D'Aoust - Laberge

These families had a history of intermarrying; and since there is so much overlap, I will use this page to try and sort them out. So, pull up a chair and have a nice cup of coffee and a notepad and pen handy--you may need them!
I begin each family with the couple that is the furthest back in the lineage and work forward.


In this line, we begin with the 9th great-grandparents. They are Nicolas D'AOUST & Jeanne AUBERT. Nicolas' place of origin is Sissonne, Laon, Picardie, France. That is all that we know about either of these people, save the name of their son: Guillaume D'AOUST.1
In February 2013, I received an e-mail from a distant family member named Denis. He had actually visited the area in France that this family came from and gave me the correct spelling of the town. He also told me that near Sissonne is a small village called Aouste. One can't help but wonder if this is where the family actually lived. Thank you, Denis; I greatly appreciate the information!

Guillaume D'AOUST - Marie Madeleine LALONDE

My 8th great-grandparents

Guillaume was born about 1656, in the hometown of his father, Nicolas, above. The details of his journey to New France are still shrouded in the mists of time. But we know he was in Lachine on 18 February 1686, as this was when and where he married Marie Madeleine Lalonde. She was the daughter of Jean LALONDE & Marie BARBANT, born to them in 1672.1
Guillaume and Marie Madeleine had 9 children; one of which was our ancestor of interest, CHARLES. It must be noted here that Guillaume and Marie Madeleine's first child, Marie, was born in Montreal in 1691. This is important because it means that this couple survived the terrible 1689 massacre at Lachine by the Iroquois Indians. Were they already living in Montreal at the time? Or did they escape to Montreal to evade the marauding Indians? There is also the fact that the couple were married in 1686 but there is no record of a child being born to them until 1691. Did they have others that may have been lost in the massacre? So many questions that I don't have the answers for!1
At any rate, they both lived to a ripe old age at Boute-de-I'lle, Quebec. Guillaume was buried 9 March 1729 at age 73. Marie Madeleine was buried 3 January 1761--at the age of 89.1

Charles D'AOUST - Marie Angelique SAUVÉ

My 7th great-grandparents

Charles D'Aoust was born 16 August 1701 in Lachine to Guillaume D'AOUST & Marie Madeleine LALONDE and was baptized the same day. On 21 November 1723, Charles married Marie Angelique Sauvé dite LaPlante at Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue in Quebec. She was but a year his junior; born 19 February 1702 in Lachine and baptized there on 24 February. Her parents were Pierre SAUVÉ & Marie Renée MICHEL.1,6
Charles died 10 June 1772 in Lachine; Marie Angelique's death information has not been found yet. The child of their union that falls into this line is François Marie.1,6

François Marie D'AOUST - Suzanne MONTPETIT

My 6th great-grandparents

François Marie was born 25 March 1733 in Bout-de-I'lle and baptized the next day; the son of Charles D'AOUST & Marie Angelique SAUVÉ. Suzanne was the daughter of Pierre MONTPETIT & Angelique VILLERAY, born to them 18 March 1730 in Bout-de-l'ile.
François Marie & Suzanne were married at Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue on 7 February 1757. Their child of interest is François.1,6
Another couple blessed with longevity, they lived to celebrate 56 years of marriage. A month or so later, Suzanne died-on 26 March 1813 at Ile Perrot, Quebec. She was 83 years old. Less than a year later, husband François Marie died--on 1 January 1814 in the same location.1,6

François D'AOUST - Angelique BOYER

My 5th great-grandparents

François was born 26 May 1764 in Soulanges, Quebec to François Marie D'AOUST & Suzanne MONTPETIT. His bride Angelique was born in Lès Cedres, Quebec on 12 January 1769; her parents were Pascal BOYER & Catherine LAROCQUEBRUNE. The couple's wedding celebration took place at Ile Perrot on 9 January 1787.1,2
Other than the name of the child who continues this line-- Joseph D'AOUST--nothing else is known about this couple.2

Joseph D'AOUST - Elisabeth LALONDE

My 4th great-grandparents

Joseph is the son of François D'AOUST & Angelique BOYER; his birth details are unknown. Elisabeth's parents are Jean Baptiste LALONDE & Josephte LALONDE; her birth details are as mysterious as her husbands. What IS known about this couple is that they are third cousins. Elisabeth is the great-great niece of Marie Madeleine LALONDE.1
This couple married at St. Michel, Vaudreuil, Quebec on 6 February 1815. The name of their child was François D'AOUST2.

