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There are two Langlois lines that run through this family tree which may or may not be connected. The union of Abraham MARTIN & Marguerite LANGLOIS feed into the NOËL direct line.

The head of the second Langlois line in this family is Noël Langlois. Various webpages that I've run across claim that Noël is the brother of Marguerite. However, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography writes that Noël was "possibly the relative of Abraham Martin's wife". "Possibly" is always the sticky wicket in genealogy, and I tend to err on the side of caution when it rears its ugly head. So, until there is concrete evidence to connect the two Langlois lines, they will remain separate entities.

Abraham MARTIN l'Ecossais - Marguerite LANGLOIS

Abraham, also called "Abraham the Scot" was born about 1589 in France; his parents are unknown. According to Tanguay, he was a royal pilot. A (very!) rough translation of a footnote in Tanguay's Dictionary reveals that the field where the battle of the "Plains of Abraham" in the Seven Years' War was fought was connected with Abraham Martin. A Wikipedia article tells us that Abraham Martin owned land near the famous battlefield and that, because he brought his livestock to graze on what would become the actual battle site, the field was known as the "Plains of Abraham".1,4 There are more than one theory of why he was called "the Scot"; none of which have been substantiated, so I'll not take up space with them here.
Nothing at all is known about Marguerite LANGLOIS' origins; her sister was Françoise Langlois.4,5
The couple married in France about 1620.5 They had 9 or 10 children; the following are known to this researcher:
Eustache- Baptized 24 October 1621. Historians disagree as to whether he or his cousin Hélène Desportes was the first child baptized in New France. While Hélène's baptismal information has never been found, Eustache's baptism is recorded.3,7
Anne- Born about 1645. Married carpenter Jean Ratté on 12 November 1658 in Québec; he was buried at St. Laurent, Île d'Orléans, Québec on 10 April 1699. Nothing of his origins are known. She is NOT the wife of Jean Cote.1,8

Sadly, in his later years, a serious error in judgement marked the reputation of Abraham. On 15 February 1649, he was jailed for "improper conduct" toward a young girl in Québec.3
Abraham Martin was buried 8 September 1664 in Quebec City. Marguerite Langlois was also buried there a little over a year later, on 17 December 1665. None of Abraham and Marguerite's sons left issue, so their bloodline is carried on through their daughters.1
On 12 May 1922, a monument was dedicated to the memory of Abraham Martin. Go here to see photos of this monument; you have to scroll down the page to get to them. There is a lot of information about Abraham Martin on this page as well as the battle the was fought on the "Plains of Abraham".

Pierre Desportes & Françoise Langlois

Pierre Desportes was born about 1580; his origins and parents are unknown. A lawyer in the Parlement de Paris, Pierre was one of the investors in the "One Hundred Associates", the organization that funded Samuel Champlain's expedition to Canada. Françoise was born about 1595. Her place of birth is unknown, as are her parents.4
The couple probably immigrated to New France about 1614 with Abraham MARTIN & Marguerite LANGLOIS; the latter was Françoise's sister. In Québec, Pierre was the village baker, as well as being in charge of the warehouse.3,4
In 1629, the Kirke brothers took possession of Canada for England. The Desportes family, along with Samuel Champlain, were whisked off to London and then to France. After this incident, history says no more about Pierre Desportes and Françoise Langlois.3,4
The couple had only one known child:

