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Driving in the Center

Driving in the Center
Okay people, these stories are a bit dirty. I don't know any of the characters. Not Taylor, not the members of Orgy, and as hard as I wish, Ryan Shuck is not gonna adopt me, so on with the stories. (these stories are in order...) Oh, btw, I'd also like you all to know that Amira in this story has nothing to do with Amira in "Part of Your World"
The door suddenly muffled the shrieks of the greedy crowd. I glanced over. Ike walked in with two girls hanging off his arms. One was a blonde who looked as if she had an IQ of possibly 3. The other was an incredibly attractive asian girl, with long beautiful black hair. The blonde’s face was caked with makeup. “What a turnoff,” I thought to myself. She was carrying a six-pack of beer. “Mmm…Beer.” They turned off the beer at 11 in this hellhole of a town. The asian had little if any makeup on. The only part of her that was done up in any way was her eyes. They were incredible. They were also blue. I didn’t know if they were contacts, or if they were real, but they were so piercing that it scared me for some unknown reason. I felt a stirring in my lower regions. The blonde immediately detached herself from my brother and came and sat on my lap. The stirring ended abruptly. “Hi” she said in her obnoxiously squeaky voice. I wanted to barf. The door opened, letting us know that the crowd still thought we were coming back. They were going to be sorely disapointed. Ryan walked in. It was in this venue that I realized just how tall Ryan actually was. 6 foot fucking 2. Jesus Christ. He practically hit his head walking through the door.

“No beer.” He said, sounding pissed off. The blonde held up the six pack. Ryan’s eyes widened. “You’re gonna give that to us right?” he asked, in his holier than thou voice.

“For a price.” She replied. Great, another one of these girls who will bribe us to fuck her. I wanted to scream I’M NOT A FUCKING PROSTITUTE! But I witheld the urge.

“What do you want?” Ryan asked, not raising his voice.

“Kiss Taylor.” She replied, her voice wavering a bit. I couldn’t keep the evil grin off my face. What she didn’t realize was that I probably wouldn’t mind, I’m bi. I mean, Ryan was attached to a female at the present time, but we did have flings now and then, sure he’s like ten years older than me, but fuck it, no pun intended. The asian girl had a small smile on her face. Ryan walked over, and gave it to me, tongue and all. He tasted of tacos. I wondered where he had gotten them. I pulled away, because I absoutly CANNOT stand tacos. I turned to the blonde, and snached the beer from her. I tossed one to Ryan, who immediately opened it, and chugged half of it. I tossed another to Ike, who did the same, and another to the asian girl. She opened it and began to sip. I neglected to give one to the ditzy blonde. I looked back at the attractive girl, who nodded, and we walked into my dressing room.

“What’s your name?” I asked, feeling slightly foolish.


“Pretty name”

“Not my original one though.”


“Nah, I was born Susan.”

“I like Amira better”

“Me too”

And with that we got down to business, but you don’t need to hear the dirty details.
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