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Pierre Gilles Noel - Archange Dragon dit Etheir/Hetier

Pierre is not one of my direct line ancestors. However, his progeny have married into the direct line with such frequency that this page may provide a smoother flow of information.

Pierre Gilles Noel was born 2 September 1771 in Vecheres, Québec, Canada to Joseph Marie Noel & Madeleine Bilodeau. On 22 July 1799, he married Archange Dragon dit Ethier or Hetier.; other variations of her name are Etheir dit Dragon and Hetier dit Dragon. She was born in Canada around 1780; her parents were Louis Dragon & Archange Bourdon.

Pierre, a farmer, was educated enough to be able to sign his name, as evidenced by his signature appearing on the birth and marriage records of his three known children. At some point, the couple relocated to St. Valentin, where they lived out their lives. Pierre was the first to die, on 8 January 1844, and was buried at St. Valentin the next day. Eleven years later, Archange succumbed to death on 30 April 1855, and was buried the next day with her husband.1
Pierre Gilles and Archange had three known children:

Simon Pierre Noel & Dosithee Tremblay

Simon Pierre was born 1 September 1800 in Lacolle, Québec, Canada, but was not baptized until 17 October at St. Joseph's in Chambly--the same church that his parents had been married in.1
Simon became a painter by trade. On 29 September 1829, he married Dosithee Tremblay at St. Cyprien church in Napierville, Québec. She was the daughter of Denis Leon Tremblay & Marguerite Allard, born to them 31 May 1813 at Baie-St-Paul, Québec.1
No death details are known for Simon Pierre and Dosithee Tremblay.
Simon Pierre and Dosithee had the following known children:

Boniface- Born 29 September 1832 at St. Valentin, Québec. He married Marie Lei Bachant, daughter of Toussaint & Marie Marguerite Laflamme. Their daughters were Eugenie Albertine & Marie Lei1

Guillaume Bernard- Born about 1841 in Canada; died 29 July 1853 in Lacolle, Québec, where he was buried the next day.1

Marie Adeline-- Born 5 September 1843 in Cooperville, NY.1

Alexandre Noel
Flavie Beausoleil, Marie Roch, Celeste Menard

Alexandre Noel was born about 1804. He was a tonnelier, or "edge-tool maker" (think scythes, sickles and the like), which often fell under the category of cooper.
As indicated in the title, Alexandre married three times. Each marriage will have its own section.

Alexandre Noel & Flavie Beausoleil

Flavie Beausoleil was the daughter of Charles & Marie Isabelle Grenier, about whom nothing else is known; her date and place of birth has not yet been discovered.
Alexandre and Flavie were married 9 February 1830 in Napierville, Québec.1,27. They had the following children:
Anastasie- Born about 1832 in the St. Valentin parish of Lacolle.3 Married Julien Dupuys on 7 February 1852 in Lacolle; his parents were Laurent & Marie Morin.1
Marceline- Born about 1835 in the St. Valentin parish of Lacolle.3 Married Alexis Thitreault 7 July 1856 in Lacolle's St. Bernard parish.1 It is assumed that this is the Marceline mentioned as godmother of the various grandchildren of Charles & Theotiste.
Alexandre- Born about 1841.3
Flavie- Married cobbler François Lareau on 23 August 1850 in the St. Bernard parish of Lacolle.1 Their child, Marie Elisabeth Noël Lareau was born 11 May 1860. She was baptized 22 May in Lacolle at St. Bernard, where her godmother was--surprise!!--Marceline Noël.1

Flavie Beausoleil died sometime before 1842.

Alexandre Noel & Marie Roch

On 7 February 1842, Alexandre married Marie Roch, the daughter of Antoine & Marie Feroni.1 Marie died 13 February 1844 in the St. Valentin parish of Lacolle and was buried there the next day; she was 22 years old.1 The couple had no children.

Alexandre Noel & Celeste Menard

Alexandre waited four years before marrying again, this time to Celeste Menard, the daughter of Simon & Josephte Levreau, who had been born about 1815.1 The ceremony took place 3 February 1846 in the St. Valentin parish of Lacolle.1 They had the following children:
Joseph- Born 5 December 1846 in Lacolle and baptized the next day in the parish of St. Valentin; his godparents were Joseph Noël and Flavie Noël.1
Felix- Born 7 July 1851 in Lacolle. He was baptized the same day at St. Bernard; his godparents were Pierre & Justine Noël .1 It is believed that he came to Williamstown, Massachusetts on New Year's Day in 1866. From there, he moved to North Brookfield, Massachusetts before finally settling in Natick, Massachusetts.5
On 2 October 1882, Felix filed an intention to become a citizen of the United States; exactly one month later, he was granted citizenship.5.
Felix married Mary Jane Coakley on 2 February 1887 in Natick; the daughter of Daniel & Mary Ann Daly7. Felix worked in a shoe factory, as did Mary Jane's father and siblings, so it is possible that the couple met in this fashion.2 They had the following children:

