Philippe Noel-Genevive Leclerc

I must admit that the information for the children of this couple is rather sparse, as I've concentrated more on running down direct line ancestors in my years of research. But I hate to leave anyone completely out, either, so....

Phillipe Noel, son of Phillipe Noel and Marie Rondeau, was baptized 15 March 1705 in St. Pierre, on the Ile d'Orleans, Quebec.1

Philippe married Genevive Leclerc on 15 November 1729, in St. Pierre.1,2,3 Genevive had been born on 4 January 1711, at St. Pierre les Bescquets, Ile d'Orleans, to Jean-Charles Leclerc and Marguerite Morency Baucher.1,3 They are my 7th great-grandparents.

Philippe was appointed the first Seigneur of Lotbiniere.4 Philippe had some education, as he was able to sign his name; his signature appears on his son Antoine's birth record.3

Phillipe and Genevive had the following children:

Genevieve Marie Noël

Genevieve Marie was born 12 August 1730; place unknown. She died in St. Jean on the Île d'Orleans, Quebec,where she was buried 29 November 1745.1

Jean-Baptiste Marie Noël

Jean Baptiste Marie Noel was baptized 16 December 1731 in St. Pierre, Île d'Orleans.1 He was the Seigneur of Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly.4,7
On 14 January 1754, in St. Pierre, Jean-Baptiste married Renee Ferland.1,2 She was also a native of St. Pierre, born there about 1733 to Jean-Baptiste and Helene Crepeau.1
Jean Baptiste Marie and Renee had two children. Jean Baptiste was baptized 4 October 1754 at St. Pierre.1 Marie was baptized at St. Pierre on 11 October 1755 and subsequently buried 13 October in St. Pierre.1 The day after little Marie was buried, so was her mother. Renée Ferland was laid to rest in the same place on 14 October.1. It would be reasonable to assume that the ordeal of the birth was traumatic for both mother and child.
Eight months later, Jean Baptiste Marie married Genevieve Dussaut on 22 June 1756 at Levis, Île d'Orléans; she was the widow of Pierre Michel Ducas. Genevieve was the daughter of Pierre & Genevieve Huard; her baptism occurred 23 June 1736 at Levis. 1,8.
Their remarkable daughter, Marie Genvieve Noël was baptized at St. Antoine de Tilly on 13 January 1766. In the same location, on 14 October 1762, she married Joseph Drapeau. Joseph had been baptized 13 April 1762; his parents were Pierre & Marie Joseph Huard. Joseph Drapeau was successful; his many hats included shipbuilder, merchant, and landowner. Upon his death on 3 November 1810, his wife Marie Genvieve Noël was left a rich woman. She also became the owner of the seigneuries of Lessard, Rimouski, Métis, Nicolas-Rioux and Rivière-du-Gouffre. She even owned part of the Île d'Orléans. Marie Genevieve managed the properties efficiently and won the respect of her lessees and the admiration of her family and friends. Marie Genevieve Noël died about 1829.1,4
Jean Baptiste Marie Noël and Genevieve Dussaut's death dates are unknown.

Philippe Noël

Philippe Noël was born 13 march 1734 at St. Pierre.1 On 10 February 1755, there was celebrating in St. Pierre as Philippe wed Marie Agathe Aubin.1,2 Marie Agathe was the daughter of Pierre Aubin & Marguerite Marcoux; she had been baptized at St. Pierre on 9 April 1738.1
Philippe and Marie Agathe had six children, with four of them living to adulthood.1
The couple's death information is not yet known.

Louis Noël

Louis Noel was baptized 12 July 1735 in St. Pierre.1 He married Marguerite Paradis on 20 November 1758 in St. Pierre.1,2 Marguerite was a native of St. Pierre, having been baptized there 29 September 1738. Her parents were Ignace & Marie-Anne Turcot.1
Louis and Marguerite relocated to the St. Laurent section of the Ile d'Orleans and had 5 known children, two of whom we are concerned with:

  • Therese- Married Charles Labrecque on 16 August 1790 at St. Laurent. Charles was the son of Pierre & Cecile Baillargeon. Nothing else is known about this couple.
  • Geneviève- Married her second cousin Charles Paulet on 16 July 1792 at St. Laurent.2 Charles was the son of Jean François & Marie Louise Noël; he was baptized 6 February 1756 at St. Pierre.1
    Louis Noël was able to write his name, as his signature appears on the marriage record of brother Antoine .
    That is all that is known about either Louis Noël or Marguerite Paradis.