François D'AOUST - Adeline LABERGE

My 3rd great-grandparents

François D'Aoust was born Vaudreuil, Quebec on 25 February 1824 and baptized the next day; his proud parents were Joseph D'AOUST & Elisabeth LALONDE. Adaline was both born and baptized on 11 April 1827 in the Ste. Martine parish of Chateâuguay; her parents were Louis LABERGE & Marie Louise ROUSSEL.2
François and Adaline were married in the bride's home parish of Ste. Martine on 2 October 1847. But they didn't seem to settle there. By the time their first known child, Hermenilda, was born in 1851, they were living in the St. Louis de Gonzague parish of Beauhanois in Quebec. They went on to have 6 more children.2
Sometime before the birth of their last known child in 1865, the family relocated to Clinton County, New York, where the 1870 census found them residing in Black Brook. The occupation of François and his son Joseph was "laborer", but the type of labor is not known. Iron ore had been discovered in Clinton County in the 1860's; so the men were most probably working at the mine. This may be the reason that François moved his family and thereby became part of the "French Canadian disaspora".
Hermenilda went on to marry Leandre Brunell and become my great-great grandparents. It is there that this line splices into the NOEL line.
I have no death/burial information thus far on François or Adaline.7


There is precious little known about my 10th great grandparents, Jacques LABERGE & Marie POITEVIN. They are from the town of Colomières-sur-Than, Bayeux, Normandy, France and were married there on 8 May 1636. It was a second marriage for Marie; she was the widow of Jacques Touchet. The couple had 3 children. Nothing else is known about them. Nothing but the name of their oldest son... Robert3

Robert LABERGE - Françoise GAUSSE

My 9th great grandparents

Robert was the oldest of the 3 children of Jacques and Marie, above. He hails from the same small town as his parents, where he was baptized on 24 May 1638. With little to no formal education--it was known that he could not sign his name--Robert immigrated to Canada. The year of his crossing is not known. However, he was living in the colony as of 6 February 1660, which is the date he was confirmed at Château-Richer in Quebec. Robert supported himself as a limekiln operator, involved in both the harvesting and selling of limestone.1,3

Françoise GAUSSE dite Le Borgne came to New France in 1661 and is considered a "filles à marier", or "marriageable girl". She was the daughter of Maurice GAUSSE & Marguerite BLAY or BLÉE from the parish of Saint-Martin, Noyon, Picardy, France, where she was born in 1633.1,3
Françoise married Nicolas Durand on 12 September 1661 and was able to sign her name to the official documents. Nine months later, their daughter Marie-Ursule was born in June 1662.
Less than a year after the birth of their daughter, Nicolas Durand "killed himself in his fields" and was buried 1 April 1663. I don't know if that phrase means that he committed suicide or simply worked himself to death, but I suspect the former.1,3

Françoise was 30 years old; a widow with a baby daughter. Her family was an ocean away. It can be assumed that Françoise prayed for a miracle...and that miracle came in the form of Robert Laberge and his proposal of marriage. The big event occurred on 28 May 1663 at Château-Richer.1,3
They had 6 children:

  • Geneviève- Baptized 23 April 1664 at Château-Richer, Québec.3
  • Françoise- Baptized 28 January 1666 and buried 6 February of the same year at Château-Richer.3
  • Catherine- Baptized 15 September 1667 at Château-Richer.3
  • Françoise- Born at L'Ange-Gardien, but baptized 12 June 1669 at Château-Richer.3
  • Nicolas- Baptized 29 February 1672 at L'Ange-Gardien. He married Magdeleine Quentin, daughter of Nicolas QUENTIN & Magdeleine ROULOIS, on 29 January 1692. Magdeleine had been born 27 July 1673 and baptized 29 July at L'Ange-Gardien. Their son was Pierre Laberge. Their death details are unknown.1,3,5

This ancestral couple were married for almost 49 years. Robert Laberge became ill with an unknown ailment in 1712. His illness was a short one; he died at the home of Guillaume Boucher on 2 April 1712. He was buried at Château-Richer the following day.3
Françoise Gausse died 8 March 1714 and was buried the next day at Beauport. Finding her death record was a little tricky, though---she was listed in the parish record under her dite name of Le Borgne.1,2,3

Guillaume LABERGE - Marie Jeanne QUENTIN

My 8th great grandparents

Guillaume Laberge was baptized on 3 May 1674; the baby of Robert LABERGE & Françoise GAUSSE's brood. When he died & what he did for a living are still mysteries.1,2,3
We do know that he married Marie Jeanne QUENTIN on 14 February 1895. She was the daughter of Nicolas QUENTIN dit Lafontaine & Magdeleine ROULOIS. Guillaume and Marie Jeanne had 13 children; 12 of them were boys! And two of those boys, Jacques & Timothée would create two separate but important strands that would become the NOEL direct line.1,2,3,5
The death details for Marie Jeanne are also unknown.

To try and eliminate confusion, I am going to present the lineage for Jacques Laberge first. Not only because he is the oldest, but because he, like his father, had two children who contribute to this line through both the BRUNELL and GOULET lines.

