Charles Noël-Theotise Champoux

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm not a Christmas person, even though my last name is Christmas! Given the meaning of the name, though, I felt one of these pages needed a Christmas feel. And so the honor goes to my 5ème grand-père & mère, Charles & Theotiste!
Be forewarned; this page is a bit lengthy. Lots of children and grandchildren!

Charles Noël was born to Antoine NOËL and Agnes GOULET on 31 March 1790 at St. Pierre, Île d'Orléans, Québec.1
Charles married Theotiste Felicite Champoux on 11 August 1818 in Trois-Rivieres, Québec.1,2 Theotiste was born 16 November 1798 in Yamachiche, Quebec; the daughter of Louis CHAMPOUX & Theotiste RIVARD.1,2
Charles was a stone mason by trade. Charles and Theotiste appear, for a time, to have settled in Trois Rivières. It is unknown when the family left that area. The website "A Brief History of Lacolle, Quebec", tells of a contract that was signed with Charles Noel to build a stone church in Lacolle in July of 1842; the same year that his eldest son, Joseph, was married in the same community.

Theotiste Champoux died 11 January 1843. She was buried at St. Valentin, Lacolle.1
Charles Noël died 18 April 1873 in Williamstown of "old age." His death record claims he was buried in Adams, Massachusetts.4

Charles Noel and Theotiste Chamoux had the following ten children:

Joseph Noël

Joseph was the oldest child of Charles and Theotiste. He was born in Trois-Rivières 8 August 1819; he was baptized the same day at the Immaculee Conception Church. His marriage to Elisabeth Carpentier took place 11 January 1842 in Lacolle, at St. Valentin.1
Elisabeth, or Marie Isabelle Carpentier as her baptism record reads, was born 6 November 1820 in L'Acadie, Quebec; she was baptized the same day at Ste. Marguerite de Blairfindie in the same town. Her parents were Laurent & Marie Elisabeth Aucoin.1.
Joseph supported his family as a brick mason.1,3

The 1851 census of Lacolle shows Joseph and Elisabeth on 3/4 acre of land, most of which was under cultivation as garden or orchard. There was 1/2 acre of oats planted which produced 10 bushels; 1/4 acre of potatoes planted which produced 6 bushels; and one bushel of beans was produced. They owned one horse and 1 sheep. Joseph worked as a mason at this time, which meant the family had to have been doing most of the farm chores. The family lived in Rutland, Vermont in 1870 and by 1880 seemed to be settled in North Adams.3
Elisabeth Carpentier died 26 February 1893 in North Adams of "old age". She was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery, Williamstown two days later. Joseph Noel died 12 July 1896 at home on Fuller Street in North Adams, also of "old age". The North Adams Transcript reported a record heat wave was occurring at that time. He was buried two days later in Eastlawn with his wife. They are in the Cloverleaf section of the cemetery.5,8,11

Joseph and Elisabeth had the following twelve children:

David- Born 3 October 1842 in Lacolle and baptized the same day at St. Valentin.1,3 David married a woman named Julie. Although I have been given 29 July 1868, Williamstown, Berkshire Co, Massachusetts as a date and place of this event, I cannot locate the record in the New England Genealogical Society records. If anyone has any more information about this event, I'd really appreciate the help!
David was also a stone mason in the family tradition. David Noel died on 29 July 1881 in Williamstown of phthisis, which is a wasting disease that can involve all or part of the body, such as may occur with tuberculosis.4,14
Louis- Born 12 June 1844 in Lacolle and baptized the same day at St. Bernard's in that town. Louis died unmarried on 28 October 1863 in Lacolle and was buried the next day at St. Bernard's.1
Joseph- Born 20 August 1845 in Lacolle.1
Elizabeth- Born 5 February 1847 in Lacolle and was baptized there the next day.1 She married Napoleon Joseph Baron on 8 June 1873 in Adams, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts in the French Catholic Church.7 Napoleon was born in Canada around 1848 to Jean & Madeleine Picard.4,7,10 He was a successful wagon maker and blacksmith who maintained both his shop and residence at 85 Water St. in Williamstown and was one of the founders of St. Raphael's Catholic Church in Williamstown.9 He is featured in the Independent Businessmen" section of the website. Their only child was:

