We begin with my 10th great-grandparents, Philippe LALONDE & Jeanne DUVAL. Their native town in Normandy, France was called La Londe. Jeanne was the daughter of Alexandre DUVAL; the name of her mother is not known. All that is known about Philippe Lalonde is that he was a soldier in the Carignan-Salières Regiment in the service of Savoie. Their child was Jean LALONDE.....


Jean Lalonde dit Lesprance was born about 1640-1641 in Notre-Dame, Le Havre, Rouen, Normamdy, France to Philippe & Jeanne DUVAL, above. The date that he landed in New France is not known, but it is known that he was in the colony as early as 1666.
In 1667, Jean Lalonde decided he needed a wife. And not just any wife..but one of the "filles du roi", or King's Daughters. Why? Because at that time, a wife with a dowry was extremely important. Some girls had no dowry. But a King's Daughter came with a dowry from the King himself! A sure thing! And so his hunt began...

He first proposed to Françoise Hébert. She looked Jean over, liked what she saw, and annulled her contract with Martin Gored. She then ditched our ancestor and married Jean-Baptiste dit Saint Amour.
So Jean proposed to another King's Daughter--Marie Poire. Although the contract was penned, she, too, gave Jean the air and married Jean Hardy.
Undaunted, Jean tried again with Pérette Vaillant--this contract was annulled mysteriously.
Finally, two years after his search began, Jean Lalonde found his match--fille du roi Marie Barbant. Their marriage contract was drawn up 14 November 1669; the date of the wedding celebration seems to have missed the records. The marriage contract was witnessed by several members of the Carignan Régiment, which makes one think that Jean may have been a soldier; but there is no proof.

Marie was the daughter of Alexandre & Marie LE NOBLE, about whom nothing more is known. She was born in St.Remi, Dieppe, Rouen, Normandy, France about 1639. Her name has been recorded variously as Breban, Baban, Barban, Barbary, Bahan, Balan.6,7

Five children were born to Jean Lalonde and Marie Barbant:

  • Jean- Baptized 6 May 1671 at Sorel, Québec and died sometime before the 1681 census.7
  • Jean- Born 7 February 1679 at St. Pierre and baptized 12 February at Lachine. He died at Lachine about 1682.7
  • Guillaume- Born 21 August 1684 at Lachine and baptized there the same day. He married Marie Madeleine Allen on 27 April 1710 at Bellevue. Marie Madeleine, the daughter of Edward Allen & Mercy Painter. Marie Madeleine had been one of the children taken captive in the 1704 raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts by the French and Indians. She had been sold to the Jean Quenet family as a servant; they subsequently changed her name to "Marie Madeleine Hélène" & had her baptized as such.2,7,10

Jean and Marie's union ended suddenly and violently. On 30 September 1687, Jean was with a group of men at Lake St. Louis, near Ste-Anne-du-Bout-de-Ile, when they were attacked by the Iroquois Indians. Ten of them were killed; Jean Lalonde was among them. Amid the confusion, the men were quickly buried in a common, unmarked grave at nearby Baie D'Urfe. This attack was a precursor to the horrific Lachine massacre that would occur two years later.7

Marie Barbant was left with two minor children to support. The Church did not hesitate to assist Marie. She was given 5 arpents of land by the Sulpician Fathers, while the nuns at the Hôtel-Dieu of Ville-Marie (Montréal) donated the sum of 266 livres toward the care of the Lalonde children.7
Marie married Pierre Tabault dit Lepetit Léveillé on 26 January 1688. Nothing else is known about Marie.7
There is a postscript to this story. In 1866, some unsuspecting folks who were doing some digging in the area of Lake St. Louis found some human bones. The parish priest, Father Chevrefils, did a little detective work and discovered that the identity of the bones was none other than Jean Lalonde and his unfortunate companions. Only then--179 years after the fact--did Jean Lalonde and company receive a proper burial. Their remains are in a single vault in the Church of Sainte-Anne.7

