Moses Noel - Exilda Beauchamp

Moses Noël is the son of Moise NOËL and Marguerite LATREMOUILLE, born to them on 3 October 1846, in St. Valentin, Québec; he was baptized the next day. Although many sources show Moses as being born in Lacolle, Québec, his baptismal act shows he was born in St. Valentin.1
Marie Asilda or Exilda Beauchamp was born on 15 April 1850 in St. Lin, Quebec and was baptized the next day. She was the daughter of Antoine BEAUCHAMP and Henriette BEAUDOIN.1
Moses and Exilda were married on 10 October 1863 in Hinsdale, Berkshire Co., Masachusetts. Although their ages in the marriage record are 19 for Moses and 18 for Exilda, their years of birth make them ages 15 and 14, respectively. The age on Moses' death certificate supports a birth year of 1846. Exilda's obituary in 1930 claims she is 80 years old, which supports a birth year of 1850. Why did they lie about their ages to get married? They did not have their first children--the twins--until August of 1865. Either there was a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage or they were simply in love and wanted to get married.
Moses, a stone mason like his father, and Exilda seemed to settle in Hinsdale for the first couple of years of their marriage. Their first children, twins Moses and Charles, were born in Hinsdale in 1865. By the birth of their next child in 1866, they were living in Williamstown, Massachusetts.
Moses and Exilda became parents of the following 13 children:

Charles NOËL and Moses Noël

Charles and Moses were twins; they were born 3 August 1865 in Hinsdale. Sadly, little Moses died a week later on 10 August. It is not known where he is buried; he does not seem to be in Williamstown with the rest of the family. Charles' information can be found on his page.

Fred Noël

Fred was born 6 September 1866 in Williamstown, MA.10 He married Odile Giroux in Williamstown on 20 October 1886, the daughter of Joseph & Alphonse Martin.10 They had the following children:

  • Mary Anna- Born 22 May 1887 in Williamstown.10
  • Frank A.- Born 9 February 1889 in Williamstown.10
  • Adelard Zepherin- Born 10 December 1890 in Williamstown.10 In his later years, Adelard went by Donald Dellis Noel.12 He was married to Agnes Griffith (dau of Frederick and Agnes McFarlane)-details of this event are unknown.11 They conceived three children: Dorothy, who was born in 1914 in Connecticut; and twin girls who were born 9 October 1918 in Connecticut. Tragically, both Agnes and one of the babies died during childbirth; the surviving twin girl was named Mildred.11 Adelard remarried a woman named Julie.8 Adelard worked primarily in printing.12 Adelard died May 1978 in New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Armine- Born January 1894.8
  • Elizabeth- Born 27 Jun 1897 in Williamstown.10
  • Clarence- Born in 1903 and died 21 May 1974. He is buried in New Haven, Connecticut at Beaverdale Memorial Park.8,13
Odile died in Connecticut on 5 Dec 1928 at 61 years of age. Fred lived for another 16 years, dying on 30 May 1944. He is buried in Beaverdale Memorial Park in New Haven, Connecticut.11,13

Joseph H. Noël

Joseph was born 19 Dec 1869 in Williamstown.10 He married Rosa DeGrenier in Williamstown on 27 Jun 1887.10 She was the daughter of Joseph & Marie Alice St. John and a native of Lawrenceville, Quebec.10 Joseph made his living as a stone mason.8 They were parents of two children:

  • Ora- Born ca 1901. In the 1910 Williamstown census she is listed as this couple's "adopted daughter." It is unknown how true this is. She went on marry Ralph Robare about 1917; he was born in Manchester, New Hampshire on 27 March 1897.8,12
  • Harvey A.- Born ca 1912. Nothing else known.8
Joseph died on 5 August 1923, when he lost his footing while walking near the trolley tracks. He stumbled onto the tracks and was struck by a trolley car. Joseph died from internal injuries.4,5,9 He was buried on 8 August in Williamstown's Eastlawn Cemetery.6,7,14
His wife Rose followed him in death 20 years later on 9 April 1943 and was buried on 12 April in Eastlawn.6 Her cause of death was coronary occlusion and sclerosis, secondary to breast cancer.15 They share a burial site with Joseph's brother Moses S., sister Hattie, and Joseph's parents Moses and Exilda.7