  • Bertha Josephine- Born about 1874 in Sheffield, Connecticut. Bertha married Alfred Henri Chayer, son of Joseph & Louise Fortier on 20 August 1901 in Williamstown. Alfred had been born 31 May 1867 in Jeffersonville, Vermont.10 They had no children. Bertha died 16 September 1934 in Burlington, Chittenden Co, Vermont from a crushed skull sustained in an auto accident.10 Alfred died 18 February 1954 in Burlington from arteriosclerotic heart disease. He was buried two days later.10 The couple is buried in Eastlawn Cemetery, Williamstown, with Bertha's parents.5
One of Napoleon's sisters eventually moved to Alaska and gifted her sister-in-law with a pin made of a pair of gold nuggets to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Elizabeth and Napoleon's marriage.11
Napoleon Baron died 13 September 1925 in Burlington from arteriosclerosis secondary to angina pectoris. He was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery.5,10 Elizabeth Noel died during the holiday season on 27 December 1932 in Burlington. Her cause of death was also arteriosclerosis, secondary to Bright's Disease.5,10
Charles- Born August 1848 in Lacolle.3. Charles married a cousin, Marie Emma Noël, daughter of Alexandre & Celeste Menard. She was born 7 September 1854 and baptized on the 10th at St. Bernard's; her godparents were Medard Carpentier and Marcelline Noël.1 Charles and Emma were married 6 May 1871 in Williamstown.4 Charles worked as a mason. They had the following children:
  • Louis- Born September 1873 in Massachusetts.3. Louis married Sarah Henderson on 16 August 1899 in North Adams, Berkshire Co, Massachusetts. She was a native of Busbee, Scotland; born there March 1873 to James & Mary Winesing.3,7 She was a member of the Congregational Church in Adams.15 Their son, Louis Howard, was born in 1907. After that, this couple seems to have dropped out of sight. Their son is listed in subsequent census records in the household of his aunt Mary Henderson.3
  • George Harry- Born 28 September 1877 in North Adams. As an adult, he was of medium height/weight and had dark hair and eyes.16 He married Margaret Celia Flaherty 27 June 1910 in North Adams. She was the daughter of John & Katherine Finnegan, born to them about 1877 in North Adams.7 George operated Noel's Lunch Cart as well as working at Hoosac Company.3,16 George and Margaret had three known children; John Francis, Charles F. and Catherine Marie. The couple's death details are unknown.
  • Francis J.- Born 28 December 1879 in Massachusetts. As an adult, he was of medium height and slender build with blue eyes and dark brown hair.16 He married Eleanor Browne (who was known as Nellie) on 18 April 1910 in North Adams. Her parents were John & Catherine Driscoll; she had been born about 1878 in Massachusetts.7 Francis ran a successful restaurant for a number of years and is featured in the Independent Businessmen section of the website. Francis died sometime before 1936; his widow continued to run the business for several years.17 Eleanor's date of death is unknown.
  • Cora- Born about 1881 and died 25 September 1897 in North Adams of inflammation of the lungs.4
  • Eva- Born 13 June 1883 in North Adams. She married Alfred Charpentier 27 January 1909 in Adams. He was the son of Godfoi & Leas LeDuc.4
  • Charles- Born June 1885 and died 30 July 1886 in North Adams of whooping cough.
Marie Emma Noël died 2 March 1895 in North Adams of consumption.8 Charles Noël died sometime after 1930, as he appears in the 1920 census in the household of his son George, but cannot be located in 1930.3
Caroline- Born about 1849 in Lacolle. Caroline was a dressmaker. About 1871 she married carpenter Magloire Ducharme, who was born about 1849 in Canada to Magloire & Marie Delisle. Magloire died in Rutland, Vermont on 20 January 1911 of chronic interstitial nephritis. Caroline continued to live in Rutland until her death. About the first of December 1925, Caroline suffered a fall and sustained an intracapsular fracture of the head of her left femur (thigh bone). She was admitted to Rutland Hospital, where she stayed until her death on 16 February 1926. Other conditions present at death were septecemia from bedsores, chronic cystitis and arteriosclerosis.3,10 Poor Caroline!
Marguerite- Born 20 October 1850 in Lacolle and baptized 10 days later in Lacolle at St. Bernard's. Marguerite died sometime before the 1851 census.1,3
Georges Henry- Born 17 January 1852 in Lacolle and was baptized the next day at St. Bernard's. The little fellow died 11 May of 1852 in Lacolle and was buried 3 days later.1
Marie Zoe Clotilde- Born 20 September 1855. Her place of birth is simply listed as "Richmond" on her baptism record; she was baptized in Lacolle 3 days later. The only Richmond that could be located near Lacolle was Richmond, Quebec, so it is possible that this is her birthplace.1,3
Justine Agnes- Born 29 August 1857 in Chazy, Clinton Co, New York and baptized in Lacolle 13 October 1857. Her godparents were Pierre and Justine Noël. She worked in a shoe factory in 1880.1,3
Marie Helene- Born Christmas Day of 1865 in Lacolle; the baptism took place the same day.1,3

François Cutbert Noël

Nothing is known about this second-born child of Charles and Theotiste.

