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Here is found the information on my Leclerc and Blanquet lines. It's a pretty short page right now, but I'm hoping to be able to incorporate more lines and find more information in time.


My 10th great-grandparents, Jean LECLERC & Perrette BRUNELL (or Brunet) lived in the parish of St. Rémi in Dieppe, France.3,4 They had four children, but only three are known to us:


Marguerite- Marguerite was baptized 12 February 1640 in the St. Remi parish of Dieppe, France. She was a fille a marier who came to Canada in 1661.3
On 11 September 1661, Marguerite entered into a marriage contract with Nicolas Leblond; neither of the pair could sign the document. The wedding took place 13 October 1661. Nicolas was the son of bourgeois Jacques Leblond & Françoise de Nolan, about whom nothing else is known. Nicolas was born about 1638 in the Notre Dame parish of Honfleur, Lisieux, Normandy, France. Nicolas' year of immigration is not known, but he was in Chateàu-Richer on 2 February 1660, the date of his confirmation. Nicolas and Marguerite had ten children; two of them, Nicolas and Marie Madeleine enrich this line with descendants.1,3,4
Nicolas Leblond died at the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec in September of 1677. Marguerite remarried a year later, on 8 September 1678, to widower Jean Rabouin at Ste. Famille, on the Île d'Orléans; the marriage contract had been penned the day before. Jean was born about 1636 in La Rochelle, Aunis, France; his parents were François Rabouin & Marguerite Chassay; their wedding day was 28 April 1633. François Raboiun was a plowman from Surgères, Aunis, France; Marguerite Chassay was from Fontenay-le-Comte, Poitou, France. She was buried 14 September 1657 at St. Sauveur, La Rochelle.3,4
Jean Rabouin & Marguerite Leclerc would have three children together before Marguerite's burial 24 January 1675 at Ste. Famille. Jean would marry again in 1706 at the age of 79 and father one more child before dying 7 December 1707. He was buried at St. Jean the following day.1,3,4

Anne- Anne Leclerc was the baby of the family, born about 1645 in the same St. Remi parish as her brother and sister. In 1668, she immigrated to New France as a fille du roi, joining her siblings Jean and Marguerite.3,4
Anne married Vincent Chrétien sometime in 1668, somewhere on the Île d'Orléans. Vincent was born about 1643; his place and family of origin are a mystery. He appears in the 1667 census on the Île d'Orléans as a bachelor. Anne and Vincent had eight children together.4
Vincent Chrétien died at the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec 3 June 1700. Anne Leclerc died at St. François on the Île d'Orléans 4 October 1716.4

Nothing else is known about Jean and Perrette.

Jean LECLERC - Marie Madeleine BLANQUET dit Langlois

Jean Leclerc was from Dieppe, Normandy, France. His parents, Jean LECLERC & Perette BRUNEL , had him baptized on 24 August 1635 in Dieppe. 3,4
Jean married Marie Madeleine Blanquet dit Langlois about 1657 in Dieppe. She was the daughter of Adrien BLANQUET and an unknown mother.1,7
In 1662, this couple, along with Marie-Madeleine's father, Adrien, immigrated to Canada, a year after Jean's sister Marguerite did the same. Did sister Marguerite write letters home, talking about the new country and fire her brother's imagination? It's entirely possible.7
Jean and Marie Madeleine had 9 children:
Pierre-Born about 1658 in France. Pierre married Elisabeth or Isabelle Rondeau, daughter of Thomas RONDEAU & Andrée REMONDIÈRE; their children Joseph and Marguerite are of interest to us. Pierre was buried at St. Laurent on the Île d'Orleans on 27 January 1736.1,7,9
Marguerite-Born 26 December 1660 in France. Married Clement Ruelle; son of Jacques; nothing else about Clement is known at this time.1,7
Jean-Baptized 18 March 1663 at Château Richer.1
Marguerite Anne-Baptized 17 September 1664 at Château-Richer. Married Jacques Bouffard 15 March 1680 at St. Pierre; the following year they are found as neighbors of Francois NOËL & Nicole LEGRAND. Jacques was born about 1655 in Rouen, Normandy, France; his parents were Jean & Marguerite Laferriere; nothing else known about them.1,7,8
Marie Nicole-Baptized 27 April 1666 at Ste. Famille on the Île d'Orleans; and was buried there 18 May 1668.1

