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I am going to break with my pattern of listing families in alphabetical order and instead start with the PARADIS family. I will begin with the couple that is the oldest and work forward.

Jacques PARADIS - Michelle PELLE

Not much is known about this couple who were from Mortagne, Perche, France. They lived in the Parish of Notre-Dame-de-Mortagne from 1602-1612. By 10 July 1616, they were living in the Parish of Sainte-Germain-de-Loyse. That is all that is known about this couple, save for this snippet of information: On 10 July 1616, in the parish of St.Germain-de-Loyse, Jacques signed a 3 year lease w/the cobbler Louis Girard for a "living room w/storage loft above the chamber where the lessor is residing; w/a shop off to one side for the lessor". Their only known child and our ancestor, Pierre, would have been a boy of 12 years old at that time.10

Pierre PARADIS - Barbe GUYON

Pierre Paradis was baptized 20 July 1604 at Notre-Dame-de Mortagne, Mortagne, Perche, France; his parents were Jacques PARADIS & Michelle PELLE. He was a cutler by trade.10
Barbe Guyon was baptized 19 April 1617 in Mortagne, Perche, France; the oldest child of Jean GUYON & Mathurine ROBIN. The couple were married in Mortagne on 11 February 1632.1,,5,8
The Paradis family missed an opportunity to relocate to New France in 1634, when Barbe's family caught the boat to Canada. This was due to Barbe having just given birth to their first child, Charlotte. However, the family did eventually move to the new colony in 1652.10,11
The couple had 12 children:
Charlotte- Baptized 4 April 1634 at Notre-Dame-de-Mortagne and buried 24 August 1643 at Sainte-Croix-de-Mortagne.8
Marguerite- Baptized 5 February 1636 at Notre-Dame-de-Mortagne. She did not come to Canada.8
Charles- Another child that elected to stay in France.8
Jacques-Baptized 24 March 1641 at Notre-Dame-de-Mortagne. He made the crossing to Canada and married Jeanne Françoise Milloir on 28 October 1668. She was the daughter of Jean & Jeanne Roy and was baptized 5 February 1653 at Québec City. She had been widowed by Mathurin LePrestre.1,7,8
Guillaume- Baptized 26 September 1644 in St.-Croix-de-Mortange, France. Married Genevieve Milloir on 29 October 1670 in Québec City. Genevieve had been baptized 6 April 1654 at Québec City. She was the sister of frere Jacques' wife Jeanne (What can I say--the Île d'Orleans is a small island!). Their daughter was Genevieve.1,7,8
Pierre- Baptized 2 October 1647 at St.-Croix-de-Mortagne, France. Married Jeanne Milloir about 23 August 1674 at Beauport. Jeanne was the sister of Jeanne Françoise and Genevieve.7,8
Jean- Baptized 14 November 1650 at Sainte-Croix-de-Mortagne. Before he married Jeanne Paquet, he had an "enfant naturel", or illegitimate child, with Claud Damise. He died 26 July 1717 and was buried the next day at Charlesbourg, Quebec.8
Marie Madeleine- Born 12 January 1656; baptized at Quebec. She married Robert Charest, son of Mathieu Charest & Sebastienne Veillon, on 22 April 1674 on the Île d'Orléans. She was buried 2 September 1684 at St. Pierre.8
Jean- This second Jean was born 1 July 1658 and baptized at Quebec. Jean would go on to become a "pilot", or ship's captain. He would eventually marry and settle in France.8
Louise- Born 5 August 1661 and baptized in Quebec two days later. She was married to Thomas Mézeray, Hilaire Sureau, and Jean Baptiste Jarry. She had four children by her first husband, eight by her second, and none by her third. Louise's death details are unknown.8