Jacques LABERGE - Marguerite GAGNON

My 7th great grandparents

There is truly not a lot to tell about this couple at this point in time. The son of Guillaume LABERGE & Marie Jeanne QUENTIN, Jacques was baptized in L'Ange-Gardien on 21 August 1697. Marguerite's birth information is unknown; her parents were Germain GAGNON & Jeanne DAVID. They were married in Jacques' hometown of L'Ange-Gardien on 25 June 1720. Marguerite's signature appears on the marriage record.1,2
It is not known when Marguerite died. Jacques was buried 20 December 1739 in L'Ange-Gardien.1
Jacques and Marguerite's children of interest are Guillaume & MARIE ANGELIQUE.

Guillaume LABERGE - Barbe JULIEN

My 6th great grandparents

Nothing is yet known about Guillaume and Barbe; not even their dates of birth and death. Their marriage took place 15 November 1745 in L'Ange-Gardien. Barbe is the daughter of Jean JULIEN & Louise TRUDEL.. Their child of interest to us is Louis LABERGE.2

Louis LABERGE - Marguerite PARÉ

My 5th great grandparents

This couple married 22 April 1788 in Châteauguay, Quebec. Louis' parents are Guillaume LABERGE & Barbe JULIEN; Marguerite's parents are Jacques PARÉ & Elisabeth LABERGE. Marguerite and Louis were second cousins and they will intersect this line again; so watch for them! Their child of interest was also named Louis LABERGE.2

Louis LABERGE - Marie Louise ROUSSEL

My 4th great grandparents

Louis was born to Louis & Marguerite PARÉ on 25 May 1791 and was baptized the next day at Châteauguay.2
Marie Louise was the daughter of blacksmith Nicolas ROUSSEL dit Sansoucey & Marie Louise MAILLET; born to them 19 April 1792 in Châteauguay, with her baptism occurring the following day.2
Louis & Marie Louise were married in Châteauguay on 26 July 1813. Their daughter Adaline LABERGE is who we are most interested in. No death details are available for this couple.2

Timothée LABERGE - Marie Anne AMELOT

My 7th great grandparents

Timothee is the son of Guillaume LABERGE & Marie Jeanne QUENTIN. He was baptized in L'Ange-Gardien on 24 July 1704.
Marie Anne AMELOT dite Sanspeur was the daughter of Jacques AMELOT dit Sanspeur & Angelique GAUDIN. She was baptized in Quebec City on 31 January 1712. She was the ripe old age of 15 when she married Timotheé on 4 November 1727 in L'Ange-Gardien. Nothing else is known about them besides the name of their daughter...Elisabeth.1

Jacques PARÉ - Elisabeth LABERGE

My 6th great grandparents

Elisabeth was baptized in St. Thomas, Quebec on 19 May 1737, daughter of Timothee & Marie Anne. Jacques was the son of Jacques PARÉ & Marie Anne Caron and was baptized on 17 Oct 1718 in Lachine.
Jacques & Elisabeth's marriage was celebrated on 4 April 1758 in Châteauguay; I am assuming that it was Jacques' second trip down the aisle, at least. This union produced a daughter named Marguerite. You've met her before.....and I mentioned that we would see her again!1

As you can see, Louis Laberge & Marguerite Pare weave into this line from both Jacques and Timothée's lineage and are second cousins. Marrying a second cousin back in that time period was quite common and often could not be helped. Many of the hamlets outside of Quebec were formed around a nucleus of half a dozen founding families or so--large families at that. And although a social people, primitive modes of transportation limited their exposure to folks outside their town. Add to that the long hours of backbreaking work that the settlers put in on their farms....well, you can see how these factors contributed to the relative isolation of the communities. Thus created some of the marrying patterns in New France. Older men, widowed and seeking companionship, found that most of the marriageable girls were young enough to be their daughters--and married them anyway. Young men seeking prospective brides may find that the one who catches his eye shares his last name. But as long as the church did not find a couple to be too closely related, no one batted an eye.

The In - Laws

The following are the lineages of those who married into this line. They will be listed in alphabetical order of the male's surname. Surnames that are capitalized are NOEL direct line ancestors.

Jacques AMELOT & Angelique GODIN

Jacques AMELOT dit Sanspeur, it seems, comes to us from out of the mists. His parents and origins are unknown; he seems to have been born about 1669. He married Angelique about 1695.
A bit more is known about Angelique. She was baptized 24 June 1677 in L'Ange-Gardien, Quebec. Her parents were Charles GODIN & Marie BOUCHER.
Angelique was the first of this couple to die; her burial took place in Quebec City on 14 February 1718. Jacques lived for another 11 years. He was also buried on 8 September 1729, also at Quebec City. Their offspring of interest to us is MARIE ANNE.1

Jean BEAUNE dit Lafranchise & Marie Madeleine BOURGERY

Jean was born about 1653 in St.Claude de Bellanaue, Bourges, France to Gilbert & Jeanne DURON. Gilbert "died suddenly", according to Tanguay, but the death date is unknown.1
Marie Madeleine was baptized 22 July 1652 at Trois-Rivières, the daughter of Jean Baptiste & Marie GENDRE, who were married in 1643; Jean Baptiste died in 1657.1
Jean and Marie Madeleine were married 22 August 1667 in Quebec City. Their child was MARIE LOUISE. No death information is known at this time.


