There are two separate Denoyon direct lines in this family. In both lines, the surname only makes a brief appearance before merging into other family lines, so it should be easy to follow.

I am starting with the group of Denoyon's that has the oldest children.


Thie couple is from the Rouen area of France. Jeanne's surname has been recorded as Franchard and Franchart.1,3 The couple had three known children, all of whom left home for Canada:

  • Suzanne- Baptized 3 April 1626 at St.Pierre-du-Châtel, Rouen, Normandy, France, she was a fille à marier who arrived in Trois-Rivières as early as 1649, the year of her marriage to Claude David (a fur trader and firearms repairman). Suzanne died sometime after 11 May 1701 at Bécancour, Québec.1
  • Guillaume- Baptized 19 October 1640 at St.Pierre-du-Châtel, Rouen, Normandy, France. Married Jacqueline Aubry, a fille du roi 22 March 1689 at Lachine, Québec. They had no children. Plowman Guillaume died 10 July 1704 at Lachine and was buried the next day.2

Jean Andre DENOYON - Marie CHAUVIN

Jean Andre was born about 1642 in France. While it is not known exactly when he arrived in New France, we know that Jean Andre was here by 1666, as he is shown in that year's census; his brother Guillaume was living with him as well. Jean Andre was a master "edge-tool" maker.2
Marie was the daughter of Marin & Gillette BANNE, and had been baptized 8 September 1650 in Troi-Rivières.1,3 She had previously been widowed by Rollin Langlois.2 Marie married Jean Andre on 20 July 1665 in Trois-Rivières.3 She may have had to keep house for both Jean Andre and his brother Guillaume, who did not marry until 1689.2
Jean Andre and Marie had two known children: Marie, born 30 June 1671 in Boucherville and LOUISE .3,4
Jean Andre Denoyon died 9 March 1692 in Boucherville, Québec and was buried there the next day.4 No death information for Marie Chauvin at this time.

Now we move on to the second Denoyon family. Remember, these two Denoyon families are not related as far as I have been able to determine; although they are both from the Rouen, France area.

Adrien DENOYON - Marie Catherine CHEVALIER

The couple was from the Rouen, France region. Adrien was a master vinegar maker. Adrien and Marie Catherine's daughter was Marie.
Adrien died sometime in 1670, as this was the catalyst for his daughter's immigration to Canada.2 That is all that is known about this couple.


Born in 1636 to rope maker Jean & Françoise HARAN or Havan, Charles was from Le Pollet, a fabourg of Dieppe, Rouen, Normandy, France. A fabourg is a section of a city that is or once was located outside the city walls. There is no other information available about his parents.
Charles had been married in France in 1657 to Marguerite Marot, who did not accompany him to Canada. It is presumed that she died before he immigrated or on the passage to New France, as there seems to be nothing recorded to indicate that Charles was a bigamist.2
Charles entered into a marriage contract with Marie Denoyon on 25 August 1670, two days after he had a marriage contract with fille du roi Marie-Madeleine Gobert drawn up--an instrument that he had annulled before the contract with Marie was written. Charles, however, made good on his contract with Marie--a document that neither one could sign--and the wedding was celebrated on 8 September 1670 in Château-Richer, Quebec.2
Marie was a fille du roi from Elbeuf, Rouen, Normandy, France, where she was born about 1643, daughter of Adrien & Marie-Catherine CHEVALIER. Marie went to Canada in 1670 with a dowry of goods worth 200 livres; the King added his Gift of 50 livres when she wed Charles. The couple had 5 children, but only 3 would survive childhood; their daughter Marie Charlotte is our ancestress.2
Charles Davenné died 23 November 1708; he was buried 25 November at Montmagny, Quebec. Marie Denoyon died 7 months later on 20 June 1709 and was buried the next day at Quebec City.2

The In-Laws

Talk about your stereotypical in-laws; there's a pair in here that may give you nightmares! They are listed in order of husband's surname. The in-laws for both Denoyon families are contained in this section.