Marie Theotiste "Sophie" Noël

Moise Cutbert NOËL

Charles Narcisse Noël

Narcisse, as he was called, was born 21 August 1825 in Trois Rivières; the fifth child of Charles and Theotiste. He had some education, evidenced by his signature on his childrens' baptismal acts.1

Weddings and Babies and Road Trips

Because three of Narcisse's brothers were married in Lacolle, it seemed sensible to search for Narcisse's marriage record in the same place.
The first thing that was found in Lacolle's records was an entry for the baptism of one Charles Narcisse, "Ill." (abbreviation for "Illegitimate"). This event occurs on 24 June 1845, the day after the child was born. The godparents are listed as Charles Noel and Isabelle Lecouin. The parents are referred to only as "parents incommons"; no names listed. The entry also refers the researcher to "page 18". Upon finding page 18, we find listed the marriage of Charles Narcisse's parents on 4 November 1845. They are none other than Narcisse Noel and Marie Julie Carpentier--sister of Joseph's wife Elisabeth and daughter of Isabelle Aucouin . And in the marriage record there is a notation cross referencing back to the baptismal record of Charles Narcisse.1
So, from these records, one would reasonably deduce that Narcisse Noel and Marie Julie Carpentier had an illegitimate son and waited 5 months to get married. But why? Did Narcisse have cold feet, run away, and have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the alter? Did he doubt the baby was his? Were one or both sets of parents against the union? The latter would be a bit unusual, since there already existed a bond between the families with the marriage of Joseph and Elisabeth.
Coopersville is a small town in Clinton County, New York, about 20 miles south of Lacolle. In the records for that town, in the parish of St. Joseph de Corbeau, there is a marriage for Narcisse Noel (son of Charles Noel and Theotiste Champous) and Julie Carpentier (daughter of Laurent Carpentier and Isabelle Lequoin). The date of this event? 27 October 1844--eight months prior to their child's birth.1 I'm not sure that the couple knew they were expecting at the time of this marriage--this was an era well before rabbit tests, blood tests, and home pregnancy tests.
I do not know why Narcisse and Julie went to New York to get married. An elopement? But why? Julie, who was born in 1823, was certainly old enough to give her own consent. I also have no idea why their child was listed as illegitimate in the Canadian records; St. Joseph de Corbeau seemed to be a Catholic church. Is that why they had another wedding ceremony in Lacolle? Lots of unanswered questions.....
The census of 1851 saw Narcisse and Julie living in St. Bernard de Lacolle in a one-story log house with their little family. Young Narcisse and Auguste were attending school. Narcisse was a mason by trade. The Agriculture Census for the family shows that there was 1/4 acre under crops that year and 1/4 acre used as "garden or orchard". Their 1/4 acre of planted potatoes produced 8 bushels. They had 4 tons of hay, 20 pounds of flax or hemp, and 8 pounds of wool. Their neighbors were Laurent Carpentier/Isabelle Lecouin (Julie's parents), Joseph Noel/Elisabeth Carpentier (Narcisse's brother and Julie's sister), and Alexandre Noel and Celeste Menard--whose daughter, Justine, was married to Pierre Noël, a younger brother of Narcisse.3
By 1857, the family is living at Asbestos, Quebec--a small town located in the center of a triangle comprised of Montreal, Sherbrooke, and Quebec City. The town's name was derived from the large deposits of asbestos that were found there. Narcisse and Julie became innkeepers in Asbestos.18
The 1901 Census of Asbestos finds Narcisse and Julie alive and well. They appear to have a grandson living with them by the name of Frank Noel. There is also another person living there with the last name Carpenter; the first name nor the relationship is able to be deciphered.3
Narcisse Noel died 19 August 1904 in Asbestos. He was buried 24 August in Asbestos. It is not known when or where Marie Julie Carpentier died.1

In addition to Charles Narcisse, Narcisse and Julie had the following children:

Auguste- Born about 1847 in Lacolle.3
Marie Agnes- Born 11 December 1848 in Lacolle; baptized 15 December 1848 at St. Bernard in Lacolle.1,3
Henry Guillaume- Born 30 May 1850 and baptized the same day at St. Bernard's in Lacolle.1,3
Marie Louise- Born 7 October 1852 in Lacolle and baptized there 10 October 1852 at St. Bernard's. Her godparents were Joseph Bellegarde and her aunt Elisabeth Carpentier.1
Jean Baptiste George- Born 21 July 1854 in Lacolle and baptized there the next day at St. Bernard's. Godparents were Jean Baptiste Carpentier and Marcelline Noel.1,3
Josephine- Born about 1857.18
Jean- Born 23 December 1862.18
Elisabeth- Born about 1864.18
Hélène- Born about 1866.18
Caroline- Born 15 June 1869.18

Marie Zoe Noël

The sixth child born to Charles and Theotiste; nothing else known.