Joseph or Moses Noël

This person's name changed from the time of his birth to his death, as follows:

  • In the birth records for Adams, Massachusetts on 11 September 1871, the birth of a child named Joseph Noel is recorded. The parents are listed as Moses and Exilda.
  • In the death records for Williamstown on 15 December 1887, the death of a child named Moses Noel is recorded. He is listed as being 16 years of age--which would make his year of birth 1871. His parents are listed as Moses & Exilda. He has died of something that seems to read "Cardiac Hyperhopley".
  • The tombstone erected for this child reads, "Moses (F. or S.) Noel, Born Sept 9 1871, Died Dec 15 1887, Ed 16 ys 3ms 6d".4,7,16
That is all that is known. In my opinion Joseph and Moses are the same child.

Felix Noel

Felix was born in April 1873 in North Adams, MA. He married Rose Alma Beaudin on 8 August 1892 in Williamstown. She was the daughter of Edward and Adelaide Giroux, born to them about 1872 in Sherrington, Québec.10
Felix seemed to be employed mainly as a factory worker; he was employed at Williamstown Manufacturing in 1903-04; during this time he had purchased a house on Riverside Drive.17 But he also dabbled in masonry work; he was documented as assisting in working on the Duncan House at Williams College in 1892 with Moses Noel, Edward Noel, and James Noel.2
Felix and Rose had the following children:

  • Lillie- Born 11 August 1893 in Williamstown. It is possible that this child died due to the name of the next girl child--or maybe they just liked the name. It is also possible that it is a record keeping mistake, as the 1900 census lists the mother as having only 4 children, not 5.8,10
  • Arthur and Lillie- A set of twins born 16 August 1894 in Williamstown.8,10
  • David- Born 24 May 1896 in Williamstown.
  • Clement or Clarence- Born 19 March 1899 in Williamstown. The birth record lists him as Clement, the census recorded him as Clarence.8,10
  • Nelson- Born 9 May 1901 in Williamstown.
  • Eva- Born 22 May 1903 in Williamstown.10 Eva contracted typhoid fever and died on 24 November 1903--barely 6 months old. She is buried at Eastlawn Cemetery.10
  • Berthier Mabel- Born 6 November 1904 in Williamstown.10
There is no known death information for Felix and Rose Alma.

Exilda "Annie" Noel

Exilda or Annie--as she was called to distinguish her from her mother--was born 5 May 1874 in Williamstown.10 On 6 November 1893, she married house painter Philias Martin in Williamstown.3 Philias was born about 1870 in either St. George, Illinois or Goodline, Indiana; the son of Pierre and Selinie Lussier.4,10 Sometime after June 1900 the family settled in Greenfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.8 They had the following children:

  • Rosina- Born about 1897 in Massachusetts.8 She married Highland Niles, who was born 13 August 1890 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., Vermont.8,12. In 1918, Highland was employed as a printer.12
  • Willard- Willard was born in April of 1899. It is assumed that he died before 1910; he does not appear in that nor in subsequent census records.8
  • Leo and Lena- A set of twins born in 1902.8
On 22 November 1907, Philias was on a painting job when he fell from a stage. The fall was serious enough for him to be taken to Franklin County Hospital, where he died from his injuries. He was buried two days later at Calvary Cemetery in Greenfield.4 Annie Noel's death details are not known.

Wilfred Noel

Wilfred Noel was born 10 October 1876 in Williamstown. He married Delima Beaudin 8 November 1896.3 Delima was born about 1875 in Canada.5,8

Wilfred worked in the cotton mill for about 20 years. About 1928 or so, his son Leon opened Noel's Electric and Battery; a business that Wilfred would later work alongside him in.5,8,14,17 Wilfred and Delia's children were:

  • Corrinn- Born 22 February 1897 in Williamstown.16 She married Joseph Menard on 26 July 1915 in Adams.3 Joseph was the son of Alcide & Eliza Rougeau.5 He was employed in the Wall Streeter shoe factory and later at Sprague Electric; he retired from the latter in 1962.5 Corrinn was employed at the North Adams Hoosic Cotton Mill.14 They had 4 children: Joseph (1916-1999) who married Antoinette Fortin; Dorothy who married Robert Veazie; Irene; Millie. Joseph Menard died 29 November 1964 when he became suddenly ill at the Eagle's Club in North Adams. He was buried 1 December at the Bellevue Cemetery in Adams.5 Corrinne Noel died 22 October 1969 at North Adams Hospital. She was buried 25 October in the same place as her husband.5
  • Dora- Born 12 September 1898 in Adams; married William Johnson.5 They had 3 children: Wilfred who married Roma Adam; Florence, and Mildred. William Johnson died in 1965; Dora Noel died 21 July 1981 in North Adams Regional Hospital. Dora and William owned and operated Jack's Taxi in Adams from about 1932-1942. Dora also worked at the Berkshire Hathaway Mill and Sprague Electric.5
  • Leon- Born about 1901.8. He married Florida LaFrance, daughter of Antoine & Roseanna Charbonneau; she was born 12 October 1900 in Massachusetts and died 20 January 1981 in North Adams. They had 3 known children; however, their names will not be disclosed due to the fact that they may still be alive. Leon owned Noel's Electric & Battery in 1928; he would later expand the business and call it Noel, Inc. Leon Noel died sometime after 1981, as he was listed as a survivor in his sister Dora's obituary from that year.
  • Walter Armand- 17 November 1903 in North Adams.16 Married Leah O'Brien; date and place of this event is unknown.5,8 Walter worked in the cotton mills for a few years before joining his father in the battery shop. By 1942, he had his own business, Walt's Service Station, in Adams.5,8,17 He and Leah had 4 known children; however, the names will not be disclosed as they may still be alive.
    Walter and Leah moved to Florida sometime before 1945, as they were enumerated in Florida's state census that year; they ran a gas station in Clearwater.8 They then moved on to Arizona and lived their lives out there. Walter died at Maricopa Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona on 2 December 1966 and was buried 7 December in Phoenix.5. Leah's death details are not known.
  • Archie- Born 7 February 1906 in Adams.5 Archie was involved in athletics in high school and was very handsome. He met Veronica Czarnecki, a pretty Polish girl, at a dance. The French girls were very upset when Archie began to date, and then to marry, Veronica in August of 1929 in Adams' St. Stanislaus Church.14 Veronica was the daughter of Peter and Tillie Czarnecki and was born 6 October 1908 at home on George Street in North Adams.5,19
    Archie worked for his father in the battery shop, but went on to become the transportation supervisor for one of the local plants. Archie was described as a kind man who could tell a joke well and kept everyone laughing.5,19
    Archie and Veronica had one child, Donald Edward. Donald graduated from Williams College, was a Naval pilot and flew Corsairs; also flew Crusaders during the Korean War and desgined his squadron's patch. Donald also invented and patented the Velcro diaper closure. Donald, although born in a family of short-to-average height, grew to be a strapping 6'2" tall.19
    Archie died October 27, 1971. Veronica lived 13 more years, dying on April 28, 1984 in North Adams.5
  • Melvin- Born 17 November 1908.5,20 Melvin married Blanche Gorczyca on 4 November 1929 in Adams. Blanche was born 31 July 1909 in Adams to Joseph & Katryzna Hospot. Melvin was foreman of Noel, Inc. and also worked at GE Pittsfield before opening Mel's Service Station. Melvin was an avid hunter and fisherman and trained rabbit hunting dogs. Melvin died 19 June 1964 Cape Cod, Massachusetts while on a fishing trip as a result of long-term heart trouble.5 His wife ran the service station for a year or so after his death. Blanche died 10 February 1973 in Williamstown. She had been in declining health for several months. Both of them were buried in Bellevue Cemetery in Adams.5
In 1930, Wilfred was arrested and charged with non-support of his mother Exilda. He plead not guilty, and the case was continued; he was released on PR and $50 bond. The outcome is unknown; Exilda died three months later.
Delima Beaudin died at home in Adams 11 May 1949 after a long illness.5 Wilfred Noel died in 1955 of drowning in a boating accident in the Crooked Pond in Plainfield, Massachusetts.5,14 Both were buried in Bellevue Cemetery, Adams.5