    Marie Thecle Noël

    Marie Thecle was born 23 September 1737 in St. Pierre.1
    Marie Thecle married Etienne Prisque Paquet on 18 October 1756 in St. Pierre. He was from Ste. Famillie, Île d'Orléans, a son of Francois & Angelique Paradis . The dates/places of death for Etienne and Marie Thecle are unknown.

    Marie Joseph Noël

    Marie Joseph was baptized 24 September 1739 in St. Pierre.1 She married Jean Ferland on 26 January 1761 at St. Pierre.1,2. He was the son of Jean Baptiste & Helene Crepeau. Nothing else is known about this couple.

    François Jean Marie Noël

    François was baptized 19 February 1742 at St. Pierre. The rest of his information is incomplete. It is known that he lived to adulthood, as he signed as a witness at the marriage of his brother Antoine.3 Nothing else is known at this time.

    Joseph Noël

    This sweet little boy was baptized 3 May 1744 and buried 26 February 1749 at St. Pierre.1

    Pierre Noël

    This little guy was baptized 15 September 1746 and was most certainly a playmate for sweet little Joseph. And Joseph must have been heartbroken when Pierre was buried 4 March 1749 at St. Pierre; just 2 months before his own short life ended.1 Pierre would be the third child of the family to have been buried in the space of four years. How heartbreaking....

    Marie Genevieve Noël

    The above saga continues right on into this section. Marie Genevieve made her appearance into the world right after the burial of her brother Pierre; she was baptized 7 March 1749 at St. Pierre.1
    Poor Philippe and Genevive! If it was an illness that took their two little boys, they had to be besides themselves with worry that either the pregnant Genevieve or the new baby might contract the illness and suffer the same fate. Or that the strain of the deaths of her children could bring on early labor or cause other complications for the expectant mother. What an ordeal this must have been! Luckily, mother and baby survived.
    Marie Genevieve married Louis Gabriel Aubin on 7 July 1767 in St. Pierre.2 He was baptized 15 December 1739, son of Pierre & Marguerite Marcoux.1 Nothing else is known about this couple.

    Antoine NOËL

    Marie Victoire Noël

    Marie Victoire was baptized 4 July 1753 at St. Pierre. Pierre Poulin was the son of Pierre & Marie Anne Doyon, baptized 20 March 1746 at St. Joachim, Québec.1
    Pierre & Marie Victoire wed on 5 October 1772 at St. Pierre.2 That is all that is known about this couple.

    Therese Noël

    Therese was baptized 30 April 1756 in St. Pierre.1 Charles Roberge was the son of Ambroise & Marie Louise Goulet, baptized on 2 March 1746 in St. Pierre. They were married 25 August 1775, also at St. Pierre. That is the sum total of information on this couple.

    Philippe Noël and Genevieve Leclerc lived their entire lives, raised and--sadly buried some--of their children at St. Pierre. They watched their surviving children go on to have husbands and families and happily enjoyed their grandchildren and even more happily the great-grandchildren.
    Philippe died and was buried at St. Pierre on 12 March 1760, at 55 years of age.1,5 He had been married to Genevieve for 30 years.

    Genevieve lived to the ripe old age of 81, dying on 29 March 1792. She was buried the same day at St. Pierre.3

    The In-Laws

    I am fortunate enough to have the best in-laws in the world, and I hope my ancestors were equally as fortunate! Here is the information for the in-laws the appear on this page, listed in alphabetical order by husband's surname.

    Pierre Aubin & Marguerite Marcoux

    Pierre Aubin was baptized 14 January 1695, the son of Pierre Aubin & Marie Paradis.1 Marguerite Marcoux was the daughter of Noël & Marguerite Cote, born to them about 1705.1. She had been widowed by Pierre Leclerc in 1727.1
    Pierre & Marguerite married on 12 November 1730.1,2 They had eight children. The first two, both boys, died before they were a month old. Their fourth child, also a boy, died at about a year and a half old. Of their surviving six children, Marie Agathe and Louis Gabriel contribute to our lineage.1
    Marguerite Marcoux was buried 22 December 1742 in St. Pierre.1 Pierre waited almost ten years before marrying Genevieve Couture on 14 February 1752 at St. Pierre.1 Pierre Aubin's date or place of death is not known.

    Pierre Aubin & Marie Paradis

    Pierre Aubin was baptized 20 November 1670 at Ste. Famille; his parents were Michel & Marie Madeleine Prevost.1 Marie Paradis was baptized at Québec City 10 May 1671, the daughter of Jacques & Jeanne Françoise Milloir.1
    Pierre and Marie were married 17 November 1693 at St. Pierre.1,2 They had twelve children, with nine surviving to adulthood.1 We are most concerned with their oldest child, Pierre.
    Marie Paradis was buried 12 May 1685 at St. Pierre.1 She lived to be 85; remarkable in that day and time!1 Pierre Aubin's death information is not known.