Pierre (or Peter) Noël

Pierre Noel was born about 1831 in Trois-Rivières; the seventh child of Charles and Theotiste. Pierre married Justine (Guestine) Noël on January 16, 1849 in Lacolle. Justine was born 15 August, 1833 in St. Valentin, Lacolle, the daughter of Alexandre Noel and Flavie Beausoleil.1,3
Pierre and Justine immigrated to the U.S sometime between 1864 and 1866, according to the birth dates/places of their last two children. Like most of the men in his family, Pierre was a stone mason by trade; some examples of the work he did around Williamstown can be found in the "Stone Masons" section on this website. He was also involved in this church project.
Pierre suffered a cerebral hemhorrage on 5 January 1896 and died in Williamstown. Twenty-four days later, on 29 January 1896, at 10:20 AM, Justine succumbed to asthmatic croup in Williamstown. Both are buried in Williamstown's Eastlawn Cemetery in the cloverleaf section.4,5,11

The children and grandchildren of Pierre and Justine Noel led some of the most interesting and diverse lives in the Noel family:
Edmond- Born 22 October 1850; died 24 February 1855 in Lacolle.1
Cassimere- Born 8 January 1853 in Lacolle.1 He married Odile Hinckell, date and place unknown. Odile was born 9 March 1850 to Edouard & Marie Catherine Beaudin at St. Pierre, Lapraire, Québec; she was baptized there the next day.1 They came to the United States sometime before 1872. Cassimere was a stone mason and was involved in the civic affairs of his new home.
Cassimere and Odile were parents to the following children, all born in Williamstown:

  • Victor M.- Born 8 August 1872. Victor was not named at the time of his birth.4 Victor was one of our family's independent businessmen. Victor relocated to New York City sometime in 1898.11 In 1900, he was reported to have gone to South America to remain for an indefinite period of time on real estate business.11 In May of 1900, Victor was reported to be in the Army in the heavy artillery division stationed in Havana, Cuba during the Spanish-American War.11,16 On 9 September 1907, Victor married Louise Joncas from Berthier, Québec.20. Their daughter, Marie Madeleine Odile Noël, was baptized in St. Roch, Québec on 8 May 1908; the birth information is illegible.1 The 1930 census enumerates Victor in Springfield with his brother Henry; his wife is living in New York City with their daughter.3 Victor was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery in Williamstown on 13 July 1936. He is buried with his parents; the next of kin on his cemetery card is Father Dudley. His wife was alive in 1945; she crossed the border from Canada to the U.S. at Detroit, Michigan. Her home address was St. Valier, Québec and the border paperwork states that she receives a pension from the U.S. government by way of her husband Victor.20 The death details of Louise Joncas are not known.
  • Clara W.- Born 8 July 1874.4 Clara attended St. Anne's Convent School in Lachine, Quebec; she was also employed for a time at Christie & Co. in Williamstown--this seemed to have been a department store of some sort.11 Clara married Arthur Gingras, a shoe salesman, on 6 June 1904 in Holyoke, Hampden Co, Massachusetts.4 Their children were:
    • Henrietta- Born about 1906 in Massachusetts.3
    • Leonie- Born about 1908 in Massachusetts.3
    • Marie Claudia- Born about 1909 in Massachusetts.3
    • Maurice- Born about 1910 in Massachusetts.3
    • Paul- Born about 1915 in Massachusetts.3
    • Arthur J. or "Junie"- Born about 1918 in Massachusetts.3,19
    Arthur and Clara eventually moved to Hartford, Connecticut and both died there. Arthur died 30 December 1939 and Clara died 28 January 1964.21
  • Charles G.- Born 9 June 1876 and died of "no strength" 4 days later on 13 June.
  • Eleisa L.- Born March 20, 1876.4 Eleisa also attended St. Anne's Convent School in Lachine.11 Eleisa was a very talented musician, as well as being an actress and a gifted seamstress. She married violinist Leon George Girard on 6 April 1904 at the Perpetual Help Church in Holyoke.11. Leon was born 3 April 1883 to Georges & Melina LaFrance16. Their children were:
    • Lionel Teophile Georges- Born in February 1908 and died of convulsions and acute indigestion 9 months later in November.3,19
    • Donald Leon- Born 24 October 1909 in Holyoke and died 25 February 1985 in Santa Barbara, California.6,22,23
    • Beatrice Adele- Born 25 June 1913 in Massachusetts and was called Adele. Married Joe Marsala on 18 July 1937 in New York City's "Actor's Chapel" on 49th Street.11 Their only child is still living. Go here to read more about Joe and Adele, who were famous jazz musicians. Joe died 3 March 1978 in Santa Barbara, California. Adele died 7 September 1993 in Denver, Colorado.22,23
    Leon and Eleisa eventually moved out to California and got into the music business. Leon Girard died 21 March 1961 in Santa Barbara. Eleisa was not long behind, dying 22 September of that year in Santa Barbara.22,23
  • Henry H.- Born 5 June 1881.4,16 He attended Williamstown High School, where he was active in the Chess Club, and Albany Business College.11 After working in merchandising and managing a Pennsylvania coal company, Henry settled in Holyoke and went into the insurance business as well as participating in many civic activities. On 30 August 1915, Henry married Anna Hagan, daughter of John who was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1887. The event took place in New York City. The couple had no children. Henry met an untimely end in August of 1953. He was killed by an intruder who broke into his home in the late night hours.11 He was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery on 21 August 1953. His wife Anna died 20 November 1978 and was buried in Eastlawn on 2 December.5
Cassimere Noel had tumors removed in September of 1898 and January of 1899. Although he was able to go back to work a week after the latter surgical procedure, he would not maintain such robust health. The tumors were cancer; and Cassimere succumbed to the disease on 21 August 1899 in Williamstown and was buried two days later in Eastlawn Cemetery. Odile's last years were spent enjoying visits from her grandchildren, where they were either climbing trees or climbing ladders to the roof of the house and then jumping off the roof. A passerby once saw all the children in the tree at the same time and remarked that it looked like a monkey tree! Odile Hinkle died 28 May 1924 in Holyoke, at the home of her daughter Clara. She was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery with Cassimere two days later. 4,5,19
Moyse Felix- Born 12 October 1855 in Lacolle and baptized there the next day; his godparents were Moyse Noël and Flavie Noël.1 The original spelling of his middle name may have been Philix. He married Alice Bebee on 21 February 1882 in Williamstown.4 Alice was born about 1862 in Canada to Harry Bebee and Hannah Galusha.4 Moyse and Alice had only one known child that was born on 24 December 1883 and died the same day. The cause of death nor the sex of the child was recorded in the death record.4 Moyse Noel died on 22 September 1906 in Williamstown.4,5 He may have had a problem with alcohol, as his cause of death was recorded as "ETOH (alcohol) stimulation; weakened condition of heart following apoplectic seizure".4 He was buried 3 days later in Eastlawn Cemtery in Williamstown.5 His widow Alice married James W. Ryan on 7 December 1910 in Williamstown.widow Alice married James W. Ryan on December 7, 1910 in Williamstown.4 James, born in Pittsfield in 1856 to Michael Ryan and Mary Higgenbottom, died sometime before 1920; which shows Alice living with her mother and sister Mary Noyes in Williamstown.3,4 Alice died on 17 November 1936 and was buried with Moyse 2 days later.5
Joseph Edouard Noel- Born 15 March 1858 in Lacolle and baptized 5 days later at St. Bernard's in Lacolle; godparents were Cutbert Noël & Marceline Noël.1 Edouard went by "Edward" for most of his life; however, his brother Edmund was also called Edward, so it can get most confusing! He, like his other family members, made his living as a mason; more on this can be found in the "Stone Masons" section of the website. Edward married Flora Jerome on 28 April 1879 in Williamstown.7 Flora was born June 1856 in Canada to Peter & Roseanna Quinn.3,7 Edward and Flora had the following known children, born in Williamstown:
  • Harry Summer Noel- Born 11 July 1882.4,16 Harry married Nellie Covert, an Indiana native.3,7 In 1918, he was employed as an Assistant Advertising Manager for Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Co.16 In 1942, they lived at 5455 North Meridian St. in Indianapolis, IN; his telephone number was BR0344.16 Nothing else known about Harry
  • Arthur A.- Born 9 June 1886.6 In 1917, he was employed as a clerk in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and married; however, his spouse's name is not on his World War I draft registration card.16 Nothing else known about Arthur.
Edward died 4 March 1934 in Holyoke, Hampden Co, MA. He was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery. Flora died 18 August 1943 and was buried in Williamstown.5
Joseph Edmond Noel- Born 15 September 1861 in Lacolle and baptized there the next day.1 He was called Edmond; and was referred to in some news articles as "Edmond B."; unsure what the "B" references. Edmond was a businessman as well as being involved in civic affairs in Williamstown. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Edmond resuscitated an 11 year old boy after he almost drowned in 1897.11 On 21 January 1887 in Laprairie, Québec, Edmond married Marie Celina Hinkleat St. Philippe in Laprairie.1 She was another daughter of Edourard & Marie Catherine Beaudin; born to them 28 December 1863 in Laprairie and baptized 3 January 1864 in St. Philippe.1 Edmond and Celina had the following children:
  • Pauline G.- Born 29 December 1889 in North Adams. She married Edward Berard and was a housewife. Pauline died 15 January 1935 in Bennington, Vermont of pyronephritis of the right kidney and general toxemia; record indicated that the left kidney had been removed 21 years earlier.10
  • Florence E.- Born 13 April 1892 at Williamstown.4
  • Victorine- Born 24 April 1894 in Williamstown.4 Does not seem to have married and worked as a domestic. Died at 12:15 AM on 8 August 1965 in Bennington, Vermont of ischemic heart disease secondary to cerebrovascular disease. She was a resident of the Mentoe Park Nursing Home when she died. She was buried 10 August 1965 in Bennington's Park Lawn Cemetery.10
  • Bernard H.- Born 8 May 1896 in Williamstown.4
  • Solomon Hebert- Born 28 October 1898 in Williamstown and twin to Albert Dupuis.4
  • Albert Dupuis- Born 28 October 1898 in Williamstown and twin to Solomon Hebert.4 Albert married Mildred May Barnhardt on 22 February 1925 in Bennington, Vermont.25 The only Albert Noel that can be located in the 1930 census is an Albert D. Noel incarcerated in the Windsor, Vermont State Prison. The ages, place of birth and parents' places of birth all match this Albert, but I don't know for sure if it is the same person. At some point, he married Alice Hover; date/place of event is not known. She was the daughter of William F. & Flora Cotton, born 8 July 1901 in Shaftsbury, Vermont.25 Albert was a foreman at the Union Underwear Company. On 6 March 1970, Albert died in Bennington of a myocardial infarction which killed him instantly. He was buried three days later in Park Lawn Cemtery, Bennington.10 Alice died 26 December 1981 in Bennington of complications of cancer and was buried two days later in Park Lawn.10
Marie Celina Hinkle died 24 July 1942 in Bennington of bronchial pneumonia secondary to myocardial degeneration. Edmond died sometime after this date.10
Marie Delia Noel- Born 14 April 1864 in Lacolle and baptized three days later; her godparents were uncle and aunt Joseph Noel & Elisabeth Carpentier.1 She married Joseph Gilbo, a mason, about 1883.3
Sometime after 1900, the Gilbo family moved to California, where Joseph and Delia lived out their lives. Joseph died 9 January 1941, and Delia died 19 August 1945; both died in Los Angeles.3,22
Joseph and Delia had 6 children:
  • Aurora- Born April 1884.On 11 June 1907, she married electrician Frank Turck in Williamstown, MA. They had one son, Frank Jr. On 17 September 1915, Frank Turck Sr. was run over by a train in Lowell, MA and suffered the traumatic amputation of both legs; he died of his injuries, coupled with heat exhaustion.3,4
  • Elinor- Born 18 July 1885. Around 1928, she married a widower named John Benjamin Clarke; he died sometime before 1940. Elinor dued 28 October 1982 in Los Angeles, CA; she was buried in Hollywood Memorial Cemetery3,22,29
  • Archie Noel- Born 21 December 1888 in Williamstown; employed as laborer and chauffer in 1917.3,16
  • Arthur and Mary- Twins born 19 February 1890 in Williamstown. Both babies died of cholera infantum; Arthur died on 5 August and Mary died 9 August of 1890 in Williamstown.4
  • Isabel- Born November 1893.3

