Champoux - Provencher

The name CHAMPOUX was originally spelled Champout (at least as far back as I can find it). It is also spelled Champou and Champo. In more recent years, it can be found as Shampo and Shampoo; and probably some other forms that I'm not aware of.

The name Provencher may well have originated as Provenchères. The Provenchères seemed to originate from the Voseges region of the Haute-Marne, which was once Champagne. And there are Provenchères recorded in the Roman records of the Haute-Saone. And there is a village in the old department of Perche called Pervencher. Since the origins of our first Provencher ancestor, Sebastien, are not known, this all remains a mystery. I think the origins and mutations of our ancestral names are fascinating....don't you?.3


Pierre CHAMPOUX dit Jolicoeur- Genevieve GUILLET dit Lajeuness

Pierre Champoux hailed from the parish of St. Germain d'Eymet, diocese of Perigueux, in the Perigord region of France; his parents were Andre & Marie LAVEAU or Laval.2
His exact arrival date in Canada is unknown. The earliest record of his residence in New France is 6 August 1672 at Trois-Rivières, when, in the presence of witnesses, he renounced his Huguenot beliefs and converted to Catholicism. Converting to Catholicism was mandatory for anyone wishing to settle in New France.
In 1672, Pierre was in the service of Michel Godefroy. In 1676, Msr. Godefroy decided to reward Pierre for his good and faithful service by giving him a parcel of land in Bécancour.
Pierre married Genevieve Guillet about 1679 in Bécancour. Genevieve was born about 1665 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine to Pierre GUILLET & Jeanne ST. PÈRE. The family can be found in 1681 census of Bécancour.2,3, 4,5
Genevieve and Pierre Champoux had the following known children:
Marie- Born about 1681, she married Pierre Perrot, son of notorious fur trader Nicolas.2,3
Anne- Baptized 29 July 1683 and buried 2 August of the same year at Trois Rivières.2
Pierre- No birth/death info known; he married Thérèse Gélineau in 1716.3
Marie Madeleine- Baptized 20 October 1690 at Champlain, Québec and was wed to Joseph Caron.1,2,3
Jean- Baptized 21 June 1693 at Batiscan, Québec; he married Marie Anne Geneviève Bourbaut in 1722. As an interesting side note, his land was passed down from father to son until 1963, when the Canadian government appropriated it for an industrial center in Bécancour.3
Louis CHAMPOUX dit Beaucourt
Marie Geneviève- Baptized 8 July 1701 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Nothing else known.3

The records concerning this family are spotty at best. On 11 February 1703, a notarial act tells us that Geneviève is now a widow. No record of the death of Pierre Champoux can be found. On 29 September 1704, Genevieve married Jacques Bardin dit Charron. The only child of this union was baptized and buried on 16 October 1706. It seems that the oldest Champoux son, Jean, did not care for his new stepfather, as he ended up living with his sister Marie and her husband. Geneviève is widowed a second time when Jacques Bardin died on 2 July 1721.3
In 1724, she married Ange Lefebvre; but he, too, leaves her a widow in December 1735. Geneviève was left a parcel of land by her third husband, which she gave to her youngest son, Louis. She lived with Louis and his family until her burial at Cap-de-la-Madeleine on 13 April 1741.2

