Hi! I'm Shiner!

Do you love quiet, cozy nights by the TV...maybe watching Animal Planet? So do I (that's my favorite show, but I'm not picky...I'll watch whatever you watch). Can I come home with you?

My name is Shiner, and the volunteers say it's really fitting because I bring lots of light wherever I go. I am a sweet, loving, affectionate and gentle cat who is the perfect quiet companion.

I am about 10 years old (or should I say, "YOUNG" - did you know kitties can live to be as old as their early 20s??), a neutered male, healthy, up to date on all my shots and negative for FIV/FeLV. I am a homebody who will build a strong and lasting bond with "my" new person. Could that be you?

If you can find space in your home and your heart for me, please call the shelter at (781) 878-2543 and ask for Shiner.

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