Jean Baptiste LALONDE - Jeanne GERVAIS

Jean Baptiste Lalonde was baptized 10 October 1675 at Montréal; his parents were Jean LALONDE & Marie BARBANT. Jean Baptiste was but 12 years old when his father was killed by the Iroquois. In 1699, his then-wife Marie Masta died, possibly of childbirth complications and left Jean Baptiste a widower with an infant son.7
Jeanne Gervais was baptized 5 August 1679 at Laprairie, Quebec. Her parents were Mathieu GERVAIS & Michelle PICARD.1
Jean Baptiste and Jeanne were married 24 Oct 1701 at Laprairie. They made 2 contributions to this line--sons JEAN BAPTISTE and ANTOINE.1
Nothing else is known about this couple.

In an effort to keep things simple, I will follow the lineage of the two sons of Jean Baptiste LALONDE & Jeanne GERVAIS each in its own section. They both tie into the D'AOUST line at the exact same place, so it shouldn't be too confusing.

Jean Baptiste LALONDE - Marie Joseph BRÉBANT

Jean Baptiste was baptized 1 May 1703 in Montreal; his parents were Jean LALONDE & Jeanne GERVAIS. Marie Joseph was born about 1711 to Michel BRÉBANT & Marie Elisabeth DELAFAYE.1
The couple married on 3 March 1726 in Bout-de-Ile, Québec. Their child was ANTOINE.1
On 4 April 1750, Marie Josephe labored to deliver her 10th child. There were apparently complications, as neither child nor mother survived the ordeal. The infant was buried the same day. Marie Josephe was buried the next day, 5 April 1750 at Bout-de-I'le. She was 39 years old.1

Antoine LALONDE - Marie Charlotte GRENIER

Antoine was born about 1729 to Jean Baptiste LALONDE & Marie Joseph BRÉBANT. Marie Charlotte, whose surname has also been spelled Garnier, was born to Claude GRENIER & Marie Anne LEDUC about 1737. Antoine and Marie Charlotte married on 27 November 1752 in Bout-de-Ile. The direct line ancestor of this union is yet another JEAN BAPTISTE.1
No death details or anything else is known about this couple.

Jean Baptiste LALONDE - Josephte LALONDE

This Jean Baptiste was the son of Antoine LALONDE & Marie Charlotte GRENIER, born to them around 1772. Josephte was the daughter of Joseph Marie LALONDE & Josephe LEGER; her birth occurred in 1773.1
The second cousins were married on 10 November 1794 in St. Michel's, Vaudreuil, Quebec.3
Their daughter, ELISABETH, would follow in the footsteps of her great-great aunt Marie Madeleine and marry into the D'AOUST family.
It is not known when either Jean Baptiste or Josephte died.

Now comes the lineage of Antoine LALONDE.

Antoine LALONDE - Félicité SAUVÉ

The info for this couple is pretty sketchy. Antoine was baptized at Point-Claire, Québec on 26 October 1713; his parents were Jean Baptiste LALONDE & Jeanne GERVAIS.1
Félicité was the daughter of Pierre SAUVÉ & Marie Reneé MICHEL. Her date of birth is not known.1
The couple married 26 April 1735 at Bout-de-I'le, Québec. No death details are available for the couple. Their child of interest to us is JOSEPH MARIE.1

Joseph Marie LALONDE - Josephe LEGER

Joseph Marie was born 24 November 1741 in Bout-de-I'le and baptized two days later on 26 November in the same place. His parents were Antoine & Félicité SAUVÉ.1,3
Josephe was born 22 February 1748 and baptized the next day; both events took place in Bout-de-I'le. Her parents were Paul dit Parisian & Louise HAIMOND.1,3
The date of marriage for this couple is unknown, as are any details of their deaths. Their contribution to this line was their daughter JOSEPHTE. And at that point the Lalonde line intersects with itself again before joining the D'AOUST line.1

The In-Laws

I guess one of the advantages of so much intermarrying is that the list of in-laws ends up being fairly short. I can also imagine that it makes family disagreements a bit stickier! At any rate, here is the alphabetic (by husband's surname) of the sets of in-laws.