    Hélène- Hélène's birth in and of itself is controversial. Tanguay fixes her birth at the year 1620 in Québec, making her the first white child born in Canada. Historian Dionne believes that she was born in 1613 in France and crossed the Atlantic with her parents. Historian Sulte believes that she was born in Canada, but not until 1622; he gives the honor of first white birth to Guillemette HEBERT. Hélène's cousin Eustache Martin even gives her a run for her money, as he was born in 1621; his baptism is recorded for posterity.3,4,7.
    Hélène escaped with her parents in 1629, but appeared to return to Canada without them sometime after 1632. It is possible that she returned with Samuel Champlain when he came back to the colony in 1633. Hélène was close to Champlain; his wife Madame Hélène Boullé had been Hélène's godmother. And when Samuel Champlain died, he left Hélène 300 livres; or about $15,000.4
    On 1 October 1634, Hélène married Guillaume Hebert, son of LOUIS & Marie ROLLET. He had been born in France in 1617 and was the beneficiary of half of his father's extensive land holdings. The couple had 5 years together before Guillaume died in 1639. Two of their three children survived.1,4
    A year or so later, Hélène married wheelwright Noël Morin on 9 January 1640 in Québec. Noel was a native of St.Étienne, le Compte-Robert, Brie, France; born there in 1616 to Claude & Jeanne Moreau. The couple had 12 children together, one of which was Louise.
    Hélène went on to become a midwife. Her husband Noël Morin was buried 19 February 1680 at St. Thomas, Québec. Hélène Desportes' death details are unknown.

Noël Langlois & Françoise Grenier
Not known to be related to Marguerite or Françoise Langlois above

Noël Langlois arrived in Canada in 1634 with the first group of colonists recruited by Robert Giffard. He was from the parish of Saint-Leonard-des-Parcs in Alençon, Sées, Normandy, France; born there around 1603 to Guillaume Langlois & Jeanne Millet, about whom nothing else is known. Françoise Grenier also came to Canada in 1634. She is considered the very first marriageable woman (or fille a marier to set foot in Canada since it's return to France from England. Nothing of Françoise's origin is known.8
Noël and Françoise were married 25 July 1634; an event that was attended by Robert Giffard and Noël Juchereau. Noël was a ship's navigator by trade. He was unable to sign his name at the time of his marriage and used the mark of a backward letter "N" to make his mark. But he wanted to be able to write his name. With practice and determination, he was signing his name to documents by 1677.8
Noël and Françoise settled at Beauport, west of Montmorency Falls. They had 10 children:
Robert- Baptized 18 July 1635 in Québec and buried 19 June 1654 in Québec's Côte de La Montagne cemetery.8
Anne- Baptized 2 September 1637 in Québec.1,8
Marguerite- Baptized 3 September 1639 in Québec. On 22 October 1653, she married the very educated notary Paul Vachon from Poitou, France, where he had been born in 1630 to Vincent & Sapience Vateau; nothing known about his parents. Paul was a notary for several locations, including the Île d'Orléans and the Beaupre Coast. He signed his last act in 1693 and seemed to retire to Beauport with his wife. Marguerite Langlois died 24 September 1697 and was buried at Beauport the next day. Paul Vachon lived a few more years before contracting smallpox. He died 25 June 1703 in Beauport of the disease and was buried the same day. Before his death, he suffered the loss of five of his children to the same illness.1,7,8,9
Jean- Baptized 24 February 1641 in Québec. On 19 October 1665 in Château-Richer, Québec, he married Françoise Charlotte Belanger, daughter of François & Marie Guyon; she had been baptized 30 June 1650 in Québec. Jean Langlois was buried 26 August 1687. His widow later married Thomas Rousseau.1,8
Jeanne- Baptized 1 January 1643 in Québec. Married mason René Chevalier 9 January 1656 in Québec. René was born about 1626; origins and parents are unknown. Jeanne Langlois died sometimes before 1696. René Chevalier died about 1679.1
Marie- Baptized 18 October 1646 in Québec.1
Jean- Baptized 20 December 1648. Married Marie Cadieu in 1675.1
Noël- Born 7 December 1651 and baptized 2 January 1652 in Québec. When his father remarried in 1666, Noël, then 15 years old, became attracted to his new stepsister, Aimee Caron. They had their first child in 1673. No record of their marriage has been found, but their marriage contract was not signed until 1677. Aimee Caron died 4 October 1685 and was buried the next day at Beauport. Noel married Geneviève Parent, daughter of Pierre & Jeanne Badeau, on 2 December 1686 in Beauport. Noël Langlois died 8 August 1693 and was buried the next day in Beauport.1,5,7,8,9

