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5 cups flour
3 eggs 
dash of salt
3 Tbsp oil
1 tsp. baking powder 

Mix with enough water to make like a bread dough.  Cover with
plastic wrap or lid and let sit overnight

Sauerkraut and Mushroom filling:

2 cups sauerkraut 
1 cup mushrooms
1 onion chopped     

Cook sauerkraut for 10 minutes. Drain and chop well. Fry onion and
chopped mushrooms in butter, add sauerkraut and fry until flavors
are blended. Cool and fill dough circles.

Potato filling:

1 lb cooked potatoes 
6 oz cottage cheese 
1 small egg
1 medium onion, finely chopped and sauted to golden 

Run potatoes and cottage cheese through 
a meat grinder. Add egg to this along with onion.
Add salt and pepper.    

Cheese filling:

1 lb well drained cottage cheese
1 small egg

Rub cottage cheese through a wire sieve, then mix thoroughly with
1 egg and salt. The filling swells during cooking, so do not use
too much. Serve immediately, after pouring butter over them.