Miguet dit Latremouille..and Vice Versa

This family surname started as Miguet. The Latremouille was added as a dit name at some point, and then the Miguet was dropped altogether.

Because the path from Latremouille to Noel was primarily female, there will be quite a few direct line surnames on this page.

Sylvain Jacques MIGUET dit Latremouille - Marie Anne VAUDRY

Sylvain Jacques was born about 1666 in St. Syvran, Poitiers, Poitou, France to Leonard MIGUET & Catherine DINCOTE, about whom nothing else is known. The details of his immigration to Canada are unknown. Tanguay's Dictionary lists him as the "Seargeant of the Company of Beauville".1
Marie Anne was born about 1667 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec to Jacques & Jeanne RENAULT. She was widowed by Claude Crepin, who she married at Montreal in 1692.1,2
Sylvain Jacques and Marie Anne were married 27 November 1706 in Montreal.1 They had two known children; Marie Renée and Jacques Urbain.
Marie Anne Vaudry died 15 October 1720 in Montreal, just shy of the couple's 14th anniversary. Ten months later, Sylvain Jacques followed suit; dying on 4 August 1721 in Montreal and being buried the same day. The lack of a 24-hour waiting period for his burial may indicate death by a contagious disease. They were both buried at the Basilique Notre Dame in Montreal.1

Jacques Urbain MIGUET dit Latremouille - Marie Josette LESUEUR

Jacques Urbain was the son of Silvain Jacques MIGUET dit Latremouille & Marie Anne VAUDRY. He was born 20 October 1709 in Montreal and baptized the same day in that city's Basilque Notre-Dame. He had little education, evidenced by the fact that he couldn't sign his name.1
Marie Josette or Joseph was born to Jean-Baptiste & Louise DENOYON on 30 April 1713 in Boucherville and was baptized the same day. She seemed to prefer to be called "Josette", as she signed her name that way.1
Jacques Urbain and Marie Josette were married in the bride's hometown of Boucherville on 31 August 1733, with Josette signing the marriage record.1
The couple appears to have settled in Boucherville, as their son, Jean Marie, was born there.1
Josette was first to die, interred on 19 June 1751. Jacques Urbain lived another 29 years before dying on 30 July 1780. He was buried the next day "in the cemetery" at Boucherville.1

Jean Marie MIGUET dit Latremouille - Marie Anne RACICOT

Jean Marie was baptized 30 January 1747 in Boucherville, Quebec, the son of Jacques Urbain MIGUET dit Latremouille & Marie Josette LESUEUR. Jean Marie's birth record lists his surname as Latremouille.1
Marie Anne was born and baptized 20 October 1752 in Boucherville, Quebec, the daughter of Joseph RACICOT & Françoise FAVREAU.1
Jean Marie and Marie Anne were married on 3 November 1772 at St. Famille in Boucherville.1,2
Their only known child Charles Philippe LATREMOUILLE, would never know his father. Jean Marie Miguet dit Latremouille died 15 February 1781 and was buried in Boucherville the next day; 6 months before Charles Philippe's birth. Marie Anne's death details are not known.1

Charles Philippe LATREMOUILLE - Marie HINS

Charles Philippe was born 23 August 1781 in Boucherville to Jean Marie MIGUET dit LatremouilleMarie Anne RACICOT. He was baptized on the same day; his godparents were Charles Racicot and Marie Magdeleine Laforge.1
After the customary publication of 3 banns, Charles Philippe married Marie HINS on 23 October 1809 at St. Joseph, Chambly, Chambly, Quebec. Charles Philippe supported his family as a farmer.1
Charles Philippe and Marie had 17 known children, all born, and in some cases died, in Chambly:
Médérice- Born and baptized 6 July 1810.1
Charles- Born 2 September 1811 and baptized the next day.1
Narcisse- Born and baptized 13 September 1812.1
Marie- Born and baptized 12 May 1817.1
David- Born 30 June and baptized 1 July 1818.1
Marie Marguerite- Born 5 November 1819 and baptized the next day. She died 4 May 1820 and was buried the next day. She was buried somewhere other than Chambly, but that place could not be deciphered on the burial record.1
Genevieve- Born 13 November 1820 and baptized the next day.1
Moyse- Born and baptized 7 November 1821. Moyse died 24 July 1822 and was buried the next day at St. Joseph's, Chambly.1
Jean Moise- Born 28 February 1823 and baptized the next day--which was 29 February.1
Marie Adelaide Julienne- Born 18 September 1825 and baptized the next day. The very day after her baptism, she died. She was buried 22 October 1825 at St. Joseph's.1
Joseph Hector- Twin to Hyzin. Born and baptized 11 January 1827; died and buried 26 January 1827.1
Hyzin Isaac- Twin to Joseph. Born and baptized 11 January 1827; died and buried 27 January 1827, the day after his twin.1
Charles Hector- Born and baptized 1 June 1828. He died 27 June 1828 and was buried the next day.1
Abraham- Born 12 October 1829 and baptized the next day. He died and was buried 4 February 1832.1
Solomon- Born 25 January 1832 and baptized two days later at St. Joseph's.1
Eugenie- Born about 1833. I am guessing at the name, as it comes from the 1851 census record and the writing was hard to read.3
With five siblings dying after she was born, one wonders if Marguerite was an overprotective mother with her own children?
Marie Hins died sometime between 25 June 1832 (the birth of her last child) and 7 January 1846. The latter date was the date of Marguerite's marriage to Moise Noël; Marie Hins is listed as "defunct" in that record.1 Charles Philippe Latremouille was listed in the 1851 Lacolle census. In the 1861 Lacolle census, he was enumerated with his daughter Marguerite's family; he died sometime after that.3

