Guillet - Masse - Rivard


François GUILLET & Perrine MÉNARD

This couple is from LaRochelle, France; nothing more about them is known. Their children were:
Mathurin- Born in LaRochelle; year of birth is unknown. He is believed to have arrived in the colony by 1647; he appeared in the records of Trois-Rivières by 1649. He married Catherine St. Pere, sister of his brother's wife, in 1649 at Trois-Rivières. Their marriage would be brief and childless. Mathurin Guillet dit LaRoche was killed by the Iroquois Indians while crossing the river at Trois-Rivères on 18 August 1652; details of that attack can be found here.
The death details for Francois Guillet & Perrine Ménard are unknown.4

Pierre GUILLET & Jeanne ST. PERE

Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse was from either Saintonge or La Rochelle, France; born there in 1626 to François GUILLET & Perrine MÉNARD. Pierre and his brother Mathurin are believed to have arrived in Canada about 1647 or so. It is not known when Pierre arrived in Trois-Rivières, but he is believed to have been one of its first settlers. He was a carpenter and woodworker by trade.4
Jeanne St. Père was baptized 3 February 1627 in St. Jean-de-Angély, Saintes, Saintonge, France. Her parents were Étienne ST. PÈRE & Marie Madeleine COUTEAU .
About 1647, Jeanne immigrated to Canada with her mother and sister Catherine ST. PÈRE; all 3 of these women were considered filles à marier. History records the daughters landing at Trois-Rivières, while their mother landed in Quebec.4
Jeanne and Pierre were married sometime in 1648 and had the following children:
Mathurin- Baptized 7 November 1649 at Trois-Rivières. In 1681, he married Marie Charlotte Lemoyne. He owned a thriving Montreal fur trade. He died about 1720.3,4
Jeanneton- Baptized 17 November 1652 in Trois-Rivières. She married Mathurin Roulliard from Notre-Dame-de-Cogne, Aunis, France. Mathurin died sometime before 1711. Jeanneton was buried at Batiscan the day after her 71st birthday; on 18 November 1723. The death register lists her as "Jeanne Roulliard".2,3,4
Louis dit St. Marc- Baptized 7 June 1657 at Trois-Rivières, he was a voyager and trader as well as a church warden. He married Marie Trottier in 1684.3
Marie- Baptized 17 October 1658 at Trois-Rivières; she had been born at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. She married Jean Baril about 1675.3,4
Marguerite- Also born at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, but baptized at Trois-Rivières on 22 August 1660. She married carpenter and militia captain Pierre Deshayes, but the marriage act is not to be found. Marguerite died sometime after 1713.3,4
Pierre- Born about 1663 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Pierre never married. His death details are unknown.3,4
Joseph- Born about 1664 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Another son who did not marry, he became the Sieur de Bellefeuille, as well as a merchant and trader in Montreal. He lived to a ripe old age.3,4

Other than a brief departure from the area to Québec after brother Mathurin was slain by the Iroquois, Pierre lived most of his life at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. He kept himself busy and productive by completing several construction jobs for his neighbors at Cap-de-la-Madeleine between 1660-1668; the census of 1667 showed that he had an impressive 78 arpents of land under cultivation; and in the years of 1666-1670, he was acquiring and re-selling real estate both at the Cap and at Batiscan. In the 1681 census, Pierre seems to have had two homes--one at the Cap and one at Lintot--that the family moved freely back and forth between. 3,4
Jeanne St. Père was very ill when she had her will drawn up on 16 February 1699. She died between that date and October 1670, which is when Pierre Guillet signed a marriage contract to fille du roi Madeleine Delaunay; they had no children together. Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse was buried 8 May 1695 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. His widow, Madeleine, returned to France and was buried in the St. Jean parish of La Rochelle on 6 February 1699.3,5