Jean was born about 1658; his origins and parents are not known. He was a carpenter by trade.6
Marie was baptized 28 October 1655, the daughter of Andre DUMETS & Marie CHEFDEVILLE. Her surname is often recorded as Demers; but since her original baptismal act shows Dumets, it is what we will use here. Marie's baptismal record was written in Latin rather than French.2,3
This couple were married 22 October 1686 in Montreal; their daughter is JOSEPHTE.2,3,6
Jean Bourhis was buried at Montreal 19 November 1708. Marie went on to marry Charles Varry and had a child with him. Marie died 20 January 1741 in Longueuil, Québec and was buried there the next day.2,6

Claude BOYER & Marie Anne RIBERVILLE

Not much info known about this couple. Claude was baptized on 27 March 1704 in Montreal; his parents were Jacques BOYER & Anne CESIRE. Marie Anne's father is Joseph RIBERVILLE, who was born about 1711; the name of Marie Anne's mother is not known.
This couple married about 1738. Their son is PASCAL. When and where they died remain unknown.1

Jacques BOYER & Anne CESIRE

Jacques was baptized 13 April 1669, having been born to parents Nicolas BOYER & Margeurite MACLIN. He married Anne Cesire on 3 February 1698 in Lachine. She was born about 1680, the daughter of Claude CESIRE & Marie LÉGER. Their child was CLAUDE. No further details for this couple are known.1

Nicolas BOYER & Marguerite MACLIN

Nicolas Boyer was born about 1642 in either Notre-Dame-de-Cogne, Aunis, France or Le Poiré-sur-Velluire, Aunis, France. All that is known about his parents are their names Étienne BOYER & Perrine POYNEAU. He landed in New France about 1664 and made his living as a carpenter and plowman.3
Nicolas entered into a marriage contract with fille a marierMarguerite on 3 July 1667; the wedding was a month later on 8 August, with both events taking place in Montreal.3
Marguerite was the daughter of Jean MACLIN & Suzanne LAROSE, born to them about 1648 in Notre-Dame,Sézanne-en-Brie, Champagne, France. The spelling of the surname is possibly Macquelain. After losing both of her parents, Marguerite arrived in Montreal aboard the ship St. Andre as part of the "Grand Recrue" on 29 Sep 1659. She was but 11 yrs old and had made the trip in the company of Marguerite Bourgeoys and 3 newly recruited nuns. She lived in the residence of the Congregation Notre-Dame, presumably until she married her first husband, Jean Sicot in 1662. It was two months after his death that she married our ancestor Nicolas. Their ancestral offspring was JACQUES.3
Nicolas died at Rivière St.Pierre and was buried in Montreal on 24 May 1714. Marguerite died 20 June 1733 and was buried the following day near the church in Montreal.3


Pascal was born 8 April 1744 and baptized 26 April at Bout-de-Ile, Quebec; his parents were Claude BOYER & Marie Anne Riberville. Catherine's parents were Louis LAROCQUEBRUNE & Marguerite JULIEN. Their daughter was ANGELIQUE. The couple's death details are unknown.1

Claude CARON & Madeleine VARENNES

Madeleine was born about 1641 in St. Jean d'Aubrigoux, Le Puy, Clermont, Auvergne, France to Claude VARENNES; the name of her mother is not known. Claude Caron hailed from the same place, no other personal details are known.1,4
Historians disagree about the timeline of events for this couple, as follows:
Silvio Dumas believes that this couple were married in or around the area of Trois-Rivières, as a Claude Caron can be found in the census of 1666 as a servant of the Jesuits of Trois-Rivières.

Peter Gagne claims that if Claude Caron, servant of the Jesuits, is indeed our ancestor, then he must have returned to France between 1666 and 1670; the latter of when he married Madeleine and returned to Quebec with her.4

Of the 9 children that this couple brought forth, VITAL is the one we are most interested in. The couple's death information is unknown.1


Vital Caron was baptized 11 August 1673 in Lachine, son of Claude CARON & Madeleine VARENNES. Marie was the daughter of Pierre PERTHUIS & Claud DAMISE, baptized at Pointe-aux-Trembles on 8 September 1678.
Vital and Marie were married in Montreal on 24 January 1698. Their child was MARIE ANNE.1

Claude CESIRE & Marie LÉGER

Claude Cesire was born about 1646 in St.Gratien, Lizieux, Normandy, France. His parents were Eli CESIRE & Roberte LALLEMANT; nothing else is known about them. Marie was baptized 3 October 1660 at Montreal, the daughter of Adrien LÉGER & Catherine LOTIER. Claude and Marie were married 19 August 1675 in Montreal. Their offspring of interest to us is ANNE. Nothing else is known about this couple.1,3