Françoise Grenier died 1 November 1665 and was buried the same day in Québec City at the Côte de La Montagne cemetery. She may have died of "pestilential fever", as an epidemic of that disease had plagued the colony that year and the customary 24 hour waiting period between death and burial did not happen. Françoise must have known that she was dying; the day before her death, she and husband Noël made a mutual donation of their goods to the survior of the couple (who would be Noël). They also granted land to their two youngest sons.8
Eight months later, Noël Langlois would marry again; the ceremony took place 27 July 1666 at Château-Richer, Québec. His new wife was Marie Crevet, the widow of Robert Caron. The couple did not have any children together; however, Noël's youngest son and Marie's youngest daughter would eventually wed. Noël Langlois died 14 July 1684 at Beauport, where he was buried the next day.1,7,8



This couple was from Fumichon, Normandy, France. They had five known children: sons Jean, Pierre, and Marguerin and ETIENNE. Their only known daughter, Marguerite, was outfitted splendidly when she married François Barbery on 23 January 1628 in Fumichon: a dowry of 620 livres, one cow, twelve sheep, and an impressive trousseau. Her father was not alive to witness this festive occasion, but the exact date of his death is unknown. The death of Marie Loisel is equally mysterious.10

Étienne RACINE - Marguerite MARTIN

Étienne was born about 1607 in Fumichon, Normandy, France to parents René & Marguerite LOISEL. He arrived in Canada about 1636.10
Marguerite was baptized in Quebec City on 4 January 1624; her parents were Abraham MARTIN dit l'Ecossais & Marguerite LANGLOIS.1,10
Marguerite was a mere 13 years old when she entered into a marriage contract with the 31 year old Étienne on 16 November 1637 at her home near Quebec. Ëtienne promised his bride a wedding gift of 200 livres; she also had a dowry of 50 livres. Étienne's father-in-law was pleased enough with the match to gift 100 livres in silver, plus utensils and clothing worth 64 livres. Marguerite's godparents (Nicolas Pivert & Marguerite Lesage) also gave 100 livres in silver and articles of clothing and utensils worth 260 livres. Because the religious customs of that time dictated that a marriage could not be consummated if the bride was less than 14 years old, the couple did not marry until 22 May 1638 in Quebec City. There is a footnote in Tanguay's Dictionary that Étienne was married under the name D'Aaraby.1,10
This couple had ten children:
Female Infant- Tragically, their first born child was given an emergency baptism by Marguerite's godfather Nicolas Pivert as she was in danger of dying, which she did. The incident was recorded in Québec on 30 September 1640; the date of actual birth/death is not known.
Noël- Baptized 26 December 1643 in Québec. Married Marguerite Gravel on 12 September 1667 at Château-Richer. Marguerite was baptized 19 April 1651, daughter of Joseph Macé & Marguerite Tavernier; before her marriage, she had studied with the Ursulines. The Racine's gave the newlyweds 4 arpents of land and promised to house and support them for two years. The Gravel's gave 300 livres in livestock, clothing, and linens. Marguerite Gravel was buried 11 December 1708 in Ste. Anne, Québec. Noël Racine's death details are unknown; but it is known that Noël served responsibly as head of the family after the death of his father.1,10,11
Marie Madeleine
François- Born 16 July and baptized 22 August 1649 at Québec. Married Marie Bauché, who was born 6 January 1660 at Québec and baptized there on the 13 of the same month; her parents were Guillaume & Marie Anne PARADIS. The wedding took place 29 October 1676 at Ste. Famillie, on the Île d'Orléans. François' parents gave them 2 arpents of land and agreed to house and support them for 2 years while they built a house, provided he help the Racine's clear some land. Marie's parents gave the couple 500 livres worth of livestock, furnishings and clothes. Marie Bauché died in 1703; François followed on 21 March 1714.5,10,11
Marie- Born about 1657, Marie joined the Nursing Sisters of St. Joseph in 1675; two years later, she took her vows. She outlived all of her siblings, dying 30 January 1736 at Montréal's Hôtel-Dieu at the age of 88. She had been a Sister for 60 years.10
Étienne- Born 3 August 1662 and baptized on the 14th of the same at Château-Richer. Married Catherine Guyon, daughter of Claude & Catherine COLIN on 25 October 1683. She had been baptized in Québec 13 December 1664. Again, père Racine was most generous--the couple received 5 arpents of land next to brother Noël; plus the couple would be housed with Racine's for two years while their house was being built. In exchange, young Étienne and his new bride promised to care for his father in his old age.7,8,10