Edgar R. Noel- Born 16 April 1866 in Williamstown.4 On 2 September 1890, Edgar wed Lucy Shorrey in Williamstown. Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, she was the daughter of John and Ellen. Edgar made his living as a mason and also running some of the local livery stables.3,11 Edgar and Lucy had three children:
  • Ernest Shorrey Born 17 July 1891 in Williamstown.4,16 Ernest became a dentist and married a woman named Kathryn; they had two known children, Edgar and Ellen. 3,11
  • Hilda S- Born 17 August 1893 in Williamstown, and buried 8 May 1934 in Eastlawn Cemetery with her parents.4,5
  • Louis Leon- Born 19 August 1895 in Williamstown.4 Married a woman named Corrine around 1922 and had on known child, a daughter named Shirley.3
Lucy was diagnosed with acute nephritis sometime in 1895. On 10 February 1896 Edgar took her to the hospital in Albany, NY.11 On 17 June 1896, Lucy died at home in the Charityville section of Williamstown from uremia caused by her nephritis and was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery.4,11
This marked the beginning of some very hard times for Edgar. In 1898 Edgar made the difficult decision to put his children in convent school in Worcester, Massachusetts. No family members were willing to take the three of them together and he did not want them separated. Edgar was foreman of West's Livery stable in February of 1899, but lost that position due to extending the length of a scheduled visit with his children, as one of them was ill. Luckily, he secured a similar position at Greylock Livery Stable.11 Edgar married Adeline L'Esperance on 28 November 1900 at South Hadley Falls, Hampden Co, Massachusetts. She was born about 1872 to Doucite and Emelie Noel.7,11 They had no children. Edgar Noel died in January 1944 and was buried in Eastlawn Cemetery with his first wife Lucy.5 Nothing else is known about Adeline L'Esperance.

