Moise Noel-Marguerite Latremouille

Moise was the fourth child of Charles NOËL & Theotiste CHAMPOUX, born to them 14 January 1824 and baptized the same day in Trois-Rivières, Québec.1
Moise married Marguerite Latremouille on 7 January 1846 in Lacolle, Québec. Marguerite was born 17 May 1824 in Chambly, Québec and was the daughter of Charles Phillipe LATREMOUILLE & Marie HINS/HAINS.1
Moise and Marguerite relocated to America sometime between 1863-1866, shortly after the end of the American Civil War. Moise followed his father's footsteps and supported his family as a stone mason.

Moise and Margeurite's family included the following nine children:

Moses NOËL

Charles H. Noel

Charles Noel was born 25 August 1848 in Lacolle, Quebec.1 His marriage to Rosa Carmel took place 3 August 1868 in Williamstown, Berkshire Co, Massachusetts. Rosa was born about 1852 in Canada to Peter/Phebe (last name unknown). Charles was also a mason by trade.
Charles and Rosa had 12 children:

  • Rosina or Rosalie- Born in October of 1869 and was employed as a dry goods clerk in June of 1900. Rosalie celebrated New Year's Eve in 1900 by marrying Pierre Timothée Hebert in North Adams, Berkshire Co, Massachusetts. Pierre was a native of Indian Orchard, Massachusetts--his parents were Timothée and Mary Suprenaut.3,6
  • Philomene Phebe- Born about 1871 in North Adams, she became the wife of Amos Brassard on 6 April 1893 in North Adams. He was the son of Jean-Baptiste and Elinor Lafontaine and was born in Champlain, NY.3,6
  • Charles- Born 19 April 1874 in Williamstown. Little Charles died of cholera infantum on 1 October 1874 in Williamstown.5
  • Albinia- Also called Vina, she was born 17 July 1875 in Williamstown. She worked in the shoe factory in 1900; in 1902 she married plumber William J. Stack, a North Adams native, born in 1874 to James W. & Ellen Landers.3,6
  • Georgiana- Born about 1877. Was employed in the shoe factory in 1900.6
  • William Wilfred "Willie"- Born 1 March 1879 and listed on his birth record as "Willie"; his full name come to us from his draft registration. He married Grace Roberts on 1 June 1901 in North Adams; they had 7 known children. He was a meat salesman by trade.2,3,9
  • Frank- Born 31 January 1881 in North Adams. He was employed in the shoe factory in June of 1900. He married Cora Marcoux, the daughter of Herbert and Alexina Dunn, on 13 August 1900 in North Adams.2,3,6
  • Charles- Born 19 November 1882 in North Adams. This little Charles died of unknown causes on 26 November 1882 in North Adams.2,4
  • Alfred Edward- Born 2 December 1884 in North Adams. Also employed in the shoe factory in 1900, he married Edna Hattie Beekman (daughter of Alvin & Carrie) from Johnstown, NY on an unknown date.3,6
  • Adolphus Moses- Known as Dolphus. Born 31 October 1885 in Massachusetts. Dolphus married a woman named Dora May, maiden name possibly Smith. According to his WWI/WWII draft registrations, he was of medium height/build with brown hair and hazel eyes. Dolphus worked as a machinist, in the factories, on the railroad, and in the Arnold Print Works. He was the proprietor of his own fish market in 1931.6,9
  • Bertha Belle- Born 1 October 1887 in North Adams. In 1910 she worked in a box factory; in 1920 she was in the shoe factory.2,6
  • Nelson Edgar- Born 14 September 1889. Married Albertine DeLisle on 7 February 1910 in North Adams; she was the daughter of Eusebe & Alexina Rougeau. Worked as a plumber in 1910 and at Taconic Park in 1942. They had one son, Edgar in 1916.3,6,9,10
  • Arthur- Born July 1891.6
  • Mabel- Born November 1892. She worked in a shoe factory in 1910; was a forelady in a factory in 1920. Married Alvin Doucette, a native of Canada, about 1921. They had one known daughter, Lorraine.6
  • Ralph Armond- Born 30 July 1896 in North Adams. He married Juliette Catharine Leblanc; date/place of this event is unknown. Juliette's parents were Samuel/Evangeline (last name unknown), who were natives of Nova Scotia. Ralph and Juliette had 2 known children; Adrienne, born ca 1918; and Charlotte, born ca 1921.6,9

Charles Noel appears in the 1910 census of North Adams, MA with his wife and 3 of his children.
The 1920 census shows the family in Haverhill, Essex Co, Massachusetts. Charles is absent from this schedule and his wife is listed as a widow. Mabel's future husband Alvin was listed as a boarder in this household. Nelson Noel and his wife and child were also living in this household in 1920.
Rosa was still alive in 1930. She was enumerated in the census with her daughter Mabel and son-in-law Alvin in their home in Haverhill.6