The In-Laws

There are quite a few of them here! They are listed in alphabetical order by husband's surname.


Marc and Louise were married about 1630 in La Rochelle and had daughter Marthe about 2 years later.
Marc Arnue died sometime before 1640, when Louise Brodeur married Jean Sauviot. They had daughter Marguerite Sauviot a year later. But Jean Sauviot died sometime before 1658, which is when Louise Brodeur gathered up her two aforementioned daughters (both of whom are considered filles à marier and immigrated to Canada. It is not known if Louise remarried or when she died.5


Jean was born in 1681 to Pierre & Marie BENOIT. Jeanne MEUNIER was born in 1685 to Pierre & Marie Barbe RICHAUME.
Their marriage intentions were published on 27 December 1701 and again on 6 January 1702, culminating in their marriage celebration on 23 January 1702. Their daughter was Françoise FAVREAU. Nothing else is known about this couple.1,2

Pierre FAVREAU dit Deslauriers & Marie BENOIT

Pierre was born about 1636 in France; his parents and hometown are unknown. He arrived in Canada on 17 August 1665 as a solider with the Contrecoeur Company of the Carignan Regiment.6
Marie was a fille du roi that arrived in Montreal about 1667 at age 14, which makes her born about 1653. Her parents and origins in France are unknown. She came with no known dowry, and there is no record of her receiving the King's Gift.6
Pierre and Marie were married about 1668 at Contrecoeur, Quebec. Pierre farmed for Monsier Arnault for a living.Jean FAVREAU was the 7th of 13 children born to this couple.6
Pierre died on 26 May 1708 at Contrecoeur and was buried there two days later. Marie was buried 18 June 1725 in Montreal.6

Pierre FAYE dit Villefagnan & Marie CHAUVET

Pierre was from St. Pierre de Villefagnan, Angoulême, Angoumis, France; born there around 1637 to Jacques & Isabelle BEGUIN; nothing else known about his parents. Pierre's surname has been recorded as Faye, Failly, Fagnan, and Villefagnan in various records. He arrived in Canada on 18 June 1665 as a soldier with the Carignan Regiment.6
Marie was a fille du roi from Ste. Marguerite, Tonny-Charente, Rochefort, Saintes, Saintonge, France. She was born there about 1641, a daughter of sailor Jacques & Michelle MICHELETTE; Jacques Chauvet died about 1668, which was when Marie came to Canada. She brought with her a dowry of goods worth about 300 livres.6
There is no mention of her receiving the King's Gift of 50 livres after her marriage to Pierre on 16 August 1668. Their marriage contract was drawn up on 10 August 1668; neither party was able to sign it.6
Marie seemed to be unable to settle into married life in the beginning. She carried on affairs with both Pierre Vivien and Étienne Le Roy. After discovering that her husband was aware of her dalliances, she appeared before the Conseil Souverain on 2 January 1669 and accused Vivien and Le Roy of rape in an attempt to save her reputation. It was an attempt that the Conseil saw through; and they charged all 3 parties with adultery.6
Marie's sentence was the shaving of her head and being beaten with sticks in the public square, along with a prison sentence; the latter of which was postponed because Marie was pregnant. After giving birth to a son in April of 1669 (he was buried 4 days later), she fulfilled her debt to Canadian society on 8 July of that year. Marie's lovers were sentenced to 8 days in prison--shackled in irons and on bread and water rations. They also had to pay 28 livres each--15 to Pierre Faye, 10 to the hospital in Quebec, and 3 for court costs.6
Pierre and Marie moved to Charlesbourg after this incident. They had 9 children altogether; their 5th child was Marie Anne. All but the aforementioned first child lived to adulthood.6
Pierre Faye died on 27 December 1692 at the Hôtel Dieu du Quebec. Marie Chauvet died at Quebec City sometime after 10 April 1709.6

Jean L'ABBÉ & Marie FAYE dit Fagnan

Nothing at all is known about Jean. Marie was the daughter of Pierre FAYE & Marie CHAUVET; she was baptized 20 June 1678 in Charlesbourg, Québec.1,2,5 Their wedding date is unknown. Their child was Marie Jeanne. This is all that is known about this couple.