Adrien-Baptized 24 October 1670 at Ste. Famille. He married Genevieve Paradis, who was baptized 15 June 1675, daughter of Guillaume Paradis and Genevieve Millouer. The couple had 13 children; their son Adrien is of note.1,7
Adrien Sr. took over the domain of his maternal grandfather, Adrien BLANQUET, after the death of his mother. Adrien Leclerc was buried 1 February 1746 in Charlesbourg, Quebec. Genevieve's death details are unknown.1,7
Marie Madeleine-Baptized 14 July 1672 at Ste. Famille. She married René Pellitier 5 November 1691 at St. Pierre. René was born about 1659; his family and origins are unknown; he was buried 13 January 1713 at St. Pierre. Marie Madeleine was buried 28 October 1702 at St. Pierre, Île d'Orleans.1,7
Martin-Baptized at Ste. Famille on 4 April 1674 and buried 8 March 1703 at St. Pierre.1,7

Jean seems to be the first one of this couple to die; however, the details surrounding that event are cloudy. The marriage record of his daughter Anne in 1680 states that he was "absent in France". When the census takers came around the next year, they listed Marie Madeleine as "Marie Blanquet, widow of Jean Leclerc". His death or burial in France has not been confirmed; however no burial record for him has ever been uncovered in Canada.7
Marie Madeleine was buried on 10 September 1709 at St. Pierre.1 In 1669, when her father died, he left her half of his assets. Upon Marie Madeleine's death, the property of her father was passed to his namesake--Adrien Leclerc.7

Jean Charles LECLERC - Marguerite Morency BAUCHÉ

Jean Charles LECLERC was baptized 15 May 1668 at Château-Richer, Quebec, born to Jean Leclerc & Marie Madeleine Blanquet dit Langlois. His marriage to Marguerite Morency BAUCHÉ, 10 years his junior, took place 5 March 1696 at Ste. Famille on the Île d'Orleans.1,7,10
Marguerite, whose name is also written as Baucher, was the daughter of Guillaume Bauché & Marie Anne Paradis. She was baptized on 31 August 1678 at Ste. Famille.1,6
The couple had the following children:
Jean-Baptiste- Baptized on the 23rd and buried on the 27th of January 1697 in Ste. Famille.1
Jean Baptiste- Baptized on Christmas Day 1697 at St. Pierre, Île d'Orleans. Married Marie Therese Cote.1
Marie Agathe- Born about 1698 at St. Pierre. Became a nun and was known as Ste. Marguerite. She died in April 1759.1
Marie- Baptized 1 February 1699 at St. Laurent on the Île d'Orleans.1
Pierre- Baptized 18 September 1700 at St. Pierre. During his short life he was married twice; to Angelique Vigneau and Marguerite Marcoux. He was buried 6 December 1727 at St. Pierre.1
Marguerite- Baptized 27 October 1703 at St. Pierre. She was buried 17 October 1725 at St. Pierre; 10 days shy of her 22nd birthday and 4 days short of her 5-year wedding anniversary to Jean Baptiste Couture.1,9
Louis-Baptized the 10th and buried the 14th of June 1707 at St. Pierre.1
François-Baptized 22 December 1708 at St. Pierre. Married Marie Helene Cote and then Marie Marthe Nolin. His death details are unknown.1,9
Marie Joseph-Baptized 21 April 1721. Married Louis Crepeau.1

Marguerite Morency was buried 17 April 1742 at St. Pierre, on the Île d'Orléans. Jean Charles Leclerc was buried 30 September 1749, also at St. Pierre.1

The Wives of Adrien Leclerc

Adrien Leclerc had four wives, so it seemed simpler to give him--and his wives!--their own section on this page.