Despite the age difference, Étienne and Marguerite were married for 41 years. The younger of the two, Marguerite, was the first to die and was buried 25 November 1679 at Château-Richer. Étienne lived another 10 years before his interment on 24 April 1689 in Ste. Anne, Quebec. Throughout his life, Étienne enjoyed the respect of his peers for his intellect and his willingness to render aid and service wherever it was needed. He worked in missionaries helping the Huron Indians. He was godfather of many children and even performed the occasional "conditional baptism". He was called on to witness acts due to his education and ability to sign his name. And, most importantly, he was involved in all aspects of his family's activities--and certainly saw to it that they were well provided for.10

Pierre RACINE - Louise GUYON

Pierre was from Château-Richer, Quebec, where he was baptized on 26 October 1654; his parents were Étienne & Marguerite MARTIN.1,10
Louise was born 15 January 1660 and baptized 2 February in Québec; the third child of Claude & Catherine COLIN.7
Pierre the carpenter and Louise were married on 6 July 1682 at Ste. Famille on the Île d'Orleans, Quebec. The parents of the newlyweds were generous in their wedding gifts. The parents of Pierre agreed to give them land and help clear it, build them a house and a barn, and house and feed them for 2 years. Louise's parents gave them 300 livres, 2 cows, and their wedding attire.1,7,10
Of their seven sons and two daughters, we know the name of only one child; FRANÇOIS CLEMENT.1,7,10
Louise Guyon was the first of the couple to die, on 11 December 1727 at Quebec City, where she was buried the next day. Pierre Racine died two years later; he was buried 14 March 1727, also in Quebec City.1,7

François Clement RACINE - Elisabeth LECOMPTE

François Clement was born 3 December 1700 and baptized the same day in Québec City, son of Pierre & Louise Guyon.1,7
Elisabeth was the daughter of Jean & Marguerite HÉDOUIN . She was baptized 7 April 1706 in Quebec City.1
François and Elisabeth were married 23 September 1724 in Quebec City. Their son was JEAN BAPTISTE CLEMENT.1,7
François Clement Racine and Elisabeth Lecompte's death information is unknown.

Jean Baptiste Clement RACINE - Marguerite MONTY

Jean Baptiste Clement was baptized in Quebec City on 9 January 1727; his parents were François Clement & Elisabeth LECOMPTE.1,6
Marguerite was born to Jean & Marie Marthe POYER.1
Jean Baptiste the carpenter and Marguerite were married on 9 February 1750 in Chambly. They had one known daughter, MARGUERITE.1,7
Jean Baptiste Clement Racine and Marguerite Monty's death details are not known.

The In-Laws

The children who married into the Racine family shouldn't have too much to grouse about, as the Racine's seemed to be more than generous with their children! Here are the in-laws that don't have a link to another page, listed in alphabetical order by husband's surname. Most of these are direct line ancestors as well-they appear with capitalized names.

Antoine BRASSARD - Françoise MÉRY

Antoine was born in 1609 in Normandy, France and was a master mason. It is believed that he came to Canada in 1636.1,8,12
Françoise was born in 1617. She was a fille à marier who also immigrated to Quebec in 1636. According to Tanguay, she resided in the "Grand Allee" house in Quebec--today the Rue St. Louis.8
Nothing is certain about the origins and parents of this couple. Apparently, there was a fire at the chapel and rectory of Notre-Dame de la Recouvrance in Quebec on 15 June 1640, and the records were destroyed. The curates worked very hard to recreate these records from memory--but the parents of Antoine and Françoise did not make it into the new record books. Cyprien Tanguay claims that Antoine is from the Brassard/Brossard-Deschenaux families of France; Historian Berneval (aka Father Archange Godbout) believes that Françoise hails from the Tourouvre, Perche area of France.1,8,12
Antoine and Françoise married 14 January 1637 in Quebec City. In 1639, they returned to France, where they started their family; JEANNE was one of those children. The family returned from France in 1641 with their children; Jeanne was a 3 month old infant at the time of the crossing. They continued to have children in Canada, although sources differ as to whether they had 9 or 10 in total.8,12
On 20 September 1668, Notary Becquet drew up a donation act from Antoine and Françoise to their daughter Marguerite. Antoine Brassard died sometime between 5 February and 26 May 1669. On the first date, Antoine acknowledged receiving a payment on the homestead on the Grand-Allèe in Quebec. On the later date, the heirs requested that the property inventory of the deceased Antoine Brassard be drawn up. The abovementioned Becquet penned Antoine's will on 9 July 1669. Françoise Méry passed away on 11 July 1671 in the Grand Alèe house (it seems that the person trying to buy the house had not finished paying for it) and was interred the next day at Quebec City.8,12

