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Chasing Ecstasy

The bass thumped in my stomach. All around people danced, writhing and rubbing against one another. The crowd swelled and pulsed along with the music. All this was enhanced by the fact that I was high as a kite. Dancing in front of me was a stunning girl. She had milky white skin and jet black hair. The only makeup she was wearing was black eyeliner and lipstick, similar to mine. She was dressed in black lingerie type stuff and a large silver cross fixed around her neck. Normally I would have been all over her because she was obviously infatuated with me, but tonight my attention was fixed on someone else. Some guy I had seen around the studio was standing off in the corner with a cigarette in one hand. He was staring at the floor, the flashing lights and pulsating music not drawing his attention. He looked as though he had taken a few valiums before coming to the rave.

As politely as I could, I peeled myself away from the dancing girl, not thinking to get her number or even her name. As I made my way over to the mysterious man, I stopped at the bar to get a drink for each of us. I ordered two gin n cokes and carried them over to where he was standing. "You're Ryans friend right?" I asked him, trying to be heard over the throbbing music.

"Ryan? As in Ryan Shuck? As in the Big Drunk Dope? Isnt he supposed to be here tonight?"

"Yeah, he came here with me. He left about an hour ago with some, err people."

"That bastard! He was supposed to meet me here."

"Sucks to be you." I poured a small vial of ecstasy into his drink and handed it to him.

"Thanks. I'm Paige" He downed the entire thing in three gulps and grinned at me. "So, who are you and how do you know Ryan?"

"Well, I'm Taylor and aside from the fact that my band records in the same studio, and I did a bit of engineering slash producing on his bands new album-"

"OUR bands new album." He cut in. "So youre a member of the infamous Orgy crew?"

"From day one."

"Thats cool, but not including work relates shit, Me and Ryan, werewell, weve had a couple of flings together."

"Really? Wow, and I thought me and Jay were the only oneswell, besides Bobby."

"Jays the tall one right?"

"What the hell are you talking about? Me and Amir are the shortest ones. The rest of them are huge."

"Height wise? Or are you talking about something else?" At this moment, the drugs chose to kick in.

"I compensate for the fact that Im short inother areas. If I was tall, I'd be incredibly intimidating to the women." He leaned over and licked my earlobe.

"Uh oh" I thought, "This wasnt what I was planning on, all I wanted was for him to loosen up. Oh well, I can work with this as well." I grinned evilly.

"Wanna hit the dance floor?" Paige didnt reply, he just grabbed my arm and dragged me out onto the floor. The girls that I was dancing with earlier shot a dirty look at Paige. He grinned back at her and danced closer to me.

Paige stumbled out to my car. After dancing for several hours, Paige had nearly passed out on my shoulder. Since I didnt know where he lived, I had decided to take him to my apartment. I grinned evilly again. "And I only have one bed" I said to myself. I started the car and turned to Paige. "Dont barf. This upholstery cost me a fortune. I'm still paying Ike back for the loan."
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