Pierre Paradis, like most of his fellow Québecois, was a devout Catholic who made religion a part of his daily life. But he wanted to do something extra--something special. So, in 1657, Pierre the cutler made a generous offer to the church--a large knife to cut the bread after it had been blessed for Communion.
Pierre Paradis was buried 25 January 1675 at Ste. Famille. On 3 April, Barbe Guyon had the inventory of his personal property taken. Five years earlier, Pierre had been ill in the Hôtel-Dieu of Québec and had written a will leaving everything to his wife save 20 livres to the hospital, 20 livres to the Jesuits, and 20 livres to the church at Beauport. Apparently this still stood upon his actual death.8
The winter of 1700 must have brought some type of epidemic to the colony--or at least to the Île d'Orleans. At any rate, Barbe Guyon was buried at St. Pierre on 29 November 1700. A week later, death had taken her son Pierre. His funeral took place 5 December 1700 at St. Pierre. Five days later, the mysterious malady claimed Pierre's wife, Jeanne Françoise Roy, who was buried 10 December 1700 in St. Pierre. Barbe Guyon had lived with her daughter Marie, wife of Guillaume Bauché, until at least 1681, as this is where the census of that year places her. Sometime after that, she went to live with "one of her sons" at St. Pierre. It is logical to assume that she was living with son Pierre, as he and his wife died right after Barbe did.8


Antoine BAUCHÉ - Marguerite GUILLEBERT

This couple hails from the Montmorency area of Paris, France. They had two known sons; GUILLAUME and René. René also came to Canada, married three times and had 17 children; none that would carry his surname on to future generations.
Nothing further is known about Antoine and Marguerite.9

Guillaume BAUCHÉ dit Morency - Marie Anne PARADIS

Guillaume was born about 1630 in Montmorency, Paris, France and was baptized in the church of St. Martin; a building that is noted today for its "flamboyant style door and ancient windows". His parents were Antoine BAUCHÉ & Marguerite GUILLEBERT.9
Although we don't know what year he came to Canada, we do know that the year 1656 was a good one for Guillaume. Not only did he receive his first land grant in April (on the Île d'Orléans), but he shortly thereafter fell in love. Marie Anne Paradis was the child of Pierre Paradis & Barbe Guyon and was born about 1642 in Mortagne, Perche, France. She came to Canada in 1652 with her parents.1,8,9
Guillaume and Marie Anne appeared before notary Audouart on 29 September 1656 for the creation of a marriage contract. They married on 16 Oct 1656. "Our French Canadian Ancestors" claims that this ceremony took place in the church of Notre-Dame at Québec. The marriage record says that the union took place at the home of Jean Guyon, grandfather of the bride. The latter source also shows the dates that the banns were published: September 29, 3 October, and 8 October of 1656. Is it possible that the signing of the marriage contract took place at the Guyon home? I don't know which information is correct.1,2,9
The couple had 13 children:
Martin- Born 30 April 1658 at Québec and baptized 7 July; same year/place of birth. He married Thérèse Gaulin 20 November 1703 at Ste. Famille, but had no children.9
Jacques- Born 1 May 1662 on the Ìle d'Orleans and baptized three days later at Château-Richer.9
Louise- Born 21 March 1664 in Quebec. Louise married Pierre Asselin on 20 November 1679 at Ste. Famille. Pierre was the son of David & Marie Catherine Baudard, born to them about 1659 in France. Pierre was buried 24 March 1694 at St. Famille. About two years later, Louise married Nicolas Leblond on 27 January 1696 at Ste. Famille. Nicolas was baptized 16 March 1667 at Ste. Famille; his parents were Nicolas & Marguerite Leclerc. Nicolas was the first cousin of Louise's brother in law, Jean Charles LECLERC.
Nicolas and Louise had one known child, Nicolas, in 1701.
Death details for this couple are not known.1,4,7,9
Guillaume- Born 25 April 1666 at Ste. Famille. He married Marie Madeleine Asselin on 23 November 1694 at Ste. Famille. She was born 10 April 1667 at Ste. Famille to Jacques & Louise Roussin. Their daughter Marie enriches our lineage with descendants.
Guillaume died 13 August 1717 at Ste. Famille; Marie Madeleine's death information is not known.1,9
Anne- Born in July 1670. Anne died 7 December 1670 at Ste. Famille.1,9
Anne- Same name and--sadly--the same fate s the child before, Anne was born 27 July 1672, baptized 7 August of the same year at Ste. Famille. She died on the last day of the year 1689, at age 17.1,9
Charles- Born 7 May 1674 and baptized on the 17th of the month at Ste. Famille. Charles died sometime before the 1681 census.1,9
Joseph- Born 23 March 1676; baptized two days later at Ste. Famille. Joseph passed away a few weeks later on 5 April.1,9
Joseph- Baptized 15 Mar 1677 at Ste. Famille. Joseph married Marthe Lemieux on 5 November 1698 at Cap St. Ignace, Québec. Their daughter was Marie Joseph. Joseph died about 1729. On 7 August 1730, Marthe married Michel Asselin. Marthe was buried in Ste. Famille on 28 December 1748.1,3,9
Gervais- Born 31 August 1681 and baptized at Ste. Famille the same day. Gervais died 20 November 1699.1,9