Jacques was from Nocé, Mortagne, Perche, France; at some point he added the "dit" name of St. Georges. His parents were baker/innkeeper Jacques & Marie HAMELIN, who were married in Nocé on 7 June 1626. On 5 March 1627, our Jacques was carried to the baptismal font by his godparents Toussaint Espinette and Catherine Hamelin, Father François Hubin performed the ceremony.3
Sometime before June 1653, the tempestuous Jacques arrived in New France.3
Nicole was a fille à marier from the town of Villevaudé, Meaux, Île-de-France, France; her parents were François DUCHESNE & Marie ROLET or Nolet, about whom nothing else is known. Nicole was only a few months off the boat when she married Jacques on 30 September 1657 in Montreal, honoring the contract that had been drawn up on 23 August. Two months later, the couple were ordered to pay surgeon Étienne Bouchard for 12 days of caring for their neighbor, Jean Valliquet, who Jacques De la Porte had beaten. The couple had 11 children; the one that we are interested in is SUZANNE CATHERINE.3
Jacques De la Porte died at Contrecouer, Quebec before 11 September 1702. Nicole Duchesne was present at her son Pierre's wedding on 27 June 1703 at Contracouer; after that, history is silent about her fate.3


As noted before, André's name is recorded as Demers as well as Dumets. He was baptized 3 February 1628 in the St. Jacques parish of Dieppe, Normandy, France; his parents were Jean & Barbe MAUGER, about whom nothing else is known.3
Marie was a fille a marier from Villiers, Picardy, France, where she was born about 1634 to Jean & Marguerite JESIOVUM. Nothing further is known about her parents.3
Marie came to Canada in 1650, but since she did not sign a marriage contract with André until 11 December 1653, she was probably under contract as a servant for the customary three years. And sign she did; both she and her future husband were able to sign their names to the contract. The couple spoke their wedding vows on 7 January 1654 in Montreal. Of their 12 children, MARIE blesses our lineage with descendants.3,6
In 1688, André Dumets was appointed the guardian of the minor children of the deceased Urbain Jetté; much to the chagrin of Urbain's widow, Catherine Charles, who was also a fille a marier. Although five marriages would happen between the Dumets/Jetté children, Catherine Charles made numerous false accusations against André and Marie, claiming that they were involved in witchcraft and referring to them as "Old Wolf", "Old Devil", "Magician" and "Warlock". Which sounds silly today, but in that time being accused of any sort of supernatural power could ruin the reputation of a family--and reputation was everything to our ancestors. The Dumets were so upset by the hurtful rumors that they filed a formal opposition to their son André's marriage to Anne Jetté, which stated that they would take back a donation they had made to their son for him to start a forge and disinherit him as well. But André was a man of 27 years old and he knew what he wanted--and he wanted to marry Anne. He stated that the whole affair was the business of the parents and not him. Our ancestress Marie was probably glad she had found a spouse outside of the Jetté family!3
Marie Chefdeville was buried 23 November 1708 in Montreal, just 4 days after her son-in-law Jean Bourhis. Was there an epdidemic at that time? I am not sure. André Dumets lived for 3 more years before being buried on 17 January 1711; he seems to have died the same day at Montreal's Hôtel-Dieu.2,3

Gilles DUPONT & Françoise MICHEL

Gilles was born about 1636 in Biencourt or Bourcourt, Brittany, France to Guillaume & Marguerite FÉRAUT or Froain, about whom nothing else is known. Gilles came to Canada about 1660; his life seems to have been a quiet one. He married fille du roi Françoise; the date of their marriage contract was 10 August 1670 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec. The marriage date is unknown. Françoise was born in 1655 at St.Pierre, Sennevoy-le-Haut, Avallon, Sens, Burgundy, France to Brésil & Marguerite MAISTRE; nothing more about her parents is known. She landed in Trois-Rivières in 1670 with her half sister, Marie Louise Michaud.1,4,10
Gilles and Françoise's daughter was MARIE BARBE
Gilles Dupont died Christmas Eve of 1683 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, and was buried in the same place on Christmas Day. Françoise Michel died sometime after 17 November 1698 in Quebec.4,10


René was the son of Vincent & Nicole ROBINETTE, born to them about 1634 in Châtellerault, Poitiers, Poitou, France. His surname can also be found spelled Filasteau. While it is not known exactly when René landed on Canadian soil, he was definitely here by 1657. He was a fur trader from 1657-1658 as well as being a longsawyer. He also entered into, and then annulled, a marriage contract with Marie SEDILOT in the summer of 1657. On 12 October 1658, he entered into a marriage contract with Jeanne; the wedding ceremony took place on the 22 of the same month.2,3,6
Jeanne was the daughter of François & Marguerite JUGUELINE. She was born 4 May 1624 in Poitiers, Poitou, France. Jeanne's father was buried 9 January 1658 in Poitier's St. Porchaire parish; as soon as the weather turned fine for sailing, Jeanne immigrated to Canada. She and René had four children; their daughter NICOLE is our ancestress.3
Jeanne Hérault was buried in Montréal on 9 January 1677. A little over a year later, René Filiatrault died at the Hôtel-Dieu in Montréal; possibly taken by the smallpox epidemic of that year. His burial took place 27 June 1678 at Montréal.2,3