Jacques MASSÉ dit Beaumier - Marie Catherine GUILLET

Jacques was born about 1644 in Anjou, France to Jacques & Philippe DAVID; nothing else is known about his parents. It is believed that he immigrated to New France about 1665, the same year that the Carignan-Salièrs Regiment arrived. Jacques is included in the 1662 census of Québec and shown as being unmarried. By the beginning of 1667, Jacques obtained a parcel of land at Cap-de-la-Madeleine and began clearing it. His relatively short life would see him acquire more land, along with leasing lands for farming.3
Marie Catherine, the daughter of Pierre GUILLET & Jeanne ST. PÈRE, was born in Québec on 8 February 1656 and baptized 8 days later. When the couple's marriage took place on 18 November 1669, Marie Catherine was only 13 years old.1,2,3,5
Jacques and Marie Catherine had the following eight children:


Thomas Michel RIVARD - Jeanne CHEVREAU

Michel's name is found in various places as either Thomas or Michel or both. The couple is most likely from the Tourouvre, Perche region of France. Their son was Pierre. Jeanne Chevreau died before 13 September 1620; Thomas Michel Rivard died after that date.4

Pierre RIVARD - Jeanne MULLARD

Pierre was born sometime before 1599 in the St. Aubin parish of Tourouvre, Mortagene, Perche, France; his parents were Thomas Michel RIVARD & Jeanne CHEVREAU. This is the same parish--and most likely the same chuch!--that ancestor Jean GUYON helped to restore the church bell tower.3,4
Jeanne's parents were Robert MULLARD & Françoise LOUSCHE; Jeanne was baptized 9 July 1597 in St. Aubin; her godparents were Jean Isbeau, Jeanne Doucet, and Françoise Bovin.4
Pierre and Jeanne were married 11 November 1613 in St. Aubin. They had the following children:
Robert- Probably born in St. Aubin; Tanguay shows year of birth as 1638. If the given year of birth is correct, then it is unlikely that he immigrated with brother Nicolas in 1648. His actual year of immigration is unknown; it is known that he was confirmed 1 May 1664 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Sometime in 1664, Robert married Madeleine Guillet, daughter of Pierre GUILLET & Jeanne ST. PÉRE; she had been baptized 9 October 1650 at Trois-Rivières. Their daughter was Marie Charlotte. Robert Rivard died on the afternoon of 11 May 1699 and was buried the same day at Batiscan, Québec. Madeleine Guillet died 27 April 1736 and was also buried the same day at Batiscan.3,4
Jean-Baptized 20 November 1653 in Tourouvre, France. He married Louise Vaudron on 7 May 1674 in Tourouvre. There is a record of a Jean Rivard being confirmed at the same time as Robert Rivard in 1664 in Canada; but if it was the same Jean Rivard, then he must have returned to France to marry and stayed there.3

Pierre Rivard died sometime after March 1653; his son Jean must have been born posthumously. Jeanne Mullard's death details are unknown.

