly got up and went to the door. I looked through the peep-hole. Taylor was standing outside looking like a classic coke addict, nervous and paranoid. I opened the door and he quietly walked in. I pointed to the bed. “You can sit there.” He did so, still without saying a word. I sat down in my office chair. I guess it looked pretty funny because Taylor burst out laughing. “Eh?” I had no idea why he was laughing.

“We look like a shrink and his patient. I’m laying down on the ‘couch’ and you’re in a chair and I’m about to tell you my problems.” I chuckled. It was kind of funny.

“So,” I said jokingly, “tell me about your childhood.”

“I was a deprived child.” He replied, completely serious. This caught my attention.

“Deprived? You were a teen hearthrob by 14. You have great parents. How could you possibly be deprived?”

“Nobody knew how I felt. I was the golden child with the golden vocal chords. We may have denied it, but I was the glue holding the band together. Sure, Ike and Zac had okay voices, and they were somewhat attractive,. Without me they were nothing. Everybody assumed I was content with what we had, but everybody was wrong. I couldn’t walk down the street without either getting harassed by the haters, or mobbed by the fans. I wasn’t allowed to date or go to parties that weren’t business related. There was no time for me to have out with my friends. For G-D’s sake, I was supporting my family at 15. I had no childhood.”

“Well…it seems like we have a lot to talk about. Do you mind if I work on something while we chat?”
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