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Okay, here's where I tell you a bit about myself...

and no zoe, I'm not going to give away enough information that people will come and stalk me and try to kill me:P


Name: Leila (doesn't it suck?) feel free to e-mail me if you have a better name for

Age: well, that my friend is for me to try and remember and for you to not find out

B-day: That, I will tell you...January 30th, which is also Jay Gordon's B-day (and for those of you who actually pay attention, I'm a HUGE Orgy fan)

Location: A boring little town that sucks ROYALLY!

Favorite food: SUSHI!

Favorite Cartoon: RANMA 1/2!!

Favorite soda/pop(whichever you call it: Dr.Pepper!

Favorite non-carbonated drink: uh, either snapple pink lemonade, or snapple rain (one of the elements anyway, they RULE!)

Favorite Color: Red and Blue (and no, it's not because they're Taylor and Zac's favorite colors...ZOE!)

Opinon on guys: Guys should be more open with their feminine side...WEAR MAKEUP!!!...oh yeah, gay and bi guys ROCK!

Favorite Hot Guys: uh oh...this is gonna take forever...Taylor Hanson, Ryan Shuck, Jay Gordon, Zac Hanson, Amir Derakh, Isaac Hanson, Bobby Hewitt, Paige Haley, Tommy Lee (who, btw, is the MAN!), Ranma, that duo guy from Gumdam wing...sorry Kyra, I was corrupted, Daniel from Silver Chair, Jonathan Davis, Head of Korn, David of Korn, Noah Bond (yes gabrielle, you were going to find out eventually), Tido, before he cut his hair (once again, you were going to find out eventually gabrielle), Dave Moffatt (the hottest of the my opinion, which doesn't count for anything), Clint Moffatt, Bob Moffatt, Scott Moffatt, Jim Morrison (even though he's dead), all the guys from Throne (they're cool, go to and check them out), The lead singer of Incubus, uh...I'll let you know when I think of more...OH YEAH, Chris Georgio...and more later...

Favorite pet: my dog Lucy (she was around before Middle of Nowhere came out, I'm not that obsessive)

Instruments?: Yeah, I used to play the violin, but now I play a bit of guitar, and I sing in my band Save the Drake (check us out when we get famous)

okay, my fingers are getting tired, so I'll update this later...

OH YEAH! I forgot, there's a picture of me at the bottem...I'm the one with the black hair, and btw, it's not the greatest picture of me, so don't judge me by it *whimper*


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