Nicolas RIVARD dit Lavigne - Catherine ST. PÈRE

Nicolas was the son of Pierre RIVARD & Jeanne MULLARD; he was baptized 17 June 1617 at St. Aubin, Tourouvre, Mortagne, Perche, France. His godparents were Nicolas Boucher and Jeanne Pichot. He enlisted to go to Canada on 6 March 1648 and worked for Noël Juchereau for 3 years. At some point he was made a militia captain and retired from that post in 1698 at 81 years of age.
Sister to Jeanne (and 7 years younger), Catherine was baptized 26 August 1634 in St. Jean-d'Angély, Saintes, Saintonge, France, daughter of Étienne ST. PÈRE & Marie Madeleine COUTEAU.
Catherine first married Mathurin Guillet. After his tragic death, Catherine married Nicolas, 17 years her senior, in 1653 at Trois-Rivières. Nicolas and Catherine had 10 children:
Nicolas- Baptized 1 May 1654 at Trois-Rivières, Nicolas was a wheelwright by trade. In 1689, Nicolas' grandmother Marie Madeleine COUTEAU made him the heir to her estate; follow her link to read more. During his lifetime, he was married to Elisabeth Trotier (20 November 1678 at Batiscan) and Françoise Marien (28 June 1709 at Québec) and had a total of 13 children. Nicolas Rivard died in 1719.3,4
Jeanne- Baptized 24 August 1656. She married Charles Dutaut 22 April 1669 and died in 1698.
François- Baptized 27 September 1659 at Trois-Rivières; he was the Sieur de Lacoursière. He married Madeleine Lepellée 18 February 1697 at Batiscan and had 7 children; then married Geneviève Chêne 1 April 1717 at Batiscan and had 6 children. François Rivard died in 1726.3,4
Pierre- Born about 1661, he married Catherine Trotier at Batiscan on 9 January 1685 and had 12 children. He was the Sieur de Lanouette. Pierre Rivard died in 1724.3,4
Marie Madeleine- Born about 1663 at Trois-Rivières. She married Pierre Lafond about 1667. Marie Madeleine Rivard died about 1737.3,4
Michel- Born about 1665 at Trois-Rivières and died about 1687; nothing else known.3,4
Jean- Born about 1668. He was the Sieur de Préville. He married Geneviève Trotier on 5 September 1703 at Batiscan and had 9 children. Jean Rivard died about 1731.1,3,4
Marie Catherine- Born about 1674. She married Alexis Marchand on 18 February 1697. Marie Catherine Rivard died about 1703.3,4
Antoine- Born in 1675 and was still alive in 1697. Nothing else known.3,4

Three years after his retirement, Nicolas Rivard dit Lavigne was buried on 1 June 1701 in Batiscan. Catherine St. Père died 27 June 1709 in Batiscan and was buried there the next day.3,4

Julien RIVARD dit Laglanderie - Elizabeth THUNAY-DUFRESNE

Julien was born 9 December 1657 in Trois-Rivirès and baptized the same day; his parents were Nicolas RIVARD & Catherine ST. PÈRE.2,4
Elizabeth THUNAY-DUFRESNE was born about 1667, daughter of Pierre-Felix THUNAY-DUFRESNE & Elizabeth LEFEBVRE.2
Julien and Elizabeth were married 16 November 1720 in Batiscan.2 They had 11 children:
Julien- This little guy was baptized 8 July 1683 and buried 20 August of the same year. Luckily, the same fate would not befall the rest of the children.1
Marie Catherine- Born 23 May 1685 and baptized the next day. Nothing else known.1
Julien- Born 28 December 1687 and baptized the next day. He married Catherine Gallion on 29 July 1721 in Batiscan. Julien Rivard was buried 28 March 1761 at Yamachiche, Québec.1,2
Marie Elizabeth- Baptized 20 September 1689 at Batiscan.1
Marie Magdeleine- Baptized 7 February 1692 at Batiscan.1
Michel- Baptized 28 October 1693.1
François- Baptized 20 May 1695 at Batiscan. He married Marie Catherine Moreau on 16 November 1720 at Batiscan. She was the daughter of Jean MOREAU & Anne GUILLET, born to them 6 July 1690 at Batiscan and baptized there the next day. Marie Catherine Moreau died sometime before 21 November 1757, when François married Charlotte Lesieur. François Rivard dit Laglanderie-Beaucourt was buried 1 May 1758 at Yamachiche.1,2
Nicolas- Baptized 25 March 1697 at Batiscan.1
Joseph- Born about 1704. Married Marie Toutant on 10 November 1732 in Champlain. She was the daughter of Nicolas & Marie Anne RAOUL, baptized 7 May 1702 at Champlain.2
Marie Joseph- Born 25 March 1705 at Batiscan and baptized the same day.1

Elizabeth Thunay-Dufresne was buried 26 March 1734 at Yamachiche. Julien Rivard's death details are unknown.2

