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Royal Rangers Outpost #128

Christian Life Center, 53 Main St. Leominster, Mass (978)466-3902



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Outpost Information


Senior Commander: Andy Ross


Royal Rangers Mission:


“Reach, Teach and Keep Boys for Christ.”

What is Royal Rangers?

Royal Rangers is a Christian scouting program designed to minister to the needs of boys. It was started as a boy’s ministry by the Men's Ministries of the Assemblies of God. This program has since spread beyond just that one denomination to many churches in many countries.

Favorite Links

·        Ranger DJ's Ranger Resource Page

·        Assembly of God Official Royal Ranger's Website

·        Southern New England District RR Home Page

·        FCF Minuteman Chapter

·        Real Knots

·        Ranger's Online


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Contact Information

E-mail address


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Outpost Meetings

·        Ranger Kids – TBA

·        Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers & Expedition Rangers - TBA


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Upcoming Special Events

·        Pine Wood Derby : TBA(2004)

·        POW WOW : June 27-29 2003


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