    Pierre Dussaut & Genevieve Huard

    Pierre was born about 1694 to Jean François Dussaut & Marie Madeleine Bourassa.1 Genevieve is the daughter of Jean Huard & Anne Marie Amyot; she was born 21 April 1692 and baptized the same day at Levis, Île d'Orléans.1 She was the widow of Louis Levasseur.1,8
    Tanguay provides no wedding date for this couple; Nancy Borman shows a date of 2 June 1720 in an unknown place in Canada.1,8 Their daughter is Genevieve1
    This couple's death details are unknown.

    Jean Baptiste Ferland & Genevieve Goulet

    Jean Baptiste Ferland was born about 1685; his place of origin and his parents are not known at this time.1 Genevieve Goulet's parents are Nicolas Goulet & Sainte Cloutier; she was baptized 2 October 1688 at Château-Richer.1
    Jean Baptiste and Genevieve were married 17 February 1710 at St. Pierre.1 Their son was Jean Baptiste.1
    Genevieve Goulet was buried 20 February 1741 at St. Pierre.1. Jean Baptiste Ferland was buried in the same place 27 June 1752.1

    Jean Baptiste Ferland & Helene Crepeau

    Jean Baptiste's birth details are unknown. His parents were Jean Baptiste Ferland & Genevieve Goulet.1 Helene was the daughter of Maurice Crepeau & Marie Audet; she was baptized 11 May 1714 at St. Pierre.1
    Jean Baptiste and Helene were married 17 November 1732 at St. Pierre. Their children are Renée and Jean.
    No information regarding the death/burial of this couple is known at this time.

    Pierre Labrecque & Cecile Baillargeon

    Nothing at all is known about Pierre other than his parents, Joseph & Geneviève Paulet. Cecile was baptized 6 April 1732, the daughter of Jean & Catherine Isabel.
    Pierre and Cecile married on 17 November 1755 at St. Laurent. Their child was Charles. Their death information is unknown at this time.

    François Paquet & Angelique Paradis

    François Pacquet was born about 1685; parents are not known at this time.1,2 Angelique Paradis was the daughter of Pierre Paradis & Jeanne Milloir; her date of birth is not known.1,2
    François and Angelique were married 21 January 1715 at St. Pierre.1 Their child was Etienne Prisque.1
    Angelique Paradis was buried 23 October 1748 at Ste. Famille. François Paquet's death information is unknown.

    Ignace Paradis & Marie Anne Turcot

    Ignace Paradis is the son of Guillaume & Genevieve Milloir, who presented him for baptism 22 May 1694 in Kamouraska, Québec. Marie Anne Turcot is the daughter of François & Marguerite Ouimet; she was baptized 15 November 1698 at Ste. Famille.1
    Ignace and Marie Anne were married at Ste. Famille on 13 November 1719. The children of this couple that concern us are Marguerite and Nicolas.1
    The couple's death details are not known.

    Jean François Paulet & Marie Louise Noël

    Jean François was the son of Jean Baptiste & Marie Joseph Roy; he was baptized at St. Pierre on 4 August 1727.1 Marie Louise was baptized in the same place on 23 July 1728; her parents were Ignace Noël & Marie Crepeau.1 They were married 2 February 1751 at St. Pierre.1 Their only known child is Charles . Jean François & Marie Louise's death details are not known.1

    Pierre Poulin & Marie Anne Doyon

    Pierre Poulin's origins and parents are not known at this time. Marie Anne Doyon was born about 1717.1 They were married 18 February 1743.1 Their known child is Pierre.1
    From a footnote in Tanguay's to a couple of random Internet sites and finally an entry in Genealogy of Canada, it seems that Pierre Poulin was killed by the English in August of 1759. His remains were finally buried 20 December 1759 at St. Joachim.1,9 Marie Anne Doyon's death details are not known.

    Ambroise Roberge & Marie Louise Goulet

    Ambroise was yet another native of St. Pierre; baptized there on 14 May 1706.1 His parents were Pierre & Françoise Loignon.1 Marie Louise was the daughter of Jean Baptiste & Marguerite Blouard ; she was baptized at St. Antoine de Tilly, Lotbinere, Québec. Their marriage took place in the groom's hometown on 20 June 1730.1 Their known child is Charles.1 No death details are known.

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