A few words about me and my dogs...

This is a hobby kennel that strives to produce happy, healthy and beautiful dogs that are a joy to be around whether you enjoy hunting, showing or most importantly just having a great dog to love.

This is my hobby not my profession! I have a regular job that is the basis of my income. I am not a commercial kennel or breed exorbitantly, so I do not have puppies available at all times. I plan my litters carefully giving much thought to who I will be breeding and when. Some people have waited over 1 year for a puppy from me. I personally have waited nearly 4 years for a particular puppy to be born from another breeder. The money that I make from any puppy sales does not even cover our dogs’ food bill for the year let alone veterinarian, competition, training or other expenses! Puppies are $1,250.00 depending on the terms (show, performance, jr. handler, pet, co-owning etc…). If you have an issue with spending that amount of money or have to have a dog within a certain time constraint maybe you would prefer to consider a rescue Pointer.

There IS a difference between show lines of Pointers and field lines of Pointers and the differences can be vast. That being said, just because I show my dogs DOES NOT mean that they do not have hunting abilities. All of my dogs have been exposed to upland game birds and I have not had any that lack natural instinct. I have competed in AKC Hunt Tests with some of my dogs and they all were able to finish their title. Due to current time and financial constraints I am not presently able to pursue this or other venues, such as obedience, as fully as I would like to.

A bit about Jennifer’s background.

She is a member, in good standing, of the American Pointer Club and the Ohio Hall of Fame Pointer Club and is also in good standing with the AKC. Jennifer is also a American Kennel Club and American Pointer Club Breeder of Merit.

Jennifer started working with dogs in 1989. She started with a friend of the family by training Brittanys and field bred English Setters for American Field field trials. Jennifer trained and handled dogs for Open All-Age and Open Derby stakes at horseback trials as well as walking Shoot to Retrieve trials.

Jennifer served as an Assistant Canine Obedience Instructor with the Arizona Canine Academy located in Sierra Vista, AZ from 1996 to 1998. Her duties included but were not limited to: Teaching canine obedience training to students in a group situation. Planning, organizing and implementing instructional teaching modules. Counseling and provided a strategy for owners on canine obedience and behavior modification.

While in Massachusetts Jennifer worked as an obedience instructor for two local trainers and she also performed independent private training and behavioral consultations for individuals under the business names of Now N Zen Training and Dreamland Training until 2004. When actively teaching and training she was a member in good standing of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and an official AKC Canine Good Citizen tester. She has also apprenticed with and assisted a well known New England based PHA all-breed handler (AKC conformation shows).

Jennifer has pursued formal education related to dog training, behavior and nutrition. She attended and graduated the Arizona Canine Academy’s internationally known 8-week Canine Obedience Trainer and Instructor Course. Other courses and seminar’s attended are:

-Linda Tellington-Jones’s 5-day: Introductory session to TTouch® Training and Learning System (Edie Jane Eaton, instructor).
-Ian Dunbar’s 3-day seminar: Development of Social Behavior: Friendliness, Fighting & Biting.
-Patricia McConnell’s 2-day seminar: Advanced Canine Behavior.
-Wendy Volhard’s 2-day seminar: Health and Nutrition.
-George Alston’s 2-day: Advanced Handling Clinic (for conformation handling).
-Dr. Chris Zink's Presentation: The Pointer: Beyond Conformation.