Marguerite Noël

Marguerite was born 28 November 1850 in Lacolle, St. Bernard Parish, Quebec and baptized there the same day. She died 10 February 1853 in St. Bernard Parish at the age of two; she was buried two days later.1

Adeline Noel

Marie Malvina Noel

Marie Malvina was born 28 March 1855 in Lacolle, Quebec and baptized two days later; her godparents were Pierre & Justine Noel.1 She married Zephirin "Fred" White/Leblanc on 5 August 1878, in Williamstown.5 Fred was the son of Zephirin & Philomaine Boissanroux.
Fred and Malvina had two children:

  • Malvina Delia- Born 5 July 1886 in North Adams, Massachusetts. By 1915, Delia was living in Fargo, North Dakota, where she met John Robert Alex MacGibbon; they married about 1917. They had children, who are potentially still living. Delia died 5 May 1960, and John died 28 April 1969. Both are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Fargo, ND.6,10,17
  • William Zepherin- Born 15 August 1889 in Williamstown, Massachusetts. He married Martha G. Nixon 26 Jun 1912 in Williamstown and had one known child, William N.. Martha died before 1930. On 19 January 1935, William married Theo Kelly in Augusta, Georgia; shortly afterwards, they moved to Long Island, NY. They had one known child who is potentially living. William Zepherin died of a ruptured abdominal aneurism in Williamstown, MA on 29 July 1969. He is buried in Eastlawn Cemetery in Williamstown.4,6,7
On 7 July 1892, Marie Malvina Noel died from cancer in Williamstown.4 Fred went on to remarry a woman named Elizabeth Wealthy Blake on 18 February 1895 in Williamstown. Fred died in 1913.12

Joseph H. Noel

Joseph H. Noel was born 9 June 1857 in Lacolle. He was baptized at St. Bernard on 11 June; his godparents were Cutbert Noel and Marie Tremblay.1
Joseph wed Agnes LeBlanc (or White as she is listed in some records) on 24 February 1879 in Williamstown. She was the daughter of Zephirin & Philomaine Boissanroux and sister of Fred, above.3
Joseph, according to his cemetery record, was a "car inspector" (assuming that this refers to the railroad).8
Joseph and Agnes had the following offspring:

  • Joseph- Born 18 May 1881 in Williamstown. He died of cholera infantum 27 September 1883 in Williamstown. There is no record of his being buried in Eastlawn Cemetery in Williamstown with the rest of the family.5
  • John William- Born 4 June 1884 in Williamstown.5 John's occupation was listed as "trainman" on his cemetery record. The cemetery record also listed him as a widower. No record of a marriage has ever been found, and he has no known children. John died about 1916 and is buried in Eastlawn with his family.8
  • Anna- Born March 1886 in Massachusetts.6 Married Charles Edward LeMay, a widower with a daughter, on 30 December 1907 in Williamstown.3 They had two boys, Edward, born ca 1911, and Francis, born ca 1917.6 Charles died ca 1916, while Anna lived until about 1968. They repose in Eastlawn with Anna's family.8
  • Edward Henry- Born 25 May 1889 in Williamstown.9 Edward married Martha Whalley, a native of Lanershire,England; her parents, Henry & Mary Lord owned Whalley Mills.3,12
    Edward's WWI/WWII draft registration cards describe him as being of medium height and build, with dark brown hair and eyes.9 He was employed over the years in the mills and as a clerk for Albert Fortin.6
    Edward and Martha had 2 sons:
    • Walley Howard- Born 15 March 1918 in North Adams; an event that was also recorded in Williamstown.5. Walley married a girl from West Virginia named Julie, according to a ship manifest of a trip to England in 1956. At some point, they made their way to California. Walley died in Burbank, Los Angeles, California on 21 May 1982.11,16 Walley seems to have inherited his father's dark hair and eyes; this from a photo of him from 1936 and graciously given to me by Mara B.
    • Robert Henry- Born 8 March 1923 in Williamstown. He was a 1941 graduate of the former Williamstown High School; served in WWII in the Air Force and was decorated with the Good Conduct Medal, American Theater Campaign Ribbon, and the Victory Medal. He was a Pvt 1st Class pilot and gunnery instructor. He was a master electrician and eventually formed Robert H. Noel Electrical Contracting Company. He was also the assistant wire inspector for the city of North Adams. Robert was married and had son and a grandson. Robert Sr. died on 16 March 1996 after a brief illness.13
    Edward Henry Noel died 19 November 1968 in Williamstown. Martha died 21 December 1977. They are buried in Eastlawn.8
  • Margaret- Born 14 June 1891 in Williamstown. She married Clarence Bennett, son of Edson/Roxie Monroe of Warrensburg, NY on 24 July 1920 in Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, Massachusetts.17
  • Lena- Born 31 July 1894 in Williamstown.5 She married Robert Bresenhan on 21 August 1917 in Williamstown. Robert was a native of North Adams, son of John/Mary O'Leary.5 Lena died in 1944 and Robert died in 1953. They are buried in Eastlawn Cemetery.8
Agnes Leblanc died 16 August 1928 and was buried in Eastlawn 18 August 1928. Joseph died 4 April 1937 and was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery on 7 April.8