Jean-Baptiste Cutbert (Albert) Noël

Jean Baptiste Cutbert, known to everyone as Albert, was born 28 March 1832 in Trois-Rivières, the eighth child of Charles and Theotiste.26 On 23 April 1855, Albert married Euphemie Borgenon in Napierville, Quebec at St. Cyprien.1 Euphemie (often called Phebe) is the daughter of Nicolas Borgenon and Louise Giguere, born on 10 March 1831 in Lacolle.26
It is believed that the couple came to America from Canada about 1865. Albert was one of the family stone masons as well as helping to build a church.
Albert died of pneumonia on 14 January 1903 in Williamstown.4 Phebe followed him to the grave a little over a year later on 25 May 1904. They repose in Eastlawn Cemetery along with their three daughters.5
Albert and Phebe's daughters are as follows:
Malvina- Born about 1856 in Canada. She married Albert Worthy on 29 June 1875 in Williamstown. Albert was the son of Nathan and Tryphosa Davis Torrey.4 They had two children:

  • Ensign- Born about 1876. He worked as a bookkeeper in one of the cotton mills.3
  • Zoe- Born about 1882.3
Albert Worthy seems to have died before 1910, as he was absent from the census by that time.3 His final resting place is unknown. Malvina Noel died around 1923 and is buried in Eastlawn Cemetery with her parents and sisters.5
Marie Anne- Born 26 June 1858 in Lacolle and was baptized there the next day at St. Bernard's; her godparents were Pierre Noel and Justine Noel.1 She was known as Mary Ann. A spinster, she worked most of her adulthood as a live-in servant; first for the Benjamin Bridges family (1880-1910) and then for the Frederick Moore family. The latter was a lumber merchant, who valued his home as being worth $20,000 in 1930.3 Mary Anne Noel died on 19 September 1935. She is buried in Eastlawn Cemetery with her family.4,5
Marie Zoe- Born 15 April 1860 in Lacolle and baptized there the next day at St. Bernard's.1 Zoe helped contribute to the family finances by working in the cotton mill in Williamstown.3 She contracted typhoid fever and died from the disease on 10 March 1881 in Williamstown.4 Her grief-stricken family had the image of a lamb carved on her side of the family tombstone.5

Charles Treflee Noël

Nothing but his name is known about the ninth child of Charles and Theotiste.

Eloise "Elisa" Noël

Born 29 July 1836 in Trois Rivières and baptized there the same day at the Immaculee Concepcion church, she is Charles and Theotiste's tenth child.1


The eleventh and last known child of Charles and Theotiste.

The In-Laws

Sometimes they drive us nuts, but without them things might be pretty dull! Here are the in-laws mentioned on this page, listed alphabetically in order of husband's surname.

Henry Beebe & Hannah Galusha

Nothing is known about Henry Beebe's origins; we know his name from his daughter's marriage record. The date of his marriage to Hannah is unknown.
Hannah Galusha was born 25 August 1827 in Williamstown; her parents were Daniel & Rebecca.26
Henry and Hannah had four known children:

  • Mary- Born 1851 in Massachusetts. Married Merrill Noyes. She is listed as next of kin to her sister Alice on her cemetery record.3,5
  • Alice C.
  • Andrew- Born 1867 in Massachusetts.3
  • Millie S.- Born 1870 in Massachusetts. Married Henry D. Williams about 1887.3
Henry Beebe died before 1880. No death details are known for Hannah.