Pierre MEUNIER dit Lapierre & Marie Barbe RICHAUME

Pierre was born in 1648, his origins and parents are not known.2
Marie Barbe was the daughter of Pierre & Marthe ARNUE.1,2,5
Pierre Meunier worked as a farmer for M. Boucher, according to his daughter Jeanne MEUNIER's marriage record, which is the only evidence uncovered thus far that this couple were married.1
The couple's 3 known daughers--Anne, Marie Barbe, and Jeanne--all married sons of Pierre FAVREAU & Marie BENOIT.1
Pierre died on 4 January 1695 in Boucherville and was buried there the next day.1Marie Barbe's death details are unknown.

Jacques RACICOT & Marie Jeanne L'ABBE

Jacques was born in the French parish of St. Jean, in the town of Chàteau-Gontiers, diocese of d'Angers, Anjou. His parents were Michel RACICOT & Genevieve ALARD, about whom nothing else is known. I don't know when he came to Canada.2
Marie Jeanne was born in Charlesbourg, Quebec on 13 July 1694 to Jean L'ABBE & Marie Anne FAYE dit Fagnan; she was baptized the next day.1
Jacques and Marie Anne were married in Quebec City on 6 May 1715. Although Jacques' signature is absent in the marriage record, he was able to sign the birth record of his son Joseph RACICOT.1,2
This couple's death information is not known.

Joseph RACICOT & Françoise FAVREAU

Joseph was born in 1726 to Jacques & Marie Jeanne L'ABBE.2
Françoise was born in 1725 to Jean FAVREAU & Jeanne MEUNIER.2
After the traditional publication of 3 banns, the couple wed on 29 April 1748 in Boucherville. Both of their signatures are missing from the record--we must assume that they could not sign their names. Their daughter Marie Anne was also born in Boucherville.1 It is not known where or when this couple died.

Pierre RICHAUME dit Petrus & Marthe ARNUE

Pierre came from Hiers-Brouage, Rochefort, Saintes, Saintonge, France. He was born in 1634 to Simon RICHAUME & Catherine BELIER , and came to Canada with his father in 1644. In the 1666 census, Pierre's surname was listed as "Richome", which could mean that this is a derivative of the French phrase "rich homme"--meaning rich man. Rich or not, he had enough education to be able to write his name.1
Marthe was baptized 28 March 1632 in Ste.-Marguerite, La Rochelle, Aunis, France. Her parents were Marc ARNUE & Louise BRODEUR. Marthe, along with her half sister Marguerite Sauviot, was one of the filles à marier who landed at Montreal in 1658 with their mother.5
The 16th day of September 1658 was a big day in Montreal. On that day, Pierre and Marthe, along with 6 other filles à marier (one of which was her half-sister Marguerite Sauvoit), were married. Pierre and Marthe's marriage contract was penned on 2 September 1658. Pierre and Marthe had 9 children. Thier first children were a set of twins, Gabriel and our ancestress Marie Barbe Richaume; sadly, Gabriel died at 6 months old.1,6
Pierre Richaume dit Petrus died sometime between 8 May 1688 and 1 March 1689 at Repintigny, Quebec. Marthe Arnue died at the Hôpital Général de Montréal on 26 August 1700. She was buried the same day, which may mean that she was a casualty of that year's influenza epidemic.1,6

Simon RICHAUME & Catherine BELIER

There is nothing known about Catherine, other than she died sometime before 1644. The date of her marriage to Simon is not known; their son was Pierre.6
The information about Simon is conflicting. I give you what I know:

Simon Richaume seemed to be enlisted to go to Montreal by 29 April 1644, as Jerome le Royer lists Simon Richorme, wheelwright and carpenter, as one of the 5 citizens from Brouges hired for 3 years at a salary of 100 livres. Simon Richaume died 8 Feb 1655 in Montreal after a tree fell on him.
Historian Cyprien Tanguay did not feel that Simon was the father of Pierre.
Historian E. Z. Masicotte claims that Simon and Pierre did not arrive in the colony until 1648.2,7
See? Clear as mud.

Jacques VAUDRY - Jeanne RENAULT

Jacques was born about 1636 in Lamberville, Normandy, France. His parents were Adrien & Marthe DESCHAMPS, about whom nothing else is known.1,2
Jeanne was born about 1640 in St. Nicolas, La Rochelle, Aunis, France to Vincent RENAULT & Marie MARTIN, about whom nothing else is known.1,2
Jacques Vaudry and Jeanne Renault were married 14 February 1661 in Trois-Rivières. They had 10 known children; one of which was Marie-Anne VAUDRY.1,2

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