Jean Baptiste RIVARD - Genevieve TOUTANT

Jean Baptiste was born 25 July 1702 at Batiscan, where he was baptized 2 days later. His parents were Julien & Elizabeth THUNAY-DUFRESNE.1,2
In March of 1728, Jean Baptiste Rivard married Genevieve at Yamachiche. She was baptized 31 March 1706 in Champlain, Quebec, the daughter of Nicolas TOUTANT & Marie Anne RAOUL. Jean Baptiste and Genevieve had one known son, Alexis.2
Genevieve Toutant died sometime before 7 February 1749, which is when Jean Baptiste Rivard married Marie Anne Lesieur (daughter of Charles Julien Lesieur/Marie Charlotte Rivard). Death details for Jean Baptiste are not known.

Alexis RIVARD - Veronique GAUTHIER

Alexis was the son of Jean Baptiste & Genevieve TOUTANT; he was baptized 26 December 1739. He was a tenant farmer.1,2
Alexis married Veronique, daughter of Joseph GAUTHIER & Jeanne FOUCHER, on 7 February 1763 at Yamachiche.2.
Alexis and Veronique had one known daughter, Theotiste.
Veronique Gauthier died sometime before the marriage of Theotiste on 6 November 1797, as she is listed as "defunct" in that record. Alexis must have lived for the wedding, but his death details are not known.2

The In-Laws

Sometimes the in-law section is just a list of names and little else. This in-law section has a little bit of information, so sharpen those pencils and get ready to make notes! The order is the same; listed in alphabetical order by husband's surname.


Antoine was a judge, born about 1619; his origins and parents are unknown.2
Anne was born in France in 1632, the daughter of Michel LENEUF du Hérisson; her mother is unknown. As Anne is not among the filles à marier/filles du roi, I am assuming that this couple married in France before coming to Canada. Their child was Marie.2
Antoine was buried 9 August 1691 in Champlain. Anne's death information is not known.2


The spelling of this surname varies by records; it is also spelled Gaultier or Gautier.
Jean was born about 1649 to Jean & Jeanne CHARDAVOUENNE in Saintes, France; nothing else is known about his parents.2
Jeanne was baptized 13 May 1657 in Trois-Rivières, the daughter of Nicolas PETIT & Marie POMPONNELLE.2,4
Jean and Jeanne wed on 26 November 1671 in Trois-Rivières. Their only known child is son Joseph.1,2,4
On 17 May 1672, Jean was at the river with his brother-in-law Louis Petit, where heard the cries of Julien Latouche being beaten to death by his in-laws, Jacques BERTAULT & Gillette BANNE in a barn across the river. Jean and Louis let Jacques & Gillette know that they had heard the commotion. The next day, they investigated the barn. The inside was splattered with blood. The men even found human teeth. Jean and Louis went to the authorities with their grisly discovery. An account of the incident--including testimony by the defendants--can be found here.
Jean Gauthier was buried 10 January 1717 in Montreal. Jeanne Petit death information is unknown.2


Joseph was born 2 October 1701 in Boucherville, Quebec; he was baptized there the next day. His parents were Jean GAUTHIER & Jeanne PETIT.1
Joseph married Jeanne in Lotbiniere, Quebec on 17 July 1735. Nothing at all is known about Jeanne. The couple had one known daughter, Veronique. The couple's death dates are unknown.2

Michel LENEUF du Hérisson

Michel was from France. His wife and mother of daughter Anne is unknown. Michel was a commercial brewer as well as being the Sieur du Hérisson. At this time, nothing more is known about Michel.