Hattie Noel

Hattie was born ca 1878 in North Adams. She married a unknown Pinsonnault. She died June of 1957, and is buried in Eastlawn Cemetery in Williamstown with her parents, her brothers Moses S. and Joseph, and Joseph's wife Rose.6,7 It was believed that she lived in Montreal for most of her adult life.21

Ora Noel

Ora Noel was born 19 April 1885 in Williamstown.10 She worked in the cotton mill before she married Louis Michael Orell on 18 June 1903 in Williamstown.3,8 Louis, the son of Peter and Mary Trumbley, was born 24 March 1882 in New York.12 This family's name is also listed in some records as Janrell or Janree.
Louis worked as an overseer in the cotton mill.8 Ora and Louis had the following children:

  • Paul- Born about 1905. Married a woman named Ellen.8
  • Florence- Born about 1906; worked in the cotton mills in 1920 at age 14.8
  • Harry- Born about 1910.8
  • Pearl- Born about 1919.8
  • Dorie- Born ca 1922.8
Louis died sometime between 1921-22 and 1930, as he does not appear in that year's census with his family. Ora is recorded as a widow living with her 3 youngest children and her mother Exilda, who is also a widow.8 Ora's death information is unknown.

Infant Noel

This baby was stillborn on 1 May 1884 in Williamstown. The sex of the child does not seem to be recorded.4

Delia Noel

Delia was born 6 August 1887 in Williamstown.10. On 17 March 1908, she married Charles Henry Lewis in North Adams.3. Charles was the son of Charles and Amanda Brown, born to them about 1885.3,8 By 1919, when their first daughter, Janet, was born, the couple had relocated to New Jersey; another child, Gloria was born there about 1925.8 Nothing else is known about this couple.

Arthur Napoleon "Archie" Noel

Little Archie was born 9 January 1890 in Williamstown.10 Archie died at age 4 on 14 April 1894 in Williamstown of diptheria--the day before his mother's 44th birthday.10

Moses and Exilda were married for 60 years. They suffered the deaths of four of their children, and raised the remaining 9 of them to maturity.
Moses died at his home at 36 Center St. in North Adams on 3 March 1923. The cause of death was arteriosclerosis, chronic interstitial nephritis, chronic myocarditis.4 He rests in Eastlawn Cemetery in Williamstown.6,7
Six months after the death of her husband, Exilda suffered the loss of son Joseph.
Exilda lived with her daughter Ora in Williamstown from about 1926, until her death on 9 June 1930.4,5 Exilda reposes in Eastlawn with her husband, daughter Hattie, son Moses, son Joseph and his wife Rose.6,7

The In-Laws

Even though there are not very many on this page, we certainly want to honor the ones we have!

Antoine BEAUCHAMP & Henriette BEAUDOIN

Antoine was the son of Jacques & Marie Locé or Lucé; Marie's surname is difficult to read on the marriage certificate. Henriette was from St. Jeau, Québec; the daughter of Joseph & Josette MORIN; the mother's name was also hard to read. Antoine and Henriette were married 13 October 1823 at St.-Roch-L'Achigan, Québec.1
The couple seemed to settle in St. Lin, Québec, where the following children were born to them:

    Marguerite- Born 27 June 1835 and baptized the next day.
  • Denis- Born 6 June 1836 and baptized the next day.
  • Adolphe- Born 7 June 1837 and baptized the same day.
  • Denis- Born 21 April 1839 and baptized the next day.
  • Marie Adeline- Born 29 March 1840 and baptized the next day.
  • Marie Asilda "Exilda"

The death details for Antoine and Henriette are unknown.

Even though they are listed as sources, I must personally thank Tanya C., Carol M., Peg G., Patricia A. and Ed D. Their willingness and generosity in sharing their pictures, news clippings, information and personal experiences with the people listed on this page was invaluable to me; thank you so much!

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