Guillaume enjoyed a reputation of hard work, friendliness, and piety. His judgment and levelheadedness earned himself a place on the jury in a case heard before the Conseil Souverain on 25 June 1668. His natural intelligence and common sense made up for his lack of formal education; indeed, he could not even write his name. His daughter Claire studied with the Ursulines at Québec in 1681, so Guillaume was wise enough to see that education was of value.9
Guillaume Bauché died 25 October 1687 and was buried the next day at Ste. Famille, Île d'Orléans. His youngest child was six years old. For fifteen years after Guillaume's death, Marie Anne handled the family's affairs. This did not prove easy, as local merchants tried, for unknown reasons, to make life difficult for her. In 1691 alone, she won two court cases involving local merchant Nicolas Marion (25 March) and local butcher François Carreau (11 December). She even took on the notorious Robert Giffard and found her efforts rewarded when she won her case in 1693.9
By 1700, Marie Anne was feeling her age and began falling ill on and off. She placed herself in the hands of her son Joseph and his wife Marthe Lemieux. In return for their care of her, she left them her property. On 27 August 1708, she had her will drawn up. Along with the above provision concerning her property, she left money to the church of Ste. Famille and also allocated money for perpetual masses. She also left money to the church of Ste-Anne. Marie Anne Paradis died on 15 December 1708.1,9


Jean ROUSSIN & Madeleine GUGIÉRE

This couple seems to be from Tourouvre, Perche, France. Although Tanguay claims that Madeleine's name "missed the registers", "Our French Canadian Ancestors" easily identifies her by name.1,9
The couple had three known children:


There is nothing else known about Jean Roussin & Madeleine Gugiére.

Nicolas ROUSSIN - Madeleine PARADIS

Nicolas ROUSSIN was born in France; the son of Jean ROUSSIN & Madeleine GIGUÉRE of Tourouvre, Perche, France. Nicolas' date of immigration to Canada is unknown.9
Nicolas married 15 year old Madeleine PARADIS at Beauport on 28 November 1667. Madeleine was baptized 3 August 1653 at Quebec; her parents were Pierre PARADIS & Barbe GUYON.1,9
The marriage produced one child, Marie. Unfortunately, the birth was too much for Madeleine to bear; she died 4 days after the child's birth.1,9

In 1671--two years after his wife's death--Nicolas married again. The bride he chose was Marie Madeleine Tremblay. She had been born 9 July 1658, so she was just barely 13 years old. Her parents were Pierre TREMBLAY & Anne ACHON. That couple would not only serve as Nicolas' in-laws, but would also become the in-laws of Nicolas' daughter Marie (from his first marriage) when she married the younger brother of Marie Madeleine Tremblay!1,7,9
Marie Madeleine Tremblay would bear 11 children for Nicolas Roussin before he was buried on 7 March 1697 at l'Ange-Gardien. She would go on to live another 39 years before she, too, was buried at l'Ange-Gardien on 10 April 1736.1,9

The In-Laws

Here they are, the families of the in-laws listed on this page, in alphabetical order by husband's surname--except for those who are linked to another page.

David Asselin & Marie Catherine Baudard & Marie Houdan

David Asselin was born about 1625 and is the brother of Jacques, below.1
David first married Marie Catherine Baudard. Genealogy of Canada gives the date of this union as 28 August 1655 at La Pollet, Dieppe, France; Tanguay gives only a year of marriage and says it occurred in 1658. Marie Catherine was born in France; her parents are not known. This couple had one known son--Pierre.1,3
Marie Catherine died in early 1670. On April 20, 1670 David Asselin married Marie Houdan at St. Jacques, Dieppe, France. They came to Canada with David's son Pierre sometime before December 1671, as their child, Antoine was baptized on Christmas Day of that year at Ste. Famille. Sadly, the infant lived less than a week; he was buried on New Year's Day, 1672.1,3
Tanguay's Dictionary lists the two wives of David Asselin as one person, which caused me to search for a Marie Catherine Houdan dit Baudard as a fille a marier. When I couldn't find her listed as such, I began searching for more information and found that they are two different women.1,3
David Asselin was buried at Ste. Famille on 5 December 1687. Marie Houdan was buried in the same location on 14 November 1713.1