Jean was born about 1640 in Saintonge, France; his parents are unknown.2,3.
The daughter of Pierre GUILLET & Jeanne ST. PÈRE, Anne was born in Trois-Rivirès in September of 1654 and baptized 4 October of that year in Quebec.2,3,4
Jean and Anne were married about 1671 and had 6 known children:
Marie Charlotte- Born 5 July 1687 at Batiscan and baptized there the next day.1
Marie Catherine
François- Baptized 13 December 1692 at Batiscan.1
Marie Jeanne- Baptized 24 May 1697 at Batiscan.1
Marie Anne- Married a man named Jean 14 November 1696 at Batiscan. Jean's surname was illegible in the baptismal record.1

Jean Moreau died at Batiscan on 4 February 1711. Anne Guillet's death details are not known.1

Robert MULLARD & Françoise LOUSCHE

Robert was a manual laborer who married Françoise about 1588. Françoise's great-grandparents were Thomas LOUSCHE & Perrine MERCIER; but I do not known the names of her parents or grandparents.3 Nothing else is known about this couple.

Nicolas PETIT dit Laprée & Marie POMPONNELLE

Nicolas was from Le Gué-d'Alleré, Courçon, La Rochelle, Aunis, France; born there in 1632 to Nicolas PETIT & Catherine ANCELINE. He was a plowman who enlisted to go to Canada on 9 March 1649; he was educated enough to be able to sign his name.4
Marie was a fille à marier from Longéves, La Rochelle, Aunis, France. She was born in 1630 to Jean POMPONNELLE & Michelle BOULET, who had both died by time Marie left France. She arrived in Trois-Rivières about 1656.4
On 24 July 1656 Nicolas and Marie entered into a marriage contract; on 17 August they were married at Trois-Rivières. The couple had 9 children, all baptized at Trois-Rivières:
Louis- Baptized 4 August 1658 at Trois-Rivières. Louis, along with sister Jeanne's husband Jean Gauthier, heard the murder of Julien Latouche at the hands of Jacques Bertault & Gillette Banne.4
Pierre- Baptized 8 March 1660. Pierre died sometime between 1667 and the census of 1681.4
Jacques- Baptized 10 November 1661 and buried in December of the same year.4
Paul- Baptized 1 November 1662.4
Nicolas- Baptized 23 October 1664.4
Michel- Born about 1667.4
Marie Gertrude- Baptized 30 June 1669.4
Marie Françoise- Baptized in June 1671 and buried the 28th of that same month.4

Nicolas Petit died 26 June 1697 and was buried the next day at Varennes, Quebec. Marie died 18 November 1700 and was buried the next day at Varennes.1,2,4


Alexandre, master carpenter, was born in Dey, Aunis, France about 1636, the son of merchant Louis RAOUL & Jacqueline ROBIN; Louis had died sometime before January 1664 as he is written as "defunct" in his son's marriage record.2,3
>Marie was baptized 16 June 1650 in Trois-Rivières; daughter of Antoine DEROSIERS & Anne LENEUF du Hérisson.2
Alexandre was no stranger to the Desrosiers; indeed, he had been godfather to one of his future in-laws' children. On 19 January 1664, Alexandre paid a visit to notary Ameau with the oldest child of the Desrosiers--Marie. She was fifteen year old; he was twenty-eight. Her dowry was 300 livres. The wedding ceremony took place in Trois-Rivières on 19 February 1664.3
A year after the wedding, Alexandre presented himself before notary Ameau at Champlain to claim a parcel of land for he and his new wife to settle. They had 10 children in a period of 20 years, all born at Champlain, as follows:
Joseph François- Born about 1669, he was a voyager to the land of the Outaouais and a fur trader. He married Françoise Dubois in 1695. He died around 1734 or so.3
Jean- Born about 1676, Jean appeared in the census of 1681. Nothing else known.3
Jeanne- Born in 1677, she married Jean Dubois from St. Bonnet, Limoges, France in 1693. Jeanne died in 1709. Jean Dubois married Antoinette Limousin in 1713.3
Claire- Married Pierre Dubord in 1702 and died sometime after 1735.3
Marie Madeleine- Born in 1682 and is believed to have died in infancy.3
Michel- Born in 1684, he married Marie Renée de Billy. He acquired the dit name of Alexandre and became the founder of the Alexandre families in Champlain.3
Madeleine- Born on 25 February and buried two days later in 1686 at Champlain.3
Marie Françoise- Baptized 6 December 1687; buried 12 March 1688 at Champlain.3
Alexis- Born about 1691, he wore many hats: church warden, farmer, fiscal administrator and militia captain. Married Anne Charlotte Baudoin in 1716 and, through his dit name of Morinville, became the founder of the Morinville families in Champlain. He died sometime before 1762.

