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The surnames represented here make a brief appearance in our line as direct line ancestors. But they are part of the mosaic and must be included. And, of course, we love them as much as all the others!



Renè was born about 1642 in Avanneau, La Rochelle, France to Renè & Marie Jeanne MARIE, about whom nothing eles is known. His immigration date is a mystery.2
Marie was baptized 24 October 1644 in Québec; her parents were Louis SEDILOT & Marie GRIMOULT. Marie had first married Julien Trotier; the union took place 16 August 1660 in Québec City. The couple had two children before Julien died sometime before September 1670.2,7
René and Marie were married either 21 September 1670 (Genealogy of Canada) or sometime in 1676 (Tanguay). Their children were daughters Jeanne Judith and SIMONE.2,7
Renè Blachet died about 1683, although Tanguay lists this event as happening in 1704. The latter could not have been possible, as Marie married notary Antoine Adhémar on 8 February 1684. Late in that same year, a daughter was born to them. Marie Sedilot died sometime before January 1687.7


Étienne LAFOND & Marie BOUCHER

Étienne was the son of Pierre & Françoise PRIEUR of St. Laurent de la Barrière, St. Onge, France, where he was born in 1615; nothing further known about his parents. Marie was born about 1629 in Mortagne, France, daughter of Gaspard BOUCHER & Nicole LEMAINE.2,6
This couple married 30 Jan 1645 at Quebec City. Their daughter was Françoise.2,6
Étienne was buried 15 September 1665 at Batiscan; Marie's death details are not known.2


Charles LESIEUR & Francoise LAFOND

Charles was born about 1647 to Julien & Catherine LE SACHÉ; his place of origin is unknown. He was a royal notary and tax prosecutor as well as a fur trader.2,5
Charles married Françoise about 1671. She was born in May 1658 to Étienne LAFOND & Marie BOUCHER2.
Charles and Françoise had 4 known children:

Charles Julien- Born 30 April 1674 at Cap-de-la-Madeleine and baptized there the next day. Married Marie Charlotte Rivard, daughter of Robert & Madeleine Guillet. He was a voyager who founded the town of Grosbois-Est with his brother, Julien; this later became the town of Yamachiche. He was buried 10 February 1739 at Yamachiche. Their daughter, Marie Anne, was baptized 8 May 1712 and became the second wife of ancestor Jean Baptiste RIVARD.2,5
Marie Catherine- Baptized 13 March 1691 at Batiscan.1
Antoine- Born 22 April 1693 and baptized three days later at Batiscan.1,5

Charles Lesieur was buried 15 January 1697 in Batiscan. Françoise Lafond died about 1721.1,5

Julien LESIEUR dit Duchesne & Simone BLANCHET

Julien was born in 1679 to Charles & Françoise LAFOND.2 Along with his brother Charles, he founded what is now the town of Yamachiche.5
Simone BLANCHET was born about 1676 to René & Marie SEDILOT1.
The couple were married 10 January 1701 in Batiscan. Julien signed the marriage record; Simone did not. Their daughter was Marie Josephe LESIEUR.1,2
Julien was buried 17 August 1715 in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec. Simone lived 47 more years before being buried at Yamachiche on 18 November 1762.2



Louis was born about 1600 in Montreuil, Picardie, France; his parents names are unknown. Marie was born about 1606 in Grif-Sur-Yvette, Palaiseau, Essonne, France; her parents are also mysterious. Louis and Marie were married in Paris in either 1633 or 1636; it was a second marriage for both. Louis' previous wife was Marie Charier or Challe, who he married in Paris in 1628; they had a daughter together before Marie Charier died. Marie Grimoult was previously married to Bonaventure Pagnon; they do not appear to have had any children.7
It seems that shortly afterward their marriage Louis and Marie immigrated to New France with Louis' daughter Marie; their daughter Jacqueline was born in Québec City in 1637.2,7
Louis and Marie had 6 known children:

Jacqueline- Born 21 December 1637 in Québec. She married Jean Chenier on 23 October 1651 in Québec. They had four children before Jacqueline Sédilot died about 1667 in Cote Ste.-Genevieve, Québec.
Adrien- Baptized 18 December 1639 in Québec. On 22 September 1661 in Québec, he married Jeanne Angelique Briére, a fille a marier from Paris and a widow with a little boy named Jérôme Longtin. Adrien and Jeanne had no children of their own. In 1681, Adrien was a servant at the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec. Jeanne Angelique Brière was died at the Hôtel-Dieu on 2 June 1711. Adrien Sédilot was buried 1 March 1715 in Québec City.3
Etienne- Baptized 9 September 1640 at Québec City, he married fille du roi Madeleine Carbonnet on 11 August 1664 in Québec City. She had boarded the boat to Canada in 1664 and, like all of her fellow filles, wasted no time in finding a husband. They had four children. Etienne Sédilot dit Desnoyers died 9 November 1688 and was buried the next day at Québec City. Madeleine Carbonnet lived another 23 years but did not remmary. She died in Charlesbourg on 16 March 1711 and was buried there the next day.4
Jean- Born and baptized 27 January 1647 at Québec City, he was a carriage maker by trade. Jean also married a fille du roi; one Marie Claire De Lahouge. She hailed from the St. Germain-le-Vieil section of Paris, France; she was born there in 1651. She came to Canada in 1669 and married Jean on 27 November of the same year in Québec City. Marie Claire gave birth to their 10th child on 20 August 1687 in Québec. Five days later, she died from complications of the birth and was buried the next day. Jean went on to marry Charlotte François Poitras 22 February 1689; they had 9 children. Jean's death details are unknown.

Louis Sédilot was buried in Québec City 25 January 1672.2 Marie Grimoult may have died about 1682.7

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