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The information on this page is very sparse indeed. Much of what I have on these folks is not verified. The revamping of these pages has given me a better idea of what I need to work on. If only there were more hours in the day....!

Antoine Noël was the son of Philippe Noel and Genevive Leclerc. He was born and baptized 1 January 1751 in St. Pierre on the Île d'Orléans.1,2
Agnes Goulet was born about 1755; her parents were Antoine GOULET & Marie Angelique LABERGE.2,3 Thus far, I have been unable to find any sort of birth date for Agnes. The same goes for her death information, which we'll get to later. Were it not for actually finding the marriage record or her name in her children's birth records, I'd have seriously questioned this woman's existence!
Antoine and Agnes were married on 20 February 1775 in St. Pierre.2,3,4,6

Antoine has been recorded as a day laborer and farmer.2

The children of Antoine and Agnes are listed below.

Antoine Noël

Antoine was born 19 December 1776 at St. Pierre and was baptized the same day. This is all that is known about him.2

Jean Noël

Jean was born 13 June 1779 at St. Pierre and baptized the same day. He married Marie Louise Heon on 2 August 1802 in Bécancour, Québec. They had four known children:

  • Cutbert
  • Marguerite
  • Eleonore
  • Pantaleon
The girls were twins.
Jean Noël died 31 August 1845 and was buried the following day at St. Grégoire, Québec. Marie Louise Heon lasted only a little over a year without her husband. She died 10 September 1846 and was buried with Jean the next day. 2,6

Marie Noël

Marie's birth details are unknown; she was most likely born at St. Pierre. She married Jean Baptiste Turcot on 28 January 1799 at Trois-Rivières.2,4

François Noël

François was born and baptized the evening of 27 January 1781 in St. Pierre. He married Marguerite or Marie Giroux on 13 February 1809 at Trois-Rivières. They had four known children:

  • Louis
  • Leocadie
  • Cleophas
  • François
The couple's death information is not known at this time.2,4,6

Victoire Noël

Victoire was probably born in St. Pierre, but the date eludes us so far. She married Raphael Beaudoin 11 November 1805 in Trois-Rivières. Nothing else is known about this couple.2,4

Louis Noël

Louis Noel was born 26 April 1786 in St. Pierre and baptized the same day. His marriage to Marguerite Dubois took place 11 November 1805 in Trois-Rivières.This is the same wedding date as his sister Victoire, above. Were Victoire and Louis especially close and wanted to celebrate their big day together? Whatever the reason, it certainly made it an extra-special day for the family! Louis and Marguerite had three known children:

  • Emilie
  • Louis
  • David
The death details for Louis and Marguerite are not known.2,4

Jeanne Elisabeth Noël

Elisabeth, as she was called, was born 15 March 1788 in St. Pierre and baptized the same day. Her marriage to Joseph Gibeau dit Grandbois took place 14 June 1807 at Trois-Rivières. No other information available on this couple.2,4

Charles NOËL

Philippe Noël

Philippe was born 17 September 1792 in St. Pierre and baptized the same day. He would be the last child to be born at St. Pierre.2 Philippe's marriage to Marguerite Angele Rivard dit Loranger, daughter of Augustin & Josephte Pitard, happened on 18 November 1817 at Trois-Rivières.2,4,5
Her marriage to Pierre is not the only way that Marguerite Angele Rivard ties into our line. Her sister-in-law Theotiste CHAMPOUX is also her 4th cousin. The girls' 4th great-grandfather is Pierre RIVARD.2,7
Philippe and Marguerite Angele's one known son, Isidore married Adelaide Cloutier on 31 March 1845 at Baie du Febvre, Yamaska, Quebec. He was a farmer. He and Adelaide had 4 known children before Isidore died sometime before 1 July 1867, the date of his son Treffle's marriage to Marie Louise Bergeron. Isidore is written as "defunct" in the marriage record.2,5
Philippe Noël died on 27 December 1861 in Nicolet, Québec and was buried there in the Ste. Monique parish two days later. Marguerite Angele Rivard dit Loranger lived over a decade longer. She was buried in the Ste. Monique parish of Nicolet on 6 October 1876--under the name Angele Loranger.

Alexis Noël

Alexis was born 14 January 1796 and baptized the same day at Trois-Rivières.2. He married Adelaide Clermont on 30 May 1820 at Trois-Rivières and had three known daughters.4,5
Adelaide Clermont died 29 July 1853 in Kingsey, Québec and was buried the next day in the parish of St.-Fèlix-de-Valois. Alexis Noël died 28 April 1876 in Kingsey and was buried the next day with his wife.2

Joseph Noël

Joseph was born 12 December 1798 in Trois-Rivières and was baptized the same day.2,6

It is Antoine who led our branch of the NOËL tree off the Île d'Orléans and away from the Québec City area. Why he did this is very much open to speculation. Most of the time these moves are work-related. Did Antoine aspire to be more than just a farmer? Did he have a falling-out with some of the family that caused him to leave the island of not only his birth, but his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents as well? I don't have the answer to those questions and I may never have them. What I do know is that this was the beginning of the exodus of our part of the family to the south and, eventually, into the United States.

Antoine Noël died 23 September 1825 and was buried the next day at Trois-Rivières.2
There is no date of death known for Agnes; this elusive woman's death information is as mysterious as that of her birth. However, since Antoine's burial record does not show him as the widow of Agnes, it may be assumed that she was still living at the time of his death.

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