Louis CHAMPOUX dit Beaucourt - Marie Charlotte CREVIER

Louis was the son of Pierre CHAMPOUX & Genevieve GUILLET; born to them 6 February 1696 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine and baptized seven days later.8
Marie Charlotte was born on 10 July 1710 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine and baptized the same day. She was the daughter of Michel CREVIER & Angelique MASSÉ. In the baptismal records of her children, Marie Charlotte is recorded as Bellerive rather than Crevier.1
Louis and Marie Charlotte married on 28 October 1735 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec.2 They had the following known children, all of which were born/baptized at Cap-de-la-Madeleine:
Jean Felix- Born 27 December 1734 and baptized three days later. On an unknown date, Jean Felix enlisted in the militia and was transferred to Ft. St. Frederic, near Crown Point, NY. He was buried there on 9 September 1756.7
Marie Joseph- Little Marie was born on the morning of 23 November 1736 and was baptized the next day. Sadly, this baby barely lived a year; she was buried 15 February 1738 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine.1,2
Marie Madeleine- Born 1 March 1738, less than a month after the death of Marie Joseph, she was baptized "under condition" on 9 March 1738. A baby is given a conditional baptism if it is in danger of dying right away. Although she lived, Marie Madeleine must have been a sickly baby; she was buried a year and a half later on 6 October 1739 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine.1
Marie Agnes- Born 26 December 1739 and baptized the next day. Nothing else known.1
Louis- Born 3 August 1741 and baptized the 20th of the same month.1
Joseph Amable
Marie Charlotte- Born 12 September 1746 and baptized the next day.1
Marie Josephe- Born 30 August 1748 and baptized the next day.8
Pierre- This little guy was baptized 8 August 1751 and buried 18 May 1752 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine.1
Some webpages and family trees list more children for this couple than appears here; however I have not been able to find documentation to prove their existence.

Marie Charlotte died 11 March 1753 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine and was buried there the next day at Ste. Marie Madeleine church.1 Louis Champoux died 10 February 1753 at Bécancour and was buried there the next day.8

Joseph Amable CHAMPOUX - Marie Josephe PROVENCHER

Joseph Amable was born 19 May 1743 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec. He was baptized the same day at the church Ste. Marie Madeleine; his godparents were Nicolas LeBlanc and Magdeleine Provencher. His parents were Louis CHAMPOUX & Marie Charlotte CREVIER.1

Marie Joseph was baptized 26 September 1738 at Yamachiche, Quebec; born to Jean Baptiste PROVENCHER & Marie Josephe LESIEUR.2

The couple wed on 16 November 1767 in Yamachiche, Quebec. Joseph supported his family as a tenant farmer, and was able to write his own name as a witness to his son's marriage contract.1

Although they undoubtedly had more children, the only one I have uncovered thus far is:

Joseph Amable Champoux and Marie Josephe Provencher's death details are unknown.

Louis CHAMPOUX - Theotiste RIVARD

Louis Champoux was baptized in Yamachiche, Québec on 14 December 1774, the son of Joseph Amable & Marie Josephe PROVENCHER.1

Theotiste Rivard was the daughter of Alexis RIVARD & Veronique GAUTHIER, born to them on 9 March 1780 at Yamachiche.1

Louis and Theotiste were married 6 November 1797 in Yamachiche, Quebec. They had the following known children:
Madeleine- Born 11 September 1802 and baptized the same day at Yamachiche.1
Joseph- Born and baptized 31 July 1804 in Yamachiche.1
Olivier- Born and baptized 7 July 1806 in Yamachiche. Sadly, baby Olivier died a few months later on 29 November, and was buried the next day at Yamachiche.1
Marie- Born and baptized in Yamachiche on 19 September 1807.1
Olivier- Born 9 August 1809 in Louiseville, Québec and baptized there the next day.1
Isidore- Born and baptized 6 August 1811 in Yamachiche.

Louis Champoux died on 29 November 1828 in Baie du Febvre and was buried the same day, which usually assumes some type of contagious illness. Theotiste Rivard's death details are not known.1



Sébastien was born in 1628; his origins in France and his parents are unknown.