Marguerite Elmire Noel

Marguerite Elmire was born 11 December 1859 in Lacolle. There seemed to be a delay in baptizing her; it did not occur until 22 December; her godparents were Jean Marie Dupras and Mederise Latremouille.1
Marugerite married Joel Thibodeau on 9 February 1880 in Williamstown.5 Joel was born in 1858 in Canada to Allen Thibodeau and Marguerite Stone.5
In the 1880 census, which was taken on 1 June of that year, this couple cannot be located. However, in the household of Marguerite's parents, there is enumerated a married daughter named "Elmira Cassidy" of the same age as Marguerite Elmire. Also included in that enumeration was her sister, Marie Malvina Noel White, who had been married for two years. No marriage to a Cassidy has every been located for Marguerite Elmire. Sometimes those census takers made a mistake or two....
No other information has been found for this couple.

Frederic D. Noel

Frederic Noel was born 2 July 1862 in Lacolle. He was baptized 6 July in St. Bernard in Lacolle; his godparents were Julien Dupris and Sophie Sorette.1
Frederic married Caroline Delia Turgeon on 20 July 1885 in North Adams.3 She was born in 1866 in St. Cyprien, Napierville, Quebec, Canada to Charles/Cesonie Phalen.1
Frederic made his living as a grocer in the year 1900.6,7 In 1910, he was listed in the census as a farmer. By 1920, however, he had moved his family to Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts and was working in a factory.6
Fred and Caroline had ten children, all born in Williamstown:

  • Frederick G.- Born 15 May 1886, he had light blue eyes and brown hair. He grew to medium height and was slender in build. In 1917, he was working as a pistol maker in the Smith & Wesson Firearms factory in Springfield. He was married, but his wife's name is unknown.9
  • Clement R.- Born 24 July 1888; also had light blue eyes and brown hair. He only stood 5'1" at his tallest and was slender.5,9 He married Angelina Roberts the day after Christmas, 1911 in Williamstown.3 Angelina was born in 1887 to Moses/Harriet Senay.3 Before her marriage to Clement, she worked in the cotton mill.6 They had the following five children:
    • Clement Albert- Born 16 October 1912 in Willamstown2 and died 10 September 1995 in East Longmeadow, Hampden Co, Massachusetts.14
    • Marion E.- Born ca 1917 in Massachusetts.6
    • Genevieve C.- Born ca 1918 in Massachusetts.6
    • Paul G.- Born ca 1923 in Massachusetts.6
    • Leon R.- Born ca 1927 in Massachusetts.6
    Clement supported his family as a laborer in a machine shop, firearms repair at Smith & Wesson, and at the Van Norman Coal Co.6,9 Clement died 12 February 1963.1r Angelina died 24 December 1974 in West Springfield.14,15
  • Napoleon J.- Born 10 August 1891, he had gray eyes and brown hair that began sprinkling with gray as early as age 26. He was of medium height and build.5,9 Napoleon married Bernadette M. Serra on 8 June 1914 in North Adams.3 She had been born in Canada about 1887, the daughter of Ranual & Dina Circe.3,6 They had two girls:
    • Bernadette Lillian Stella- Born 25 July 1915 in North Adams.2
    • Gladys- Born about 1919 in Massachusetts.6 In 1936, she was the treasurer of the North Adams Star Club.10
    Napoleon worked at Smith & Wesson, in a machine shop, and as a painting contractor.6,8
  • Mary Olimpis- Born 29 March 1893 in Williamstown and died June 1969 in Springfield.5,14
  • Roseanna H.- Born 24 December 1895 in Williamstown and died 6 May 1985 in Springfield.5,14
  • Adeline Genevieve- Born 20 June 1898 in Williamstown.5
  • Ernest Lawrence- Born 14 September 1900 at Williamstown.5
  • Louis Albert- Born 29 October 1902 in Williamstown.5 Louis married Laura Blanche Millette about 1923.6 She was born 5 April 1903 in Springfield.14 Louis was a foreman in a die plant.6 They had 4 children:
    • Lorraine C.- Born ca 1925.6
    • Isabelle T.- Born ca 1927.6
    • Frederick L.- Born ca 1929.6
    • Rita- Born ca 1930.6
    Laura died 16 February 1973 in Springfield.14,15 Louis died 5 March 1987 in Springfield.14
  • Marguerite Elizabeth- Born 14 March 1905 at Williamstown.5
  • George Leon- Born 16 February 1909 at Williamstown.5 Died 8 July 1989 in Ludlow, Hampden Co, Massachusetts.14
Frederic Noel and Caroline Turgeon's death details are unknown.