Jean Baptiste BOILARD & Jeanne MARANDA

Jean Baptiste is a bit of a mystery man--his origins and names of his parents are unknown. He was born about 1645. Jeanne is the daughter of Jean & Jeanne COUSIN; she was born about 1654 in France. She had previously been married to Julien Bruslé with whom she'd had three children.1
Jean Baptiste and Jeanne were married 19 November 1680 in Québec City and had three known children; JEANNE is the child of interest to us.1
The Boilards were blessed with longevity. Jeanne Maranda died first and was buried 3 June 1734 in Beaumont, Bellechasse, Québec; she was the ripe old age of 80 years. Jean Baptiste Boilard was buried 3 years later, on 24 April 1737 at St. Etienne in Beaumont. If the year of birth that Mr. Tanguay has provided us is correct, Jean Baptiste lived to age 92; which was all but unheard of in that place and time!1

Michel BRÉBANT & Marie Elisabeth DELAFAYE

Michel is the son of Pierre & Anne GOUPIL. He was baptized 10 March 1678 in Sillery, Québec; 4 months after the burial of his father.1
Marie Elisabeth was baptized 26 April 1691 in Montréal. Her parents are René Antoine DELAFAYE & Marie Magdeleine OZOU. Although Tanguay claims that Marie Elisabeth's mother was Françoise Courault, the actual baptismal record tells a different tale.2
Michel and Marie Elisabeth were married 24 March 1708 at Bout-de-Ile. Their daughter was MARIE JOSEPH.
It is not known when Michel Brébant left this life. Marie Elisabeth was buried in Montréal on 8 December 1745.1


Pierre Brébant dit Lamothe the surgeon was born about 1645; the place of this event and the names of his parents elude us at this time.1
Anne was the daughter of Nicolas & Marie PELLETIER, who had her baptized on 8 March 1653 in Sillery, Québec.
Pierre and Anne's date of marriage has not been discovered; but it is assumed that it took place before December 1672, when their first child was born.
MICHEL, the child who captures our interest, was the third born to this couple.
Sadly, Pierre Goupil did not live to see Michel grow up; he did not live to see him at all. Four months before Michel's birth, death claimed this intelligent and talented man. Pierre was laid to rest on 26 November 1677 in Québec.1
However, the list of children credited to Pierre and Anne do not stop with Michel! In Cyprien Tanguay's vast list of Canadian families, he lists one more child after Michel--Marie Anne, born in 1679! How can this be? Did Tanguay make a mistake? It's certainly possible and would not be the first one discovered in that massive and ambitious undertaking. In that same year, Anne Goupil wed Aimé Lecompte--was he the real father? If so, why is Marie Anne not listed as one of his children? We will never have those answers, unfortunately. It is an interesting note that young Marie Anne went by the last name Brebant, but took for her own the same "dit" name as Pierre Goupil...Lamothe.1
Anne Goupil was married to Aimé for 20 years before his death in 1699. Two years later, in 1701, Anne married again; this time to one Simon Mongeneau. Simon and his stepson Michel Brebant had something in common--they were born in the same year! Would Anne would be considered a "cougar" in today's vernacular? Maybe.... but in 1701 there were probably far more practical matters that came into consideration. Either way, Anne seems to have been someone who lived life on her terms.1
Anne Goupil was buried on 12 August 1741 in Montréal.