François GANE & Josephte LEBLOIS BOURHIS

François was born about 1700 in Normandy, France. His parents were Germaine & Marie; her surname was illegible in the records. François' crossing date to New France is unknown. He was a "lieutenant for the King" at Trois-Rivièrés. His surname can be found in many different forms: Degane, Deganne, Degame, Degamme--just to name a few!1,2,6
Josephte has given this researcher a bit of a headache. I have combed through as many records as I can find to try and uncover why she is listed under two surnames in the records. Her birth record is quite faded, and while the body of it cannot be read, the name on the left side of the page reads "Josephe Bourhis". So that is the name she was christened with; but she is referred to everywhere else as "Leblois Bourhis". On her marriage record, however, someone in the family signed, in a large script, the name "Le Bourhis". If you say it just right, "Le Bourhis" sounds a lot like "Leblois". If anyone else has another version of this name confusion, I'd love to hear it. Anyway, Josephte was born in Boucherville on 21 August 1699; her parents were Jean & Marie DUMETS.1,2,6
François and Josephte were married 26 November 1725 at Longueuil, Québec. Their one known child is JOSEPHE ANTOINETTE; some records precede that name with "Marie".2,6
The couple's death details are unknown at this time.

Jacques JULIEN & Marie Barbe DUPONT

Jacques Julien comes to us from St.Michel, Puleran, Carcassonne, Languedoc, France, where he was born in 1679. His parents were Louis ST. JULIEN & Marguerite DUFRESNE; the names are all we know about the parents.
Jacques married Marie Barbe on 21 May 1709 in Montreal. She had been born at Cap-de-la-Madeleine about 1676 to Gilles & Françoise MICHEL.
The dates of death for Jacques Julien and Marie Barbe Dupont are unknown. Ancestress MARGUERITE is the child of this union that contributes to our family.1,3


Louis was born about 1718 to Louis & Marie Madeleine SABOURIN. Marguerite was born about 1714 to Jacques & Marie Barbe DUPONT. They were married 26 January 1739 at Bout-de-Ile, Quebec. Other than their child, CATHERINE, nothing else is known about this couple.1


Louis is the son of Philibert & Suzanne Catherine DE LA PORTE, born to them in 1684. Marie Madeleine is the daughter of Pierre & Madeleine PERRIER and was baptized 16 January 1699 at Lachine. They were married at Pointe-Claire, Quebec on 2 May 1716. Louis was buried 5 June 1764 at Lac-des-Deux,Montagnes, Quebec. It is not known when Marie Madeleine died. Their child was LOUIS..1

Philibert LAROCQUEBRUNE & Suzanne Catherine DE LA PORTE

The parents of Philibert are not known, nor is his place of origin; he was born about 1647. In Volume I of Tanguay's Dictionary, he is listed as Couillard dit Rocquebrune; in a subsequent volume, he had dropped the Couillard and began using Larocqubrune. Not much more is known about Suzanne Catherine. She was baptized 12 October 1663 at Montreal; her parents were Jacques & Nicole DUSCHENE. Philibert and Suzanne Catherine married in 1676. Their child was LOUIS.1

Pierre MAUPETIT & Marie Louise BEAUNE

Pierre was a master curtain/drape maker; his parents were Francois & Marie PASCHAL. Their origins, or anything else about them, are unknown. Pierre married Marie Louise 15 November 1683 in Lachine.1
Marie Louise was baptized 22 July 1652 at Trois-Rivièrés; her parents were Jean & Marie Madeleine BOURGERY. Pierre & Marie Louise's known child was PIERRE.1


Jean was from Notre-Dame, Maillezais, Fontenay-le-Comte, Poitou, France; born there in 1640. His parents were Louis & Nicole REVON; nothing but their names are known. He was a plowman by trade. His date of arrival in the colony is not known.1,4
Marie Marchessault was born about 1639; in either St.Jean, Magny, Luçon, France or St.Jean-de-Beugné, Poitou, France. Her parents were Etienne & Sebastienne LAMOUREUX; nothing else is known about them. She came to Canada in 1669 as a fille du roi.4
Jean and Marie had a marriage contract drawn up on 9 November 1670 and were married 25 November at Beauport, although the event was recorded at Quebec. It was a second marriage for both parties. Their daughter MARIE RENÉE enriches our family with descendants.1,4
The Michel family was living at Lachine on 5 August 1689 when the Iroquois Indians attacked the settlement in what would become known as the Lachine Massacre. Jean Michel--along with Albert Boutin, Marie's son from her first marriage--were killed by the Iroquois. They were not buried until 29 October 1694. Marie Marchessault died in Montreal sometime after 3 July 1701.1,4


