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Tropical Cruise

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Tropical Cruise

A cruise ship offers plenty of non-seasonal options. Take a cruise to the Tropics, Europe, or go north to Alaska. There is a cruise available for every climate any time of the year. From the non-stop gourmet food service and Los Vegas style floor shows to the exotic destinations offered a cruise is a vacation you wont forget.

From the moment your day begins until you turn in for the night, you face tempting recreational choices:

Winter Cruise You can do everything, do a little, or do nothing at all. The fact is, there's so much to do there isn't enough time in the day to enjoy it all. There's shuffleboard and swimming, of course. Or try your luck with an afternoon of bingo.Or get physical. Drop in on one of our jazzercise sessions. Work out for a while in our superbly equipped exercise room or jog on our seaside sports deck. Go for a leisurely stroll on the beautiful teak decks. Gaze at the sapphire blue vistas and become one with the rhythym of the water. Or stop by the ship's library and pick out a juicy best seller or one of the dozens of card and board games.

And we haven't even mentioned the night life.

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