Robert Caron & Marie Crevet

Robert Caron comes to us shrouded in mystery; nothing about him is known before his arrival in Canada sometime before 30 November 1636. Marie came into the world about 1617, courtesy of Pierre Crevet & Marie Le Mercier, who were married 18 July 1613 in Bénouville, Caen, Bayeux, Normandy, France; Marie's birth occurred in the same location. By 1637, Marie had suffered the loss of both parents and crossed the pond to New France; she is considered a fille a marier.8
Robert and Marie were married in Québec City 25 October 1637. Of their 8 children, Aimée, the baby of the family, is of interest to us.1,8
Robert Caron died while a patient at the Hôtel-Dieu du Québec and was buried in that city on 8 July 1656. Nine years later, the elder Noël Langlois lost his wife. Marie and Noël were married 27 July 1666 at Château-Richer, Québec. They would be married for 18 years, but had no children together.
Marie Crevet died 22 November 1695 at Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec and was buried the next day. She had outlived her second husband by 11 years.8


Jacques the edge-tool maker comes to us from Orval, Rouen, France; born there about 1628 to Romain & Marguerite ROCHELIN or BACHELIN, about whom nothing else is known.1,12
Jeanne Brassard was born in 1641 in LaRochelle, France; her parents were Antoine & Françoise MÉRY.1,12Jacques and Jeanne married on 7 February 1657 in Québec. At the time of their marriage, the Brassards presented them with 6 arpents of land located between their other two sons-in-law.1,12
Of the couple's 14 children, these two are known:
Marie Madeleine- Baptized 12 July 1662 in Québec. Married Jean Sabatier on 8 January 1684 in Québec. He was a sailor from St.Jean de Liborne, Bordeaux, France; born there in 1662 to Jean & Isabelle Regilien, about whom nothing else is kn own. Jean and Madeleine had one known daughter, Jeanne . Jean Sabatier died sometime before May of 1689, as Marie Madeleine wed Jacques May on 2 May 1689 in Québec. He was the son of Pierre & Anne Bergame of St. Laurent de Tarbes, France, where he had been born in 1664--nothing else known about his parents. He was the "master of a small boat"--another sailor, I presume; or possibly a fisherman? Marie Madeleine Hédouin was buried 24 August 1739 at Québec. Jacques May's death information is not known.1

Jacques Hédouin was left to oversee his father-in-law's property inventory after his death, as well as being the agent of his mother-in-law and guardian of their minor children.12
Jacques Hédouin was buried 23 August 1705 in Québec. Jeanne Brassard followed suit on 20 December 1709; she was buried the next day at Québec.1,12

Jean LECOMPTE - Marguerite HÉDOUIN

Jean was from Gigues, Sees, France; born there in 1670 to Vincent & Marie GOMBEAU, about whom nothing else is known.1
Marguerite was the daughter of Jacques & Jeanne BRASSARD. She was baptized in Quebec City on 23 February 1684.
This couple recited their wedding vows on 1 May 1703 in Quebec City. Their one known child was ELISABETH.
The couple were married 42 years when Jean Lecompte was buried on 29 November 1745 in Quebec City. Marguerite Hédouin was buried 27 November 1753 in Quebec, almost 8 years to the day after her husband.

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