Marvin CHAUVIN - Jacques BERTAULT - Gillette BANNE

Jacques Bertault was born in 1626 in Les Essar, La Roche-sur-Yon, Luçon, Poitou, France; his parents were Thomas & Catherine COULONNE. The particulars of his immigration to Canada are not known.
Gillette Banne was a fille à marier; she arrived in Canada around 1649. She came from Argences, Caen, Bayeux, Normandy, France where she was born circa 1636 to Marin & Isabelle BOIRE.
Gillette married Marin CHAUVIN dit Lafortune about 1649 in Trois-Rivières.1 Marin was baptized 16 March 1625 in Le Mesnil, St. Medard de Réno, Tourouvre, Mortagne, Perche, France. His parents are assumed to be Nicolas & Catherine PIEDGARS. There is a second Marin Chauvin listed in the St. Medard records; the year of birth was 1609 and the father was Jean Chauvin. The years of birth lent researchers to believe that the male born in 1619 was the Marin Chauvin that fit this profile. Marin Chauvin signed an enlistment contract to work in Canada on 8 March 1648. The salary was a low 40 livres per year, as Marin was an unskilled laborer.
Marin and Gillette had one child, MARIE, baptized 8 September 1650 at Trois-Rivières.
On 7 June 1651, Gillette was given 1/3 of an arpent of land in Trois-Rivières next to the palisade on the condition that she build a house and have it enclosed with a sturdy fence. This gives way to the assumption that Marin Chauvin had died between the birth of his daughter and this date.
Gillette married locksmith Jacques Bertault in 1653. The couple had 6 children, all baptized in Trois-Rivières:

  • Jacques- Baptized 25 November 1654 and died sometime before the 1666 census.1
  • Marguerite- Baptized 21 December 1655.1
  • Élisabeth Thérèse- Baptized 23 January 1659. Married Julien Latouche 12 August 1671 at Trois-Rivières.1
  • Jeanne- Baptized 29 March 1660.1
  • Nicolas- Baptized 26 February 1662.1
Jacques felt that it was his duty as a father to find good husbands for his daughters.
His choice for his daughter Élisabeth was most unfortunate. Julien LaTouche was 30 years old when he married 12 year old Élisabeth; a union that took place while Gillette was away from home. It was evident from the beginning that Père Bertault did not do much research on Mr. Latouche. Julien was a poor farmer and an even worse husband. Julien drank heavily and beat Élisabeth. On the many occasions when Élisabeth would take her meals with her family (as there was nothing to eat at her house), Élisabeth would cry on her mother's shoulder about her horrible husband. Gillette, driven to distraction by her daughter's distress, decided something had to be done. So...she and Jacques Bertault tried to poison Latouche. But the poison (in plant form) had no effect on him. So Jacques and Gillette beat Julien Latouche to death. They were subsequently hanged for this crime. Want even more details--including the testimony of their daughter? Go here to read a detailed account of this crime, provided by James Woher from the Journal of American-French Genealogy.
The hanging of Jacques Bertault and Gillette Banne took place in the haute-ville, or upper part of the town, of Québec on 9 June 1672.1


The only thing that is known about Jean and Marie is that at the time of the marriage of their son Jean Baptiste LESUEUR, they were residents of "Ville Marie", which was the original name for the settlement of Montreal.4

Jean Baptiste LESUEUR - Louise DENOYON

Jean Baptiste was born about 1668; the place of this event is unknown. His parents were Jean LESUEUR & Marie LEBEAU.4
Louise was born 26 September 1690 at Boucherville and was baptized two days later. Her parents were Jean Andre DENOYON & Marie CHAUVIN.4
Jean-Baptiste and Louise were married 29 November 1710. The custom of the publication of 3 banns was carried out prior to the wedding. Louise's parents saw to it that she had some education, as she was able to sign the marriage record. Her husband's signature is absent.The couple had 9 children--one of which was Marie Joseph or Josette LESUEUR.4

It is not known when or where this couple died or were buried.

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