Adrien was baptized 15 May 1699 at St.Pierre; his parents were Adrien Leclerc & Genevieve Paradis.1

Ursule Noël- Ursule was Adrien's first wife. She was the daughter of Philippe NOËL & Marie RONDEAU and was baptized 28 September 1693 at St. Pierre. Ursule and Adrien tied the knot in St. Pierre on 16 November 1722.1,9
Ursule and Adrien had the following children:

  • Jean Baptiste- Born in 1724; exact date/place unknown. Died at age 3 in November 1727 and was buried Nov. 12 in St. Pierre.1
  • Ursule- Born 1726. She married Charles Quentin (sometimes written as Cantin) February 18, 1743 in St. Pierre. He was baptized 30 November 1716 at L'Ange-Gardien, Québec, the son of Louis Quentin & Marie Mathieu. They had 6 known children. No death details for Ursule or Charles are known.1
  • Marie Joseph- Baptized 9 October 1727 at St. Pierre. She first married Augustin Valliere, son of Jean Valliere & Suzanne Maranda, on 13 April 1744 at St. Pierre.1 Augustin died sometime before 10 April 1747, which is when Marie Joseph married Prisque Plante, son of Pierre Plante & Angelique Havard. No death details for Marie Joseph or her husbands are known.1
  • Marie Madeleine
  • Dorothee- Baptized 30 June 1731 in St. Pierre. She married Ambroise Quentin on 19 February 1748 at St. Pierre. He was the son of Louis Quentin & Marie Mathieu and brother of Charles, above. Ambroise was buried in Québec City 13 May 1761. Dorothee's death is unknown.1
  • Marie Agathe- Baptized 28 January 1735. She married Pierre Cornelier on 31 January 1752 at St. Pierre. Pierre was the son of Pierre Cornelier & Marie Anne Lehoux, about whom nothing else is known at this time. There are no death details for this couple.1
Ursule Noël was buried on 6 October 1743 at her lifelong home of St. Pierre.1

Therese Vallier- Therese was born about 1720 to Jean Valliere & Suzanne Maranda. Adrien married her on 3 April 1744 at St. Pierre. Their one known daughter, Marie Therese, was baptized 29 August 1745 at St. Pierre. The following year, Therese Vallier was buried on 15 February 1746. Little Marie Therese was buried 28 October 1750; both events took place at St. Pierre.1

Marie DeRainville- Since he had a very small child to take care of at the time, Adrien wasted no time in marrying Marie on 16 August 1746 at Québec City.1 She had been born 2 November 1690 at Beauport to Jean DeRainville & Marguerite LaVallee 10. This marriage would last for 13 years before Marie DeRainville was buried on 5 November 1759 at Lorette, Québec.1

Marie Catherine Auclair- Does it seem that our boy Adrien does not like to be alone? Or is he a bit of a ladies man? At any rate, he wed one more time, on 17 June 1760 at Beauport. Marie Catherine was born about 1701 to Pierre Auclair & Marie Madeleine Sedilot.1
Adrien Leclerc was buried in Québec City 29 December 1761.1 Does this mean he was hospitalized at Québec for an illness before he died and was buried locally? Seems likely, but I don't know. We also don't know if Adrien finally outlived one of his wives or if this last one died before him as well; Marie Catherine Auclair's death details are not known.


Adrien BLANQUET dit La Fougère & Anne Lemaître

Adrien Blanquet dit La Fougère, a harness maker, was born about 1605 in Bacqueville-en-Caux, Dieppe, Rouen, Normandy, France. His parents were Andre BLANQUET & Perette CAPERON, about whom nothing else is known.7
Adrien was married to an unknown woman with whom he had daughter Marie Madeleine, who would be his only child and our ancestress. Cyprien Tanguay does not recognize Adrien as Marie Madeleine's father; however, Peter Gagne provides that proof in Volume 2 of "King's Daughters & Founding Mothers".1,7
Apparently widowed, Adrien immigrated to Canada with daughter Marie Madeleine and her new husband, Jean Leclerc. But when did this crossing take place? Peter Gagne fixes the year of their crossing as 1658. Thomas Laforest shows a date of 1662. The answer lies in the details:

Mr. Laforest tells us that on 10 August 1662, both Adrien Blanquet and Jean Leclerc presented themselves to Monsignor de Laval for the purpose of obtaining a land grand on the Île d'Orleans.
Adrien's marriage to Anne Lemaître took place in 1663.
Adrien came over with his daughter and her husband. Mr. Laforest claims that Jean Leclerc & Marie Madeleine's two children were born in France; one in 1658 and one in 1660. This means the group had to have come after 1658.
Anne Lemaître came to Canada with her son's wife and his two children; one of whom was born in 1661.
This evidence seems to point to a 1662 immigration date.4,7

On 7 November 1663, Adrien married fille du roi Anne Lemaître, who had been widowed in France by Louis Roy; Anne came to Canada with her daughter-in-law and two grandsons. They lived at Ste. Famille. They had no children together; Anne had a grown son, Nicolas Roy from her first marriage.1,4,7
On 25 August 1668, Adrien was declared the "guardian" of the fruit produced by the estate of the late Thomas Douaire, Sieur de Bondy. The sale of said fruit was a source of income for the widow of Douaire and their children.4
Sometime between the 1681 census and 6 August 1684, Adrien Blanquet dit La Fougère died. He left half of his estate to daughter Marie Madeleine; upon her death, this inheritance went to her son. Anne Lemaître was buried 1 October 1718 at St. Pierre.4,7

The In-Laws

Some of us get good ones, some get bad ones; either way, the in-laws are ever-present!!! All that is known about the in-laws on this page is here; listed in alphabetical order according to the husband's surname.

Jean Baillargeon & Marguerite Guillebordeau

Jean Baillargeon was born about 1612 in Londigny, Villefagnan, Ruffec, Angoulême, Angoumois, France. His parents were Louis Baillargeon & Marthe Fovier-nothing else known about them. Jean's date of immigration to Canada is unknown.
Marguerite was the daughter of Louis Guillebordeau & Marie Maguin, about whom nothing else is known. She was born in Marçay, Poitiou, France; the date of that event is unknown. She was a fille à marier who came to Canada in 1650.
The couple married on 20 November 1650 in Québec City. Jean supported his family as a sharecropper. The couple had 4 children. Their son Jean and their daughter Jeanne appear in this branch of the family.
Marie Guillebordeau died on 20 October 1662 and was buried the next day at Québec City. By 1664, Jean had moved his family to St. Laurent on the Île d'Orléans. Two years later he married Esther Coindreau, but had no children with her. By 1667, Jean had lost both his second wife and a son. Jean Baillargeon died sometime before 1681 on the Île d'Orléans.1,2,6,7

Jean Baillargeon & Marie Jeanne Godbout

Jean Baillargeon was baptized 21 September 1659 at Québec City, the son of Jean Baillargeon & Marguerite Guillebordeau. Marie Jeanne Godbout was the daughter of Nicolas Godbout & Marie Marthe Bourgouin. She was baptized 12 August 1665 in Québec City.
Jean & Marie Jeanne were married 2 March 1683 at St. Laurent on the Île d'Orléans, Québec. Their 3 known children are:

  • Nicolas
  • Marie Madeleine- Married Augustin Cote on 20 January 1720. That is all that is known.
  • Jean- Baptized 5 June 1686 at St. Laurent. Jean had been widowed for three years by Marie Denis when he married Catherine Isabel, daughter of Marc & Marguerite Lemelin, on 29 October 1725 at St. Laurent. Jean and Catherine had one known daughter, Cecile. Jean Baillargeon was buried 27 February 1762 in St. Laurent. Catherine Isabel's death information is not known.
The death details for Jean Baillargeon and Marie Jeanne Godbout are unknown.1,2,3

Nicolas Baillargeon & Marguerite Leclerc

Nicolas Baillargeon was baptized 27 May 1684 in Quebec City, the son of Jean Baillargeon & Marie Jeanne Godbout. Nicolas married Marguerite Leclerc 16 November 1711 in St. Laurent on the Île d'Orleans in Quebec.
Marguerite was the daughter of Pierre Leclerc & Elisabeth Rondeau, born to them about 1696. Although Volume 1 of Tanguay's Dictionary shows a Charles Leclerc as the father of Marguerite, the abstract of St. Laurent marriages and the CD-Rom "Isle of Orleans, Montmorency Co., Quebec 1666-1963 Catholic Church Marriages" both show Pierre & Elisabeth as her parents.
Nicolas Baillargeon was the first of the couple to die. He was buried 8 Dec 1749 in St. Laurent. Marguerite did not last long without him; she was buried 26 July 1750 in St. Laurent.1,2,3