Sébastien was in the colony of New France at least by June 1661, the date of a document notarized by Claude Herlin, stating that Sébastien owed Pierre Boucher some money. This document also tells us that Sébastien could not sign his name; he simply made his mark. In 1662, he obtained a parcel of land from the Jesuits at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. And on 22 January 1663, he entered into a marriage contract with Marguerite Manchon, who was born in France in 1637. Due to the fact that the marriage acts have been lost, her parents and origins are as mysterious as her husband's.3
Although some sources list Marguerite as a fille du roi, the date of this marriage contract proves otherwise, as the first filles du roi did not arrive in New France until September 1663. For reasons unknown, she is not included in the count of filles à marier either, so her year of immigration to Canada is also a mystery.5
Two weeks after the marriage contract was signed, the intense earthquake of 5 February occurred in Québec. It is reported to have completely destroyed what were once cliffs along the river at Trois-Rivières. This must have frightened out ancestors horribly. In an all-Catholic colony--and in a time period where scientific research was all but non-existent--most of the people probably thought this was a punitive measure from God. Go here to read more about what is known today as the "Charlevoix earthquake".3,5

The couple had the following children:
Marie Madeleine- Born about 1664. She married Aubin Mondoux in 1676.3
Marguerite- Born about 1666, she was wed to Antoine Cottenoire in 1682.3
Louis- Born 1668. Married Simone Massé 14 May 1691 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Simone had been born in 1670, the daughter of Jacques MASSÉ & Marie Catherine GUILLET1,3
Sébastien- Born about 1670. In 1694, he married Marie Anne Massé, sister to Simone Massé. The couple had three known sons. Sébastien Jr. was buried 18 February 1739 at Montreal.1,2
Jean François
Marie Catherine- Born about 1678, she married Louis Massé in 1702. Louis was the brother of Simone and Marie Anne.3

Marguerite Manchon died 28 January 1688 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, where she was buried the same day; burial on the same day as death usually indicates a contagious disease. There had been another funeral of significance in the neighborhood as well; Jacques MASSÉ, husband of Marie Catherine Guillet, who had been buried a couple of months earlier. Sébastien Provencher, widower, could certainly use some help with his younger children....the recently widowed Mrs. Massé could use some help around the farm....3

The month of April 1691 was a busy one for the trusted men of Cap-de-la-Madeleine. On 5 April, Sébastien Provencher, Sr. had his estate inventoried. Twenty-one days later, Marie Catherine Guillet also had an estate inventory done. The following day, 27 April, Sébastien and Marie Catherine signed a marriage contract. As if that weren't cozy enough, Sébastien and Marie Catherine celebrated their marriage on 14 May 1691--the same day as his son and her daughter, Louis Provencher and Simone Massé, took their vows! And, as noted above, there would be a total of three marriages between the Provencher-Massé brood.1,3

Sébastien and Marie Catherine had three daughters before they both died. On 6 January 1711, the children gathered together to settle the estate of the couple, who seemed to have died near the end of 1710; their exact death details are not known. The question of the division of the couple's property between the heirs was settled by Louis Provencher buying the entire estate from his siblings, step-siblings and half-siblings.1,3

Jean François PROVENCHER dit Ducharme- Marguerite MOREAU

Jean François was the son of Sébastien PROVENCHER & Marguerite MANCHON, born to them 1 February 1674 and baptized the next day at Cap-de-la-Madeleine.1

Marguerite was born in Champlain, Quebec to Jean MOREAU & Anne GUILLET; she was baptized on 3 February 1680.1

This couple married 15 November 1701 in Batiscan and had one known son, Jean Baptiste PROVENCHER dit Ducharme.1,2
Jean François Provencher was buried 2 February 1734 in Bécancour, Quebec.2 There is no death information available for Marguerite.

Jean Baptiste PROVENCHER dit Ducharme- Marie Joseph LESIEUR

Jean Baptiste was born about 1708 to Jean François PROVENCHER & Marguerite MOREAU.2

Marie Josephe LESIEUR was born and baptized on 2 November 1707 at Batiscan, Quebec. Her parents were Julien LESIEUR & Simone BLANCHET; her godparents were Augustin Lesieur and Marie Josephe Trottier.1

Jean Baptiste married Marie Josephe on 2 May 1737 at Yamachiche, Quebec. Their one known child was Marie Josephe.

Marie Josephe Lesieur was buried on 6 June 1761 at Yamachiche. Jean-Baptiste Provencher's death details are unknown.2

The In-Laws

All of the in-laws on this page are direct line ancestors and their names link to their respective pages.

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