Pierre was baptized 15 November 1686 in Lachine, the son of Pierre MAUPETIT dit Poitevin & Marie Louise BEAUNE. For some reason, Pierre altered the spelling of the family name.1
Angelique was the daughter of Antoine & Jeanne QUENNVILLE. Pierre and Angelique were married 25 September 1718 at Bout-de-Ile, Quebec; their child of interest to us is SUZANNE. Nothing else known about this couple.1

Jacques PARÉ & Marie Anne CARON

Jacques lived his entire life in Lachine. He was baptized there 18 January 1695; his parents were Jean & Marguerite PICARD.1
On 16 November 1717, he and Marie Anne Caron spoke their wedding vows in Lachine. She was the daughter of Vital & Marie PERTHUIS. Her dates and places of birth and death are not known. The child of their union that carries our bloodline is Jacques.1
That marriage, however, would be a brief one. Jacques Caron the elder died, as he had lived, in Lachine. He was buried there 4 May 1719--at the young age of 24 years. He had been married less than 2 years.1

Jean PARE & Marguerite PICARD

Jean Paré's parents and origins are unknown. A notation in Tanguay reads, "Sergent de la garnison, commandant les habitants du for de l'eglise-Registres de Lachine". I gather that he was sergeant of the garrison over the church of Lachine...but if someone else can translate this better, please let me know!1
Jean married Marguerite on 20 October 1681 in Montreal. She was the daughter of Hugues & Anne Antoinette DE LIERCOURT and was baptized 16 February 1667 in Montreal.1
Jean and Marguerite's child of interest to us is JACQUES . Nothing else is known about Jean and Marguerite.1

Jean Baptiste PERRIER & Marie GAILLARD

Jean Baptiste Perrier hails from Pau, Bayonne, Béarn, France, where he was born in 1641. His parents were Jean & Marie DERVIÉ, which is all that is known about them. Jean Baptiste was a master weaver by trade. I don't know when he arrived in New France.3
The daughter of Pierre & Marie MARTIN, Marie was born about 1647 in Clermont de Ste-Croix, Rouen, Normandy, France; nothing else known about her parents. Marie's surname is possibly Daire and her mother's surname may be Gaillard. The death of her father in 1669 prompted Marie to immigrate to New France the same year.3
Marie did not come to Canada empty-handed; as a fille du roi, she was entitled to the King's Gift of 50 livres as a dowry. She also had her own dowry of goods worth 200 livres. This sounded like a good deal to Jean Baptiste! The pair had a marriage contract written on 22 September 1669; it was honored a few weeks later on 6 October at Quebec.3
Their daughter was MARIE MADELEINE.3

Jean Baptiste Perrier died sometime between the year 1681 and 22 September 1682. In a strange twist of fate, Marie Gaillard went on to marry Jean SABOURIN, the widowed father-in-law of her daughter Madeleine! The date of this union is not known and they had no children together. It is also not known when Marie Gaillard died.3


Jean Quennville was from St.Nicolas, Rouen, Normandy, France; baptized there 14 June 1653. His parents were Pierre & Jeanne SACQUESPÉE. His father was a master tailor; his mother's maiden name is possibly Saye. That is all that is known about Jean's parents. It is not known when Jean arrived in New France; however, he was a busy fellow once he got here! In the course of his life, Jean was a master tailor, tax collector, prison keeper, seigniorial court officer, and royal court officer.3
On 12 January 1674, in the home of Sieur Jean Martinet de Fonblanche at Montreal, Jean signed a marriage contract with Denise Marie, a fille du roi from St. Paul, Paris France; born in 1654 on the Rue St. Paul. Her parents were fencing master Pierre & Jeanne LORET; nothing else is known about them. Jean and Denise celebrated the wedding exactly one month later, on 12 February 1674 in Montreal. Their daughter was JEANNE.3

Nicolas QUENTIN & Magdeleine ROULOIS

Nicolas QUENTIN dit Lafontaine was born about 1633 to Louis & Marie des MOUSSEUX. Although he claimed to have hailed from Gonneville-sur-Honfleur, Normandy, France, historians and researchers cannot find any trace of he or his parents there. Nicolas first shows in the Quebec record books on 18 October 1655, when he entered into a farm lease. He would continue to deal in land--buying, selling and trading--for the next dozen years or so.
One of these transactions put Nicolas in the same neighborhood as Michel Roulois; Nicolas married his daughter, Magdeleine, 3 August 1660 in Quebec. She was born about 1648 to Michel & Jeanne MASLIER; it is not known if she was born in France or Canada.1,5
Of Nicolas and Magdeleine's 6 children, MARIE JEANNE is the direct line ancestress; however, their children Magdeleine and Louis make contributions to the lineage as well.1,5
Nicolas Quentin died 27 May 1683 and was buried the same day in the cemetery of the Roman Catholic church in L'Ange-Gardien. A year later, Magdeleine Roulois married bourgeois Louis Boucher in 1684; their voluntary separation 15 years later indicates that the union was not a happy one. It is not known when Magdeleine died.1,2,5