Jacques Asselin - Louise Roussin

Jacques hails from Baragmond, Rouen, France; born there about 1629 to Jacques Asselin & Cecile Olivier; his brother was David, above. His arrival date in Canada is unknown. Louise also came to us from France; the Tourouvre region of Perche. She immigrated to Canada with her parents Jean ROUSSIN & Madeleine GIGUÈRE, but the date of that event is not known.1
Jacques and Louise were married 29 July 1662 in Château-Richer. The children that appear in our lineage are:

Marie Madeleine
Louise- Born 7 August 1675 at Ste. Famille, Louise married Jacques Pichet on 30 April 1696 at Ste. Famille. Jacques was baptized 20 May 1668 at Québec City, the son of Jean & Madeleine Leblanc. Jacques & Louise's child was Louis.
Jacques Pichet was buried 10 April 1713 at St. Pierre. Louise Asselin's death information is not known.1,4

Louise Roussin was buried 14 December 1700 at Ste. Famille. Jacques Asselin lived 13 more years before being buried at Québec on 27 January 1713.1

Michel Asselin & Anne Gagnon

Okay, Michel is technically a second husband as far as the Bauché's are concerned, but doing it this way was easier!

Michel Asselin was the son of Jacques Asselin & Louise Roussin; he was baptized 29 September 1677 at Ste. Famille.1
Michel married Anne Gagnon on 11 November 1700 in the bride's hometown of Château-Richer. Anne was the daughter of Jean Gagnon & Marguerite Racine, baptized 16 July 1684.1
Anne Gagnon died sometime before 7 August 1730. For it was on that date that Michel remarried in his hometown of Ste. Famille. His new wife was Marthe Lemieux. Michel Asselin was buried 28 March 1743 in Ste. Famille.1

Mathieu Charest & Sebastienne Veillon

Mathieu's birth details and parents are not known at this time. Sebastienne was born about 1626; that is all that is known about her origins.
No marriage details are available for this couple as of yet. They had two sons that impact the family: Robert and Jean.1
Mathurin Charest was buried 28 March 1664 in Québec City. Sebastienne's death information is as unknown as everything else about her.1

Jean Leblanc & Euphrosine Madeleine Nicolet

Jean Leblanc was born about 1620 in St. Lambert, Bayeux, France to Clement & Anne Févre; nothing more is known about his parents. When he came to Canada is not known. He was in the country by 21 November 1623, the date that he married Euphrosine in Québec City.1
Euphrosine Madeleine Nicolet was the daughter of Jean Nicolet and an unknown Nipissing Indian girl who is referred to in some records as "Jeanne Nipissing". Jean and Euphrosine's daughter was Madeleine. The death details for this couple are not known.1,3

Guillaume Lemieux & Elisabeth Langlois & Louis Cote

Guillaume was baptized 21 November 1648 at Québec City; his parents were Pierre & Marie Marguerite Bénard. Elisabeth was baptized 7 March 1645, the daughter of Noël & Françoise Grenier.1
To try and make any sense, we must begin at the beginning. Elisabeth Langlois married Louis Cote on 6 November 1662 at Québec City. Louis was the son of Jean & Anne Martin, baptized 25 October 1635. On 19 September 1663 at Château-Richer, Louis and Elisabeth baptized their one known child, Madeleine Cote. Louis Cote died sometime between 1663 and 1669.1
Elisabeth went on to marry Guillaume Lemieux on 15 December 1669 at Québec City. Their daughter was Marthe.
Elisabeth Langlois was buried 19 November 1696 at Cap St. Ignace, Québec. Guillaume Lemieux's death details are unknown at this time.1

Pierre Lemieux & Marie Marguerite Bénard

Pierre Lemieux was from St. Michel parish of Rouen, Normandy, France; born there about 1620; his parents were Pierre & Marie Luguen. He probably came to Canada with or after his older brother Louis. He married Marie Marguerite Bénard in Québec on 20 September 1647.1
How Marie Marguerite came to be in the colony has not been determined. According to Tanguay, she was born in Chartres, France about 1627 to Denys & Marie Michel or Michelette. She is not included in the collection of filles a marier that Peter Gagne has compiled, and I can find no evidence that she immigrated with her parents or that her parents were ever in the colony.1
This couple had two sons who impact our line:

  • Guillaume
  • Louis- Louis Lemieux was baptized 6 February of 1652 or 1654 (Tanguay is conflicted on this) in Québec City. On 26 November 1682, he married Madeleine Cote, daughter of Louis Cote & Elisabeth Langlois and his uncle Guillaume's stepdaughter. Their one known child was Alexis. Madeleine Cote was buried 25 August 1689 at Cap St. Ignace. Louis Lemieux was buried in the same place on the first day of the new year of 1694.1

    Jean Milloir & Jeanne Roy

    Jean Milloir dit Dumaine was born about 1607 at St.-Leger-en-Charnie, Le Mans, Maine, France; his parents were Pierre & Françoise Naoulet or Candelle.
    Jean's arrival year in Canada is not known; but he was in the colony as of 19 November 1642, when he married Barbe Hubou, a fille a marier. Barbe was buried on 2 November 1651 at Québec City.1,7
    Twenty-six days later, Jean married another fille à marier, Jeanne Roy. Jeanne had come to Canada the year of her marriage from Angers, Anjou, France, where she had been born about 1622. Her parents were Pierre & Jeanne Godefroy. Jean and Jeanne had three daughters that interest us: Jeanne Françoise; Genevieve; and Jeanne.1,7
    Jean Milloir died sometime between 30 October 1672 - 11 June 1679, either at Beauport or the Île d'Orléans. Jeanne Roy died in either of the same locations sometime after 23 August 1674.1,7

    Jean Nicolet

    Jean Nicolet was from from from Cherbourg, France; his parents were Thomas & Marguerite De La Mer; Thomas was a King's messenger between Cherbourg and Paris. Jean Nicolet arrived in Canada around 1618 to train as an explorer/trader through a program outlined by Samuel Champlain. An excellent article about Jean Nicolet's adventures can be found here.6
    Jean had a relationship with a Nipissing Indian woman that resulted in the birth of their daughter, Euphrosine Madeleine about 1628; he brought her with him when he returned to Québec in 1633 or 1635. In October 1637, he married Marguerite Coulliard, daughter of Guillaume COULLIARD & Guillemette HÉBERT.3,6
    Jean Nicolet came to a sad and tragic end on 27 October 1642. While rushing to rescue an Iroquois Indian prisoner from torture from Huron Indians, the boat that Jean was traveling in was overturned by wind gusts near Sillery. Jean Nicolet drowned. The town of Nicolet near Trois-Rivières was named in his honor.6

    Jean Pichet & Madeleine Leblanc

    Jean Pichet was born in either 1636 or 1646; possibly in Poitou, France. His parents are not known.1,3
    Madeleine was baptized 3 August 1652 in Québec City. Her parents were Jean Leblanc & Euphronsine Madeleine Nicolet.1
    Jean and Madeleine were married about 1667. Their child is Jacques.1
    Jean Pichet was buried 19 June 1699. A notation in Tanguay says, "St. Louis"; not sure what that means. Genealogy of Canada claims that he died at St. Pierre. Madeleine Leblanc was buried 28 December 1708 at St. Pierre.1,3

    Louis Pichet & Marie Joseph Bauché & Marie Dorothee Noèl

    Louis was baptized 16 May 1706 at St. Pierre, the son of Jacques/Louise Asselin.1
    Louis first married Marie Joseph Bauché, daughter of Joseph & Marthe Lemieux; her baptism took place 12 August 1713 at Ste. Famille. Louis and Marie Joseph were married 20 January 1733 at Ste. Famille.1
    The couple had two children; little Louis was baptized 9 December 1733 at St. Pierre and buried there the day after Christmas of the same year. Gertrude was baptized 3 November 1735 at St. Pierre. It is possible that Gertrude's birth was a difficult one; Marie Joseph Bauché was buried at St. Pierre on 30 November 1735, 27 days afterward.1
    Louis did his best for two and a half years to take care of his infant daughter. Finally, on 3 February 1738, he married Marie Dorothee Noël. She had been baptized 4 April 1714 in St. Pierre; her parents were Pierre & Marie Louise Gosselin. They had 8 children (6 survived to adulthood) to add to the child that Louis brought to the marriage.1,4
    Death information for Louis Pichet and Marie Dorothee Noël is unknown.

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