The earliest confirmed spelling I have found recorded for this surname is Hains. However, it can also be found spelled Hins, Ens (possibly because of the French pronunciation of the name), and Heins. There is also the possibility of yet another spelling........read on!

For all of you high-tech genealogists, there is a little DNA information on this page. Something for everyone!

Joseph HAINS - Marie POSE

According to the information found in Tanguay's Dictionary, Joseph was born in 1685 in 'Heurel, près Boston'. His parents were Jean HAINS & Angelique Holkne, about whom nothing else is known. But....

Look carefully again at the place of birth; 'Heurel, près Boston.' Près is French for near. The pronunciation of the word "Haverhill" in Boston is HAY-ver-ill (as opposed to the southern pronunciation of the same word, which is HAV-er-hill). If you say "Haverhill" the way the French might have pronounced it, you come up with something very close to "Heurel".

In the book, "New England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677-1760 During the French and Indian Wars", author Emma Lewis Coleman claims that three of the children of Jonathan Haynes and Sarah Moulton were taken from the West Parish of Haverhill, near Hawk's Meadow. At the time, Jonathan was reaping and his children were harvesting beans. They were taken together as far as Penacook, New Hampshire. There, the party divided, and Jonathan Haynes, Sr. was taken to Maine along with his eldest son, Thomas (born 1680), where they managed to escape from the Indians. Sadly, the pair would be captured again a year and a half later and would result in the death of Jonathan, Sr.
The three remaining children--Mary, born in 1677; Jonathan Jr., born in 1684; and Joseph, born 4 Aug 1869, were taken to Canada and sold to the French. Legend has it that Mary was redeemed for 100 pounds of tobacco. She eventually married John Preston of Andover.
The two remaining boys never came back. In 1710, they are identified as "Joseph hins, living at Cap St. Ignace; another Joseph Hins, his brother, living at Beaupré."

Joseph married Marie on 3 October 1712 in St. Thomas, Quebec. She was the daughter of Jacques POSE & Marie JOBIDON. Their son is our ancestor Joseph.
Joseph Hains was buried in St. Thomas on 29 March 1745. Marie's death details are not known.1,2

Joseph HINS/HAINS - Marie Dorothee GAUMONT

Joseph was the son of Joseph HINS & Marie Pose. He was baptized in St. Thomas, Quebec on 29 September 1714.
Joseph was widowed by Genevieve Vaillancour in 1745. His marriage to Marie Louise Charlotte Damours produced a child, Marie Louise, before she died sometime after October 1754. He then married Marie Dorothee GAUMONT on 12 September 1746 in St. Thomas. Marie's parents were Joseph GAUMONT & Dorothee LEFEBVRE.
Joseph and Marie Dorothee had 3 known sons; one of which was Francois.
Joseph was buried 10 May 1762 in St. Thomas. Marie Dorothee's death details are unknown.2

François HINS/HAINS - Marguerite RACINE

François was a farmer, born to Joseph & Marie Dorothee GAUMONT.1
Marguerite was baptized at Quebec City on 23 May 1753, born there to parents Jean Baptiste Clement RACINE & Marguerite MONTY.
Marguerite had been widowed by Joseph Breard dit La Roche before her marriage to François, which took place in Chambly, Chambly, Quebec on 7 June 1785. This event took place after the publication of 3 banns and was known to be attended by the groom's uncle Noel Hins, the bride's brother in laws François Gachet and Augustin Desnor and their spouses, the bride's father Jean Baptiste Racine, and her sisters Angelique and Elisabeth. If there were other guests, they either could not or forgot to sign the record. Jean Baptiste Clement & Marguerite's daughter Marie.
There is no death information available for either François or Marguerite.

The In-Laws

Because the road from Hins to Noël is mainly paved with females, the in-law list is fairly long. The in-laws are listed in alphabetical order by husband's surname.