Jean Cote & Marie Anne Langlois

Jean Cote was baptized 25 April 1670 at Ste. Famille, Île d'Orleans; his parents were Martin Cote & Suzanne Page. Only the names of Marie Anne Langlois' parents are known; they are Noël Langlois & Aimée Caron. Jean and Marie Anne were married at Beauport, Québec on 8 February 1694. Their daughter was Marie Therese.
Marie Anne's death details are unknown. Jean Cote was buried 16 March 1739 at Québec City.

Jean Cote & Anne Martin

All that is known about Jean Cote is that he came from France on either the ship Saint-Jacques or one in the same flotilla. He arrived in Canada on 20 July 1635. Anne Martin was a fille a marier also from France; born there about 1603. She also arrived in Canada in 1635; it is a good possibility that she might have arrived on the same ship or flotilla as her future husband. Her parentage is cloudy. Cyprien Tanguay believes she is the daughter of Abraham Martin and Marguerite Langlois; Peter Gagné feels that she could possibly be the daughter of Galleran or Gontrand Martin, a widower who died at Beauport on 27 October 1662. I personally side with Gagné on this one.
On 17 November 1635, Jean and Anne were married in Québec City. They settled at Beauport, the next door neighbors of Noël Langlois & Françoise Grenier; the latter a fellow fille à marier. Jean and Anne had 8 children; their son Martin is the one we will encounter on this page.
Jean Cote died 27 March 1661 at Beauport and was buried the next day at the Church of Notre-Dame du Québec in Québec City. Anne never remarried, even though she outlived her husband by more than 20 years. She finally joined him on 4 December 1684 and was buried the next day at Québec City.

Martin Cote & Suzanne Pagé

Martin Cote was baptized 12 July 1639 in Québec city, the third child of Jean Cote & Anne Martin. Suzanne Pagé was the daughter of Raymond Pagé de Quercy & Madeleine Bergeronne. Raymond was born about 1604 in an unknown location and was buried 20 November 1683 in Québec City; Madeleine was born about 1616 and was buried in Québec City on 23 March 1687. Nothing else known about Suzanne's parents.
Martin and Suzanne were married 25 July 1667 at Château-Richer, Québec. Their son Jean is the one who graces our lineage.
The death information for this couple is unknown.

Nicolas Leroy & Jeanne Leliévre

Nicolas Leroy was baptzied in the St. Rémi parish of Dieppe, Normandy, France on 25 May 1639; his parents were Louis Roy & Anne Lemaître. Nicolas' surname was shortened to Roy by subsequent generations, and there are some entries in the work that will reflect that, as I tend to use the name that is listed with the source.1,5
Nicolas married Jeanne Leliévre about 1658 in France. They had two sons in France, Louis and Nicolas.
On an unknown date, Jeanne's father, widower Guillaume Leliévre, left France for Canada. Jeanne's mother's name is not known, and it is assumed that she died before this event. Nothing else is known about Guillaume Leliévre. In 1661, Nicolas and Jeanne made the crossing to Canada with her two young sons and her mother in law Anne Lemaître; they arrived in Canada on 25 August 1661 aboard the ship "Laurent Poullet". 5
Nicolas and Jeanne had 3 more children in Canada; one of which was Guillaume.They settled at Beaupré on land given them by Guillemette HEBERT.5
In the summer of 1669, the Leroys dealt with the pain and anger of the violation of their 5 year old daughter, Marie, by one Jacques Nourry. He was their 29 year old unmarried neighbor. After a hearing before the Conseil Souverain in August 1669, that ruling body decreed that Nourry was guilty as charged. He was hung for his crime. Afterward, his body was take to a public place and the head was severed. The head was then mounted on a post for public display, so that single men would think twice about not marrying. The child Marie Leroy was awarded 300 livres in damages. The rest of Nourry's property was confiscated for various costs. It is recorded that Marie grew up "quite normally", marrying twice and having many children, but it is hard to believe that she was not affected in some way.5
The family tried to move past their ordeal and get back to a normal life. But sometimes when it rains, it pours. On 6 July 1670, their house caught fire. Trapped inside were 2 year old Anne and 1 year old Jean. Both babies succumbed most likely to smoke inhalation and were buried two days later at Château-Richer.5
How on earth does a family get over back-to-back tragedies such as these? For the Leroys, it came in the form of a location change. The Leroys were last noted in Beaupré in 1676; sometime after that, they settled in Beaumont.5
Nicolas Leroy died sometime between April 1690 and October 1691. Jeanne married François Molinet on 8 February 1695. Jeanne Leliévre was buried 11 January 1728 at St. Vallier.5