René Antoine DELAFAYE & Marie Magdeleine OZOU

René Antoine was born in France; St. Didiers, Poitiers, Poitou, to be exact. His birth is questionable; while Cyprien Tanguay believes that he was born in 1654, the Genealogy of Canada website fixes his date of birth as 31 December 1664 and his parents marrying in 1658. I do not know which is factual; I only offer it as information. It is not known when René Antoine left France to begin a new life in New France; but it is known that he was widowed by Françoise Courault before marrying Marie Madeleine.1,3
Marie Madeleine was a native of Trois-Rivières, born there on 19 November 1671 to Jean & Elisabeth MARTIN.1
On 19 January 1690, the couple appeared before Notary Adhemar in Quebec, along with both sets of parents, for the signing of the marriage contract. The marriage record, however, has not been found. Their little girl MARIE ELISABETH is their offspring of interest to us.1,4
René Antoine Delafaye died sometime before 16 July 1696, the date that Marie Madeleine married Antoine Fournier Prefontaine.4
Marie Magdeleine Ozou died 19 January 1703 in Montréal. A notation on the bottom of the PRDH entry reads "Morte de la petitte plutost que l'on pensait". I am spelling that exactly as it is spelled on the document. I am only able to very roughly translate that into "Died of smaller rather than one thought". Maybe she died within a smaller time frame than they thought she would? Please, please, e-mail me if you can make more sense out of that than I can!4


Not much known about this couple. Judith's origins, parents, and birth details have not been learned. Jacques was born 21 September 1634 in Poitiers, St. Germaine, Vienne, France to Antoine & Jeanne VASLET; nothing else is known about his parents. Jacques and Judith were married 21 October 1658 in Poitiers, St. Didier, Vienne, France. Since marriages generally took place in the bride's home church, it could be assumed that Judith was from St. Didier, but we do not know for certain. We do know that Jacques was the Lieutenant de Prèvot du Poitiers. But it is the extent of our knowledge about this couple save one detail...the name of their son RENÉ ANOTINE1,3.

Claude GARNIER dit Grenier & Françoise HAYOT

"You say 'Garnier', I say 'Grenier'" seems to be the motto of this family. I am going to keep the names that each person used intact and alphabetize them in that order.
And so we begin with Claude. He was baptized on Valentines Day 1672 in Neuville, Québec; his parents were Jean & Madeleine LEGUAY.1,6
The circumstances surrounding the birth of Françoise were no less festive; she was baptized the day after Christmas in 1674 in Québec City; her parents were Jean & Louise PELLETIER. Louise is the aunt of Anne Goupil, who we met a moment ago. We will meet Anne's mother, Marie Pelletier, shortly. But I digress....
Claude and Françoise were married 6 February 1702 at Pointe-aux-Trembles, Québec. A year and 4 days later, their son CLAUDE--who would adopt Grenier as the surname spelling--was born on 10 February 1703, and was baptized the next day at Pointe-aux-Trembles.1,3
The joy at the child's birth did not last. Françoise either did not recover from the birth of her son or, in her weakened condition, contracted some illness. Either way, she was buried 18 March 1703 at Pointe-aux-Trembles.
Claude went on to marry Madeleine Cocquin on 9 January 1708 in Pointe-aux-Trembles and have 9 children. Claude Garnier did Grenier was buried at Pointe-aux-Trembles on 6 May 1731.1

Jean GARNIER & Madeleine LEGUAY

Jean was born in St. Andre, Chartres, Orléanais, France about 1641 to Jean & Marie CULERIÉRE, about whom nothing else is known. We do not know when Jean left his home to journey to New France; but we do know that he was captured in the 1667 census of Quebec as farm labor.1,6
Fille du roi Madeleine did not show up in Québec until the summer/fall of 1668, having come from her home in St. Jean, Rouen, Normandy, France, where she had been baptized 7 December 1636. Her parents, Rollin & Marie Anne de LA MERE, who had married in 1626, both died in St. Jean in 1662. Rollin, a merchant-bourgeois, was buried 25 January; Marie Anne followed suit on 9 October. Madeleine's parents saw to it that she had some education, as she was able to write her name.6
Did Jean first spy Madeleine by meeting the ship that she sailed to Canada in, as so many of the young single men did when a ship full of fresh filles sailed into town? Or was he unable to leave work, opting instead to wait and call at the house on the Ursuline property that housed the girls? Of course we don't know. What we do know is that, on 6 November 1668, Jean and Madeleine were married and embarked on a long, happy journey through life together. Madeleine Leguay died first; she was buried 21 December 1708 in Neuville. Jean Garnier lived for 5 more years before being buried on 16 June 1713 in Neuville. Of their 5 known children, their son CLAUDE is of interest to us.6