Augustin Carpentier & Marie Agathe Branchard

Augustin Carpentier was the son of Joseph & Marie Anne Beland, who were married 9 November 1729 at Neuville, Québec.12 Joseph was the son of Claude Carpentier.
Nothing is known about Marie Agathe Branchard.

Charles Carpentier & Marie Louise Grenier

Charles Carpentier was born 8 October 1760 and baptized the same day at Louiseville to Augustin & Marie Agathe Branchard .1 Marie Louise Grenier was born 25 October 1764 at Ste. Croix Lotbiniere, Québec to Pierre Joseph & Louise Lemay.1 Charles was a farmer.1 Their date of marriage is unknown, as are their dates of death. Their child was Laurent David.

Claude Carpentier & Marguerite Bonnefoy

Claude was baptized 10 May 1636 in Neuville-Ferriers, Normandy, France; his parents were Florent & Marie Gerlet.12 True to his name, Claude was a master carpenter. His date of immigration to Canada is unknown; but the fact that he could sign his name with flourishes is worth mentioning.
Claude married Marguerite Bonnefoy on 24 August 1671 in Québec.12,13 Marguerite was born about 1649 in St.Denis de Duclair, Rouen, Normandy, France to Pierre & Marie Andrieu. She had come to Canada in 1667 as a fille du roi with a dowry of goods worth 150 livres.12,13
Marguerite had been widowed by Jacques Achon. He had been born about 1642 in Chambon, Rochefort, Saintes, Saintonge, France; the son of Jean & Hélène REGNAUD the brother of Ozanne Jeanne "Anne" ACHON. Jacques' burial act has been lost, so those details are not known.12,13
The couple would have ten children, including Joseph.12 Marguerite Bonnefoy was buried 14 November 1700 in Neuville, Québec. Claude died in the same place on 27 February 1709.12,13

Laurent David Carpentier & Marie Elisabeth Aucoin

Laurent Carpentier was born 4 September 1791 in Louiseville, Québec and was baptized the next day; the son of Charles and Marie Louise Grenier.1
Laurent and Marie Elisabeth Aucoin were married 31 January 1820 at St.Antoine de Rivère du Loup, Québec. She was the daughter of Pierre & Magdeleine Hebert, both of whom had died by the time the marriage took place. Their three known children are Marie Isabelle or Elisabeth, Marie Julie, and Laurent Thomas.
Laurent Carpentier died 18 Mar 1881 in Lacolle and was buried there two days later in St. Bernard's.1 Nothing is known about the death of Marie Elisabeth Aucoin.

Daniel Galusha & Rebecca

Daniel Galusha was born March 1791 in Williamstown.26. None of Rebecca's birth details are known. The date of the couple's marriage is equally mysterious. The couple had seven known children; one of whom was Hannah
Rebecca Galusha died in July 1859 of liver complaint. She had been ill for 10 weeks prior to her death.18 Nothing else is known about this couple.

Edouard Hinkle & Marie Catherine Beaudin

Edouard Hinkle was the son of Isaac & Amable Pinsonneau.1 Marie Catherine Beaudin was the daughter of Joseph & Catherine Monet.1 Their dates/places of birth are unknown.
Edouard and Marie Catherine married on 24 April 1849 at Lapraire, Québec in the parish of St. Philippe.1 They had six known children; two of them were Marie Odile and Marie Celine.11 Edouard was a farmer by trade.1
Marie Catherine Beaudin died 20 January 1899 in Lapraire; she was buried three days later in the St. Philippe parish. Edouard had died sometime before this, as Marie Catherine's death record listed her as a widow.1

William Hover & Flora Cotton

William Francis Hover was born in Jackson, New York on 1 June 1682; his parents are Henry & Flora.10 He married Flora M. Cotton; date of this event is unknown.10 Nothing at all is known about Flora Cotton. Their daughter was Alice
William Hover died 9 August 1917 of Angina Pectoris in Bennington, Vermont.10

Nathan Worthy & Tryphosa Davis Torrey

Nathan Worthy was born 2 November 1820 in Williamstown; his parents are unknown.26
Tryphosa was born 13 February 1823 in Williamstown.26 She was the 14th of the sixteen children of Joseph Torrey Esq. & Mary Giles, who were married in October 1802 in Williamstown.26 Joseph was born about 1778; his parents are unknown. The "Esquire" after Joseph's name makes the assumpiton that he was a lawyer. Mary was born 20 August 1784 in Williamstown; her parents were Jonathan & Elizabeth.26 Joseph Torrey died 26 September 1845 in Williamstown.26
The marriage date for Nathan & Tryphosa is unknown. Their child was b>
Albert. Their death dates are not known.

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