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                               About the Author

                When I set out to make my first website, I thought for a while about what the subject would be. Not about myself - I'm nobody, who'd care?  While
surfing around the net, I noticed that a lot of students had questions about
"A Tale of Two Cities". It's long been one of my favorite stories, so why not a website that would be of help to students? And so "Notes on A Tale of Two
Cities" was born. It's been a fun project and has been far more successful than I ever imagined it could be. Thank you to everyone who has visited!
        A little bio: my name is Carla Viator. I'm a 50-something factory worker and live in New England with Robert, my great husband of 25 years and two spoiled cats - Miss Kitty, who is 18 years old, and her 16 year old daughter Baby.