Mathieu GERVAIS & Michelle PICARD

Mathieu was born in Paris, France, in the St.-Maur-les-Fosses parish, in 1646. His parents were Pierre & Catherine PAILLARD, about whom nothing else is known. We do not know when he traveled to and settled in Canada.
Michelle was the daughter of Hugues & Anne Antoinette DE LIERCOURT. She was baptized 6 July 1661 in Montréal.1,6
Mathieu and Michelle were married in Montréal on 31 August 1676. Their daughter was our ancestress JEANNE.
Death information for Mathieu Gervais & Michelle Picard is not known at this time.

Gabriel GIBAULT dit Poitevin & Suzanne DURAND

Gabriel was born about 1641 in Notre Dame de Lusignan, Poitiers, France; his parents were Pierre & Reneé LORLIÈRE, about whom nothing else is known. A miller by trade, he arrived in Canada sometime before 24 August 1664, which is when he was confirmed at Québec City.1,6
Suzanne was a native of St.Sauveur de Montivillier, Rouen, France; having been born there about 1653 to Étienne & Geneviève DE LA MERE, about whom nothing else is known. Suzanne sailed to Canada in 1667 at the young age of 14 as a fille du roi.1,6
Gabriel and Suzanne were married 30 October 1667 in Québec City, but shortly afterwards opted to settled in Lavaltrie. Gabriel and Suzanne had 9 children; their oldest child, JEAN BAPTISTE, is the one we are most interested in.1,6
As it turns out, however, Jean Baptiste was not the one that the Conseil Souverain was most interested in during 1697. That dubious honor would go to Marie-Madeleine, the second in the birth order of the Gibault children. It seems that Marie-Madeleine became pregnant with an enfant naturel, or child conceived out of wedlock. Marie-Madeleine hid her pregnancy; once she had the child she placed it in a basket, tied a ribbon around its neck so it would suffocate, and left it to die. Marie-Madeleine was hanged for this crime on 7 October 1697 in Lower Québec City. How heartbreaking for Gabriel and Suzanne! To not only be deprived of a grandchild in such a heinous fashion, but to lose their daughter (who I'm sure they still loved, regardless of what she had done) to the hangman; as well as bearing the shame of the whole sordid business.6
Gabriel Gibault did not live too long after the ordeal; he died 13 October 1700 at the hospital in Montréal and was buried in Montréal the next day. Suzanne Durand died sometime after 7 January 1710 in Lavaltrie.6

Jean Baptiste GIBAULT & Anne PAVIOT dit Patenôte

Jean Baptiste was born about 1668 at Lavaltrie, the son of Gabriel & Suzanne DURAND. Anne's parents were Jacques & Anne MICHEL; she was born to them about 1674.1,6
Jean Baptiste and Anne were wed sometime in 1692. Their child of interest to us is LOUISE MARGUERITE.1
Jean Baptiste Gibault was buried 17 March 1745 in Montréal. Five years and ten days later, Anne Paviot was buried in Montréal on 27 March 1750.1

Nicolas GOUPIL dit Laviolette & Marie PELLETIER

Very little to tell here. Nicolas was from Dumesnil-Durand, Lizieux, Normandy, France; the son of Julien & Perette MALIN. His age is unknown.
Marie is the daughter of Nicolas & Jeanne DE VOUZY and the sister of LOUISE; she was baptized 5 April 1637 in Québec City.
There is no known marriage date for this couple. Their child of interest to us is ANNE.
No death details are available for this couple.

