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                                                                Hot Links

   AMANDA'S TALE OF TWO CITIES PAGE : This very cool page takes a lighter look at this Dickens classic.

   CLASSIC NOTES  : Chapter - by - chapter summary and analysis and a forum where you
                                   can post your views and questions.

   BOOKNOTES AND MESSAGEBOARD   : Another site with booknotes and a messageboard.

   A FAR BETTER REST  : What made Carton change from a "youth of great promose" to a "disappointed drudge"?
                            In this debut novel by Susanne Alleyn, Sydney Carton recounts the story of his life. If you liked A
                            Tale of Two Cities, you'll like A Far Better Rest.

   DICKENS PAGE  : The mother of all Dickens sites! Gazillions of links!! (not quite that many, but if you can't find
                            it here, it probably isn't on the web!)

    FRENCH REVOLUTION  : A great site.

   THE JACKAL  : A new rock musical.

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