Nicolas Leroy & Marie Madeleine Leblond & Marie Renée Rivière

Nicolas Roy fils was born in France about 1661 to Nicolas & Jeanne Leliévre; his immigration details can be found with his parents. He was a lieutenant of the militia in 1727. 1,5
Nicolas first married Marie Madeleine Leblond on 18 November 1686. She was the daughter of Nicolas & Marguerite Leclerc; she was baptized 19 December 1665 at Château-Richer.1
Sometime before 18 April 1723, Marie Madeleine Leblond died. For it was on that date that Nicolas remarried, to Marie Renée Rivière. She was born about 1700 and was the product of an illicit relationship between François Rivière & Marie Madeleine Fontaine.5
Nicolas Leroy was buried at St. Vallier on 4 February 1727.5

Pierre Plante & Angelique Havard

Pierre was baptized at St. Jean on the Île d'Orléans on 21 October 1692; his parents were Pierre Plante & Marguerite Patenotre. Angelique's parents were Pierre Havard & Louise Gaultier; her birth details are unknown. Pierre and Angelique were married about 1718. Their children of note are Prisque and Genevieve.
Pierre Plante was buried 29 October 1740. Angelique's death details are unknown.

Louis Quentin & Marie Mathieu

Louis was born 27 December 1675 and baptized the first day of the next year in L'Ange-Gardien, Québec; his parents were Nicolas QUENTIN & Magdeleine ROULOIS. Marie was the daughter of Jean Mathieu & Anne Letartre. Their sons were Ambroise, baptized 4 November 1726 at L'Ange-Gardien; and Charles, baptized 30 November 1716 at L'Ange-Gardien. The death details of Louis and Marie are not known.

Jean Valliere & Claire Bauché & Suzanne Maranda

Jean was baptized 2 December 1679 in Point-aux-Trembles, Québec; his parents were Pierre & Marie Anne Lagoue.1
Jean first married Claire Bauché, daughter of Guillaume BAUCHÉ & Marie Anne PARADIS. Claire was born about 1668. She had been widowed by Jean Charest, son of Mathieu & Sebastienne Veillon. Jean Charest and Claire had married 30 October 1684 in Ste. Famille; Jean Charest was buried 6 June 1699 at St. Laurent, Île d'Orléans.1,6
Claire was an educated woman (she had studied with the Ursulines in 1681) from a well-respected family with the maturity of a 37-year old widow of a fifteen year marriage. Jean Valliere, at 26 years old, found that this combination had more appeal for him than the coquettish young maidens that were his junior. And on 22 February 1700 at St. Pierre, the couple married. Their one known child, Jean, was born in January 1704. They had almost seven years of wedded bliss before Claire Bauché died; her funeral took place 15 February 1707 at St. Pierre.1,6
The grieving Jean was left a widower with a 3-year old son. In that time period, it was almost impossible for men to raise their children alone; there was too much work to be done simply to survive; Jean would need a wife. And on 7 November 1707, Jean married Suzanne Maranda, daughter of Michel Maranda & Marie Jeanne, born to them about 1687. Two of their children, Therese and Augustin grace our family with descendants.1
Jean Valliere was buried at St. Pierre on 23 December 1735. Suzanne lived twenty-four more years but did not remarry. She was buried 20 May 1759, also at St. Pierre.1

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