  • Felix Joseph- Born 11 March 1888 in the Saxonville area of Natick, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts. The little fellow died shortly after he was born, but this event did not make it into the death registers; the birth record does not indicate anything was amiss.6
  • Marie Celeste- Born 18 May 1899 in the Saxonville area of Natick.6 She graduated high school and was a 1908 graduate of the Framingham Normal School. She worked as a teacher in the Peace Dale, Rhode Island and Attleboro, Massachusetts school systems.2,3
    Mary Celeste married Francis "Frank" Edward Adel 23 July 1916 in Natick.7 They settled in Frank's hometown of Attleboro and had three children. Sadly, their first two, Janet Marie and George would die at ages five and two, respectfully.2 Their youngest daughter, Mary Lou, was born 22 May 1927 in Attleboro.2 She married and had children. She died 8 October 1976 in Attleboro.2
    Marie Celeste Noel died 21 February 1944 in Attleboro.4,9 Frank Adel lived until 2 August 1952, when he died in Natick; he was buried in Attleboro.7
  • Agnes Catherine- Born 2 February 1891 in Natick.6 She, too, graduated high school and then the Framingham Normal School, Class of 1912.2 She taught in the Wayland and Natick schools.2 Agnes married Joseph Henry Decatur 7 July 1915 in Wayland, Massachusetts.7 Joseph was born 29 January 1884 in Westford, Massachusetts; his parents were William & Susan Donahue.2 He had blue eyes, brown hair and a ruddy complexion.16 A corn and apple farmer, Joseph sold his farm for industrial development in his twilight years.2 They had four children. Two are potentially living. The other two are:
    Ruth- Born 14 February 1919 in Wayland and became a registered nurse. Married an engineer named Carl DeFranco. Ruth died in Gainesville, Alachua Co, Florida 13 April 1998.2
    Beatrice- Born 30 May 1924 in Wayland and graduated Fisher Business School in Boston. Married engineer Robert Holmes. Beatrice died 26 November 1988 in Stuart, Martin Co, Florida.2
    Joseph Decatur died about 1961 and was buried in Wayland.2 Agnes Noel died 20 November 1980 in Bedford, Massachusetts; she is buried with her husband.2,423,28
  • Sarah Jane- Born 12 December 1892 at Natick.6 Jane, like her older sisters, graduated high school and attended Framingham Normal School, Class of 1914. Her career in the Wayland and Natick area began in Sudbury, Massachusetts schools. She went on to teach at the Center School and finally transferred to the Cochituate Grammar School.2
    Jane married Ronald Stuart Campbell 23 August 1925 in Wayland, MA.7 Ronald was a farmer and a veteran of World War I; in his later years he became a mechanic for a farm equipment dealer. He was tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. A quiet, soft-spoken man, he was the polar opposite of his talkative, fast-moving wife Jane, which may have been why she seemed to "wear the pants" in the marriage. As fond of children as they both were, they did not have any of their own.2,16
    Jane retired from teaching on 30 June 1959 after being at the Cochituate Grammar School for 43 years; the Town of Wayland recognized this milestone at their annual meeting.2 Sadly, she did not live long enough to enjoy a full year of retirement; Sarah Jane Noel died on St. Patrick's Day of the following year and was buried in St. Zepherin's cemetery in the village of Cochituate, Massachusetts. Ronald died 15 July 1983 and is buried with Jane.2
Felix bought a home on Mitchell Street in Cochituate in 1892; this was the family home until its sale in 1980. As well as working in the shoe factory, Felix raised a home vegetable garden and enjoyed boating on Lake Cochituate. He was a soft-spoken man who loved good conversation and was at ease in both his native French and the English of his new home, the latter of which he could speak with no trace of a French accent. He enjoyed having young folks around. He was intelligent and place a high value on education, as evidenced by sending all three of his girls to college.2
Felix, who was said to be a large man with a barrel chest and broad shoulders,died of a heart attack that occurred while he worked on the roof of his home on 22 October 1920. Mary Jane was described as a small woman, in contrast to husband. She was extremely kind and gentle with a fine sense of humor and was always looking on the bright side of things. Although prematurely gray at 19 years old, her peaches and cream complexion stayed with her until her death in 1934. They rest in St. Zepherin Cemetery, Cochituate.2
Twins Leon and Simon- This tiny set of twins was born 3 August 1853 in Lacolle and baptized three days later at St. Bernard. Leon's godparents were François "Lerreau" (probably François Laureau) and Elisabeth Carpentier; Simon's were Julien "Dupris" (probably Julien Dupuys) and Octavie Hebert.1 Sadly, the innocent babies did not live long. Simon died 14 August, barely a week old, and was buried the next day at St. Bernard.1 Leon succumbed on 23 August and was buried the next day at St. Bernard.1
Marie Emma

Alexandre Noël died 13 November 1858 in Lacolle, where he was buried the next day.1 Celeste Menard died 12 April 1861 in Lacolle and was buried the next day at St. Bernard.1

Edouard Noel
Emelie Dumas, Sophie Noel, Marie Boudrault

Edouard Noel came into the world 24 November 1811 in Lacolle, Québec; but he was not baptized until 12 February of the following year, at L'Acadie, Québec. His godparents were Joseph Dumas and Agathe Drago. Edouard was a shoemaker by trade and, at one time, had his own shoe shop.1,8
Like his older brother Alexandre, Edouard had three wives.