Louis BALARD dit Latour & Marguerite MIGNERON

Louis was from Ausion, France; his parents were Pierre BALARD & Sébastienne PILIN, about whom nothing else is known.2
Marguerite was baptized 24 October 1658 in Quebec City, daughter of Jean MIGNERON dit Lajeunesse "Petit Jean" & Marie PAVIE.2,5
Marguerite had already been widowed by François Musnier when the couple married on 14 April 1676 at Quebec City. They had one known child, Marie.2
Louis was buried 19 March 1725 at Cap-St.-Ignace, Quebec. Marguerite's death details are not known.2

Antoine DUBOIS - Marie Marthe MORAL

Antoine was from Varèse, Saintes, France; the son of Pierre DUBOIS & Philippe GUYONNE.2
Marie Marthe was baptized on the first day of January 1661 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. I don't know if she was a New Year's baby by birth. I do know that her parents were Quentin MORAL & Marie MARGUERIE, and that she also carried the French W mtdna haplotype.2,3,5
Antoine and Marie Marthe were married 23 November 1682 in Trois-Rivières. Their one known child was Marguerite.
Marie Marthe Moral died 18 January 1712 in St. François du Lac, Quebec. Antoine Dubois' death information is not known.

Germian GAUMONT - Marie BALARD

Germain was baptized 15 July 1674 in St. Thomas, Quebec, a son of Robert GAUMONT & Louise ROBIN.2
Marie BALARD was baptized 23 February 1678 in Quebec City after being born to Louis BALARD & Marguerite MIGNERON.2
Germain and Marie were married in St. Thomas on 16 November 1700; their one known son is Joseph.2
Germain was the first to die; he was buried 28 July 1749 in St. Thomas. Marie died 10 years later and was buried 12 December 1759 in St. Thomas.2

Joseph GAUMONT & Dorothee LEFEBVRE

Joseph was born to Germain GAUMONT & Marie BALARD.2
Dorothee was baptized in St. Michel, Quebec, on 19 June 1702, born to Jean LEFEBVRE & Reine MESNY.2
The couple were married in St. Thomas, Quebec on 4 October 1728. Their death information is not known.2

Robert GAUMONT & Louise ROBIN

Robert was from St. Pierre, Charenton, Créteil, Paris, Île de France, France; born there about 1643 to René GAUMONT & Jeanne DALLAISNE, about whom nothing else is known. His religious affiliation must have been something other than Catholic, as he was confirmed on 30 July 1681.2,6
Louise was a fille du roi from St.-Sébastien-de-Raids, Coutances, Normandy, France, born there about 1641 to Étienne ROBIN & Elénore MAUCUIT. She came to Canada in 1671 after her father died, bringing a dowry of goods worth 300 livres.6
Robert and Louise married on 26 October 1671, almost a year after Robert annulled a marriage contract with fille du roi Marguerite Jasselin. They had 2 children, the youngest of which was Germain.2,6
By 1681, the family had settled at Montmagny, where Robert and Louise lived out their lives. He died 9 September 1703 and was buried the next day. Louise died a shade over two months later on 14 November and was buried two days later.6


Louis was born in 1632 in Chartres, France to Jacques JOBIDON or Bidon & Marie VRAMENT.2,5 Tanguay's Dictionary, Volume I shows this surname as Bidon. In Tanguay's Volume V, the surname is Jobidon with a footnote that reads: "This name is formed from the Christian name Job and the surname Bidon." Louis made his confirmation in 1660, which indicates that his religion of origin was something other than Catholic; the French government insisted that all settlers of New France convert to Catholicism.2,5
Marie was a fille à marier from Gaudelay or Gaudelas, Meaux, Brie, Champagne, France, the daughter of Robert DELIGNY & Marie DE LA TACHE or De La Farge--deciphering old handwriting is often difficult!. She arrived in Quebec in 1655, after the death of her father.2,5
Louis and Marie married in the home of Guillaume Thibaut on 3 November 1655. They had 11 children, but we only know of two at this time:
Louis- Born about 1662. He married Anne Bouchard, daughter of Claude & Louise GAGNÉ on 20 November 1690 at L'Ange-Gardien, Québec. Anne Bouchard was buried 8 April 1731 in Château-Richer. Louis Jobidon fils was buried 8 August 1752 at Château-Richer.2,7

Louis Jobidon died sometime before 19 November 1677, which was when his estate was drawn up. Sometime later that year, Marie Deligny married Julien Allard. Marie died 24 December 1696 and was buried the next day at Château-Richer.1,2,5