Michel ROULOIS & Jeanne MALIER

This couple came from St. Comé, Mans, France; he was born there in 1630, she in 1625. It is not known when they immigrated to Canada or if their one known child, MAGDELEINE was born in France or after they arrived in the new colony. Jeanne was buried in Château-Richer 5 January 1689; Michel was buried 2 October 1690 in the same place.1,5


Guillaume was born about 1670 in Dieppe, Normandy, France; the St. Remi parish. His parents were Jean & Marie LEFEBVRE, about whom nothing else is known. His immigration details are unknown.1,6
On 29 April 1700, Guillaume married Nicole in Montreal. She was the daughter of René & Jeanne HÉRAULT and was baptized 30 April 1662 in Montreal.1,3,6

Jean Antoine ROUSSEL & Marie Josephe Antoinette DEGANE

Not much is known about this couple, who were married 20 July 1755 in an unknown location.6
Antoine is the son of Guillaume ROUSSEL & Nicole FILIATRAULT. He was a blacksmith by trade. 2,6
Marie Josephe Antoinette was the daughter of François GANE & Josephte LEBLOIS-BOURHIS. She was born 14 August 1729 in Longueuil, Québec. The surname is spelled Degame, Deganne, Degane, Gamme, Gane in various records. It may be because of the confusion over the surname that she is not included in the Tanguay listing with her parents; this only shows a child named Marie Anne. She is cross-referenced to Leon Degame in Tanguay when listed with her husband; however, that seems to be a mix-up, as Leon's daughter is Marie Antoinette Degame. She also appears in her own listing in Tanguay as the wife of Antoine Roussel. Genealogy of Canada shows the above as her parents. Until further is discovered, I will allow this to stand for now.1,2,6 This child of this couple is NICOLAS. No death information available for this couple.

Nicolas ROUSSEL & Marie Louise MALLIET

Nicolas Roussel's parents were Antoine ROUSSEL & Marie Josephe Antoinette DEGANE; his birth details are not known.2
Marie Louise's parents are Jean Baptiste Amable MALLIET & Marie Louise LEGAUT dit Deslauriers.
Nicolas and Marie Louise were married in Chateauguay on 13 January 1778 at St. Joachim. Nicolas was a blacksmith. Their daughter was MARIE LOUISE. This is all that is known to date about this couple.1,2

Jean SABOURIN - Mathurine RANAUD

Jean was born about 1641 in Montalembert, Niort, Poiters, Poitou, France. His parents were Jean & Étiennette JOINAUX; nothing else is known about them.3
In 1666, Jean, by now a plowman, married Mathurine in La Rochelle, Aunis, France. She was born about 1643; nothing else is known about her origins. Their date of immigration is not known; nor is it known if their child, PIERRE, was born in France or Canada.3
Mathurine Ranaud was buried 14 June 1681 in Montreal. Jean was lonely without Mathurine; a house is not a home without a woman's touch. Jean sought solace, and found it......with the widowed Marie GAILLARD..the mother-in-law of his son Pierre! It is not known how long this marriage lasted, as Marie's death details have not been found. Jean Sabourin lived to the ripe old age of 80. He was buried at Pointe-Claire on 28 September 1721.1,3

Pierre SABOURIN - Madeleine PERRIER

Other than his parents--Jean SABOURIN & Mathrine RANAUD, nothing of Pierre's origins are known. His death details elude us equally. Precious little more is known about Madeleine. She was possibly born at Beauport; her baptism took place in Quebec on 25 February 1674. Her parents were Jean Baptiste PERRIER & Marie GAILLARD. They were married 24 May 1688 at Montreal; their child that falls into our line is MARIE MADELEINE.1,3
The death details for this couple are unknown.

Pierre SAUVÉ & Marie Renée MICHEL

Pierre was from Libourne,Bordeaux,France and is the son of master tailor François & Marie MALLERET. Nothing else is known about Pierre or his parents.1
Marie Renée MICHEL was the daughter of Jean & Marie MARCHESSAULT. She was baptized 18 June 1677 in Montreal.1,3
It is not known when this couple were married; their daughters are MARIE ANGELIQUE and FÉLICITÉ.1


Antoine is a mysterious figure--only his name is known. Jeanne was baptized 8 January 1675 in Montréal, the daughter of Jean & Denise MARIE. The couple were married 13 February 1694 in Montreal. Their daughter is ANGELIQUE.1,4

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