Eugenie "Jennie" Noel

Eugenie Noel, or Jennie as the family called her, was the only child in the family born in America; this occured on 9 April 1866, in Williamstown.5
Jennie married Henry Lord on 13 September 1886, in Williamstown.5 Henry was born in St. Luc, Iberville, Quebec, Canada to Julien Lord and Aglee Laplanche-Fregeau.5 Henry and Jennie had two children: Ada, born January 1888; and William, born February 1891.6 Henry died sometime before the 1920 census and Jennie died before the 1930 census.6

Moise Noel and Marguerite Latremouille spent the rest of their days in Williamstown, surrounded by children and grandchildren and other extended family.
Moise and Marguerite were married for 43 years when Moise died on July 19, 1889 of Bright's Disease and apoplexy.4 His age at death gives one cause for pause. If you use his year of birth, he was 65 yrs old at the time he died. The death records list him as being 68 years old at the time of his death. And his tombstone in Eastlawn Cemetery in Williamstown is inscribed with his age as 67 yrs old at time of death.

In February of 1898, Marguerite broke her collarbone while trying to avoid children coasting in the street during a visit with her son Charles in North Adams. Marguerite, who would have been 74 year old at the time, was reported to be in "pretty bad condition; unsure if she will recover."7 On March 5, she was well enough to be transported. Although son Frederic initially wanted her to be taken to his house in Williamstown, she ended up going back to her own home and eventually made a full recovery.7
Marguerite died on August 17, 1907 in Williamstown.4 The 1900 Williamstown census shows her as a resident of her son Frederic's household.6 Regardless of where she was living when she died, we know from reading the paragraph above that Marguerite's children watched carefully over her right up to the end.

Marguerite rests in Eastlawn Cemetery beside her husband.8

The In-Laws

Most of the in-laws for this page have no other information than their names. The following have a bit more to tell.

Zephirin Leblanc & Philomeme Boissanroux

Zephirin Leblanc was born 2 January 1837 in St. Cyprien, Napierville, Québec. His wife Philomene was born 9 February 1839; exact place not confirmed. Neither of their parents are known. They were married 13 July 1858 at St. Cyprien in Napierville.
The family came to the Williamstown area in the 1870's. He was described as a tall bearded man of good nature, but short tempered. Zephirin was involved in factory work, business, civic, and religious aspects of Williamstown.16
Zephirin and Philomene had the following children:
  • Zephirin "Fred"
  • Agnes
  • Francis Xavier- Born 27 November 1862 at St. Cyprien, Napierville. Married an unknown woman and had two children, Blanche and Leo.16
  • Samuel- Born 1869 in Sherrington, Québec.16
  • Edward- Born in November 1873 and died in 1912. He was a painter by trade.6,16
  • Josephine- Born October 1876 in Williamstown. She worked in the cotton mill as a spooler.6,16
  • Minnie- Born January 1879 and was a "drawer in" at the cotton mill.6,16
Philomene Boissanroux died 15 March 1904 of "la grippe" that lasted for 6 days, exacerbated by "years" of heart disease. She was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery.4 Zephirin Leblanc died 7 April 1915 in Williamstown.5.

Charles Turgeon & Cesonie Phalen

Charles was born in Canada, the son of Antoine & Enurence Fillion.12. Cesonie Phalen is the daughter of François & Genevieve St. Antoine, born to them about 1829.12,13 Their date of marriage is not known, nor is it known when they came to the United States. Their four children are:

Cesonie died 24 April 1898 in Williamstown. Her funeral was held at St. Raphael's Church at 8:30 am. Burial was in Eastlawn Cemetery, Williamstown.2
Charles Turgeon died of Bright's Disease and "old age" on 7 May 1900 in North Adams and was buried 9 May 1900 in Eastlawn Cemetery in Williamstown. It is interesting to note that Charles and Cesonie are buried in Eastlawn next to Moise Noel and Marguerite Latremouille. Their grave is marked by a simple slab of concrete, into which is crudely hand-lettered, "Charles Turgeon And Wife".5,8

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And a big thanks to Mara B. for the photo of Walley Noel.

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