Alexandre Raoul died on 6 January 1692. The curate Gaspard Dufornel recorded this event under the name "Alexandre Raux". Marie Desrosiers was mentioned in the record books on and off for 20 years or so; the last mention of her occurs on the event of her son Alexis' marriage in 1716. After that, the records are silent.

Étienne ST. PÈRE & Marie Madeleine COUTEAU

Étienne's birth information and parents are unknown. He was a master pastry chef. He wed Marie Madeleine about 1626 in St. Jean-d'Angély, Saintes, Saintonge, France.
Marie Madeleine was the daughter of Jean COUTEAU & Jeanne MORANT; born in 1607 in St. Jean-d'Angély. Historian Berneval claims that she was known in France as Noémie Coutaud.
The couple had six children together before Étienne died sometime before May 1639. In 1647, Marie Madeleine--after annulling a marriage contract with André Musset--relocated to New France with her daughters Jeanne and Catherine, thus making all 3 of them filles à marier; her other four children had died in France.
Nearly in poverty, Marie Madeleine wasted no time in entering a marriage contract with Emery Calteau on 12 October 1647; the marriage date is unknown. The union was short-lived, as Emery was killed by the Iroquois Indians on 2 June 1653. Marie-Madeleine quickly entered into a marriage contract with Claude Houssard dit Petit-Claude on 2 November of that year. The couple had no children together.
On 15 April 1689, Marie-Madeleine had an act of donation drawn up in which her grandson Nicolas Rivard would inherit their land in exchange for his taking over the direct care of Claude, who had developed what can only be construed as a form of dementia; Marie Madeleine claimed he was in "utter madness" and that one had to clean up "every mess which may be imagined". She also asked that her surviving daughter Catherine care for her in her old age.
Nicolas did not have to care for Claude long--he only lived 4 months after the act was penned. The Rivard-St. Père family joined forces and began donating to a fund, created outside the act of donation, to pay for Claude's medical expenses; with granddaughter Madeleine Guillet renouncing her promised dowry of 300 livres to be donated to the cause.
Marie Madeleine died on 9 September 1691 and was buried the next day at Batiscan. She was buried under the name Cousteau.4


Pierre Felix was a surgeon from France, born there about 1633; parents unknown. He married Elizabeth, 18 years his junior, about 1666.1
Elizabeth was baptized 15 May 1651 in Trois-Rivières, the daughter of Pierre LEFEBVRE & Jeanne AUNEAU dit Aunois.
Pierre Felix and Elizabeth had one known daughter, Elizabeth THUNAY-DUFRESNE.
Pierre Felix was buried at Batiscan on 27 July 1683. Elizabeth married Jean Colet in 1687. Elizabeth Lefebvre's death details are unknown at this time.

Nicolas TOUTANT & Marie Anne RAOUL

Nicolas was born about 1651 in St. Aubin, Tourouvre, France to Antoine TOUTANT & Marie GITON. Did he know the Rivards before coming to Canada? I'd like to think so, but I really don't know.2
Marie Anne was born about 1672 to Alexandre RAOUL & Marie DESROSIERS.2,3
This couple married on 16 August 1686 in Champlain, Quebec. They had two known daughters; Marie and GENEVIEVE.2,3
Nicolas Toutant was buried 22 October 1711 in Champlain. Marie Anne Raoul's death details are not known.2

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