Philippe Noel-Marie Rondeau

Philippe Noël and Marie Rondeau are my 8th great-grandparents

Phillipe was the son of Francois Noël and Nicole Legrand, born to them on 28 December 1670 in Ste. Famille, Île d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada. He was baptized on the same day.1,3
He married Marie Rondeau on 5 November 1692, in St. Pierre, Île d'Orléans, Quebec, Canada.1,3,4

Marie was born on 9 January 1672, also in Ste. Famille, the daughter of Thomas RONDEAU & Andree REMONDIÈRE.1,5

Phillipe Noel and Marie Rondeau had the following known children:

Ursule Noël

Angelique Noël

Angelique was baptized 15 February 1695 at St. Pierre. She married François Gosselin on 25 November 1720 at St. Pierre. François was the son of François & Marie Charlotte Cote, born to them 30 September 1689, also at St. Pierre. Angelique and François had 9 known children, with 7 surviving. The following child merits our attention:

Marie- Baptized 30 March 1728 at St. Pierre. Married Pierre Bonneau on 26 January 1751 at St. Thomas. He was the son of Augustin Bonneau & Geneviève Gagne.1
Angelique and François relocated to St. Thomas sometime between 1732-1734 and lived out the rest of their lives there. François Gosselin was buried 18 May 1743. Angelique Noël followed 6 years later; she was buried 18 December 1749. They are both buried in St. Thomas.1,4

Marie Anne Noël

Marie Anne Noël was baptized December 8, 1697 in St. Pierre. She married Pierre Niel on November 27, 1724 in St. Pierre. Pierre was from Charlesbourg, born there in March 1691 to Pierre & Marguerite Vanier. Pierre and Marie Anne had 8 known children. Three of them died at or shortly after birth. One son, Pierre-Marie Niel, died at the age of two. And the last surviving son, Antoine, died at the age of 21 without marrying or leaving any issue to carry Pierre's line into another generation.1,4
Their daughter Marie Anne, who was baptized 15 November 1742 in Québec City, married Nicolas Paradis 17 November 1760 at St. Pierre. He was the son of Ignace & Marie Anne Turcot.1
It appears that Pierre Niel and Marie Anne Noël relocated to Quebec between February 1736 and September of 1737. It is not known when either of them died or where they are buried.1

Pierre Noël

Pierre was baptized 29 April 1699 and buried 1 July 1699 in St. Pierre.1

Igance Noel

Ignace was born 7 July 1700 in St. Pierre. He married Marie Crepeau ca 1722 in St. Pierre. At this time, nothing is known about Marie's background.1
Ignace and Marie had 11 known children, three of which we are concerned with:

Marie Louise
Ignace- Baptized 5 April 1732 at St. Pierre. He married Marie Louise Hins or Hains, daughter of JOSEPH & Marie Louise Charlotte Damours, who had been born 25 November 1748 in St. Thomas, Québec and was baptized there the next day. Their marriage was celebrated 4 July 1768 in the bride's home parish of St. Thomas. No other information is known about the couple.1,2
Marie Joseph- Baptized 19 September 1730 at St. Pierre. She married Zacharie Bonneau, son of Augustin & Geneviève Gagné, on 26 September 1757 at St. Pierre.
Igance Noël and Marie Crepeau's death details are not known at this time.1

Marie Madeleine Noël

Marie Madeleine was baptized 29 April 1703 in St. Pierre. Nothing else known about her.1

Philippe NOËL

Marie Noël

Marie was baptized 11 April 1707 in St. Pierre. At this time, she is shrouded in mystery.1

Jean Baptiste Noël

Jean Baptiste was born 11 January 1709 in St. Pierre. He was the parish priest of St. Antoine de Tilly, Quebec for 54 years. He died about 1797.1

François Noël

François was baptized 9 March 1711 in St. Pierre. Nothing else is known about him.1

Marie Therese Noël

Marie Therese was baptized 11 August and died 18 August of 1712. She was buried the same day, often indicating death from a contagious disease.1

Pierre Noël

Pierre was baptized 5 March 1714 in St. Pierre. However, he would not live to see his first birthday, as he was buried on 15 January 1715 in St. Pierre.1