Claude GRENIER & Marie Anne LEDUC

Claude was born 10 February 1703 and baptized the next day at Pointe-aux-Trembles, son of Claude GARNIER & Françoise HAYOT.1,3 Marie Anne was the daughter of Pierre LEDUC & Catherine Anne FORTIN.1
Claude and Marie Anne were married in Bout-de-l'Ile, Montreal, Québec on 14 June 1730. They lived their married life in Bout-de-l'Ile and had 5 known children; one of which was our ancestress MARIE CHARLOTTE.1
Claude Grenier was buried at Bout-de-l'Ile on 8 May 1760. Marie Anne's death details are unknown.1


There is nothing known about Jean save his name and its variations, as it is often found spelled Emond or Aymond. Marie Kelly was born about 1661 in Ireland and was buried 27 June 1741 in Québec City. Their date/place of marriage is not known. Their one known child is Jean Baptiste HAIMOND.1
I received an interesting e-mail from a person researching some of the Indian raids that took place in Pemaquid, Maine. She suspects that this couple may actually be John Edmund and Mary Kelly, who were taken in one of the raids and possibly sold to a French family as servants.

Jean Baptiste HAIMOND & Louise Marguerite GIBAULT

Jean Baptiste was born about 1698; his parents were Jean & Marie KELLY. Louise Marguerite was born the same year; her parents were Jean Baptiste & Anne PAVIOT.1
This couple were wed 8 August 1718 in Montréal. Their daughter was LOUISE.
Louise Marguerite Gibault was buried 27 March 1759 in Bout-de-l'Ile, Québec. Jean Baptiste Haimond's death details are as mysterious as those of his birth.1


Other than his parents, Thomas & Jeanne BOUCHER, nothing else is known about Jean.1
Louise was baptized 10 May 1640 in Québec City, the daughter of Nicolas & Jeanne DE VOUZY; her sister is MARIE.1.
Jean and Louise were married 17 November 1653 in Québec City. Their daughter FRANÇOISE falls into our direct line.
Louise Pelletier died 9 November 1713 in Québec. No death details for Jean Hayot.1

Thomas HAYOT & Jeanne BOUCHER

Nothing at all is known about Thomas' birth, place of origin, or parents.
Jeanne's background, however, has caused confusion and controversy for historians; check out the Boucher page for the details.8
Thomas and Jeanne were married in Mortagne, Perche, France on 15 July 1629. When they arrived in New France is unknown. However, at some point before 11 June 1646, Thomas and his brother-in-law Marin Boucher entered into a joint venture of a farm on Jesuit land at Beauport. According to the "Jesuit Journal", on the last date, Marin turned the farm over to Thomas.8
Thomas and Jeanne had 4 known children; two of them concern us, as follows:
  • JEAN
  • Adrien- Born 30 October 1638 in Québec, he first married Marie Madeleine Guyon on 24 November 1661 in Québec. She was the daughter of Jean & Elisabeth COUILLARD and was baptized 23 August 1647 in Québec. Marie Madeleine Guyon died sometime before 18 February 1686, which was when Adrien married fille du roi Marie Pechina, daughter of Mathieu & Étiennette Gerois. Marie had been born about 1653 in St. Gervais, Paris, France and had been widowed by Guillaume Gourault the year before her marriage to Adrien. Adrien was buried 17 December 1712 at Tilly, Québec. Marie Pechina's death information is unknown.1,6
There is no death information available for Thomas or Jeanne.

Pierre LEDUC & Catherine Anne FORTIN

Pierre hails from St. Laurent, Rouen, Normandy, France; the son of Pierre & Anne MARTIN. His date of birth or any other information about his parents are unknown. Catherine Anne was the daughter of Louis FORTIN & Catherine GODIN; born to them about 1684.
Pierre and Catherine Anne were married 28 June 1700 in Lachine. Pierre earned a living as a master "chaudronnier", or a maker of cauldrons and cooking pots. Of their 13 children, MARIE ANNE is the one that captures our interest.1
It is not known when Pierre Leduc died. Catherine Anne Fortin was buried 11 December 1747 in Bout-de-l'Ile, Québec.1


Paul was baptized 11 January 1716 in Montréal; his parents were Pierre & Jeanne BOILARD. Louise was born about 1720 to Jean Baptiste BOILARD & Louise Marguerite GIBAULT.1
This couple married on 20 October 1741 in Bout-de-l'Ile. They had 8 children; we are most concerned with their daughter JOSEPHE.
Paul Léger and Louise Haimond do not have any death information available.1