Edouard Noel & Emilie Dumas

Emelie Dumas was born sometime around 1811 to Etienne Dumas & Marie Paulin.1
Wedding bells pealed in Edouard and Emelie's honor on 28 February 1832 in St. Valentin, Québec.1 The happy couple wasted no time in setting up house and having the following children:

Rosalie- Born 6 January 1833 in Henryville, Québec and baptized 28 January at St. George's church in that town. Rosalie chose Touissant Trudel love, honor, and cherish on 27 November 1849 in Cooperville, NY.1 Sadly, her mother would not survive to see this event, or to love the three known children of this couple; namely Bruno, Edward, and Joseph. Rosalie Noel died Christmas Day of 1928 in Springfield, MA and was buried two days later at St. Thomas Cemetery in that city.10,11
Emilie- Born 20 August 1835 in Canada (a news article alludes to a place called "Collins Manor"), Emelie married Doucite L'Esperance 27 September 1849 in Cooperville, NY. All that is known about Doucite's origins at this time is that he was born in Trois-Rivières, Québec about 1829. Doucite was a shoe maker.3,8,12
Of Doucite and Emilie's 10 living children (they had 15 altogether), I only have information on the following :

  • Joseph Edmond- Joseph Edmond was baptized at St. Joseph du Corbeau church on 9 September 1855. Joseph was a stone mason by trade.1,3,8
    On 18 October 1877, Joseph married his fifth cousin, Josephine Noel, in Adams, MA.7,13 She was the daughter of Joseph Noel & Elisabeth Carpentier, born in Lacolle, Québec on 14 March 1853 and baptized five days later. She was a dressmaker.1,3 Joseph Edmond and Josephine had seven children. Two months after the birth of her last child, Josephine Noel died of pneumonia on Christmas Eve of 1891 in S. Hadley Falls, MA.7 Joseph married Margaret Carrol on 27 June 1894 and had 3 more children.7,13 Joseph died 7 March 1929 in Northampton, MA; an autopsy revealed pancreatic cancer. He was buried in Notre Dame Cemetery in S. Hadley Falls, MA. Margaret Carrol died 24 September of the same year.7,13
  • Frank- Born about 1860. Married Julia Garant.3,4 Born about 1860.3
  • Adeline
  • Emmelina- Born about 1875. Married William Doucette.3

Wilford- Born about 1837 in New York. All that is known about Wilford is that he relocated to Valparaiso, Indiana with his sister Elisabth, as follows.3,14
Elisabeth- Born about 1840 in New York, Elisabeth seems to have inherited the adventurous streak that runs in this family. In 1857, Elisabeth's uncle, Pascal Dragon, or Drago, as he eventually became known, encouraged both Elisabeth and her brother,Wilford, to seek their fortunes in Valparaiso, Indiana. The pair left Coopersville, NY the week of Christmas 1857, where they traveled to Montreal, Canada to board a train for Valparaiso. Due to some type of train wreck, they were delayed enroute to Valparaiso; this delay forced them to use what money they had left. They arrived in Old Porter, Indiana on New Year's Day 1858. With no way to pay for a buggy ride to Valparaiso, a man named George Bradt accepted Elisabeth's locket as payment to be taken to Valparaiso over a road heavy with mud.3,14
None the worse for wear, Elisabeth married Lewis Bowser on 29 September 1861 in Porter, Indiana. They had five known children. The eldest wasArthur Joseph Bowser; go here Arthur was married to his second cousin, Antoinette Adelaide Drago, daughter of Stephen Drago,

The In-Laws

In-laws can be a mixed blessing. At their best, they can be perfectly acceptable stand-ins for parents or siblings; at their worst, they can be the stuff of nightmares. The in-laws are listed in alphabetical order by husband's surname. Kindly note that any in-laws above whose link takes you to another page won't be repeated here.

Louis Dragon - Archange Bourdon

Louis Dragon was born 20 Oct 1758 in Boucherville, Québec, Canada to Louis Dragon & Josette Aubutien. I hope I have his given name correct, as the marriage record was hard to read. He married Archange Bourdon 16 Feb 1778 at Boucherville. She was the daughter of François Bourdon & Marie Gaultier. Her surname on the marriage record was difficult as well; Bourdon was the best I could do.
Louis supported his family as a 'boulanger', or baker before his death in Napierville on 27 December 1828. He was buried on the 29th at St. Cyprien.1
Louis and Archange had the following children:


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