Phillipe Noël and Marie Rondeau had been married just shy of 44 years when he died on 30 September 1736; he was buried the next day. He was 65 years old.1,3
Marie lived another 15 years but never remarried. She died on 31 May 1751 at age 79 and was buried the next day. Both were buried at St. Pierre.1,2

The In-Laws

Sometimes we love 'em, sometimes we hate 'em; sometimes there's lots of them and other times they are few and far between! Either way, they are almost always a constant in our lives. Here are the folks that have come into this line through marriage, arranged alphabetically by the husband's surname. Note that if a set of in-laws have already been linked to another page in the body of this webpage, they won't be listed again here.

Augustin Bonneau & Geneviève Gagné

Augustin was baptized 22 June 1689 in the St. François parish of the Île d'Orléans; his parents were Joseph & Marie Madeleine Duchesne. Geneviève was the daughter of Olivier Gagné & Elisabeth Pepin; the latter is recorded as Isabelle in some records. Geneviève was baptized 28 September 1695 at Cap St. Ignace, Québec.
Augustin and Geneviéve were married on 8 November 1679 at Ste. Famille. Their children of interest are Pierre and Zacharie. Their death information is unknown.

Pierre Niel & Marguerite Vanier

Very little is known about this couple at this time. Pierre Niel was born in 1662, the son of Pierre Niel & Jacquette Lefranc, who were married 1 May 1658 at Québec City. Pierre père was born about 1640 and buried in Québec 4 November 1700. Jacquette was born about 1645 and buried 2 November 1717 in Québec. Marguerite Vanier was born about 1672; her father was Germain Varnier.
Pierre and Marguerite were married in 1690. Their son is Pierre. No death details are known for Pierre Niel and Marguerite Vanier.1,4


The origins and date of birth of Jacques Remondière are unknown. Renée Rivière's parents are equally mysterious, but we do know that was born about 1630 in the parish of Notre-Dame-de-Cogne, La Rochelle, Aunis, France. The couple married sometime in 1650 at La Rochelle. A year later, their daughter Andrée was born.
Jacques Remondière died sometime before 1666, the year that Renée and Andrée left France for Canada. Many sources list Renée as a fille du roi along with her daughter Andrée. But while Andrée was actually a "King's Daughter", Renée was not. The proof of this lies in the 1666 census of Canada, who lists one Mathurin Croisis (actually Croiset) as a married man whose wife Renée Rivière had not yet joined him in Canada. And in the marriage contract of daughter Andrée, Renée and Mathurin are listed as Andrée's mother and father-in-law. Note: Obviously "father-in-law" is an error and should be stepfather. I don't know if that is an error in the original record or in the source.
Mathurin Croiset died at the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec 18 June 1697. Renée Rivière died 3 May 1699 at was buried the next day at St. Pierre, Île d'Orléans.5


Thomas Rondeau was born in St. Soulle, La Rochelle, Aunis, France about 1638. His parents were Jean RONDEAU & Marie FOURESTIER, about whom nothing else is known. It is not known when Thomas, a nailsmith and a man of some education who could sign his name, came to New France. Andrée Remondière was a fille du roi from roughly the same area in France as Thomas; the parish of Notre-Dame-de-Cogne in La Rochelle, Aunis to be exact. She was born there about 1651 to Jacques REMONDIÈRE & Renée RIVIÈRE. Renée came to Canada in 1666 along with her mother. She came with a dowry of 100 livres and enough education to be able to sign her name.5
Thomas and Andrée appeared before notary Vachon somewhere on the Île d'Orléans on 31 October 1666 for the creation of a marriage contract--which we know they could both sign. The date of the wedding is not known.5
The couple stayed on the Île d'Orléans, in St. Pierre and had a family of 15 children. Their daughters Elisabeth and Marie married into our NOËL line at some point.5
The couple both died and were buried at St. Pierre. Andrée died first (after 15 children, who would wonder at it!!), passing on 21 November 1702 and was buried the next day; she was 51 years old. Thomas lived another 19 years, but never remarried. He died 10 November 1721 and was buried the next day at the ripe old age of 83.5

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