Pierre LÉGER dit Prieur Parisien & Jeanne BOILARD

Pierre with the long dit name came to us from St. Étienne-du-Mont, Paris, France. All we know about his parents are their names--Pierre LEGÉR & Marguerite DANDASE. Jeanne was born about 1680, to Jean Baptiste BOILARD & Jeanne MARANDA.1
Pierre and Jeanne were married 15 May 1706 in Québec City. This couple had 10 children, with their first two being born in Detroit, Michigan. Our direct line ancestor of this brood is PAUL.
Christmas of 1755 was a sad one for this family, as only the day before they laid to rest their hardy matriarch, Jeanne Boilard at Bout-de-l'Ile. It is not known if her husband Pierre Léger preceded her in death or followed her later.1


Jean Maranda was from La Flotte, on the Île-de-Re, LaRochelle, Aunis, France; his surname is possibly spelled Marandeau. He was born about 1629 to Jean & Jeanne GARNIER. Jeanne Cousin was born about 1629 as well; but her parents and place of origin is unknown to us.1
Jean and Jeanne were married at La Flotte in either 1652 (Tanguay) or 1655 (Peter Gagne). Tanguay shows a child, Elisabeth, being born to this couple in 1653; a year before their second child and our ancestress JEANNE. While I tend to rule against Tanguay in most discrepancies, due to the amount of errors in his great and ambitious work, this is one instance where I must concur with him and agree with the 1652 year of marriage.1,6
It seems that Jean and Jeanne immigrated to Canada with 5 children sometime before November 1666; on the 11th of that month, their son Pierre was baptized in Québec. Another of Jean & Jeanne's children, Michel, had a daughter Suzanne who marries into the family.1
Jeanne Cousin died sometime after 3 October 1672, the date that her last child was born and buried; and before 11 February 1684, when Jean made a marriage contract with fille du roi Suzanne Chevalier; they were married two days later. They had no children. Jean Maranda died and was buried at St. Laurent, Île d'Orléans, Québec on 24 May 1711. Due to the same day burial, he may have been a victim of the measles epidemic of that year.1,6

Jean OZOU & Isabelle MARTIN

Jean was a native of Normandy, France; born there around 1647 to unknown parents. His surname has been recorded as Auzou, Ozannes, or Housseau.
History records Isabelle as Elisabeth in some records. This, however, is not the only thing in dispute with this lady. According to M. Tanguay, she is the daughter of Antoine Martin dit Montpellier & Denise Sevestre of Québec City. Silvio Dumas claims that these are not her parents at all. He also asserts that Isabelle married her husband Jean Ozou in or near Trois-Rivières around 1667. Peter Gagné believes that the ceremony took place in France and that the couple immigrated together in 1667, which is why he leaves her out of the count of fille du roi in his works. Their child of interest to us is MARIE MAGDELEINE.
The death details for this couple are unknown.6

Jacques PAVIOT & Anne MICHEL

Jacques' parents and place of origin are unknown. Anne was born in France about 1648 and came to Canada in 1668 as a fille du roi. Her place of origin and parents' names are unknown.6
The couple were married in Contrecoeur, Québec about 1668. Their daughter ANNE.6
Jacques Paviot died sometime after 25 February 1674. Anne Michel died on 29 November and was buried 1 December 1724 in Contrecoeur.6


Nicolas Pelletier was from France; his parents and birth information are unknown. Jeanne De Vouzy was born about 1612 in Gallardon, Chartres, Beauce, France; her parents are equally mysterious. Jeanne's surname can be found spelled as De Voisy; Tanguay records her as Roussy. This couple were married in Jeanne's hometown about 1632.1,5
About 1637, Nicolas and Jeanne immigrated to New France, where Nicolas became a carpenter in Québec City.
The couple immigrated with two boys, but added to their family after settling in Canada. The following children are known:

Nicolas Pelletier died in 1675. Louise De Vouzy was buried 12 December 1689 at Sorel, Québec.1


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