Jean MIGNERON dit Lajeunesse & Marie PAVIE

Jean MIGNERON dit Lajeunesse dit Petit Jean was from Mougon, Niort, Poitiers, Poitou, France; born there in 1636 to Pierre & Marie Guilminet. His confirmation on 6 June 1661 may indicate that his religious affiliation was other than Catholic before coming to Canada.2,5
Marie was a fille à marier from Le Château-d'Oléron, Île d'Oléron, Rochefort, La Rochelle, Saintonge, France; born there about 1637 to Christophe PAVIE & Madeleine NADEAU or Audet. Marie arrived in Québec City on 21 June 1657 aboard the ship Taureau.5
Although their marriage contract was created for the couple on 19 August 1657, the date of the actual wedding is not known. The couple had 7 children; our ancestor Marguerite was the first born.5
By 1699, Jean's health was suffering; he spent 16 days in the Hôtel-Dieu-du Québec in February of that year. Jean Migneron died 16 December 1700 and was buried the next day at Ste. Foy, Quebec. Marie's constitution seemed weaker than her husbands in light of her frequent hospital stays; she was recorded at the Hôtel-Dieu on 26 May and 8 August of 1691, 5 May 1694, and 1 December 1696. Despite this, she lived 13 years longer than her husband. Marie Pavie was buried 15 May 1713 at Ste. Foye.2,5

Jean MONTY - Marie Marthe POYER

Jean came from the St. Bernard, Cominges, Gascogne region of France. His parents were Dominique MONTY & Jeanne BENOIST, about whom nothing else is known. Tanguay's Dictionary claims that he was a soldier.2
Marie Marthe was born in August of 1710 in Chambly, Chambly, Quebec. Her parents were Jacques POYER & Marguerite DUBOIS.2
Jean and Marie Marthe were married 27 February 1729 in Chambly. They had two known daughters, Marie Genevieve and Marguerite.1,2
According to the Descendants of Marie Marguerie Homepage, Marie Marthe Poyer carried the mitrochondial DNA type "French W". She seems to be the last one in this direct line to have this mitrochondial DNA. Her daughter Marie Geneviève (not in our direct line) also carries it, but I do not know how far down her line it goes. I do not know enough about DNA to speculate why this is so; I simply offer it as information. Do follow the link, though; the site has lots of information about the Hertel-MARGUERIE line.3
Jean Monty died sometime before 17 February 1760, the date of Marie Marthe Poyer's remarriage to Philippe Meunier. Marie Marthe Poyer's death details are not known.2

Christophe PAVIE & Madeleine NADEAU

Christophe and Madeleine are the parents of Marie PAVIE. Their names are all that is known. I do not know if NADEAU or AUDET is the correct surname for Madeleine. Tanguay gives Nadeau and Peter Gagne believes it is Audet.2,5
I tend to use NADEAU in honor of Noella Nadeau, a very sweet Quebec native that transferred to my school in the 4th grade. I loved her to death and never forgot her. Of course, if I do find hard evidence that the name should be AUDET, I will change it. But for now....

Jacques POSE - Marie JOBIDON

Jacques is the son of Jean POSE & Isabelle HEBERT from the LaRochelle area of France. Jean died before 1 February 1678 as he is listed as "defunct" in his son's marriage record.1,2
Marie was born 16 March 1656 in Quebec City and baptized there two days later. Her parents were Louis JOBIDON & Marie DELIGNY.1,2,5
Jacques and Marie were married 1 February 1678 in Quebec City. Their daughter was Marie.1,2
Jacques Pose probably died sometime after 3 October 1712; the date of daughter Marie's marriage. Marie Jobidon died before that date, as she is noted as "defunct" in her daughter's marriage record.1,2

Jacques POYER - Marguerite DUBOIS

Jacques can also be found in some records as BOYER--Cyprien Tanguay refers to him in a footnote as "Boyer dit LaLapintarde; sergeant of the troops, company of M. deBeaujeau". His parents and origins are unknown.2
Marguerite was baptized 12 May 1685 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, the daughter of Antoine DUBOIS & Marie Marthe MORAL. Marguerite is also one of the women in this line to carry the "French W" haplotype of mitochondrial DNA.1,2,3
IJacques and Marguerite's wedding day is a mystery. Their one known child is Marie Marthe.1,2
Marguerite Dubois died 22 April 1737 at Chambly and was buried the next day. Jacques Poyer was buried 7 September 1748 at Sorel, Québec. He is, for some unknown reason, buried under the name "Page".1,2

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